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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some Partners ^_^

    Here's what I'm okay with in RPs:
    • Mpreg
    • BDSM
    • Alpha x Omega scenarios.
    I will add more plots when I think of them....

    So PM me if you are interested in this plot or not.
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  2. OPEN

    Pairing: MC Uke x YC Seme

    Plot: _______ is a college art student who is a bit rebellious and fun; a real modern dude. ------ is a vampire from the old ages or strict morals and beliefs who is seeking his mate. What happens when this serious vampire finds his mate in _______? Will these two polar opposites make it work?
  3. Ah such a shame this one is closed. I have a plot quite similar to this that would have adapted well into what you had in mind for this. D:
  4. PM me and tell me some details on what you want in that rp
  5. Will do!

  6. I'd be willing to give this one a try.
  7. depends of if you wanna do a straight version or a yaoi version
  8. Normally I would say straight but I have been trying some Yaoi and it's not all that bad... Though I admit my guys tend to come off as ... super sweet and nice...
  9. Hmmm....actually I didn't change it, it has been taken unfortunately. Maybe another time perhaps? You can check out my pairings for anime rps if you wanna ^_^
  10. No problem, maybe another time then...

    I don't watch anime... unfortunately.... Well I hope you have fun ^_^
  11. I'm open to a black butler sebastainxceil or a demon x human one if your still looking c:
  12. Sure i am stil up for it. PM me with details on what you wanna do for this rp
    • Kakashi (seme) x Naruto (uke)
    If it's still a go?

    ( I would wanna play Naruto)
  13. OPEN

    Pairing: Seme x Uke (I wish to play uke for this one)

    Plot: ________ is a boy who lives on an island and can talk to animals. He doesn't his past at all but a storm. Years later ------, a Prince explorer who finds ________ and falls in love with him. However, there is a princess that he's engaged to ------- and will try everything she can to get ______ out of the picture.
  14. OPEN

    I'm always up for Anime Related Yaois as well ^_^ Unless marked, these RPs are OPEN
    Here are some of my pairings:

    • Sasuke (seme) x Naruto (uke)
    • Naruto (seme) x Sasuke (uke) CLOSED
    • Kakashi (seme) x Naruto (uke) CLOSED RE-OPENED!
    • Kakashi (seme) x Iruka (uke)
    • Itachi (seme) x Sasuke (uke)
    • Itachi (seme) x Naruto (uke)
    • Sesshomaru (seme) x Inuyasha (uke) CLOSED RE-OPENED!
    Vampire Knight:
    • Kaname (seme) x Zero (uke)
    • Zero (seme) x Kaname (uke) CLOSED

    • Seto (seme) x Joey (uke)
    Attack on Titan
    • Levi (seme) x Eren (uke)
    • Eren (seme) x Armin (uke)
    Black Butler
    • Sebastian (seme) x Ciel (uke) RESERVED OPEN CLOSED
    • Sebastian (seme) x Finny (uke) CLOSED
    Dragonball Z (too an extend as in a alternate universe and its alpha x omega)
    • Goku x Vegeta
    • Trunks x Goten
    • Vegeta x Gohan
    FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    • Roy (seme) x Ed (uke) CLOSED
    More of my favorite pairings will be posted but if you are interested in RPing with for any of these, just PM me :)
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  15. added more pairings to the list
  16. OPEN

    Pairing: Seme (doctor) x uke (patient) OR (volunteer seme and volunteer uke) (I don't care which one I rp as)

    Plot: In the distant future, the population has started to decreased, especially in the female population. Science believes that that human race may be saved but the theory needs to be tested. ________ is a volunteer for being the carrier and ------- will donate his sperm and is to provide ________ shelter and safety for he will be the target of ridicule and possible abduction to be further experimented on or killed for going against God's will. If the experiment is successful, it will open the doors for men who want to start families and help the human population thrive once more.
  17. I would be interested in a Roy (seme) x Ed (uke), if possible. I would love to be Ed but, at your discretion of course.
  18. Based off this picture

    WARNINGS: I want BDSM and MPREG for this rp!

    Plot: ______ is a human test subject and he's endured countless experiments. Today this young lad is a teenager and that means a new different types of experiments. ------ is the head scientist and care-taker for _____ and he's been waiting for this day for a long time. He wants to see just how far the test subject can go before his mind breaks or worse...
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  19. Warnings: Incest and some underage things possibly?

    Plot: _______ is raised by his big brother after his parents were killed. ----- is a college graduate who's having a hard time trying to support his younger brother. What happens when ______ gets sick and ------ has to find a way to support him or else he would lose his brother, who he loves very dearly.

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