[M]The Rebel's Girl With Akuma and Roses

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  1. Will be needed for Mature people.... some mature parts.

    job/what you are:
    Sabrina Smith
    Gets taken to leader.
    Sweet | Shy | stubborn | Quiet | Innocent
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  2. [​IMG]Name: Akihu Mahn
    age: 20
    Role: Rebel leader
    job/what you are: rebel leader
    Personality: Rough l Easily angered l sexual l ambitious
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    Setting: When she is grabbed and taken to the place

    Sabrina bit her lower lip, she didn't know what to do. She walked through the city, holding a camera. She was in flats, and thought. This country was pretty, She went to take a picture of a flower but a boot was in the way, she went to move it, but it was heavy. She gasped as her arm was grabbed. She tensed softly. She went to run but she didn't realize that she was in a circle of the guys. She gasped and she was grabbed and taken to the main building of the rebels. She frowned softly. Trying to fight back, There was a throne like room two sofa chairs in front of the room.
  6. Sitting on the throne his arms crossed and his body leaned he looked down at the girl they brought it, they easily forced her to her knees as he chuckled " Good catch fella's " he said stepping from the throne and smacking the bowl out of a womans hand, as he walked down the steps. " I am busy cant you see " he said walking towards the girl, he smirked and stretched a bit before getitng close to her
  7. Sabrina gulped, as she felt her on her knees. She tried to fight back but they ended up winning. She frowned.She didn't want to do this, she wanted to go home. THis was all true, women slaves over here. She looked up to see who was there, she looked away, trying to get away from him, but the guys kept her where she was. She whimpered, " let me go!!" She yelled.
  8. He came up to her and grabbed her by the cheeks and smirked holding her cheeks so she couldn't talk " Shut up okay? " he said tightening his grip to get his point across and then let her go when he thought she would stay quiet " Now.....what is your name "
  9. Sabrina didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes, and gasped as he was hurting her, and shut up. She gulped lightly. She looked at him and shook her head. Not sure what to do. She bit her lower lip. She looked over at him, " Who are you?" She asked.
  10. " I am your prince in shinning armor " he said shaking his head, the men standing her up for him " awnser my question, what is your name " he commanded this time before getting closer to her face, probably closer than comfort, his eyes scanning over her
  11. Sabrina sighed softly, " Actually I think your the opposite from that." She spat back at him, she tried to push the guys away from him. She gulped softly, before she heard him. She gulped softly. She felt him getting closer, she tried to step away from him. She whined. She said, " get away," She pushed him, and went to try to run but she was caught. She whined.
  12. as they caught her they put her in front of him, he brought a mighty hand down upon her cheek and force it past her face. this causing most people to stop and look but then continue on walking " dont ever...do that...again " he said holding his hand as he looked at her hoping to slap some sense into her.
  13. Sabrina gasped as she was slapped, She frowned that cheek turned red. She looked at him, her eyes tearing up. She didn't want to speak. She gulped and frowned.
  14. He then took her by her chin softly and made her make eye contact with him " you will learn quick " he nodded at her before yelling at the men " bring her to my room! "
  15. Sabrina sighed softly. She bit her lower lip. She didn't know what to do. She looked up as she heard him, she tried to fight and try to run away when the guys were dragging her off. She whined. " let me go. "
  16. The guys dragged her to the room ignoring her foolish attempts to escape. Tossing her into the room chuckling they closed the door locking it. The room seemed to be lavished and rich style very upper echelon.
  17. Sabrina bit her lower lip. She frowned, and she gasped as she felt her tossed in the room. She whined, her ankle cracked as she landed. She looked around the room, she frowned softly. She knew that she couldn't get out of this one. She stood up and hopped to the couch in there, and sa there, unsure what is going to happen. She was so scared.
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  18. The door flung open 20 minutes later, he came in running a hand through his hair he breathed calmly and closed the door. it locking behind him, he walked towards his bed and removed his shirt revealing his skinny and toned body which was riddled with scars. He began to go to his pants before he looked at her on the couch, he stopped and put the pants back on looking at her.
  19. Sabrina didn't say a word. She was just watching him as he came in. She blinked her eyes softly. She glanced at his body. She smiled but she went back to not smile. She gulped. Seeing that he seen her. She closed her eyes hard, rubbing between her eyes. She scooted as far as she can get away from him. She didn't want to be touched.
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  20. Walking over to her he inspected her slowly and noticed how her ankle seemed to be a bit redder than usual, he squatted down and inspected it and felt it noticing that it seemed to slowly fall out of place. He shook his head " im sorry...i told them to put you in my room not break your ankle and leave you in here "
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