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  1. Kit woke up that morning in her hotel room with a headache pounding in her head and a an ache in her belly. Sitting up she sighed, rustling her white shiny locks. She thought about her weird, vivid dream a moment. She had been running away from someone, running, running, running, but the person chasing after her only slowed or gained speed when she did, and eventually she had stopped, and when she did, so did the person chasing after her. It was a weird dream devoid of meaning really, but Kit was interested in dreams because dreams let her see. That was something she couldn't often do, only in her dreams did she remember, distortedly, what certain things looked like from before the age of six.

    But there were more pressing matters of the day, she had to get dressed and ready to go home. To go home. She remembered the events last night, as she began flipping up her covers and placed her feet on the floor. The ball. Lyle. He was going to come up to her hotel sometime before the carriage left, as she had told him to pack and come with her to her place. It would be a long car ride.

    Stretching out, Kit stood, shaking her head and letting the wood grains guide her to the bathroom where she cleaned herself up for the day. She dressed in a simple dress, dresses were much easier to coordinate than skirts and shirts because dresses were already styled as they should be. It was a mint green dress that was tight at the chest and fanned out from the waist with a little cream colored bow on the side, and a ribbon around where it was tightened around the waist. Slipping on simple black flats, she threw her hair in a side braid and began to pick up her stuff.

    Mentally she had conversations with herself, how she'd talk to Lyle without it being awkward, how she'd talk to her father without angering him when she says she's taking the throne. Kit felt around her lips, tracing the outlines of them before reaching for the lipgloss on her vanity and slicking it on. She liked the way it felt on her lips, smooth and non sticky. Before throwing it into a large black bag with the rest of her stuff. Hylei was a good 6 hour carriage ride, and a single day's trip by boat. It would be a long trip to think about and shuffle through all that had happened.
  2. Lyle expected to spend all night packing and saying his goodbyes. As it turned out though, he could barely tell one of his brothers before the entire immediate family knew and sprang into action. His parents, brothers, and sisters all hugged and kissed him and wished him well on his journey. With that, they dragged him up to the guest room and locked him in. A future husband, they said, should be fresh and well rested for this sort of occasion. She deserved a bright and cheerful face to greet her at the hotel before they left, and he admitted once he was in the bedroom that there was nothing that would bring him more joy. He flopped onto the bed as everyone else doubtless hurried about the house gathering his things and contacting relatives so they could be there in the morning to see him off.

    A knock came at the door as he stared at the ceiling, letting thoughts of holding Kit close and sharing his life with her run through his mind. He sat up sharply, "Yes?" The door opened and his mother peeked in. "You know we're only letting you get away with this sudden departure because of the details of the situation, right? We will be meeting her properly to give her a big Strudwick family welcome if I have to bring each and every one of us over to Hylei myself, and so help me I will do it." Something about his mom talking about meeting Kit made it seem even more real, almost tangible. He couldn't respond any way other than to nod with an idiotic grin on his face and go, "Yeah mom." She smiled, "Goodnight, Lyle." "Goodnight mom."

    The next day he woke up bright and early. During the night, apparently, his mother had picked out a set of clothing for him and laid it out on the end table beside the bed. It was a sky blue button down shirt, navy blue pants, white vest, and midnight blue tie. After he'd bathed and managed to get everything on just so, he slipped into a pair of black socks and shoes sitting on the floor at the foot of his bed. Stepping out of the room, he could smell breakfast being prepared and walked downstairs to eat up.

    He ate and his mother fussed over his outfit until it was perfect. Normally he'd think up a sarcastic remark about how you'd think she was dressing him up for the actual wedding, but today he just smiled and let it happen. As far as he was concerned, every day from here on could be their wedding. He thought back on some of his less than shining behaviors at the ball and resolved to be the greatest husband he could be, the husband a wonderful woman like Kit deserved. Stepping outside, Lyle was swarmed by the entire Strudwick family before climbing into the stagecoach already loaded with his things. He waved goodbye until they were out of sight, and then he leaned back and sighed with excitement.

    Arriving at the hotel, Lyle hopped out of the coach and thanked the driver who immediately got to work loading his things up on the waiting carriage. He made his way up to Kit's room and knocked on the door, taking a step back and fidgeting with his tie as he took a deep breath.
  3. Kit ran her fingers over the cool glass mirror, wondering what she looked like now. Her hair could be a mess, there could be a stain on her dress, and she'd never know it. Although everything was perfectly right about her, she still worried. The cool of the mirror calmed her though, it made her feel at ease. After all, what was there to be worried about anyway, someone would surely tell her if she didn't look right. Then Kit would just have to say she was blind, and apologize, fix it, and go on her merry way. There was no shame in that right? A knock on the door brought her out of her head, and Kit stepped outside the bathroom. Most people would peak at who it was before opening the door, but Kit could not. So she opened the door with a click and carefully pushed it open.

    In her head she wondered for a second if it'd be a hotel maid or maybe a messenger, as Kit got many letters from her kingdom's people. As someone who got many letters, she still made sure someone read them to her, and she had another write back to them. This as the connection with her people she had, a good connection kept them happy. Plus, when she took over the throne, they would be much more willing and not try to overthrow her as they often did her father.

    But then she remembered Lyle was coming, and wasn't quite sure who it was, so she simple smiled politely with a small "Hello." Kit looked tired, her headache had not subsided and she had just the slightest dark circle under her eyes. Even at her voice she blinked, noises seemed to be much louder than they were originally for some odd reason. Kit hadn't often drank, actually, she never did so. As her father was a terrible alcoholic which made her think the idea not only rude to everyone around her, but also very unlady like, and something the deities would over-all disapprove of. Her fallen father couldn't care less, but Kit could care quite a bit. After all, she wanted her sight back. One day hopefully she could earn it, for the gods were merciful and kind when not angered. So surely overtime she would gain back the trust in her line and give her the things they took away from her because of her father.

    "May I help you?" Kit added, milky white eyes to the floor, head slightly tilted as she listened.
  4. Lyle's heart jumped in his chest as the door opened and he saw Kit standing there in her beautiful dress and bow. "It's me." He spoke in a soft, affectionate tone. Reaching out with one hand, he lightly caressed her arm. A tender smile dominated his face. "I know you can't see it, but I believe I've got the biggest smile I've ever had on right now. I haven't been able to stop smiling." Just at the beginning of the previous night, she'd been nothing more than someone at a party he'd reluctantly attended. Then a blind girl to be watched and steered away from men seeking to take advantage of her. In such a short time though, they'd gone from strangers to friends to being on their way to a happily married life together.

    He reflected on the ball itself, and thought of the man they'd met. The reaper in human form, Mortifer. He'd seemed a wicked and manipulative man, but being around Kit "made him a better person" as he put it. Lyle couldn't help but see the resemblance in himself. Though he was, deep down, a good-natured man Lyle had grown to hide that nature behind a mask of cynical sarcasm. Speaking with Kit broke down this veneer and drew out that good in him to the surface.

    Clearing his mind and returning to the present, he continued to smile and took her hand. "I believe the footman is on his way to take your things to the carriage. Are you ready... my love?" The words. The words! His heart raced. Last night she had said something, that thing which began the rapid melting of his heart. She'd said "through time and knowledge you can come to learn and love just about anyone," and he had quickly learned to love her.
  5. Kit's cheeks turned pink and her eyes dropped to the floor. "One day maybe Ill be able to see." She murmured, mostly to herself. She shivered at his touch and nodded "Yes I have packed. My maid lucy is also coming up with formalities and information about your position in our land. As well as details about the wedding and such." Her voice was soft and formal. She felt shy and uncomfortable because of the circumstances, but also... excited.

    For the gods were obviously starting to favor her if she was given such a kind and honest man. She heard the small farmilar footsteps of the older woman. She was a female in a traditional maids uniform, brown and silver streaked hairup in a high pony tail and lips a bright red. She was much thinner than Kit who had a bit of curve to her body. Behind the maid a young boy followed he had an accent similar to a British. "May I take your bags miss?" He asked. Kit nodded.

    The scent of lilacs hung lightly in the air, as Kit made all her maids wear a different perfume that was pure so she could tell them apart in a crowded setting where things were loud and crazy. The lilac scent mixed with the sweet vanilla Kit wore and loved so much. Kit stepped out of the way, so the man couls get through with a slight
    Nod in greeting her most trusted helper. "Shall we go to the carriage?" She asked, bowing her head even though her mistress couldn't see.

    Kit smiled softly "Shall we?" She asked her husband to be.
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    Lyle began to blush slightly himself. He simply nodded wordlessly. He was eager to express his joy to her in any way she could experience, but he didn't want to leave thoughts dwelling on her blindness more than they needed to. "Ah, yes. I've read a bit about Hylei in my studies, but I will be glad for a firsthand account of it all." His whole being swelled with happiness as he heard Kit say the word "wedding." Whatever he'd done that the gods and goddesses deemed him deserving of such a pure, sweet woman he couldn't fathom. It hardly mattered though. Beneath the uncomfortable and formal tone she used, he could sense the same excitement that held his soul enthralled.

    Nodding to the maid, he stepped aside to allow the young boy past. The scent of lilacs drifted through the air and Lyle wondered briefly if this was how Kit told her staff apart. It seemed to him a wonderful system. She could choose her own way of perceiving those around her, rather than being bound by their appearance which carried with it the primitive expectations and rules of ones culture.

    Giving her hand a gentle squeeze and softly rubbing his thumb across the back, he returned the smile. "I would be delighted."
  8. "Alright then, Lucy." She said, gesturing with her freehand forward, giving Lyle's hand a squeeze. "Yes ma'am." Lucy lead a bit of metal on the bottom of her shoes which vibrated against tthe wooden floors nicely. It gave Kit the idea of where she was going. As Lucy lead the way, she began to speak. "I have wrote a lettter to the Queen Titana in thanks and will send it off two nightfalls from now with a stamp from our home. You have many of letters to reply to as we follow home. _ Five and a half inches twelve steps." Her last words were sudden as they reached the stairs, the length between each step. Kit stepped accordingly.

    "Dethroning your father wont be fun." She added, a hint pf worry in her voice for the fragile girl. "I know." She responded in a quiet tone. "It must be done though before the islands set their villages on fire in anger."

    Lucy gave a little nervous laugh, "Three step platform to the left. Five and a half inches. Twelve steps."

    Lucy lead the way to the carriage where the footman already putting the bags in the carriage. Kit wondered idly if he wemt down a different quicker way. There were heavy red curtains behind the window of the carriage, almost shouting the importance of whp she was to the world. Which could also be quite dangerous if someone were to try and attack or rob the carriage. Kit gave a pat to one of the horses as the elderly man opened the carriage for the couple and Lucy. Velvet purple covered seats inside rested, a ladge basket was at the very ens of the carriage, inside goodies Kit always kept for travel.
  9. Lyle nodded again and followed behind Lucy, hand in hand with Kit. He noticed that she didn't seem to need him to lead her at all as they made their way downstairs. He listened intently as the maid recounted what needed to be done. Letters to be written and sent, a throne to be taken. Despite his position in his family, he'd at least had some exposure to the former of those ideas. He'd often seen his eldest brother staring down at some parchment as he wrote. Letters were an important part of etiquette, he understood, though he'd never written a formal one himself.

    Kit and Lucy seemed much less tense than he would have expected given the topic of dethroning a king who was also Kit's father. Their faith in the heavens, he thought, must be strong. With Kit by his side though he had to admit it was hard to believe in or give weight to any worldly power. He'd read the holy scrolls and texts dozens of times himself and thought he understood them, but her faith was something different entirely and it empowered him. She had, by her words and actions, shown him what it truly meant to live by them and he resolved to follow them with a renewed enthusiasm and understanding.

    As they reached the carriage, Lyle climbed into the comfy velvet interior and gently pulled Kit up beside him. Spotting the basket, he reached over and took one of its contents. He moved the hand he had with hers around to the back and held it up so he could pass the treat from his other hand into hers. Then he leaned his head over onto her shoulder. "A six hour carriage ride. It's so wonderfully romantic I feel my heart may burst. Goodness, a few days ago I'd never have imagined myself saying something like that."
  10. Kit took the cookie in her hand. "Ah I forgot, they must have imported the new ones." she nodded to herself. Also inside the basket a bottle of red wine, four glasses, blankets, pillows, and some of her favorite braille books sat. As well as a small emergency kit. Kit bit into the sweet cookie, a vanilla raspberry flavor that sat well on her tongue, she laughed at Lyle's words. "Romantic, eh? I'm sure sleeping in a ferry boat and getting sea sick will also be." Her words were a sarcasm, a slight smirk on her face. She couldn't help herself to the joke though, after all, although it was surely great to spend time together, she wondered how much time Lyle could spend with her before He got annoyed.

    Just then, Lucy took out a piece of parchment and began. "For the royal wedding we have much planning, Kit, you need to set a date, find a dress, ready the castle's servants, practice both dance steps and steps around where you will be walking down the isle, have your engagement preparations completed too of course you must create the crown, and dethrone the king the day before. Lyle, you must find your suit, ready the ring, plan the honey moon, and create the tiara, you will be doing this with a servant of either your hire or choosing who will be your main. Then you must decide to keep or rebuild the castle so while your away on your honey moon we may redo anything that must be redone. And you will sign a contract to take care of the country that will give you rights to do what you think best with all your property, including your new wife. Together you will find the decorations, taste the wine and cakes, and plan your after party as well as create the guest cards. Much to do, much to do. When again did you want the wedding to be?"

    Lucy seemed like a down to business gal, skipping formalities and going straight to business. Kit didn't really look like she was listening, her back was straight up, but her milky white eyes were staring out the window. "Yes, yes. The sooner the better. I am patient but not patient for sin. My father will attempt murder as soon as I set foot in his domain. I suggest you use your communicative abilities to tell the people that I am not doing things in proper order, I will dethrone the king as soon as possible. I will not let him suffer in a jail cell to be humiliated while I rip his limbs off. That's disgusting. Even the likes of him deserves a quick and just death."

    Lucy's mouth was suddenly in a hard line, "The people are purists and love their traditions. You know they are a unified people who revel in these things, they will be upset." Lucy's voice was hard, but Kit's still came out soft. "I will not repeat my orders. Unless you get everything together for the day after I arrive, then he will be dethroned untraditionally. Lucy had wide eyes as her mistress said so. "That-That's imp- I mean... Almost impossible." Kit shrugged, "Then let it be so." She said quietly. Lucy leaned back, pinching the bridge of her nose and looking up at the celing of the carriage. It was a fairly smooth ride so far. "I will figure something out." Lucy decided.

    Kit shrugged again, "Do as you will. The deities will as well. I plan to use my mothers dress, and I wish to redo the castle while I am away. The plans I have are already upstairs." Lucy gave the girl a stern look. "That is your husbands job, not yours. He is soon to own and redo all property. All women, all houses, and all animals and wealth in the community is his." Kit rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Then let it be so."

    Sunshine warm and free slipped into the window and glittered in Kit's eyes. There was a strange defiance in her words, although she seemed so kind. She could not help that it was in her blood to rebel as her father did, and for the most part she does as she is supposed to. Closing her eyes, Kit let the sunshine warm her face in pale skin, remembering the small islands. It is a very warm place, with fertile lands and grand pastures. A quite wealthy community.
  11. Lyle made a weird face and chuckled a bit when Kit mentioned seasickness. Riding in boats was not something he'd had much opportunity for hiding in his parents' estate. He poked her in the side playfully. "Well I suppose my wife to be will have to look after me in that case." His breathing slowed as he relaxed from all the hustle and bustle of the morning and cuddled up beside her.

    He turned his attention to Lucy as she began speaking, but stayed as he was. The first several responsibilities she mentioned belonged to Kit, but there was quite a list for him as well. Running through them in his head as she spoke, suit, ring, honeymoon, tiara, and a servant to help with them, as well as the castle, contract, decorations... wait. Did she say "property, including your new wife?" Lyle sat up and coughed uncomfortably, leaning over and whispering into Kit's ear, "That's not really how marriage is viewed in Hylei is it?" He ran back through the rest of the list mentally. Decorations, wine and cakes, after party, and guest cards were all to be handled together. Phew. It certainly seemed he would have his work cut out for him right from the start.

    Lyle's eyes followed back and forth as the two of them exchanged words on plans and traditions. He couldn't help but smirk as Kit forcefully projected her will for either the preparations to be made by the time they arrived or tradition to be bent. Once they had both finished speaking, he turned to face Lucy. "As the person in charge of the redesign of the castle, I would like to appoint someone to the role of head architect for that project. They will have full authority to act on my behalf in that capacity, is that acceptable?"
  12. When Lyle leaned over to whisper in Kit's ear, she nodded. "Yes, it is a rule by my father." She murmured back, her hands resting folded in her lap. She tilted her head before adding "A non-traditional law easy to erase. He has only been in power awhile, and Hylei is centuries old." Kit finished her cookie in silence as Lucy looked at Lyle and nodded. Much more respect and calmness in her eyes when she spoke to the, man, of the relationship. "Yes, as you wish. As long as you sign off saying exactly who it is and when they can do such work." Running the tip of her tongue across her bottom lip and catching crumbs, Kit gave a half smile. She had half an idea of what Lyle was about to ask. It was smart he would think of such a thing.

    Kit reached over and grabbed the parchment, running her fingers over the page that was unmarked. When she realized there was no braille she gave it back. "Will the honey moon be on island 6 as tradition goes?" She asked Lucy, and Lucy, who was fiddling with the wrinkling up paper before responding "That is an unwritten tradition, therefore it doesn't matter. The kinds and queens have always chosen to go there because it is the smallest, more luxurious island. But, it is up to the man, as always." Kit shrugged, and sighed, looking at Lyle through unseeing eyes and leaning forward, close to his face. "Hear that? Your the man. You get to make important decisions for the rest of the next two days until I dethrone the king and overthrow that shitty law. Because you own me." Lucy cleared her throat in disapproval, but Kit had a smile on her face.
  13. Lyle clasped his hands on his lap in a businesslike manner. "Then I shall need that paperwork as soon as possible. I intend to appoint Princess Kit to that role, and she may use the plans she has already laid out if she wishes." He smirked. If there was one thing he'd learned as the second youngest of five siblings, it was how to bend the rules to his favor. This was Kit's homeland. It was her castle and her home. Though it would be his home too soon enough, she had more right to decide its fate than he did.

    Waiting while the two of them spoke again, he cleared his throat and gave an awkward chuckle as Kit mentioned owning her again. He couldn't agree more that the law was indeed shitty and needed to be thrown out as soon as possible, but he was thankful that at least she could have a sense of humor about it. "Well although I've studied the traditions and laws and history of Hylei to some extent," He began, a tone of playful mischief finding its way into his voice, "I'm beginning to feel as if I would be woefully under prepared to plan much of anything on my own. If only I had someone who could advise me and work together with on these things. If only I had someone beside me, so to speak." He turned back to Kit with a grin, softly placing a hand on her leg.
  14. Lucy stared and nodded politely, but slight irritation was obvious on her features. "Yes. Of course." Lucy said disapprovingly as she peered out the window. The driver hit a small bumb and the carriage rocked, casing Kit to mearly smash her face into Lyle and fall over onto him with a frightened gasp. Lucy reached over and helped Kit sit back up, angrily giving a shout to the driver. The horses neighed from outside the window and Lucy pulled at the curtians so she shade would keep them cool.
    Kit gave a childlike grin, "Too bad I'm only a lowly female and have nothing worth knowing or saying." She remarked, smoothing her dress and fixing her hair from the fall. "I mean other than me knowing how the country works and everything. " Kit laughedb and Lucy was still fuming. "We should keep our wedding made from only local stuff to support our own economy though. "
  15. Lyle caught Kit as she was thrown into him by the shaking of the carriage. For a moment he forgot about the conversation entirely as he held her before Lucy pulled her back upright. He blinked as Lucy's shouting snapped him back to the present and realized that his cool all-business expression had been dragged off his face in favor of a wide grin. Shaking his head clear, he straightened his face back out. Turning to Kit, his mischievous tone returned. "Well if I may say so, as the male, I'm almost of a mind to forbid you from referring to yourself as a lowly anything. Such a crude, patriarchal thing but don't think I won't do it." He couldn't help but let out a short laugh. "I think using locally produced goods for the wedding is a splendid idea."

    As he turned back to Lucy, his tone went stone cold no-nonsense and he adopted his best poker face. "Miss... Lucy, was it? You seem dissatisfied. Do you take issue with the methods of the future king?" He tried his best not to smirk. If this law and the way of thinking which it fostered were to be overthrown, they had to start somewhere. If they couldn't impart a sense of equality into their own staff, how could they hope to change the thinking of a nation?
  16. Kit rolled her milky blue eyes and stuck the tip of her little pink tongue out. "Do it. See if I listen. Ill follow your orders the same way as I follow my fathers." She leaned back against the seat with a giggle. "We are equally human in the eyea of god." She added. "We were made to protect and love one another for the good of everyone and everything. Not to rule and punish for a better life for yourself. Plus, realistically what are you going to do? Put me in the dungeon? Too harsh my people will riot. Send me to my room? My room is a glorious escape. Spank me?" She simply laughed at the last suggestion.

    Lucy covered her mouth in horror. "Do not flaunt your power like that. It is awful! " Lucy said shaking her head. "And no Lyle, I have no problem with how you rule. But I currently am under the payroll of king Kai therefore my job rules are defined by him. Plus if I do otherwise I will be killed. I feed three children on my own so i need the money and I cannot die in fear they willhave to fend for themselves."
  17. Lyle chuckled as Kit jokingly put him in his place. He faced Lucy while she responded to his earlier question and thought of a proper retort for his witty fiancee. Nodding sympathetically, he spoke in a more friendly manner. "I understand, and I want nothing but the best life for those who are soon to be my people. You and your children included. I detest the notion of claiming superiority over another though, especially my future wife, and I would like to work around the law as best I can that we may be equals even while the law stands."

    He turned back to Kit with a grin. "I see how you wish to play this. It is acceptable for you to joke around about the system but I may not?" He wrapped his arms around her and leaned in while gently pulling her closer. Gazing lovingly into her milky white eyes and taking in the scent of her vanilla perfume, Lyle felt as if the world around them had begun to slow down. With a low, tender voice he began speaking again. "That's hardly playing fair. I could never see you as anything but an equal, my sweet Kit. I intend to love and protect you with my whole heart and soul for as long as I live."
  18. Lucy nodded "I understand Sir, and when King Kai is dethroned, you shall take his place and make the law. We shall... Work around things the best we can. As the king has to stamp most things so... But- ah! On the bright side, sir, if everything is locally created and made economically it will boost our growing economy. Plus, the wedding can come sooner. Unless you prefer a later date?" When Lucy looked from the window to Lyle again with interested eyes, she adverted her gaze immediately back to the floor. As it was inappropriate to say something or interrupt the couple.

    Kit nodded at his first comment, "Yes, only I can joke about it. I'm royalty of Hylei, I'm privileged. Your only a guest until the official engagement." When she his arms slip around her and pull her closer her grin faded and she blushed. Kit could feel his breath against her skin as she spoke, his voice was low and soft. She opened her mouth slightly, yet nothing came out, and her useless eyes adverted away, looking towards the ground. "Thank you." She finally muttered, embarrassed, and feeling the awkwardness of Lucy sitting less than five feet away from them.
  19. Lyle's heart pounded furiously in his chest as they sat face to face mere inches apart and his cheeks turned beet red. He closed his eyes for a moment and thought of how he could hardly wait for them to be married. He would have to prepare himself mentally, for he was sure that any dress she wore would stop his heart. Part of him also wanted to make the plans for the honeymoon himself to surprise her, but that would be something they'd discuss later and he would do only if she allowed it. It was his intention for all family decisions to be made together, with Kit having equal say to his own.

    He pulled an arm back and threaded his fingers through Kit's, leaning back into his seat and turning back to Lucy. "Ah... yes. I mean, no. Sooner. Sooner was what we wanted, correct?" Fumbling through his words, he glanced over at Kit before looking down into his lap. The embarrassment was still fresh, but he also found it hard to focus as his mind continued to drift to Kit. "Oh, and I think there was one other thing we could discuss now. You mentioned having a servant to help me with some of my tasks. I didn't have a personal servant living in my family's estate, so I would need to hire one."
  20. Kit waited silently, her heart in her throat and her cheeks a deep shade of red that could probably killed her if she was still at the red-hating-Queen Titana's ball. When he intertwined his fingers with hers and leaned back, she took a deep, steadying breath and turned her face to the window. She had thought for a moment maybe he would... Kit's shoulders went up in a shrug, as if shaking off the thought. "Yes. Sooner is better." Her voice was quiet, and warm but hid disappointment in it. Lucy looked back up in almost surprise as Lyle responded to her. "Ah, you can hire one one if you please, or take Master Kia's servant, or demote him and promote another servant on the castle grounds. What you do is up to you."

    The wheels on the carriage slowed down and stopped, horses whinnied from outside, clacking their heels against what sounded different from dirt and more like brick, Kit thought to herself. When the door opened a warm breeze pulled sunlight and sultry ocean air into the cart. It smelled of sea salt and sand, the driver held open the door with a soft white umbrella in hand for Kit. Lucy slipped out grabbing hold of it, and Kit followed her lead before taking hold of the umbrella. A large ferry boat sat in the harbor, a long dock walking out to it. It wasn't really beach around, but more like piled brick and rock all around. Sand was all over the place though, and quite uncomfortable if you got it in your shoes.

    A big burly man who was dark came to get the bags, he waved at Kit for a second before remembering, looking throughly embarrassed and walking to the back. This man was mute. The ship itself was large and wooden, but a finely crafted ship. Kit already knew the inside well, she sailed on it wherever she went. There was a nice small kitchen with a dining room and chef, a small games room, her bedroom, sleeping quarters, and a few other places to explore. The sails were a dark violet color with a golden upside-down victorian cross on them within a circle. Lucy lead the way onto the large ship, just as she done in the hotel. "I will show you to your room, of course." She claimed, nodding, and stepping onto the hollow wood making a knocking sound with the metal on the bottom of her shoes.

    "I know this ship like the back of my hand, that's unnecessary. I can easily show Lyle to the bedroom, and to the gamesroom and everywhere he'd need to go." Kit declined, "Go to your quarters and you can work on your part of what needs to be done at the wedding. I'm an organized girl and I know my country, I shall get to you what you need as soon as possible." Lucy looked like she was about to argue, but decided against it and nodded as they reached the ship. "Yes, of course." She responded, heading up the ramp.
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