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  1. Before I go through the process of actually writing down a plot and what not, I simply want to test how many people like Werewolf inspired role plays. If this gets enough interest then we can talk more about the plot.

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  2. Well I'm in agreement already. What kind of werewolf are we talking about? @Sammael9216 ?
  3. Well, I get everyone has a different concept of what a werewolf is, so I feel like this rp should have multi shape shifting werewolves to make people happy. I for one lean towards the Underworld series of Werewolves, horrifying, badass, and just plain cool. What I'm thinking of is a three stage transformation, basic human form, basic wolf form, and finally the bipedal form seen in the underworld series. Now with that being said I'm not a fan of the the whole full moon concept tied with werewolves. Your thoughts?
  4. I'm in full agreement, though underworld has never been my cup of tea. I was thinking more about Skyrim personally. Those guys can call upon their werewolf form once per day, and they strengthen themselves by eating their prey. No moons in that so that's why I love it. I might alter it to my own personal version in the long run, or not be one at all if you let me loose in vampirism
  5. Incorporating vampires into the rp will largely depend on the plot.
  6. Werewolves it is then, maybe different breeds that cause the differences in each character?
  7. I like that, I was also thinking of adding elemental magic into this rp, nothing too serious.
  8. Up to you man. I would be a mage then
  9. If I decided to go that way it wouldn't work like that. More along the lines of natural abilities.
  10. Makes sense. Now all we need is someone else to post
  11. Love wolves. Not fond of yhe full-moon thing. I like the full wolf form shifting. I'd call a wolf-human form a half-form or an in-between
  12. Just two people, really?
  13. For me it depends on what else in involved. A lot of rps I've seen where all the players play the werewolves can be boring, not to say they all are.

    I personally want to see an rp with "weres" rather than just werewolf. (Wererat, werepanther, weretiger, werebunny, I don't care. ((That's a lie I do. Werebunny is ridiculous)))

    As for werewolves, I agree that the transformation should be optional, not just forced by a full moon. I also highly favor the ability to just be a wolf as an in between.

    Whereas I find the full moon forced transformation to be silly, I think that a full moon should enhance werewolves strengths and abilities, whatever those may be, regardless of what form they happen to be in.

    I'm not a fan of the magical finger snap length, painless transformation. Your bones and internal organs and stuff move and pop and bend, that sucks, okay? Not that I think it should take twenty minutes, and times and pain can vary, first being longer and more painful, the rest getting easier and shorter with each one, but never totally painless or instantaneous.
  14. Wonderful points to bring up. I can honestly say I agree on most of them. Can't say for certain that I like the "Weres" idea, mostly due to the fact I've never been in a successful rp that involved them.
  15. Neither have I, but I'd like to see a successful one someday. I understand why it can be such a pain, though. I may try to make one someday.

    Anyways, as for my interest, those are my opinions, though whether or not I would join would be based on what the plot ends up being like, and because of plot, what ends up being playable.

    But in any case, I wish you luck.~
  16. Hmm, still deciding on the plot. One notion that strikes me is an old one from an RP I participated in the past. The longest running RP I was ever in. Basically A group of "Weres" are hunted by a military organization for their DNA. Cliche plot, but with a great group of RPer's kept it fun and interesting for months.
  17. Hmm, not too interesting to me personally, though with the right people I could see how it would be more interesting and exciting.

    I'm just personally more of a fantasy oriented person.
  18. I hear what your saying. My goal here is to orchestrate something everyone can be apart of and enjoy, that means gathering everyone's perspective and tweaking plots.
  19. Salutations!

    I think that everyone here has good opinions, points and suggestions as to what they feel would make a successful plot/ roleplay.

    As someone who exclusively played wolves and the like for 4 or 5 years I feel that it is important for werewolves to still have some of the natural instincts that their counterparts have.
    Such as a need to be social and gather in "packs" or some other kind of familial arrangement.
    Has anyone read Blood and Chocolate before? It's a tiny little book that was eventually made into a shitty movie; however I was a fan of the way that they portrayed the werewolves' hierarchy and how it is that one moves up or down within the pack.
    Considering it is natural for wolves in the wild to assert themselves with aggression and posturing; I see that it would only be natural for werewolves to use the same conduit for their power struggles.
    Another point that Blood and Chocolate followed that holds true to their feral counterparts is the tradition of only the dominant pair to mate.

    I don't know, just some ideas I thought were sharing.

    On another note-

    Has anyone read the Bitten series?
    It also portrays some more intimate views on werewolf society; specifically intrapersonal and interpersonal (within a family)
    The books also found a clever way to work fantasy and more "scientific" stuff into the story (much like what you mentioned @Sammael9216)

    Anyway, with all that being said, i am all in!

    I'd love to help this thing really get off the ground and I personally don't mind and even prefer smaller crowds to play with because I believe that it gives rise to each person getting more individualized attention and recognition and that leads to better developed story lines, characters, and relationships!
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