Love is blind.

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  1. Soft music filled the large room, the soft light playing with the red hues in Arianna's hair as she stood by her wardrobe trying to choose the perfect dress for the evening. She wasn't very interested in these stiff parties but ever since a child she'd been given no choice to skip them, especially not now when her soon to be fiancé would attend as well. Drawing a slender hand across the row of dresses Ana stopped at a strapless sea green dress, tight around her upper body and then flowing out around her legs.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Taking the dress with her out Ana lay it on the bed before taking a quick shower, after drying her copper hair she pulled on the dress and started her make up. It was still the green eyed girl that looked back at her, putting on mascara just as Ana did but it was also a stranger, a girl that had lost her dreams while gaining stability that so many others longed for. Sighing she finished preparing and grabbed a thin silvery shawl before descending the stairs, as was often the case Robin would meet her at the party, he'd been stuck at work of course nothing new there. But Ana wished he would take some more time off work to spend with her, they only saw each other in the mornings and nights it seemed and it hurt her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The night seemed to flow together, the short drive to the party in the luxurious limousine, Robin's sweet welcome, the endless people to greet and the boring small talk. Arianna was almost chocked when she got a moment to herself, standing in a corner sipping on champagne, to realize how boring these events were. How could she not have noticed before? Or had she just ignored her own opinion so much that it buried itself too deep to be noticed until now.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Arianna, sweetie." Robin's gentle voice called out to her. "Come now, people are wondering where you are." Ana turned and forced smiled at him, normally she enjoyed these events just because he was there but lately not even that could sooth her boredom. "I don't feel so well Robin," she said, preparing to dish out her first lie in years, if not longer. "I think I'm coming down with something, I'd just like to go home." It was a statement but also a question, why she would ask to leave was ridiculous, she wasn't a child anymore but she couldn't help it.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Are you feeling that bad?" He asked, a frown spreading in his face. Somehow, Ana thought, it felt like he was more concerned that she left early than of her well being. "Yes, I just want to go home and rest, stay as long as you want and I'm probably asleep before you come home." Ana prompted with a gentle voice, weaving her lie hoping he'd swallow it. "Of course darling. I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow after some rest." He said, kissing her cheek before she hurried outside, declining his company to the car.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Glad to have gotten away Arianna headed down the stairs, her heels clicking against the stone and her dress gently swirling for every step, a deceptive thought wormed into her mind, if Robin wanted her well quickly for the party the day after tomorrow. Ana scolded herself, since when did she think so badly of people, and since when had she started questioning Robin's interest in her. More thoughts followed, what if she was just a trophy, a beautiful wife for the rich heir, a good mother and a entertaining hostess. Never had she been overwhelmed with such fears, they had been together for almost three years, shouldn't she know him better than that.</SPAN></SPAN>

    With a sting of pain Ana realized that she in truth knew very little about Robin's hobbies, except work, his likes and dislikes and so on. She wondered if he knew anything about her, something personal or even her favourite colour or flower. A headache started to spread and she did not want to go and get the limousine, she wanted to be alone so she could calm down and regain her trust in her own life.</SPAN></SPAN>

    It wasn't so far home after all, the car ride only took a quarter of an hour tops, it shouldn't take so long right? Ana was quite mistaken, walking that distance in high heels for someone who was not used to it took time, and Arianna started regretting her decision. But she enjoyed the fresh air, and the silence around her that gave her time to think, a low rustling from her dress and the sound of her foot steps was all that was heard at first until the loud sound of voices came down the street towards her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Arianna had no experience with the streets at night and she had a naive trust in people that made her oblivious to the fact that meeting two men after dark in a big city often spelled trouble and tonight her lesson would be learned as the two men noticed Arianna, whistling loudly. "Hey there love," on called to her as they stopped in front of her forcing her to stop as well. "You seem to be ready to party already and we know a good place." They laughed and it sent chivers down her spine, she clutched her shawl closer to her as if to protect herself. One grabbed her by the arm as she tried to walk around them and when she struggled against him his grip hardened making her wince in pain, it only served to draw another laugh from them. "Why in such a hurry lady, we just want some fun." "Let go off me!" Her temper flared and she kicked at the one gripping her. "She's a fiesty one alright," he said and grinned until Ana's foot connected with his knee. "Damned bitch," he slapped her hard and she felt blood in her mouth. "Let's get away from the street," the on who'd been silent awhile said. "Before she starts to scream and alert someone.

    The one who hit her clamped a hand over her mouth just as Ana let out a scream, it came out as a muffled shriek, and as they started pulling her away fear took over her, making her stomach churn, they didn't look friendly, or rather they looked the wrong kind off friendly and she would have no chance against even one of them, oh why hadn't she taken the limousine or stayed at the party.</SPAN></SPAN>
  2. "DeDe!" Radiance yelled with a giggle. Demetri laughed at one of his many nieces, tickling her till no end. She couldn't help but try and whack his arms away, but constantly failed. "Alright, alright Radiance, I think it's time for you to go to bed," her father--one of his brothers--Jayce told her as he wiggled her stuffed monkey. The monkey reminded Demetri of himself.

    Battered by Life and other things that always weighed on his shoulders. Demetri picked up his niece, and placed her into Jayce's arms. "One kid, two more to go," Jayce rolled his eyes. Demetri laughed softly as he nodded along with Jayce. Jayce's wife, Citrus, came into view with one other kid of their's in her arms, knocked out on her shoulder. "Elan almost fell asleep in the tub, remind you of anyone?" Citrus teased Jayce.

    "That was only once," Jayce groaned. Demetri watched the loving couple kiss and make-up and placing the two kids into Citrus' arms, for her to put them in bed. Now, only one more child to go. Kaiyah was sitting on the sofa, intently watching a documentary about mobsters. She was only five, but seemed so interested into the show, that she wasn't even blinking her bright caramel eyes. Jayce couldn't help but smile at his youngest daughter, seeing that she was just like him. "I'll get her into bed," Demetri murmured to his brother.

    Demetri picked up Kaiyah, placing her onto his leg, holding her close as he kissed her head full of curly brown hair. "Kaiyah, why do you like this so much?" he asked her. She looked up at Demetri, then up to the ceiling with her huge eyes, thinking of a good explanation. "Because it reminds me of you, Dede," she murmured softly, with a sleepy smile on her lips. If Demetri didn't know any better, she had killer instinct. It was as if she knew all of the bad things he went through on a daily basis. He simply smiled, and hugged her close. "Why? Cause I put the bad guys away?" he asked her.

    "Yeah," she nodded, too sleepy to comprehend his words. Demetri held her, and within moments she was finally knocked out after watching the show. Demetri placed her in her bed, and walked over to the married couple and told them he was heading out soon. "Jayce..come here," Demetri asked. Demetri had to tell him, that he possibly won't be around for a while. Or maybe never if it meant to keep his brothers and their beautiful families safe from his harsh trials and tribulations.

    "I uh...I'm wrapped up into some bad shit man and...and well I'm gonna' be gone for a while. This time it wasn't me, I swear," Demetri told him with ease. When it came to Demetri's past, and his troubles...all of his siblings knew about them. And loved him just as much as they would if he didn't have problems. However, without the problems Demetri faced, avoided, and will soon conquer, he wouldn't be the same person he was now.

    Jayce simply looked down, causing Demetri to feel guilt. It was a new feeling to Demetri, never realizing that he might have caused them pain in the many years of his life. But, Jayce then grabbed Demetri and hugged him closely. "Stay alive, bro. When you come back, bring fucking dessert, okay?" Jayce told him. The gesture was small, but it meant so much more than bringing dessert.

    It meant coming back alive and--hopefully--in one piece with no worries on his heart. Demetri finally walked out, after saying goodbye once more and he went off into the night. As he walked off onto the road, he began to hear deep-voiced chuckling, and Demetri's neck hairs stood on edge. Demetri started to quicken his pace, because after the chuckles, he heard a woman's frail voice. Someone was in trouble. As soon as he made the corner, he saw a girl fighting for her life. "Aye, the hell is wrong with you two?" Demetri asked, his voice rough and stern and he jogged over. Without thinking, he punched the quiet one in the face. His reaction was dropping the girl onto the floor. Demetri then looked at the other one, ready to fight him as well.
  3. The man's rough hand clasped hard over her mouth, forcing Ana to swallow the blood coming from the tear in the inside of her chin, the warm liquid was coppery and smooth, making her feel sick. Her breath came quick and shallow through her nose and her green eyes were wide open in desperation.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Struggling and kicking Ana tried in vain to get loose but the man's strong grip only tightened, almost lifting her off the ground, her arm started feeling numb and to her dismay hot salty tears pooled in her eyes. Terrified thoughts filled her head about being beaten and raped like all those cases you'd see on the news or in the paper, Ana had always felt sorry for them but also never really comprehended the chock and terror it involved.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Her fear and squirming only seemed to entertain the men and Arianna's hope fell more and more as the streets were empty and the buildings dark, was the time so late already. Panic pooled in her stomach as they neared a narrow, dark street. If they passed there Ana felt sure she'd never be saved and her struggling got stronger but her slim frame posed no threat to the man.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Then out of nowhere a man called out and suddenly the man was no longer holding her, Ana's knees buckled and she sagged to the ground from fear and lack of support. Slowly as if in a daze she took in what happened, she saw the man who'd been holding her clasping a hand over his face, blood seeping through his fingers. The men seemed just as surprised as she was at the strangers sudden appearance but they gathered their wits quicker than her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Mind your own business," one spat angrily, glaring at the newcomer. "Go play hero somewhere else unless you want to end up in a hospital." The clearly more passive man said, casting a glance over at his bleeding buddy.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The man cast a furious glare at the newcomer, wiping the blood from his face as much as possible. "You shouldn't have done that," he growled and stalked closer, closing his large hands into fists ready to dish out revenge.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Arianna stared on without moving, in a way hoping they'd forget her if she sat still as stone. She was grateful of the stranger who'd saved her but a though wormed its way into her trusting mind, what was his reasons for saving a strange girl. Any other day she would have passed it off as a good Samaritan but her trust in others had taken a blow today, her sheltered life having provided little knowledge of the real world.</SPAN></SPAN>
  4. "Mind your own business," the burly one spoke with anger. "Go play hero somewhere else unless you want to end up in a hospital." Demetri only adrenaline, and anger flowing through him. For Demetri it was only fight or fight adrenaline, never fight or flight. How can men take advantage of a fragile woman? It made Demetri furious.

    Demetri let the men, speak not even acknowledging their words. Demetri hit the big guy once more, seeing that it wasn't doing much to him. Demetri looked down at the floor, seeing an empty beer bottle. He grabbed it, and smashed it against the man's head. But before he hit him, Demetri's made sure his sleeve covered the bottle. He didn't want his fingerprints on it.

    The man fell with a dull thump to the floor. The guy on the other side was slowly getting up. "You sick bastard," Demetri spat, kicking him directly into the gut for the man to fall back down with a groan. Demetri wiped his face, making sure he had nothing on him. He looked up to see the girl on the floor, shaking in fear.

    "C'mon, we don't want these two waking up," Demetri told her quietly. He placed his hand out, waiting for her to take it. She didn't. He huffed, and got down to her level. "You want to live, right? Well, let's get going," he muttered. She looked at him, as if debating whether or not going.

    Sooner or later she'd follow, so Demetri stood up and started to walk along the darkened road. Heading back to his home to pack the rest of his things.

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  5. Trembling slightly Ana looked at the man who'd helped her, she both wanted to run away, back home, but she was also afraid to walk alone and he had saved her before and it seemed like he would do it again. </SPAN>"C'mon, we don't want these two waking up," </SPAN>He said to her, holding out a hand for support. Yet she didn't take it, she was still in between decisions. How could her blind trust in people have been shaken so much in this short time that she was afraid to trust the one who saved her?</SPAN></SPAN>

    "You want to live, right? Well, let's get going,"</SPAN> His voice was neither smooth nor particulary kind but still she somehow liked it, maybe because she just associated it with safety. His words, however, struck her, sending a shiver of fear through her but she also started to gain her bearings and didn't want to sit trembling on the ground like a leaf in a storm, feeling inferior due to her low positiong on the ground.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Then he rose up and started to walk away from her and Arianna's decision to be strong almost crumbled, she didn't dare walk home alone, what if there were more creeps out prowling the streets, or these two woke up. Though despite what they'd done and how she disliked them, her deep rooted care for others allowed a slim part of her feel sorry for their injuries and hope they weren't too badly injured, she realized it was a strange thought but nothing she could get rid off.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Scrambling to her feet Ana tried to smooth out her dress, she wasn't obsessed with clothes but she really liked this one, while she tried to catch up with the man, his larger build made it hard for Ana, her short stature giving her short steps and her bad skill with high heels leaving her unable to run properly but she managed.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Thank you for saving me," she said, pausing to take a deep breath, trying to bury any tremble in her voice before continuing. Pale finger stroke back dark brown locks that had escaped from the elaborate hairstyle, any stray light reflecting on the red hues hiding amongst the brown. "Ehm," was all she managed at first, finding asking for help a bit difficult, despite her upbringing something inside her disliked asking for help, it was as if she was too weak to do it by herself.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Do you...have something to do right now," she finally pressed out, staring at the ground instead of at the man. "I just wanted a favour, or rather another one," Ana hastily added when she realized her question could be interpreted differently than intended. "I'm afraid to go back, past the men I mean. And my flat is in that direction and I don't really know my way around these small streets." Now she was just rambling on, she sounded ridiculous to her own ears.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and pressed down all bad feelings, it always worked well and calmed her down unless she wore high heels of course. Not seeing made her wobble slightly on her heels and she quickly snapped her eyes open to steady herself, deciding that whatever the future occasion she'd wear shorter heels.</SPAN></SPAN>
  6. Demetri slowed his pace down, once he heard her footsteps shuffling over to him. He looked over at her, seeing her try to fix her hair and her dress. Demetri thought it was ridiculous as it was at least shy of midnight, and no one was out for her to look good for, except Demetri. He then heard he speak, she thanked him. He paused his walking, and cleared his throat as he shrugged. "It was nothing, I couldn't just walk by as the guys took advantage of you," he told her nonchalantly.

    He could tell she had something to say, but he waited calmly and patiently for her to just spit it out. Finally, she asked him for another favor. He stopped walking once more and thought about it. "Yeah uh...sure. I'll walk you there. I have a favor to ask you. Can I spend the night on your couch? I'll be out early in the morning," he told her quietly. He just didn't want to be out in all hours of the night. And because he didn't know how to get from her house, to his own. And besides...he wasn't ready to leave his hometown. He wasn't ready to go out and runaway from his problems as he usually did.

    He then noticed how her feet would wobble, causing her whole body to shake. "I don't know why you're wearing heels, when it looks like you can't walk in them," he told her quietly, not meaning to sound rude. His voice was rough, but he didn't mean for it to come out that way. "What women do for men and to look good," he spoke out loud as he shook his head. He then started to walk with her silently to her flat.

    Finally, they made it. He suddenly felt awkward, clearing his throat as he let her lead the rest of the way to her home. Once they got to her door, he placed his hands into his jean pockets, not sure whether or not she was okay with him staying in her home just for the night. After all, she was almost raped, and he was merely a stranger that helped her in the knick of time.
  7. "Normally I like to think good about people, but after tonight I'm not so sure just anyone would have stopped to help." She said and for the first time that day Arianna let out a bright smile, it reached her eyes and caused a slight dimple at the corner of her mouth.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Relief flooded her as he agreed to escort her back home, traversing the streets alone was not the most tempting option in her eyes but when he asked to stay over at her place over the night she tensed slightly. Ana's upbringing and sense of self-preservation told her strictly no but for some odd reason that she couldn't really explain she had started to trust this stranger.</SPAN></SPAN>

    That side of her was both a good trait and a quite stupid one, to offer trust this quickly but maybe it was her instincts or the sense of security she felt around him that made her ignore reason. "Sure," she said and steered their course a bit so they would com to her place. She was wondering if he had no home or if there was something else but she was too considerate of others private life's that she didn't ask.</SPAN></SPAN>

    To herself she wondered what had gotten into her today, it was not like her at all to skip an event like that, leave Robin behind and invite a stranger home. But deep inside she knew that this daring and odd side of herself had always been there, it had just need something to help it come forth a bit.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Oh, well, I don't like high heels that much and I'm obviously not so skilled using them." Ana said with a small smile, a hint of pink rising on her cheeks at his remark. "But Robin wants me to wear them as it is modern now."</SPAN></SPAN>

    That's when it hit her. Robin. What would he think about this? Sure he'd go home to his apartment, notice her gone, maybe he'd call then or wait until morning, he would probably come by before work if she hadn't answered. A bit surprised she realized that she didn't care all that much.</SPAN></SPAN>

    When they reached the apartment building where she had her flat Arianna dug into the cleverly hidden pocket in her dress, she had never been so fond of the small purses commonly worn at parties and so she'd designed her dresses with this pocket. Unlocking the door at the street she led the way up to the fourth floor where she lived.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "My name is Arianna Tyler by the way," she said as she was about to put the key in her door, realizing she had completely forgotten to introduce herself. Stepping into the apartment she hit a light switch in the short hallway, it led straight into the spacious living room was only parted from the kitchen by a large arched door way without doors. A large bathroom was to </SPAN></SPAN>
    the right in the hallway and to the left in the living room was her bedroom.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Just feel like home," she said, locking the door and placing the keys on a table. "I could really need a change of clothes." Ana lit more lamps as she made her way to her room, feeling a bit odd about changing with a stranger in her home, but in her mind he would have done something to her already if he had any such intentions.</SPAN></SPAN>
  8. "I'm Demetri," he spoke softly as he walked into her home slowly. He was careful, not wanting to get too comfortable or break anything. He didn't know how she would take it if he moved anything around. He cleared his throat softly and unzipped his jacket as he placed it on the edge of her couch. "Nice home you have here," he murmured to her.

    As she turned on the lights, Demetri noticed how gorgeous she was. She may look fragile, but Demetri learned not to judge a book by its cover. She had the cutest pair of lips, that had a slight pout whether she was causing it or not.

    Her hair was a bit frizzed, but she still made it look great. Demetri thought she was...well, his type. Even though he never knew he had one. Too busy with his life to actually have a relationship. He had slept with a couple of girls in his time, but it was nothing major. A few one night stands here and there.

    He kicked all the thoughts from his mind, not wanting to think like that about the girl he just saved an hour or so ago. He sat on her couch, not sure what to do. He raked his hair back, tapping his foot softly on the wooden floor. He started to hum quietly to himself, waiting for her to come back.
  9. "Thank you," she was glad he seemed to like her home. Others, she didn't name in her thoughts, believed it to be too small and less luxurious than she could have gotten, but Ana was satisfied with her flat. Leaving him she went into her room and closed her door and kicked of her shoes with a relieved sigh and wriggled out of her dress, sure she had nothing against wearing dresses or skirts but it was much more comfortable and practical to wear pants. Ana picked out her favourite pair of jeans and a soft longsleeved t-shirt with extra long sleeves. With a slight wince she let out her hair and proceeded to brush out all the knots, leaving it flowing past her shoulders in slight waves. Her face looked paler than usual and her make up had smeared so she cleaned it all off, not bothering re-applying anything before she went back out into the living room feeling much better already.

    He sat in the couch waiting, like he wasn't quite sure what to do, he was tapping his foot and humming slightly, she smiled briefly at the sight. "Do you want anything to eat or drink? I'm proud to say that despite being spoiled as a kid I can cook," she said with an askew smile. "Unfortunatley I don't keep that much fresh food here though." She had a lot of canned food and left overs in the fridge but having fresh groceries here would be a waste of money mostly. As she waited for him to speak Ana took the chance to look at him, he was more of the ruggedly handsome type and so completely different from the slim built, suit wearing and blonde Robin that it was like night and day.

    She almost jerked as the phone rang, it sounded unnaturally loud in the silence, before she picked it up she knew who it was and she hoped her lying was convincing on the phone as well. "I went to my place as I wanted to be alone," Ana answered, not needing to hide the hint of annoyance in her voice. Despite doing pretty much what he an her parents wanted she was reluctant to sell her apartment and she wished Robin could understand that. "No, I'll be fine, it's probably just a cold Robin. I'll stay in a day or two and then I'm sure its gone." Her words just fell out of her mouth without hesitation, the lie was probably minor to most other people but Arianna wasn't used to lying or even avoid the truth.

    "Okay I will, good night." Ending the call she placed the phone back into the charger not once during the call had it fallen her in to say anything about what had happened, it would just feel weird, why though she had no idea. It had been her usual way to end the call with Robin, she'd never said 'love you' or something similar, neither of them were very open with their feelings but it made her think. Her brow furrowed slightly, she wondered why she'd started to be so analytical of her feelings tonight, was it the attack and her meeting with Demetri or just a coincidence. Pushing the thoughts away Ana turned her gaze to the simple vase on the coffee table, it held a bouquet of lilies, she loved the frail little flower, especially the smell and sure enough it worked its spell and her mind settled. Ana looked back at Demetri waiting for his answer.
  10. As she walked in Demetri noticed how covered she was, and couldn't help but frown inwardly to himself. She should flaunt what she had, because she surely had the 'it' factor, and Demetri knew his brothers would think she was gorgeous as well. He got up from the seat, feeling the need to stand up whenever she was around. He didn't know exactly why, but it felt like the gentleman thing to do. He cleared his throat and looked around as he thought of a good answer to her question.

    Before he could respond, he heard her phone ring and jumped a bit at the sudden noise. He listened intently as she spoke in the phone seeing her expression change. She may have not felt it, but Demetri watched as her face turned into the expression of annoyance. Then it turned into relief once she hung up. Who was it that she was talking to?

    "I'll take a water," he spoke lightly with a short nod. He suddenly felt his throat dry up, not sure what or what not to say. This girl seemed like the reserved type. Not a bad bone in her body, never being in a bad situation until tonight and he was there to help her. She seemed like the type to trust anyone, unless they gave her a reason. She was a sweet soul, Demetri got that all from just looking at her.
  11. "Okay," she said. "It will come right up." Arianna went into her bright and slightly unused kitchen, grabbed two glasses and filled them with cold water. Taking them with her back into the living room she gave one to Demetri before taking a seat in the couch, pulling her legs up under her. "You can relax and sit down you know," she said with a small smile, green eyes sparkling.</SPAN></SPAN>

    As she drank the cold liquid she realized she had forgotten the wound she had gotten as she was slapped earlier. The water stung in the tear on the inside of her chin and she winced before she could hold it back, but the cold water dulled the pain and it receded to an annoying ache.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Ana looked over at Demetri again, full of questions but didn't dare ask in case it was too personal, reasoning that he probably had a reason for doing what he did. "The one who called," she said, a bit surprised herself as she'd been planning on saying something else entirely. "It was my...fiancé, Robin." Ana hesitated at the mentioning of Robin, she didn't realize it herself but it was there.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "I left him earlier this evening, pretending I was sick and ignored the car waiting, that was why I was walking alone tonight." She didn't quite know why she felt like explaining herself to the man, but despite the short time since he saved her Ana felt like he was someone she could confide in and be casual with. Of course it was a silly feeling but she couldn't exactly lie to herself.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Emptying her glass she twirled it slowly in her hands, pondering slightly before chickening out on her question. "Well, it's starting to get late." As she said it Ana realized that she was actually very tired. "I hope the couch will be enough for you, I've fallen asleep in it before so it is comfortable but you are quite taller than me."</SPAN></SPAN>

    Rising up, Ana put down her glass before she went into the hallway, to a small closet where she kept quilts, linens and also a few spare pillows. Standing on tip toes she pulled out what she needed before going back to Demetri on the couch, pressing back a yawn on the way.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "If you need anything else just ask, okay," she said and put down the pillow and quilts on the couch. "Good night," she said with a sweet smile, before heading to her room, making ready for bed.</SPAN></SPAN>
  12. 7264491.jpg
    Demetri nodded quietly as she explained who was on the phone, even though he hadn't asked. Though he was wondering deep within his mind as to who it was that seemed to annoy her. It surprised him when she explained he had a fiance, named Robin. Demetri wanted to laugh out loud at the man's girlish name. It was ridiculous!

    If Demetri had any thought of doing intimate things with was out of the question. However, he could still think about what was underneath all of her clothing, there was no shame in that. He looked up as she went over to the closet, grabbing him a couple of sheets. He took them from her with a short nod, and actually flashed a soft smile. "Thanks, good night to you too," he murmured, and watched as she walked off...

    Around three in the morning, Demetri was still tossing and turning with his eyes tightly shut. His mind and body wouldn't let him sleep. The couch wasn't comfortable at all, but he had slept on worse things, such as the dirt that produced from this very Earth. He sighed heavily, a hand over top his head as he looked up at the ceiling. He noticed the window open behind a few feet away carry a soft breeze into the apartment. It wasn't enough to cool off Demetri.

    He fluffed the pillow, and went to lay back down once he heard the rustling of leaves down below from the window. His muscles tightened, his ears straining to hear the most they could. "Let's get him, easy peasy, and we'll steal anything that looks valuable," a familiar voice spoke with a dark chuckle.

    In a graceful movement, Demetri walked off the couch, walking into Ana's bedroom. He let slipped on his shoes while he walked into her room. He walked into her closet, looking for a bag of some sort. He found one, and started to go through her dresser drawers, and closet and picked out random things and placed them into the bag. He then zipped it up, and made sure he still had his gun on his waist band, the one he always carried around. He looked over at Ana, seeing how she slept peacefully.

    He felt horrible for what he had to do next. "Ana, wake up, now," he whispered as he shook her shoulder.
  13. Despite being so tired, as soon as Arianna lay her head on her pillow her head got crystal clear, the fogs of sleep blown away. Her mind kept replaying the events of the past day, her lone walk down the street, the encounter with the two men, she shuddered involuntarily at the memory and skipped past that part quickly, lingering far longer on the short time since Demetri saved her. Why she couldn't stop thinking about a man she'd met so recently and not under the best circumstances she had no idea.</SPAN></SPAN>

    She had a boyfriend, a long time one on top of that, so why could she not keep her thoughts on him, why did thy insist on straying to Demetri, sleeping on the couch in her living room. Without even noticing it Ana slowly drifted into a dreamless sleep in the middle of her confused thoughts.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Suddenly Ana was stirred awake, confused she looked up to see Demetri beside her bed, groggily she looked over at her alarm clock, it showed a little past three. Why on earth would he wake her at this time? Strangely though, except for her initial surprise she wasn't scared to see him in her room, just bewildered.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "What is it?" She asked, sitting up and rubbed her eyes, clearing her vision. Noticing he held a bag in one hand, it looked quite familiar even in the dark. "Is that one of my bags? What is going on?" She couldn't imagine any kind of reason for him waking her after taking one of her bags.</SPAN></SPAN>
  14. Demetri looked down at her bag and nodded with ease as he gently pulled her out of the bed. "Here," he threw some shoes at her feet while he took off his jacket, putting it around her. "Don't ask questions. Just get up quietly and follow me," he told her in an urgent tone. He walked over to her window, and opened it quietly. He looked down below to make sure no one was there. "I'm going down first. Some guys are making a barrier around you home. They might kill me. You need to come with me because they'll kill you too," he murmured lightly to her as he got ready to jump.

    He then jumped with ease into an open dumpster truck. He looked around, then up at Ana. "Please, jump. I'll catch you," he told her in a rushed whisper. It wasn't that bad of a jump, but it might be for Ana because she looked like the type not to do anything that would boost her adrenaline.

    He had to hurry. He looked up at her with urgency, and she finally jumped. She jumped carelessly, her eyes shut tightly and her hands close to her body while her feet flew around. He caught her, but lost balance and fell deeper onto the garbage bags, making noises in the broken silence.

    "Stay here, I'm going to get a car," Demetri muttered, and he jumped out and ran out to the corner...
  15. Letting herself be pulled out of bed Ana listened to what he said, but she wondered what he talked about, who would want to kill him and why on earth would they kill her as well? If she hadn't just been awoken in the middle of the night then Ana would probably have insisted on answers and to get dressed but now she pulled on her shoes quickly, she then saw him open her window, was he going to jump out from this height? Before she could open her mouth to say something he climbed out and jumped down. Ana rushed to the window, almost afraid to see him splattered on the pavement but to her relief he had landed in a dumpster.

    Then she realized he wanted her to jump as well. Scared, with wide eyes, she stared down at Demetri, she felt like her feet had frozen to the floor, not that she was scared of heights but she still didn't want to just jump out the window. A noice from her living room, however, convinced her, the choice between staying behind with strangers that, according to Demetri, would kill her and jumping down wasn't all that hard. Swallowing hard Ana gripped the window frame and easily stepped outside the window, and in one terrifying moment she swayed where she stood, only held back by her fingertips, until she took a step out into open space and let go of her tight grip.

    Her stomach twirled around as she fell through the air, wind whipping her hair into her face and just when she expected to smash into the garbage she was caught by Demetri, though her fall made them both sink deeper in among the garbage. Then he left her to go get a car. What car? Arianna had noticed he had said 'a' car and not 'my' car. She had a bad feeling that he was going to steal someone's car.

    Ana clambered to her feet and waded to the edge of the dumpster, the foul stench engulfed her and Ana wrinkled her nose. With an effort she reached over the edge and pulled herself up and then jumped to the ground, landing effortlessly on the pavement, apparently her lessons in yoga hadn't been a waste of time. Sneaking into the shadows near the large dumpster Ana waited for Demetri to come back, glad for the jacket he'd given her, it was way too large for her and if she wrapped herself in it she didn't freeze in the night air, even if she only had a thin cotton pyjamas on.
  16. Demetri ran to the first car he placed his caramel eyes on, walking over to it. He held his breath as he figured out a way to open the car without making noise. It didn't look like it even had an alarm, so he decided to simply smash the window. It was a bad decision, he knew. One, because the guys after him could have possibly heard that, and two...he now has a bloody hand. He cursed under his breath, but unlocked the door and got in after he wiped off some of the glass from the seat with a--now--covered hand from his shirt.

    He got in, and quickly started to hot wire it, making sure no one was behind or anywhere near him as he did an old trick. The car came to life. He quickly got into the car and drove back to where he left Ana. Demetri felt way to lucky, seeing that no one had noticed him. As he stopped right next to Ana, he laid over the passenger seat, opening the door for her. "Get in," he muttered to her softly.

    Suddenly, he looked in his side view mirror, and saw one of the guys after him. As Ana got in slowly, Demetri reached a hand over her body and slammed the door open all the while as he stomped on the gas pedal and jetted. A gun shot flew to the bumper of the car, because the man had poor aim.

    "Now you're stuck with me," he muttered to her softly with a heavy sigh. "I shouldn't have stayed, I'm sorry," he muttered to her quietly. Even though Demetri was aimed at, he was perfectly calm. He wondered how Ana was feeling, so he looked over at her as he sped on the road.
  17. After what couldn't have been more than a few minutes, but felt like hours, a car pulled up beside her and Demetri flung the door open for her to get in. Almost in a daze Ana got into the car, before she had time to close it Demetri leaned over her and slammed the door close while he pushed the gas, speeding up so fast Ana was pushed back in the seat.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Something loud, like a miniature explosion came from behind and something hit the bumper with a metallic clang, a gunshot she thought automatically. Then the thought really hit her. Gunshot. Someone shot at them! In fear Arianna tried to make herself as small as possible, it didn't matter how scared she was however, she refused to scream like a silly movie star. Instead she bit her lips, an annoying habit but it kept her occupied, turning in the seat she cast a glance over her shoulder, but the man with the gun was of course not there anymore.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Letting out a relieved sigh Ana then looked at Demetri. "What is going on? Why are they after you?" She asked, her voice almost as steady as normal, though her large eyes showed what fear she hadn't hidden away. "And please, look at the road, I don't care how fast you drive but watch the road." Ana exclaimed, noticing how fast they went and Demetri's half attention to the road, luckily there weren't many car's out at night.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Thoughts raced through her mind, what of her life, her family, she couldn't see them for fear of getting them hurt, and in all honesty, her new problems were caused by her letting Demetri stay, yet with her typical way of thinking she couldn't blame him entirely.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Well, that is true, but it was also I that allowed a complete stranger stay with me that I knew nothing about." She zipped his jacket and curled up in it, she froze from the inside, probably the shock that showed itself, but the warmth from the jacket did make her feel better and slowly her shivers started to subside.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Plus, you do seem capable enough to keep us both alive, though." Ana said with a small smile, now that she had calmed down enough to let her positive side shine through. Her light hearted look upon things was mostly even parts of naivety and the fact that her brain hadn't processed everything yet.</SPAN></SPAN>
  18. Demetri listened to her orders, his eyes staying only on the road. He knew for a fact she was already shaken up, and didn't wasn't to scare her even more. He bit his lip as he thought of giving her the short version of why he was being chased, rather than explain all of it. "Long story short I used to mess with the wrong crowd, for certain reasons...then I get better a couple years ago. Kinda' like a bounty hunter. Brought a guy in I used to he wants revenge," Demetri told her as he made turns around the street.

    Demetri looked behind him, thanking God that they weren't be followed at this moment. "Don't blame yourself. You were almost taken advantage of. You can rest now, I have to see if they made it to my house. I'm sorry you're being dragged into this," he murmured to her lightly.

    He continued to drive quietly, then spoke once more to her. "You can...go back to sleep," he murmured softly to her.
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  19. As he complied and kept his eyes on the road Arianna relaxed, sinking back into the seat, thinking over what he told her. He had been a criminal but then turned his life around, it just confirmed her belief that everyone could change if given the chance. It never hit her to think about or ask him what he'd done, how severe crimes he'd committed, she just assumed they couldn't be that bad as he was kind to her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Well, can't the police take him in again?" Ana asked, if the man seeking revenge was a criminal then it shouldn't be so hard getting him, right? But Arianna wasn't so well versed in people's ability to hide evidence and erase their traces.</SPAN></SPAN>

    That was one mystery solved, he had a house so he wasn't a drifter. She wondered if he lived so far from her place that it would have taken him too long on foot to get home or if the guys after him had spies that he hadn't wanted to lead straight to his home. "So am I, but the one to blame is the one trying to hurt you, right? It is unfair that the ones trying to do good is often punished in the end."</SPAN></SPAN>

    The silence in the car and the dark night made it easy for sleep to come but she stubbornly blinked away the drowsiness and looked at Demetri. "But aren't you tired as well? It wouldn't be fair if I slept while you stayed awake." She leaned back, tilting to the side slightly so she could rest her head against the side of the car. and despite her words Ana slowly drifted off into a sort of half sleep, not deep enough for her to feel especially revitalized later.</SPAN></SPAN>
  20. Demetri listened to Arianna speak, shrugging softly. "He's in jail, he has connections everywhere," he murmured softly to her. As he kept driving, he would glance over at Arianna from time to time just to make sure she wa sokkay. From now on they would be together through-out his journey, until he knew it was okay and safe for her to come back to her normal life. "My life is a whole punishment," he couldn't help but mutter this underneath his breath as he drove, taking the long way to his home. He rubbed his eyes, wanting to make sure he could see perfectly clear. No cars were out at this hour, only the occasional cab.

    "I am, but I'll manage," he murmured to her, giving her a lazy half-smile, knowing that she was tired. She had gone through so much in the short period they knew each other. Once he told her that, he noticed that she drifted off into light sleep. Only half an hour went by, and he made it to his home. He slowly rolled up, barely hitting the gas pedal, and noticed that his solitary home didn't look like it was touched. He bit his lip, and let the car run and got into his home quickly. He grabbed the bag he had packed days ago, with enough money to last a few days. Two extra guns and extra ammo were in the side of the bag, while he had extra clothes as well. He had three different maps, and shades. And also a couple of tools in case he needed to steal a car, or pick a lock.

    He got back to the car, and brought a blanket with her, and placed it around Ana lightly with a faint smile on his lips as he got into the car. Then, he drove off. His destination was the exit of the city. Once they made it there he could rest. He put the radio on, really low in case not to wake up Arianna