Love in the Other Land

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    Not too long ago Cadence happened to come across some kind of weird portal while taking a walk at a more forest side of a park. Shocked but curious she stuck her hand through; it didn’t seem to bother her hand so she bent in a little closer. Somehow, though not wanting to, Cadence suddenly found herself falling into the portal. She noticed she was around some other place now; it looked like a much deeper forest than what she was first walking in. When the portal abruptly disappeared the only choice was to take a walk through the forest and try to find something. That was when she heard a voice, Tull’s, telling her that he brought her to this place to teach the people what humans were like. Confused even more, Cadence still had to accept it or else she wouldn’t be able to get back home.

    It has been some time since then and Cadence has meant a few of these creatures that live here. Now, she has a home there considering it’s been taking some time to get them to understand her and her kind. This home also doubles as a place where the inhabitants come to see her and talk to her about humans. She was sitting down at the kitchen table, reading books from this world.


    Meanwhile at another part of Other Land, Claudia was in her human form wandering around. They had told her to find this human, thinking that she would be able to help Claudia with her little ‘problem’. That would be simple if the angel knew where to go. And now, some other humans seemed like they may have leaked or went into the portal. How was she supposed to know who is who anymore?

    She took a seat on a bench and watched the people around her, doing their daily business and lives. Some have begun to learn about the humans appearing, others were still clueless about the change that was going to end up affecting both worlds in strange ways.
  2. "Now, what's thiiiiis doing here?~" A question, posed by Amelia Cross to a strange, shimmering magical portal that she'd managed to encounter while out on an afternoon walk. The first thought that came to Amelia was 'I should probably leave this alone'. Naturally, the next thing she did was start checking it out, poking at the thing with a stick and finally trying to sneak a look through it.

    What happened next really shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. That would be Amelia falling straight through the portal, appearing with a distinctive 'pop' sound on the other side. Specifically, right outside of Cadence's home, likely visible through the window she landed outside. It's not exactly a graceful landing either, as the girl manages to hit the ground rear first.

    "Oww..." Amelia doesn't move instantly, instead taking her time to look around the area. "Well, you know what they say about curiosity..." She stands up, brushing herself off. "That being 'don't poke at strange portals you idiot'."

    Despite this, she doesn't seem as bothered by the situation as you might think. She looks more curious than scared.
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  3. Coming back inside from one of his late night stargazing sessions, Glen climbed back in through the attic window, as he always did.
    Not wanting to wake Martha, he opted to simply use his flashlight to navigate their dark house. However, while he was descending the attic stairs (making sure to not hit the creaky board, Martha hated that), he saw a strange light coming rom the guest room.

    'What? But nobody has been in there for over a year...' Glen thought to himself, moving towards the door slowly.
    "Wav-" Glen began to say as he opened the door, before he saw the portal in front of him.

    His mouth dropped open in awe, he'd never seen anything like it, it was like something out of an old sci-fi movie or something like that. For some reason, he felt a longing to go to the portal, to touch it.

    He then looked at the bed which Martha kept made all the time incase the room was ever needed by anyone, he couldn't just leave her here alone without saying anything, but how long would this portal be here?

    He quickly grabbed a pen and piece of paper from the desk which sat next to the television in the room, and scrawled a note which gave a basic outline of what he saw and who he thought it may be related to, before telling her not to worry and signing his name.

    He then moved back to he portal, took a deep breath, and strode in.

    After what seemed to be only a moment, he tumbled out into the middle of a yard, next to a house (Cadence's). Brushing himself off (and noting his age from the pain in his back), Glen looked around and saw a young woman who looked as if she just fell from somewhere as well.

    He gave her a cheerful wave before calling out a cheery "Hello!" to her.
  4. After suddenly hearing something that sounded like a plop in her yard, Cadence raised her head from her book to look out her window and see something there with black hair. Just moments later there was another sound of something hitting the ground, then a voice. Cadence pulled herself up from her chair and set the book down onto the kitchen table. She went to her door and opened it, seeing two people standing in her yard. One, an old man and the other a girl who looked around Cadence's own age. Many interesting things have been happening to her lately, so this didn't go surprising her too much.

    Cadence walked out through the doorway and towards the two. "Uh, hey." She said. "Who are you two randomly falling into my yard?" She asked. Some of the people here looked like humans so she figured it was one of them. "Are you here to learn about humans or something on the lines of that?" She then added, that was usually what random people she didn't know came to her now for.
  5. "Hey." She turns to wave back at the older man who'd just greeted her, though she's interrupted by Cadence before she gets the chance to say anything else.

    Amelia stands and listens to what the other girl has to say, making not of how she only appeared mildly surprised. This was probably not new. "Hi. And, that's a good question. I'm Amelia, though I have a feeling that isn't quite the answer you're looking for... But, anyway." She stops to turn and get a better look at the girl. "Wait, what? Learn about humans? But I am humans." She pauses, before continuing with a question: "Is that what people usually randomly fall into your yard for?" Amelia does looks confused, but it doesn't seem to have put a damper on her attitude.
  6. Seeing the woman come out of the house, Glen realized he was trespassing, he immediatly apologied to the woman "Sorry ma'am, I just sort of got dropped here, anyway, I haven't introduced myself to either of you; I'm Glen!" he said, extending his hand for a shake.

    Hearing her comment about humans, Glen looked a little confused before answering. "Well, I can't answer for the little lady here, but last time I checked I /was/ human, miss!" Glen says, with a laugh.
  7. Asura sighed and combed a hand through his fiery hair as he finally stopped running and started to walk once he had finally lost his servants that were to keep an eye on the young prince. "I know they're just trying to go their jobs but I'm now old enough to be on my own without having adult supervision. Besides, if I'm supposed to rule after father then I must go out on my own and study everything at a pace I've set for myself." He sighed then looked up to gaze at his surroundings. He'd only been allowed to leave the castle a few times so everything seemed foreign to him and easily peaked his curiosity when he saw something interesting. Asura was instructed by his father, King Tull, to meet the human girl he had brought to their realm but right now all the young prince wanted to do was mingle with the citizens and learn as much as he could. It was his duty to learn about humans and something called 'love' but he felt it was more important to experience what he would be ruling first.

    He adjusted the lower part of his t-shirt and slipped his hands into his new pockets, he was always used to wearing kimonos or suits so this 'casual wear' was pretty interesting. As he continued to walk he smiled and greeted those he passed by, giving off a very warm and pleasant aura that helped soothe those near him. "I'll look around for a few more minutes, surely father won't mind too much."
  8. Gor'tok was scouting the landscape, her pony-tails flowing in the wind, as the arrows in her quiver were slightly moving. She was crouching, keeping an eye for any animal that could be spotted. There from the bushes, she heard a rustling. She held onto her bow, as she slowly pulled out an arrow placing it in the ridge of her bow.

    She licked her lips, as something quickly darted out of the bushes, a small rabbit. "Get over here!" She pursued the rabbit, as it began darting forth, as Gor'tok kept an eye on it, following it. She moved quickly pursuing the rabbit, before losing it. "Blast.." she muttered, as her stomach growled. Gor'tok kept moving forward, as she heard rustling in the bushes. She smirked, as she fired her arrow, as there was a high-pitch shrieking, as a large squirrel was hopping out, trying to flee, leaving a bit of fur from the arrow, and a bit of blood. "Ha! Dinner!" Gor'tok took out another arrow, and placed it in her bow, as she began the pursuit of another creature. The squirrel was failing in speed, as Gor'tek was aiming her bow to hit a kill shot of the squirrel. She drew her strings and fired, as the arrow pierced the squirrel. Gor'tek smiled as she headed over towards the squirrel, as Gor'tek looked around, and realized something.

    She just entered someone's yard. Gor'tek slowly gripped the shaft of the arrow, and pulled it from the squirrel. Gor'tek waved to the people in the yard,
    "Uhh.. hi I'm just passing through..." Gor'tek's stomach growls, as she glances at the squirrel, and chews on the grazed leg. "... Need to clean this first...". Gor'tek takes out the dagger from her side, as she begins to remove the fur from the squirrel. "So... uhm, Hi." Gor'tek whistles a bit, as she works with the squirrel.
  9. Glen looked at the newcomer, and gave a friendly wave, thinking to himself that the people here seemed just as interesting as the ones he knew back one, if not more so.
  10. Suddenly, a crusty old wizard appears in a brilliant flash of light and sound! "Behold, foolish mortals, and despair, for it is I! The Most Powerful and Mysterious Sebastian Starweaver! Tremble before my awesome power, for I have just performed a ritual that has moved to moon an entire TWO INCHES out of it's normal orbit! Fail to comply with my demands, and I will move it- dramatic pause -THREE inches! Gyahahahahaack-" The old man, coughed for a few moments, and then, somewhat out of breath, he continued, "-Run you foolish fools! Run foolishly to your oh-so foolish fool of a master, who is, to reiterate, a fool!"
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  11. A strange and alien object descend from the sky, a mesmerizing mass of wheels, covered in eyes, interlocking, circling one another.
    "Glory to the Lord, for He is Divine." The voice seems to come from the spirit, "I am Abijah, servant of the Lord. Blessings be upon you."
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  12. Glen really liked the characters in this new town, he was eager to meet as many people as he could.

    He was further amazed by the spirit, and the old man in a bathrobe, in response to the bathrobe man, he listened to what he had to say, and then began to laugh, slapping his knee.
    "Oh you sure know how to make an entrance my friend! Very good indeed!" He gave the two a clap, before extending his hand to Sebastian. "Name's Glen Mackenzie, nice to meetcha!"
  13. Amelia's eyes first went to the woman hunting small woodland creatures. Then, to the wizard proclaiming his mad schemes involving disrupting lunar orbit. Then, to the... What even was that? Servant of the Lord, apparently.

    "Oh man. I have no clue what's going on, but this is gonna be good." She just grins and waves to the assembly.
  14. Gor'tek just pauses for a moment, staring at the Wizard, and the Wheel Monster... She stared, her mouth agape. "Uhh.. I'm not sharing the squirrel. It's not enough for everyone, also I'm hungry, and I caught it fair and square. " She continued flaying the squirrel skin. After she took a large chunk of the fur from the squirrel back, she cut a piece of the flesh and began to eat it.
  15. Cadence made a sigh when others started to appear in her yard. How many was she going to get today? Though, she was surprised that two of them were actual humans like her. "Well, as you can see there are some strange people here. This is Other Land. I am a human just like you two. I fell through a portal." She mentioned. She figured the others were there to talk to her. Well, except for one who was just trying to get food.


    Claudia smirked, "Young prince." She suddenly said to Asura who she happen to see walking by. "I see they are letting you out of the castle." She was calm when addressing him. A mixture of her two personalities.
  16. Asura stopped when he heard someone address him and he seemed somewhat surprised, hardly anyone knew his identity so it had to be someone he had met before. He turned his gaze in the direction from where the voice had came from and smiled warmly when he saw Claudia, sitting on a bench nearby. "Hello, Miss Claudia." He replied as he walked over to her then sat down on the other side of his bench. "Yes, father wishes for me to meet the human girl he brought over so I can learn about her kind and something called 'love'. Other than that reason they would most likely keep me in the castle for another ninety years." He chuckled.
  17. "Well, that makes two of us. Curiosity and portals is apparently a bad combination, who would have thought?" She pauses, thinking. "Or maybe a good combination. Depends on how this turns out. I guess we'll see." She just sort of grins and shrugs.

    "Anyway, I'm Amelia Cross. Nice to meet you, portals aside." She offers a lazy wave in greeting.
  18. The man grasped Glen's hand with what was, for him, a fairly firm grip and shook it, "Gyehehehe, well met, foolish mortal! Feel free to address me as The Most Powerful and Mysterious Sebastian Starweaver! My card." He rummages around in his pockets for a while but can't seem to find what he's looking for, "Eh, never mind. You get the idea. Now then, where was I- ah, yes."
    "If my demand for milk- two percent or skim, I'm not picky- and a packet of shortbread cookies are not met within the next hour, I will move the moon another whole inch out of orbit, and you'll be totally incapable of stopping me! Gyahahahahaha!"
    With that, The Most Powerful and Mysterious Sebastian Starweaver disappears in a flash of blinding light.
  19. "I'm Cadence Night." She stated to Amelia. It was true, she had had bad luck with one of those portals. Why did she even go through it? But, this was where she was at now and now she had to deal with everyone who was on her lawn. She rubbed her head, trying to think of how to get some order. "All this's complicated to explain." She watched the others continue. "We're not going to take any of your squirrel." She added to Gor'tek. "I have a sudden really old man asking for milk and cookies and a religious glowing orb. And, two humans to explain everything to." She let out one big sigh, this was going to be a long day.


    "Love?" Claudia repeated. "Isn't that am emotion people feel between one another? I believe I understand some of it, but in different ways in my different forms." She stated to the young prince. "Yes, the human girl. I have been told to see her too. They say they believe she can help me."
  20. Abijha's wheels slowly turn around one another, his many eyes stare, unblinking.
    "Excuse me, I seem to be lost. Does any of thou know of this?"
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