Love Hurts



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Kamryn felt him thrust into her one last time and they both gave small cries of release before he pulled away. She sat up as he got up and looked at him as he struggled into his clothes. She looked him over and sighed low. It hurt to watch him after every time they got together like this anymore. And yet, she couldn't admit to her best friend that these moments are beginning to mean so much more to her than he could ever realize.

Slowly, she stood and also began to gather some clothes. The clock read half past seven in the morning. She would need to shower and get ready before her class at nine. Her chest tightened knowing that she had best do it before he could give her a hug, if he even chose to do it this time. It wasn't a guaranteed thing anymore.

They were best friends though. They would still see each other like normal during the day. They would still talk and be merry during lunch and any other time they made time to get together. It was just one of those relationships. And she used to be okay with that. Now, though... Now she felt like she needed more. It wasn't enough to just be his friend anymore. She wanted to mean more than a hang out buddy by day and sex buddy by night. It just wasn't enough anymore.
Rickey said, "Hey are you okay you dont seem so bright." He looked her over noticing something different but not sure what it was. So as he waited for a response he continued getting dressed. He looked around the room for his phone he seemed to always look for it afterwards all the time. His dark brown eyes scanning the slightly dimmed room.

(Hey eventually will it basically be a normal love story like he gains emotions for her or no?)
Pausing to look back at Rickey, Kamryn smiled slightly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" she asked, reaching over to the bedside table and opening the drawer to hand him his phone. She had put it there when they got started to save him from having to search everywhere for it like he usually did. It was funny to her how well she seemed to know him. She supposed it was because they'd been friends for too long. But she also thought it was because she felt so strongly for him now.

(yeah, eventually, but not right away)
"Oh . . . . thank you," i say taking the phone. "Because you seem to be more . . . i dont know how to explain it." I got done putting my clothes back on and took a moment to examine kamryns body enjoying it. I noticed her looking at me so i turned away and turned the light back on fully.

(Oh and are you looking for love/sex scenes? Or just want to skip or blackout?)
Kamryn tried not to blush as she saw him blatantly looking her over, and then she turned to head for the bathroom.

"There's nothing wrong. I'm just thinking about how close it's gonna be for me to get to class today, that's all," she said, hoping he didn't realize that she still had just over an hour. "I'm going to get in the shower. I'll see you at lunch?"

She paused at the door and looked back with a confident smile, feeling a little safer now. She almost had herself convinced that this was nothing, just like she found herself saying after most of their sexual activities anymore.

(mention it but don't go into detail, so it stays relatively safe. we can talk about the stripping or like my first post when there was a little mentioning but no full detail)
"oh okay ill see you at lunch then!" i yelled after her. I got an idea to prank her in the shower but she did expect to see me until at lunch so i decided not to. I got all my stuff and i went outside thinking about her uneasiness. "I hope she'll be okay," i muttered to myself getting into my car.
The door closed, and Kamryn let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Pushing away from the bathroom door, she turned on the shower and set aside her change of clothes.

Once showered, dressed, and ready, she picked up her bag and headed to class. She had to prepare herself some more over her next two classes before she had a lunch break. She had plenty of time. The lectures were long enough and she knew most of the material. She could be lost in her thoughts and be just fine today.

Kamryn nodded and hurried across campus to her first class.
I sat through class waiting to meet up with kamryn. I couldnt wait to hang out with her again i had something funny in store. But until then i have to wait so these classes can finish.
Kamryn was so happy when her second class ended and she could get to the lunch room. She was starving since she missed out on breakfast. That only reminded her of her morning activities, which she spent all morning disregarding, and she sighed. It was impossible to keep from remembering such feelings and emotions, she decided. Perhaps one day she would be able to tell him too.
I saw kamryn across the room and i put up my hand to wave at her to gain her attention. I even began whistling. Once she noticed me we met up in the middle and i said," Damn today took forever right?" I smiled
Kamryn looked around for Rickey and eventually heard his whistle. For some reason that helped her pinpoint him waving better than him waving alone did. She quickly made her way over to him and pulled him to his feet so they could go get food.

"Yes it did," she agreed. "I thought my last lecture would never end." She rolled her eyes and laughed. "Come on, I'm starving!"
We got our food and sat down and began to eat," So about last night are you sure your fine?" I took another bite waiting for a long response.
Kamryn rose an eyebrow.

"You haven't worried about that all day have you?" she asked with a light laugh. "Trust me, I'm fine!"
I shook my head,"Honestly i know you long enough to know if somethings wrong . . .but if you dont want to tell me thats fine." Then a girl came up to us and gave us both a flier saying Party at brandons house bring a date
Kamryn looked over the flyer.

"Looks like fun. Wanna go?" she asked.
"Sure . . . i guess were going as a date" I said smiling at her. Though it might not be as bad to go on a date with her. But as long as were good together at the party ill be fine with it.
Kamryn laughed forcefully. "Guess we are. Though I'm sure you'd want to be on the prowl while we're there right? I mean, the girls always love you at parties." She felt her chest constrict at the very thought. She gulped down the knot in her throat and kept the smile on her face somehow.
"well maybe we could get some drunk girl or guy and we could all . . .ya know," i say as a suggestion. "Otherwise we could just hang out . . . or just us two . . .in a room . . .alone" I smiled.
Kamryn rolled her eyes.

"We are not having sex with a drunk person. Our luck they'd puke all over the bed and ruin the mood," she joked.
"True . . .why not just a horny person then," I suggested jokingly.