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  1. Hello

    About Me My name is Stitches. Yes, like in the stitches that one has if he/she has a wound because of falling down or something. The reason why I took this name is because I think it somehow suits me? I’m not one to go down easily so it’s fitting in my opinion. I’m an irregular person who likes to do things out of the ordinary which makes me not have time to reply sometimes or if I’m just being a procrastinating, lazy bum. I haven’t been on this site for too long yet so I’m still figuring things out how on earth everything works but I’m slowly getting it.

    What I’m Looking For

    >> Plot: I want a base for what to do with the role-play. Along the way we could still share ideas with each other to make the story flow and make it even more interesting.

    >> OOC: I really like OOC’s as they give the liberty for my partner and me to converse with each other. It doesn’t always have to go about the role-play since I actually like a nice talk as well.

    >> Length: I write about 2 paragraphs or more. One paragraph consists of about 5 lines of text. I write more, the more enthusiastic I am about the role-play and where it fits.

    >> Losing Interest: If you do not have interest for the role-play anymore, please tell me. Maybe we could start a new or just start over with something completely fresh out of the brains.

    >> Absence: If you’re going to be gone for longer than 3 days, please let me know so I don’t start to worry about if you still want to go on or not and make me slowly lose my mind in the progress. Also, if I haven’t answered without saying anything it’s because there went something wrong with the alerts or I forgot to respond. Please give me a ‘poke’ or smack my head if that happens.

    >> Activity: I’m not asking much but maybe 3-4 times in the week will be great so I don’t forget what the plot is all about. Yes, I tend to forget a lot because… I don’t have a reason. Genetics probably? ^^’

    >> Characters: I prefer to use no labels so you have to be fine with switching between dominant and submissive during the story. Also, I don’t like overly cute characters so you’ll never see me use them. They somehow give me the creeps and I even had times that I got frustrated with them. People have spines (most of them)! So give your character one as well, they have to think too and worry and all that drama that comes to see with real life.


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    The Doll Maker ((TAKEN))

    Muse A is a well-known toy maker, or rather, a doll maker to be more specific. He spends his days making breath-taking porcelain dolls that are incredibly lifelike. Frighteningly so. These creations are almost too real and make most customers second guess whether they should actually be purchased. Muse A would prefer not to sell any of his precious creations, but he must only to ensure that he’ll be able to continue with his art; after all, doll-making is a pain-staking and costly love. One day, Muse A receives a commission from a mysterious customer who promises to pay Muse A handsomely upon the condition that they use parts supplied by their own company. Muse A fancies himself as a purist and is reluctant at first, but he can’t deny that the money he is offered would allow him to comfortably continue making dolls well into his twilight years.

    So, Muse A accepts the commission and begins to craft a new doll with these important parts. As he begins to craft, it quickly becomes apparent that this doll is different. From every fine hair on its pretty, little head, to its expressive eyes framed with full, long lashes, down to its cute feet; the doll is perfect. By the time this doll is completed, Muse A isn’t sure that he can sell it; he’s become attached to his most perfect creation. Despite Muse A’s pleas to the wealthy customer, the buyer insists that he packs up the doll for shipping immediately and with a heavy heart Muse A complies. However, in the morning, Muse A discovers that the doll, Muse B, is sitting atop the box rather than inside where he’s put it the night before.

    Braving The Elements ((TAKEN))

    Muse A is coming of age in his magical family. On his 18th birthday, he learns what element (water, air, earth, or fire) he has been gifted with. Muse A has been under the impression and hopes that he will have inherited the same element that his parents and grandparents have been blessed with, however he comes to discover that he has been bestowed with the opposite element. According to rules set forth in the family’s grimoire, Muse A must learn to master his gift from a warlock who possesses the same elemental power as he does. Muse B, who has the same element as Muse A, becomes Muse A’s reluctant mentor.

    Room 133((TAKEN))

    Muse A has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and is currently undergoing a long term evaluation. Muse B is a volunteer at the hospital. He brings the families of the residents anything they may need, sit with patients that have no visitors, or simply act as a good listener when needed. A doctor on staff directs Muse B to Muse A, explaining that Muse A is very much alert, but does not respond to anyone that attempts to interact with him. The doctor suggests that Muse B sits with Muse A on the next day, perhaps reading him a novel or telling stories in the hopes that a fresh face who is neither staff nor patient will garner a positive response. Muse B signs in the following day with a copy of his favorite book in hand and sits at Muse A’s side to read. Muse A does not respond for days on end, but one afternoon he finally makes eye contact with Muse B, the hint of a smile on his features, looking forward to continuing the story.

    Santa’s Helper

    Muse A, a single parent has put it off for as long as he possibly could. Every day, after school his child has begged Muse A to take them to the mall to see Santa and every day, Muse A has said he’ll think about it. This afternoon, Muse A’s little one has made a list as long as their arm of all the reasons they could make the Nice list this year and therefore should be able to see Santa. Touched by his kid’s resolve, Muse A finally caves and brings his deserving child to the crowded shopping center for a meet and greet with Mr. Claus. Overwhelmed by the shiny, over-sized decorations everywhere, the twinkling lights, and the thick crowd of shoppers surrounding them, Muse A and his kid get separated. Muse A panics when calling his child’s name yields no response, and goes in search of mall security for help, but there’s no sign of a security guard anywhere.
    Muse B is working at “Santa’s Workshop” while wearing the well-known elf suit, snapping photos of kids sitting on Santa’s lap, handing out candy canes and generally spreading holiday cheer to all who pass. A crying child wandering around by the entrance gate catches Muse B’s eye. Muse B steps away from his duties to help and he’s able to get the parent’s name from the kid so that he can make an announcement over the mall speakers. Hearing that his child is safe, a very relieved Muse A runs to Santa’s Workshop to reunite with his loved one.


    The same key is of usage here as in the plots part.

    >> Haikyuu
    - Kageyama x Suga
    - Canon x OC
    - OC x OC
    >> Uta No Prince Sama
    - Masato x Shou
    - Tokiya x Ren
    - Canon x OC

    If you have other ideas, you’re welcome to share them.
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  2. What sounded fun was room 133 and bracing the elements. Both of them sounds fun to do. I could basically picture the personality for the volunteer. It would be so fun to be. I can throw in some parts of my own personality. I really don't know which one I like more. It sounds so fun to do something like this. Also with bracing the elements I am obsessed with blue fire or water. Don't ask why because I don't even know. I'm on here every time I see someone post unless I'm working so don't worry and I do worry too much so if my partner hasn't posted and I'll start bugging them if they haven't. You can do that to me too.
  3. Glad you're interested in two of them. ^^
    I'll send you a message.
  4. @Stitches
    I am very interested in the "Braving the Elements" plot! If you and Kait Kimishi decide to do room 133 and not that one, just let me know. :3
  5. We can do the Elements plot. ^^
    I'll message you.
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