Looking for an infinity war au roleplay! [Info + Rules down below]


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After i rewatched infinity war by marvel studios. I came up with an au where heimdall sends Loki to earth to warn the others instead of Bruce/Hulk. Mostly will be focusing on the theme of how former enemies would interact with each other when there's a much worse thing to be worrying about, working with something seen as evil against a much greater evil, a little bit of enemies to friends kind of bonding

While I would perfer you rping Stephen Strange Or Tony Stark, you can rp any character you think would fit the story

-The rp must be in third person, and must have at least proper grammar
-No godmodding or taking control of my character
-No killing or seriously injuring a character without permission given first
-Please help to develop the plot so it doesn't end one sided
-No extremely short replies or one liners
-If something is upsetting you or your not liking something in the rp, please let me know and I'll work something out with you, goes both ways
-Though this rp doesn't focus much on shipping or romance, I'm happy to discuss with you if you'd like it to be

I'm willing to start a rp in private messaging or on the thread itself
Anything you wanna add to the plot can be discussed freely, all you need to do is ask! :)

To show youve read the rules, please type 'hopscotch' before starting discussions
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