Looking for a Partner for M x M Plots

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  1. Okay so I'm looking for a partner who is:

    -okay with Mpreg
    -okay with Switching Roles
    -can write to a paragraph a the least (most will be about four)
    -must post with anime pictures only.
    -must rp with me in threads only for the main parts. Sexy scenes can be in PM.

    I have a few plots!

    Pairing: Psycho x Superhero (Kinda like Joker and Batman) Either role is up for grabs! I'm willing to rp as TOP

    Plot: They were mortal enemies, but the psycho only wanted the hero's undying love. So he did what he thought he needed to do in order to get his way, cross the line of nature, and uses experimental procedures and uses the hero's seed to impregnate himself so that he'll always have a piece of the hero. The hero wants the psycho dead but refuses to kill him when he's carrying his child within him.

    How will this play out?

    Pairing: Demon x Human male with soul of Demon's beloved

    Plot: Two human beings were put to death a man and woman. One, ______ was a truly horrible person who only cared for -----, the other human who was put to death as well for following ______ out of love. While _____ because a high ranking demon, he missed ----- whom he looked through hell and back for. However -----'s soul wasn't sent to hell, but given a second chance for ----- wasn't evil at heart, just mislead and confused.

    Centuries passed, and ------ is a normal guy, has friends, but still had his fair share of problems like everyone else in the world. When ______ goes to earth looking for a contract with a human, he finds ----- in the male.

    What shall he do to get ----- back?


    Pairing: Half-Gem Boy x Regular Human
    ((Might do Steven Universe x Canon or OC))

    Plot: After many years with his partner, (Steven character) finds out that his lover wants a child. So (Steven) decides to make himself a makeshift womb within himself and gets pregnant with his lover's child. Problem is that Steven knows the possible consequences of giving up his life. (Steven) wants to do everything in his power to make his love happy, no matter what though.
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  2. I'm interested in the demons beloved if ya still looking.
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  3. Still looking
  4. New Plot!

    Hero x Villain (Like Link x Ganondorf or Mario x Browser) (Original Characters!!!)

    Plot: _____ is the legendary hero. However, when he goes to rescue the princess like he normally does, he ends up getting captured by the villain, and he makes _____ his sex slave now. Some time passes and ____ is pregnant with the villain's baby. How will this end?

    Mpreg is a must!
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  5. Paring: Poor/Homeless Kid x Wealthy Man

    Plot: ____ is a poor kid who sells his body to try to make some money for food. One day, a businessman seeks a prostitute to relieve his needs, and _____ approaches him like he would any other 'client'. The two have sex, and a few weeks down the line, he sees ____ panhandling on the street. The business man approaches _____ to give him money in exchange for another round of sex when he notices _____ has a rounder belly, as though he was pregnant. The kid refuses the offer of sex because he says that he's pregnant. Not being a bad guy, the man offers to get the kid some food and to talk to him.

    *This might be considered Alpha x Omega but in the modern sense
    *Maybe it could be a very rare thing, and no one believes the kid until a doctor confirms it
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  6. Still looking
  7. Still Looking
  8. Still looking
  9. Damn! I'd so be interested if you didnt have that rule with the Rp being in the threads!
  10. Yo! I'm up for ya! But I have my own plot you may/maynot find interesting. lemmie know if your up for the listen!
  11. I'm willing to listen
  12. Alright! Note, that this plot goes with a certain character. (Names Gabe, if you want to check out my media.)
    Your character is walking through a snowy forest, for whatever reason. While walking though, you see something in the snow. Apon investigating, you find a boy not much younger than yourself. But he isn't human. You find he has... additions. Wings, and tails.

    Apon discoveeing this new thing, you have two choices. But you need to make one quick.
    1) Save the creature, and ask questions later
    2) leave it in fear of it being hostile.

    Do you want pics? Also, whos Dom, and do you want Bios?
  13. While this is a interesting rp, it's not my cup of tea if you know what I mean, sorry.