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  1. Hello !

    I'm rather new to the site, but I've been roleplaying for many years. I took a break from play-by-post because the website I used to be member of was pretty crappy.


    I really want to get back into play-by-post roleplaying.

    What I'm looking for:
    • Group roleplays (ideally not something with over 6-7 players)
    • 1 x 1 if I get along with the other player.

    Here is what I enjoy the most:
    • Fantasy - both "high" (as in, medieval-like) and urban. I'm not a fan of vampires/werewolves though.
    • SciFi - Yes, but not hard or space-military stuff. I'm thinking more dystopian setting, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, and futuristic environments that may involve droids, androids, robots, etc.
    • Slice of life - yes! I like to roleplay in specific settings, for a specific event over a specific (did I break a record there?) timeframe.
    • Fandoms - Kinda! I'm okay with it as long as we're roleplaying adults. I feel like I missed the bus to be of okay-age to roleplay in Hogwarts, but c'est la vie. Fandoms I'd be okay with: Supernatural, The 100, Game of Thrones, adult Harry Potter world, Marvel universe, and probably a handful of dystopia novels either recent or classic. Just ask! Animes are OK too
    • Horror / Suspense - yes please I love those!!
    • Fiction / Alternate History - yes, as long as we're actually dealing with fiction and not alternate non-fiction.

    Here are things I do not enjoy:
    • Hard SciFi - I'm a fan of Star Wars like everyone, but I just don't have the brain juice to know all the games and all the equipment one can own.
    • Highly tactical military - I can boom boom pow, but I don't know all that much about military except what one can learn from watching American TV shows....
    • Purely canon fandom - No, I will get too obsessed and worried and I will not be able to enjoy myself because I'll be too pre-occupied by getting all my facts straight and accurate.
    • "Canon" Non-Fiction history - same reason as previously stated

    Am I okay with adult content? Yes, I tend to make my characters very real, with real issues and needs. I prefer not to roleplay with someone who is not comfortable with topics of sexuality and personal discovery.

    One of the things I enjoy the most about roleplaying on forums, is the possibility to develop my character and to interact directly with other characters. I almost always try to play unconventional characters, pushing myself to know more about other genders, races, and cultures.

    That's right mon gars, I'm a Frenchie
    Also, my main speaking-language is French. I went to English immersion school, but I've mostly dealt in French environments in the past years. It happens that I try too hard to translate expressions or situations. Let me know if something is not clear or if it makes you go "WTF". I don't always realize this, considering the people I spend my days with are all Franglais.

    I work full-time 40 hours a week, I live with my SO, and I have pets and chores to do. Thankfully, my job allows my to be able to read whatever I want. I may not be able to post, but catching up would never be an issue. I can post 2-3 times a week, but not multiple times a day - unless it's a 1 x 1 that doesn't require 10 paragraphs.

    Posting length
    I'm rather adaptable but I will rarely be able to post less than 2 or 3 paragraphs. I do expect the same level of posting. I can write a lot of fluff or get right to it. I remember my grade 4 English teacher saying it's always better to show rather than tell.

    Les autres
    I really like to get to know my fellow players, I don't want us to be strangers sharing a dinner table, y'know? Whether it be to talk about the roleplay or just to chat, I think RPing has also the role of bringing people of similar interests together so we can have a chance at becoming acquaintances and so we can be like free unicorn nerds running in a valley.

    I like to joke around a lot in case that wasn't obvious. :unicorn:


    I have some experience with tabletop RPGs as well: D&D 3.5 + 5e, Pathfinder, Shadowrun
    My SO is a DM for those, so I learned most of the rules and such from him, with the exception of 5e (which I read front to back =V )

    So if you're someone with a current D&D game on-going and are looking for additional players, I would definitely be interested!

    I just wanna have fun!

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  2. Hmmm... I do have a Digimon RP, but it's a 'no adult characters' thing.

    I do, however, have plans for a 'technically' Dystopian RP. Basically, many eons ago, machines take over and stuff, flash forward time a few thousand years, humans have devolved to the Tribal Era and machines wander the globe, some machines even coexisting with humans in the ruined world.
  3. Sorry, Digimon is not something I would like to roleplay, and yeah I don't want to play kids or teenagers ^^;
  4. Still looking! ~
  5. I've got Fandomstuck which is always open! It's sort of like a fandom crossover RP, except you play as personifications of entire fandoms instead of specific canon characters (with those personifications technically being the same "age" as whatever they're based off of, but most of them manifest as adults :P ). And all of the fandoms that you listed are currently viable options for you to make a character out of! ^^ And while I don't exactly have any posting length requirements (meaning that players are technically allowed to write short posts if they want to), most of us, myself included, write more on the longer side -- so I think you'll fit in pretty well in that regard. ^^
  6. I think I will take a look! :)
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  7. I'm back! And now I have a fantasy RP that's just getting started (still in the interest check stage) if you'd like to give it a look. :D
  8. Salut! Je suis désolé en avance mon français n'est pas si bon que c'était quand j'étais encore en école et le parlais tous les jours, mais j'aime addresser ceux qui sont francophones en français. Je ne sais pas si tu cherches encore des RPs pour jouer mais si tu es encore interessé(e?) mais mon RPG, The Kingdom Of Evertrue, est fantastique. Je vous invites a nous visiter et j'espère que tu vas être interessé(e?) a nous joindre.
  9. Hello,dear! I was wondering if you'd be interested in 1x1 slice of life or urban fantasy roleplay? ^.^
  10. Hello! I'm starting up an urban fantasy/light horror group RP, if you'd like to swing by and take a look at the intro post: OPEN SIGNUPS - CATALYST [OOC and Signups]
    Also, I took found and a half years of French in school, and it would be fun just to chat and try to pick some of it back up, if you'd be up for that?
  11. Hey @RedWillow , I have this unique albeit small Dark Fantasy RP that focuses on Dante's Inferno and other works of Old English and early centuries literature. It's set in Dante's Inferno, eons after Satan's ephemeral defeat. It's small, because it'll only star five players, including myself, and there are already four slots taken. If you're a fan of old literature and epic poetry, Dante's Legacy is the RP for you. :) It deals with elements such as horror; high, historical, and dark fantasy; and fiction and alternate history. And, if you're well versed in French epic poetry or literature, you could perhaps create a character from them, so as to satisfy your need with unconventional characters. Time, posting length, and friendly RPers are also part of it. Please, do check it out! :)
  12. Wooops not sure how I missed all those messages o__O

    Thanks for the offer! However, after checking it out, this RP seems rather fast-paced -- there are more than 1 reply per day. As I work full time and have other hobbies, I would not be able to commit to this one. Sorry but thank you for the invitation!
    Heya! I'd be interested in discussing what you have in mind :) feel free to send me a PM if you're still looking!
    I'm always up to talk French and help other :D !
    That RP definitely looks interesting -- it's quite a read though, so I'll look into it and let you know in your thread :)

    I've posted in your thread! :)
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