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Corvus Corax

Original poster

I'll get some poems up soon. Pwomise. <3

Edit:haha, I spelled look:lok.
Poems, first is new. The others are old ones.


Let it die, let it die....LET ME DIE.
Grip loosens on the bottle,
I'm tired of letting you hold me up.
Let go already...let me die.
Let go.
Before I drag you under...


Hope still: a older poem from around when I was 15ish?:

Tried to think on a better day today.
Tried to be unlike myself, didn't work.
You know...I'm going to scream if I don't wake from this cruel dream.
Hold on tight girl,
stay in this world...don't go into the darkness:
you still have work to do.
Think I may be crazy,
But hey this dreams better than hell.


Laughing: another old poem.

As all hell breaks loose, my demons are set free.
Destruction on earth I'm laughing as I bleed.
You thought you'd hear me crying, one more hit then to sooth your "ego"?
Even if I'm reduced to crawling on my knees...you can't make me pray for this life.
For years I've tried to get away from all my fears, crying the useless tears.
In the end, you can't compare hell to this...we're already there.


Maybe one small prayer...
Wow, that's a lot of emotion in those poems! I love it! It really gives me a sense of what you were feeling!
Thank you.<3

I was in my depressed I hate the world stage when I wrote those.
Such a fun time.
Why don;t you show us more updated work? I'm sure it would be awesome!
Np. I'll get some of my work off of another site. Its mainly lovesick puppy bullshit tho...
Awww, that's cute. Show me!
Bipolarish ish.
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->The days are becoming harder, dear god, help me?
The feeling of emptiness is warring with the feeling of being unwanted.
Yeah that makes sense, you feel empty and at the same time feel something...not.
So what have you done with your life, I ask myself.
Oh, you've sat around and done nothing, your mainly a useless bump in the road.
Congrats, Im so proud of you.
Aren't I nice when I talk to myself?

Yes I am, I agree with myself so you don't have to, in fact I think I'll go beat myself up some more.

LA LA LA, Bye!

The echo in my head: Stupid girl, worthless girl, why would someone care about you?
Dress up.
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->
Masks are for the part-time pretenders.
I wore the whole damn costume:
Clothed in a happy facade, the voices have been held deep within.
Whispering then shouting at times…

It brings me here:

On the floor where I collapsed…
Unable to hide as the facades been stripped

Melting…floating, I feel nothing.

Darkness behind bright eyes was always well hid...so I can't blame you for missing it.
But babe...everything's out in the open, readily seen, no way of missing it now.

Assuming I can still be saved.

<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I just want to be held...
To feel loved and cared for.
Just for a while.
I don't want to be the one depressed.
Crying on my knees, alone again.

I want to stop dreading each new day.
Its draining, this wanting.
Hold me up...please?


<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->You know I'm here...
You know this, I'm sure.
Do you need me as I do you?
Do you think of me?

...I wish for time to go back.
Just once.
I wish God would grant this...
I'm so Selfish.
I want the impossible.
I want you.

Only you.



Life is inspiration,
But sometimes it hurts.
Yeah baby, its true.
I cant live with all this...
This hate, this hope.
I hate this life that I have been dealt,
I hate this hope that lights up my heart.

Why have I grown to hate so much?
To hope so little?

I am waiting dear...Hurt me quick.
Rip the hope right out of me.
Its not like it won't happen...Not like I don't expect it.
I hate this hope:
Because I know you'll abuse it.

Denial wont make it hurt less.
I know I'm lying to myself.
Who cares?
Bring me up, throw me down.
Here's the denial:
Hate is all I feel...the hope is just a illusion



<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Hey dumb girl! Yeah you!
I'm talking to you...Chug.
Hey stupid listen to me!

Oh you mean I'm talking to myself?
So 2+2 doesn't equal 3?
If you think that you need to get back to school.

Lets do some math now in fact:
2 people + a couple 18 packs= a mistake.
When you mess up you know how to do it girl.
Don't worry though just keep chugging.
Just keep thinking about people you shouldn't.
Chug girl chug.
Make your next mistake.

Forget it all, my worries will not stop.
Where's the next pack?
<!-- / message --><!-- edit note -->
1.) Question. 2.) Pretend.
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Well here I am again feeling oh so lonely..

What's worse than feeling lonely as you sit at home all alone?
Well I know the answer to this one:
Feeling just as lonely as you are surrounded by people.


I want to be with you...
I'm so lonely.

What would I do if you were here?
Pretend to be normal?

Ha, like that would work.
The inner workings of my mind are known by you.

I continue to be lonely.
I have been for years, why not longer?

Its not like I'm going to get saner.
So here's to being alone!

I don't know how to act around people anymore anyways.
It scares me...being so disconnected.

Honestly, the world is better off.
I believe.


<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I feel sick, sick of how I feel.

I'm scared.
I'm lonely.

I'm this, I'm that.
Worthless? Maybe.
You tell me.

Me? I believe I'm just....



<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Mistake...

Your waiting on my next one.
Your thinking: What is she going to do next to disappoint me?
In the back of your mind, don't deny it, its true.
I know it...I can see it in your eyes.

I've stopped trying to please you.
I know how things will be in the end.
Besides you've come to expect it...why stop now?

What mistake haven't I made yet?
Lets see what I can come up with...


no title.

Sentinels posted at the gate,
the silver key kept hidden till of late.
Slivers of gold shine through,
like piercing eyes show hate.
The gate opens before me.

Welcome to the party…
The dark figures chuckle.

I slink away to be seated at the head of the crowd,
Secret delicacies soiled with sin before me.
Forkfuls of food, nourishment,
my hand poised at the plate.

Better the follies of lower sentiments
As skilled faces render scars to the surface.
Shrouded in darkness I tear at the light,
Spilling the crazed indulgence of mystery.

I fight till blood colored tears fall upon my face.
Insanity rings ever clear as I yell to the crowd….
Welcome to the show that Satan hosted to bring damnation to my soul.

<!-- / message -->
<!-- / message -->
<!-- / message -->
That should give you enough to read on, I'll copy paste more later.
I like Them...........I wish I could write like that.
I love it! It's awesome, I love the degrees of emotion that are involved in each poem!
life is inspiration.

<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->You were there
now you are not
it could be that simple,but its not

All i've thought about since you left is that i'd give everything to go back to this moment....

your heart next to mine
our arms draped around each other
im staring at you asleep
my hand running along your cheek

i'd give everything to be back there

kissing your forehead
then running my hand through your hair
content and feelling like i couldnt find a greater love
as i laid my head back and drifted asleep

after you left it was so hard to sleep
all alone
no one to hold
or to hold me in turn

life is inspiration
but sometimes it hurts

Suicide .
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->This is a poem I wrote around 4-5 years ago.

I heard creatures of heaven and hell
Talking to me,
Each trying for my soul.
First the good one spoke,
then the bad.
I listened and this is what they said:

~You can make it
-Drink to death
~Death is your demise
-Dont fear
~Value your life
-Sweet surrender
~Eternity in hell
-No one will miss you
~Get help
-No one loves you
~Please dont do this
-Welcome to hell...


<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1>​
<!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->
Tonight was different
My new friend was drunk you see
Vodka and the like was drank
Making him become typing challenged
So I sat and read
The backwards words and mixed up thoughts
And was there through it all.

I read your every sorry
When you apologized about
The state of your mind
And said many times don't worry.

Letting go is ok once and a while
And we all need our different forms of vodka.


Speak And Distort
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1>​
<!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->
Why do I think this way?

Turning every thing around
Bending the words this way and that
Shaping things into what they aren't
Perverted and sick forms of your thoughts


I'm going to scream if this continues
Thinking thoughts that shouldn't be thought
I'm going to leave my brain at the door...
Maybe I'll pick it back up on the way out


Why do I think this way?


Making fun of myself
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I'm drunk.
Lets talk about primates
and their big funny colored asses
oh and turtle McNuggets
I'm hungry
Even after that

Turtle Mcnuggets
Only a loon would think of that
I had wondered why the moon was almost full
Its here to make my mind go out the window...

Turtle Mcnuggets
I'd like barbeque sauce
With that thank you and
I'll take that to go.


6 months.
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->
Friends for how long?

Six months and well...
I want to call it quits.

To run away from your comfort...
Why? Well...
This friendship is more than a friendship now, at least it is to me.
I care to much, can't you see this?
Heh. You always were a bit clueless, but to miss something like this?

Your just helping to hurt me.
I can't even talk to you about it...And I've always been able to tell you the most embarrassing things.
I can see so clearly that I'll get hurt one day if this continues.
Hurt in the end, sadly enough: that's where I always end up anyway.


No title.
As she lays there
broken and strangely enough...happy,
it begins to snow
silent and cold
when did it start?

She isn't sure...
why does she not care that the coldness grows?

flake after flake drops upon her face
making her colder,
much colder than the start.
she's now oblivious to the snows effects,
To cold to feel anything
but still she lays there
happy in her broken way.


<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I just wanted to see
What your body'd do to me,
I was down on my knees:
Begging please please please,
Be the death of me....Be the death of me...

Hello fuzzy world.
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Damn I could rip you apart right now.

God I need this...you

Ha... make me scream!
Hurt me!
Bite my shoulder
Make me bleed
Smack me
Make my face sting
Choke me
Make my world grow fuzzy

Just why does the pain feel so good sometimes?
Telling you everything.

That is all that rings inside my mind,
Over and over in a loop.
More baby more...
More kisses, more loving.
More of that sweetness that I can't seem to get enough of!

Must I beg,
Down on my knees?
I would you know...If it would get me more.

More...Your such a damn drug,
And addiction has taken hold.

I wrote this about a friend, sadly we don't talk anymore.
I needs mah fix!
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Lay me down and whisper...
Whisper in my ear,
Tell me you need me...
I may need this more than I know.

I wish it didn't show...my neediness.

It makes me feel pathetic.
I'm so scared.

Why do you still talk to me, I don't understand it.

I don't think I ever will.

I wish you wouldn't do this to me.
Your staying gives me hope.
I'm waiting for it to be torn away yet again.
I don't think I could handle another time.

Another hurt.

It has the ring of....Insanity?
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Silly grins cross all the faces of clowns searching for his graces,
The jester is my friend and I'm the towns true fool.
I fell from his eye into a world morbid and cruel.

Dance puppets dance.
Oh sweet disease of mine.

You realize that daily: We writhe under teachers taught lies?
Molded like clay, all in the wrong.

So bitter on my tongue, are these lies.

Pitiful people dance for ME, for I'm your fool no more and I'll not listen to such lies.

Doesnt flow right to me. But as Its there in my head I had to get it out.