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  1. I hope this means you will give me ships to fangirl over. :P ....feed me.
  2. Poems, first is new. The others are old ones.


    Let it die, let it die....LET ME DIE.
    Grip loosens on the bottle,
    I'm tired of letting you hold me up.
    Let go already...let me die.
    Let go.
    Before I drag you under...


    Hope still: a older poem from around when I was 15ish?:

    Tried to think on a better day today.
    Tried to be unlike myself, didn't work.
    You know...I'm going to scream if I don't wake from this cruel dream.
    Hold on tight girl,
    stay in this world...don’t go into the darkness:
    you still have work to do.
    Think I may be crazy,
    But hey this dreams better than hell.


    Laughing: another old poem.

    As all hell breaks loose, my demons are set free.
    Destruction on earth I'm laughing as I bleed.
    You thought you'd hear me crying, one more hit then to sooth your "ego"?
    Even if I'm reduced to crawling on my knees...you can't make me pray for this life.
    For years I've tried to get away from all my fears, crying the useless tears.
    In the end, you can't compare hell to this...we're already there.


    Maybe one small prayer...
  3. I'd lose
  4. Thank you.<3

    I was in my depressed I hate the world stage when I wrote those.
    Such a fun time.
  5. Why don;t you show us more updated work? I'm sure it would be awesome!
  6. Np. I'll get some of my work off of another site. Its mainly lovesick puppy bullshit tho...
  7. crash by jerry spinelli's cover is pretty fun

  8. Bipolarish ish.
    <HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->The days are becoming harder, dear god, help me?
    The feeling of emptiness is warring with the feeling of being unwanted.
    Yeah that makes sense, you feel empty and at the same time feel something...not.
    So what have you done with your life, I ask myself.
    Oh, you’ve sat around and done nothing, your mainly a useless bump in the road.
    Congrats, Im so proud of you.
    Aren't I nice when I talk to myself?

    Yes I am, I agree with myself so you don't have to, in fact I think I'll go beat myself up some more.

    LA LA LA, Bye!

    The echo in my head: Stupid girl, worthless girl, why would someone care about you?
  9. Dress up.
    <HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->
    Masks are for the part-time pretenders.
    I wore the whole damn costume:
    Clothed in a happy facade, the voices have been held deep within.
    Whispering then shouting at times…

    It brings me here:

    On the floor where I collapsed…
    Unable to hide as the facades been stripped

    Melting…floating, I feel nothing.

    Darkness behind bright eyes was always well hid...so I can’t blame you for missing it.
    But babe...everything’s out in the open, readily seen, no way of missing it now.

    Assuming I can still be saved.
  10. Sup everyone! Hope the new clans system is working out well for everyone. I just started so I have yet to run across any bugs that need to be squished.
  11. There are no bugs. The new system is completely perfect in every way.

    Anyone claiming otherwise will be banned.
  12. Actually, i had a question about Origins:
    Would D.Va be allowed to have her mech at least in some parts, or would she just be normal?
  13. I like Them...........I wish I could write like that.
  14. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

    I don't know why I keep calling it Origins, though.
  15. Right, the Thuro thing, I was actually somewhat interested in that lol but it is what it is
  16. Doom Guy disagrees.

    Warning: Gore and Fun (open)

  17. ..... *screams in silence*
  18. >2016
    >using emoticons

    Utterly fucking disgusting.
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