Look! ...umm its a [insert something distracting that would make you look away as I run]

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These last three are awesome......I'LL say it again...I like them writing skills.
I figured you would like Telling you everything.
ahhhh I C

I had a feeling about that one, my bad.
yeahhhh...ok then! Anywhoo I'll post any new ones I write. It may take a bit but I'll post sometime.
Left me once, you came back.
Left me twice, still came back.

Now why do I keep taking you back?
Three times the charm maybe?

Leave me again...
Your not coming back:
Becasue I'm done after that.

Short yes. But I'm a tad uninspired atm.
Well I only feel inspired to write when I'm in a bad mood. Its my way to get any stress out. So yeah, this is the reason why they are all dark and dreary.
Have you tried to get in the zone when you were in a positive mood?

Try to get at least one of those types. Even if it's not as good as you'd hope. Everyone needs to widen their abilities.
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True, but I've tried this before. I draw a huge blank.

To myself and the first person:

I don't get it…Why do I lie still?

To myself?
To others….

To you.

I'm such a fake, my dear. Can't you tell?
Nothing but a painted smile, false in most things.
Having my fun with you in a …"just for ****s n' giggles kinda' way."

To the next person:

I know you in a way…
I know you like to irk me!
I also know that you can easily make me smile,
and that smile will be true.

This isn't easy, to sit here each day…bored and small.
But with you…..I feel as if I can make it one more step,
One more day.

You give me hope, my friend.


I hate you. I really do.
Your fake ass smile...everything that is you.

Why don't you go jump off a bridge already.
One with enough water to drown in under it and sharp jagged rocks to boot.....
This would make me happy...I truly think it would.
One with leeches and spikes..
Scrap metal and car doors with razor sharp broken glass.
Old tires...not so much: you might bounce.
Ok, fine, I'll let there be a tire or two at the bottom to bounce safely off of...
That is if you bounce off them and then onto a broken leg of a chair:
A stake through the heart for the un-vampire like asshole.

To sum it all up, I'll feel better when your dead.


Out of my life.

<!-- / message -->
You left me three times?
Truly how many times can I be that stupid?
To give you so many chances…
To let you hold my heart again and again?

Fuck you bastard.
I'm done. Stay the hell away from me.
Don't even look at me.
Don't even breath wrong and let me know about it.
I swear, if I see you again….

I'll just be stupid and let you worm your way back in.

I'm so pathetic....
Ok folks I've read through the poems I have up here and HA HA! I found a couple that weren't dark and dreary! WEEEEEEEEEWT. Anywhoooooo....That means that they aren't all dark! I have a couple horny poems and drunk poems in there as well! Ok I see how sad that is now....a horny poem. I'm scared....hold me? I guess this would count as a random rant now...so I'll keep going.

Ok..so...I hate how things have been going in my life right about now (don't worry I'm not a retard that'd try suicide). It seems like this or that is finding me and biting me in the ass. Ok where do I start....well I raised my younger sister from the age of two and was there since she was a baby. Basically I've raised her more than her own mother. So much that she used to slip up and call me mommy. I've had the scare where "oh yeah you can go out and play in the yard" and I go to check on her and she doesn't answer me. She's done this more than once. I was to the point of yelling each time for her to answer me and panicking like crazy as we live right next to a lake. I swear I have never felt so scared at these times. As she's grown up she's become a absolute brat and has been known to throw things as well as throw temper tantrums (like most kids), I will say that I have pretty much lost any patience with her and yell to easily at her. I feel bad when I'm in a bad mood and tend to snap at her when she's actually not being a brat, but then she is my sister and siblings tend to bicker…..but when it's a six year old compared to a twenty year old it tends to be a bit pathetic. I've grown bitter at my parents I'll admit, when Mom's off work she feels the need to baby her. This means anything that my sister asks for in her now spoiled voice....she gets. When mom doesn't have enough money she's even learned to pipe up "you can use that plastic thingy to pay mommy."


Now I'm not saying I don't get things, I do. In fact I got a car. Do you want to know why they got me a car? To cater my sister around! Of course. But then do they help me get my Drivers license? No they work and work and I'm lucky if I get a grunt from my dad as he walks by. Ahh I'm whining like a child. But then if you lived in the middle of nowhere and were stuck there you may be a bit bitter to! As to the Oh they work so hard for you and your sister so you can have a good life! Yeah I'd rather we were poor and had time with them than they worked so much. I'm stuck at home all the time, I eat a meal a day because there isn't anything in the house to eat hardly (they eat out and my sister is fed in school) and I'm so tired of it all. After all I'm fucking twenty and without a DL. And I sit there and let this all happen without bickering becasue I want to be a good daughter.....I don't even have a damn job...the last one I had I had to quit and watch my sister so mom could go back to work to pay off her credit card debt.

Welcome to my life, don't run away screaming to fast now. I know the whining is a bit much but watch where your running as you run off.
I wouldn't dare criticize someone who is pouring them selves out in a glass and offering everyone a drink. I understand how you feel and in my opinion your frustration and bitterness (And even the whining) are 100% justifiable. You need to live your life, not be a mom for your sister. I feel you like a rotten tooth, Girl.

That being said. You need to take charge of your damn life and stop being dependent on your parents. No license? Can't drive? No Job? Go to the DMV, teach yourself and go out and apply for one! Trust me when I say this I KNOW your more than capable to do all these things. It's not your folks or anyone elses fault that your stuck at home,Its yours.

Damn, that was a little harsh. I'm sorry. Actually no I'm not. I say this cause I know you can do all the things you want. I've been alone most of my life and I did it. Trust me If my lazy ass can, you can. Your much smarter than me.

Honestly, get the fucking keys to your ride and teach yourself to drive. Then Drive down to the DMV and get your damn permit or license or whatever the fuck it is Y'all hicks get in SC. As for your sister, I'm sure your parents can find a sitter.

Love T
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HAHAHA if I weren't drunk I'd kick your butt. Ok no I wouldn't, thanks man in any case. Just what I needed. Now if only I could feel my damn face....


I love your poems <3 Deep and heart-wrenching ;__;

My favorite is "Mistake" and "No Title"

And "I'll feel better when you're dead" is pretty catchy, too. =)
Thanks for taking the time to read them! Glad you enjoyed them.
What will be, will be.

In the end, when I look back...the thing that always gets me is the unknown. It's always been a little scary for me, not knowing the outcome of something.

A fear of being out of control....

If I ask this question, what answer will it bring?
If I take this step, will my feet find solid ground?
If I take a blind leap of faith, will I stick the landing?

With all the worry that crosses my mind, when I still it all and truly think over things, this always seems to echo in my mind: what will be, will be...and come what may.

(Bring it on baby!)
You are the one person I honestly don't think I could turn down for anything...

If I get hurt, your the one I trust to fix things.
If I smile, your words made me do so.

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't know what I'd do without you...

very small rant.

The words that fall from your lips...each and every one...they dig underneath my skin.

I can't stand this.