Locked Up: The Beast Within

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  1. In this huge underground place called Anamalia Center. Different Animiliuses (which are people that can turn into one kind of animal anytime they wanted to) are brought here by the government and locked in this place until they do something called a "moral-conditioning" on us. It's where they would tell you not to change into your form over and over again and if you did so then they would torture you, in other words it was brainwashing. Once your brainwashed to never use your powers society considers you "human" enough to be free and they let you go.

    The Center was very much like prison, everyone got their own cells that were impossible to break out of in any way. The meals were decent, you get to know people and every day for a couple of hours you get some what they called break time and send everyone into a room full of different records from a record player, a pool table and a T.V. basically a waiting room until it is your turn to be tortured. The head of this facility was a woman named Daisy McRoy, you go by her rules and you will suffer as little pain as possible.

    It's been five years since I have been in this wrenched place. Every Friday some poor soul would get caught using their ability and end up here. You either see new people on a Friday, or none at all.
    My name was Minzy and my inner beast was an Arctic Fox. I have been in this facility for five years now, everyone get's ten years in here, no matter who you are. It all depended on if you wanted to stay longer.
    It was break time and I was leaning against the wall, staring at the main doors.

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  2. Click.

    How Long had it been?Gazing And waiting,Staring and nodding. repeating the same cycle all over and over again.
    It Had been Years since she was here,trapped in this small four corner room with bars and no windows. There were rules at the Center,one of them were No Contact on the outside world unless you are not 'human' enough.
    Aurea hated the center. and her inner beast was a Black Tiger,And it was the only 'friend' Aurea called talk to without getting maimed.

    She heard another click,and her cell door opened. Aurea cringed at the brightness of the light.at the door frame,Daisy McRoy stood with all her glory,behind her were a few staffs of the Center as well.

    Daisy clicked her tongue,after double checking her list,Daisy looked straight to Aurea's Crystal Blue Eyes. "Come Now My Dear,It's time for your 'Tests.' " Daisy said in a tone that held no warmth at all.

    Aurea nodded,glaring coldly at Daisy. Tests werent her favorite at all. "I prefer the term 'Brainwashing' better." Aurea thought bitterly,standing up.

    With No Other choice,Aurea bit back a sigh and followed the woman. it was always the same here, Gazing and waiting,Staring and nodding.

    But it was okay,it was another day in Hell afterall.


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    Everyone in the room listened as more people were experiencing the moral conditioning. Screams shrieked throughout the halls and Minzy closed her eyes and covered her ears. Tears sliding down her cheeks. She hated Fridays, she hated the screams, she hated it all. Even after five years it still tugged at her heart to listen to the agony coming from her these unfortunate people.
    Why would the government have us treated this way? Even if we have the ability to turn into an animal we were still alive, we could still feel like people do. I wonder though, could people even feel anything considering the fact that they treat us this way when we have done nothing wrong?
    This place was wrong...just so wrong...
    The only thing I had were my thoughts, people tried not to make friends in this place because a lot of time people die before the moral conditioning even ended throughout their ten year period.
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    ((Btw,I hope my writing style is at your liking :D))

    It was her turn again.

    She was strapped on a chair that they call "The Devil's Chair". Straps needed to be replaced there to avoid any havoc while the so called 'Moral Conditioning.' was on going.

    Aurea bit her tongue hard in attempt to ease the pain while the doctors inserted IV Needles in both of her arms.
    "No Pain Must not be seen." Aurea chanted all over her head as the doctors inserted the needles one-by-one. When they finally were done,a Electric Helemet was put at Aurea's head.

    From Behind a glass window,Daisy stood.a cold smirk on her face.she loved this ((sorry if i ruined Daisy. this is the image i had for her inside my head)) the sensation of watching a creature shreak in pain,crying and begging for it to stop.

    "It's Time,Are You Ready Dear?" Daisy said,using a microphone.

    Without even hearing her reply,Daisy Pressed a button.

    Soon,Electric filled Aurea's Being.

    Inside her head,A dark,disturbing voice keep repeating the same phrase all over her head.
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    Minzy heard her screams for hours until she came out and was joined in with the others. People here were only allowed to wear a longsleeved white shirt and pants even if it was hot outside. Everyone stared at her for a moment then continued what they were doing as if nothing happened.
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    After what seemed like a eternity for aurea the moral condtioning was finally done.

    Aurea grasp her hands,sighing as she remembered how painful the needles were.

    She scanned the waiting room. The room was always like this,the tension,the anger. It was always radiating with it that it feels sickening.

    As she scanned the room one last time, a girl caught her interest.

    A girl with short silver hair and golden eyes.

    Aurea allowed herself to stare a little longer. Wondering why she was alone...usually,Aurea saw patients like her with friends. Not alone..

    Aurea shook her head,why was she worrying about somebody else? She has her own set of problems to deal with.

    With one final glance at the girl,Aurea left the waiting room.
  7. The next day during break time another poor soul was set for moral conditioning. When Daisy pressed the button, nothing happened. Everyone looked around murmuring to one-another, completely confused. Daisy started cursing then she slammed the door to the break room open.
    "Who did it!?" she snapped, "who destroyed the wires!?"
    Everyone looked at her, not saying a word. Daisy spotted Aurea and with a flash of anger stomped up to her. "You bitch! You did it didn't you! DIDN'T YOU!" Her shout echoed throughout the room.

    "It wasn't her," a voice said, "it was me."

    Aurea turned to see the girl who was alone by herself, the one with the gold eyes...she was the one that spoke. She was already up off the ground by the time Aurea looked at her.
    Something about her glowed with life.
    Everyone cleared the way so Daisy could easily get to Minzy.
    Daisy stomped over towards Minzy, making everyone who she walked past jump back in fear. When she stood close to Minzy, any other Animilia would step back a little cowering, but not Minzy. She didn't move a muscle which pissed Daisy off even more.
    "Take this one to the box..." Daisy said and walked away. Gaurds picked Minzy up and took her away but the silver-haired girl held her head up high, proud of what she had done. The doors closed and everyone looked at Aurea in shock.
  8. On Aurea's book,there were some things that are completely over the line.

    That day, Aurea sat on a corner with another patient named Sorren. The man was stubborn and persistent. He kept bugging Aurea with is bubbly personality that annoyed her to no end. Apparently,in Sorren's perspective Aurea was too lonely.

    So imagine her surprise when that bitch Daisy framed her for what? Destroying the wires? Maybe her brain was fried because nobody could even move during the tests. So how the fuck could she destroy them?

    Before Aurea could even reply,A Girl,the girl with golden eyes stood and faced Daisy. Without even the slightest trace of fear,she confessed to Daisy that she was the one who did the crime.

    Soon,She was taken away to the box by Daisy's minions leaving a shell shocked Aurea, a confessed Sorren,and a room full of questions.

    Everyone glanced at Aurea only to shiver. Aurea had broke a role, her eyes turned into a never ending black. Her pupils were missing.

    On Area's book,names held so much importance that she could not allow somebody trashing it.

    Beside her, Sorren just shrugged. before A all knowing smirk graced his face.

    "So,How do we rescue the Lady? Any plans?"

    A matching predatory like smirk was his answer.
  9. The man punched minzy in the face over and over again. Daisy raised a hand and the man stopped.
    "Why did you do it Minzy?" Daisy asked. Minzy said nothing, she just looked down on the ground. Daisy slapped Minzy across the face and Minzy grabbed her hand and twisted it hard until she heard a loud cracking sound. Daisy screamed and backed away. "You little bitch! You broke my wrist!" she walked out angrily, "rot in here for a week!" she said and slammed the cement door behind her.
  10. ((Hope you dont mind me adding some minor characters :D))
    Aurea needed a plan right away.

    A Plan.

    She growled in frustration,a growl that was more like her inner form than a human,scaring a nearby patient who happend to past by.

    Beside her,Sorren just smiled,writing something on a piece of paper.

    Aurea turned to him,and Sorren Just sighed.

    "The Box is on Sector C,Level F. The doors are made of indestructible metal that are made especially for us. It is also heavily guarded and the guards are given permission to kill if they saw something suspicious or intruders. be it doctors or patients. and also..." Sorren Hesitated,looking seriously at Aurea's eyes.


    "There is this rumor that had been floating around for weeks. about something hidden in Sector C."

    Aurea Raised a Questioning eyebrow. "And that is?"

    Sorren Smiled,But his smile was strained. "The First Patient Of The Central,Patient No. 00000."

    Daisy Stared at a file,an unreadable expression on her face.

    Much to her relief,the wires were easily fixed,and the misbehaving Patient was taken to the box.

    Speaking of Sector C...

    -Flash Back Start!-

    Daisy smiled smuggly at the crestfallen look on the patients face.

    "Miss,Patient 00000 had awakened." Her assistant whispered, and Daisy's eyes widend.

    "What?!" Daisy snapped. "Why didnt you say so?!" She Stood up,almost running to where Patient 0000 was held in.

    Daisy entered the room,biting her lip. this was not good at all.

    -Flash Back End-

    Daisy sighed,she had to do something about this.

    a file caught her interest,and after examining it.Daisy smirked.

    Perfect. i could use her. Daisy thought. putting the file down.

    On it,the folder was marked: Patient No. 01666978 Aurea.


    Sorry if its so long! :D

    [​IMG] SORREN.
  11. ((ooh I wanna add a character!))
    A guy with black hair, very handsome features looked at Aurea "someones coming for you" he said.
    ((this is what he looks like))

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  12. Aurea stared at him with dull eyes.

    "What?" She replied. She had no time for this now,she needed a plan.
  14. Daisy looks like Sofia Lamb from Bioshock 2

    The guy looked around then said "they are testing the big guy with you..."
  15. ((OH XD))

    "WHAT?!" Aurea screamed,making everyone stopped whatever they were doing. They Cant do that! He Is off limits unless--


    And suddenly,Everything made sense.

    Aurea Stood Shell-shocked,all of her senses became paralyzed she dint hear what the guy said,or even Sorren's voice.

    All Aurea knew she needed to get out of here.

    Aurea Bolted away from the Waiting room,With no clear destination on her head. Ignoring Sorren's Voice.
  16. The cute guy grabbed you by your shirt collar, "panicking isn't the way to do it you know...follow me I have a plan...my name is Lee by the way..."
    Lee walked into the men's bathroom and removed a large brick. There was a long tunnel. "Most of the people forgot how to help one another thanks to Daisy...this tunnel leads to the floor that your friends at...take out the gaurd and free her....I will convince the rest to help us break out..."
  17. Sorren raised a questioning eyebrow. "How did you know that Aurea is going to play with The Unknown?"

    Aurea turned,And glared at him "Not now Sorren! We Need to go to Save the girl!"

    "And that we shall. but im still curious about him,How did you know about that? as far as i know,Daisy dint say anything about that yet."

    The Bathroom fell silent,As Sorren and Aurea waited patiently for Lee's answer.

    ((i see what you did there. :D))
  18. ((wait what?))
    Lee sighed, "my Amilia has super sensitive hearing...."
  19. ((Read Above,Daisy was at her office looking at some files when she remembered about Patient 0000 (or unknown or whatever) when Daisy came across Aurea's file,Daisy thought that She would be the perfect spawn))

    Aurea dint buy his excuse.

    She decided to ignore it and was just nodded.

    "Well...Thank you then." Aurea said,staring at Lee.

    Beside her,Sorren inspected the hole. "It's big enough to fit us both. Ladies goes first of course."

    Aurea scrowled at Sorren,Before crawling inside the hole.

    Sorren just laughed.
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    Lee ran back to convince the other patients. In the meantime Minzy was trying to find a way out, it was no use. Daisy had thought of everything. She sighed and slid down against the wall
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