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  1. It was one of those horrible days that Olly always dreaded, especially in recent weeks. He was incapable of going to training on the weekend, meaning he was stuck inside the house all day with his mother, sister and stepfather.

    It wouldn't be bad, necessarily. Going back a few years, Olly wouldn't have cared if he had to spend the day inside with his stepfather, but in recent months, it was something of nightmares. Brice was a nice man, Olly knew that. He was kind, caring and always attempting to do the best for the family, even if Olly didn't appreciate it immediately. He made his mother, Marie, the happiest she had ever been since Olly's father's death, and Olly could see how content and satisfied she was with life nowadays.

    Anyone who made his mother happy was a good guy. The only difficulty came when Olly began to see Brice differently. After having a fling with a boy at school, and recognising that he did begin to see boys in a new light, he would arrive home and see the handsomeness Brice possessed. He was pretty much perfect; flawless in Olly's eyes, and everything he was attracted to.

    It was just a big misfortune that he was married to his mother, and that Olly himself was desperate to keep his growing homosexuality a secret. To hide it, he was often looking to find any way he could to spend time outside of the home, away from Brice, and to cope with the rising stress, had turned to drugs - nothing major, but something enough to help him simply cope.

    But today, a bright, sunny Saturday in the middle of March, was one in which he was unable to find time away from his home. He was stuck inside, currently lounging on the couch in the living room as his little sister, Katarina, simply lazed about watching the TV in front of him. Of course, his mother wasn't best pleased with wasting the good weather inside, and it was when Olly heard the hushed talking between her and Brice that he shot a glare towards them. "I'm not going on a car journey to the stupid beach, no thanks. I'm alright just hanging out here, if it's all the same."
  2. It was one of those days. Those days he adored and despised all at the same time. It was the weekend. The God awful weekend. Most people loved the weekend, but Brice didn't. During the week, Brice usually worked at his job at a tech company. Working long hard hours, Brice only comes home at dinner time, barely seeing his new family, then he's out not a moment after breakfast. He would mind it, if it wasn't for Olivier. As Olivier grew, he became more attractive. And Brice knew how utterly wrong it was to be attracted to the son of the woman he was married to. But he couldn't help it! Brice himself was really gay, but there was no way in hell he would admit it. Though it was no the weekend, and he had no avoiding Olly. Olly didn't have school or training, and he himself didn't have work. But that didn't mean he wouldn't try to avoid him.

    But his wife, Marie, decided she wanted to go on a beach trip. Happy wife, happy life right? So of course he agreed, only to hear his step son snap at them. Wearing only sweatpants, that hung off his hips, he crossed those buff arms of his, arching a perfect brow. Giving him his famous lazy smirk he said, "Oh c'mon sour puss, don't you wanna have fun for a day?" His voice was so rich, and smooth. It was so manly, and perfect. It was the type of voice that we everything sound sexy.
  3. "It'll be nice going to the beach," Marie whispered softly, her eyes lighting as she eagerly peered from her teenage son, to her husband of two years. She herself was a beauty, possibly explaining just where Olly had gained his looks from. With blonde hair falling in natural curls on her slim shoulders, big blue eyes framed with long eyelashes, high cheekbones suiting her usually pink-dusted cheeks, and a naturally womanly figure, she did appear far too young to have a 17 year old son - though in truth, she was herself already 35, a fact hard to believe by most who learnt her age. Quietly reaching to hold onto her husband's arm with one of her loving, cooed smiled, it only faltered at Olly's reluctance to join in on the family fun. "Olly, come on... We can have a nice meal at that seaside restaurant! It's expensive, but we deserve a treat~!"

    "I don't wanna," Olly responded instantly, his blue eyes crossing with immediate anger at his mother. He wasn't angry at her attempts of trying to make him join in. No, he was angry with how nice she was, when his thoughts of Brice were far from innocent and would break her heart if ever something were to occur. Letting his eyes grace over Brice casually, he strategically looked away before being able to take in how handsome the man appeared, even this early on in the morning. "No thanks, Brice. You can just piss off and play happy families. I don't need another father, thanks."
  4. "Ouch, that hurt Olly, right," he paused to dramatically gesture to his heart, "here." He sniffled, wiping an imaginary tear away. Olly had said worst things, so he was used to it. "Come on Olly, we just wanna have fun! I could buy ya ice cream, we could play in the water, eat really over priced food!"

    "I think it sounds fun!" Katrina, the thirteen year old sister, said, biting in her dusty blonde hair. She was a good mixture of her mother and father. Her mother had blonde hair, while the father was a brunette. She came out with a darker blonde hair. While she didn't gain her fathers dimples, she had her mothers high cheek bones, and her fathers lips. Her lips were full, and were a nice plum color. It looked like she always had lipstick on. She had brown eyes, easily being a pretty girl.

    "See Katrina thinks its cool, come on, be a good boy for me." He cooed, ruffling his hair. As he got near him. The smell of aftershave, and sweat filled the air. The smell was strangely intoxicating. It was such a good mixture.
  5. Shooting a glare at his little sister for not bothering to defend his opinion, having hoped that she would understand his dislike of the whole thing, and come to his defence, even if it went against her actual thoughts - though this anger could hardly go on for that long when Brice leant down to tussle his newly dyed blue locks. In return, Olly pouted up at him, the other's scent not exaclty able to make Olly keep being so stubborn. In a way, being around Brice at the beach would be fun... even if that was only to indulge in his own secret thoughts of him.

    All he had to make sure of whilst there was not to be seen staring at his stepfather by him, or his mother. Katrina was probably too innocent to really understand any of it, anyway, so he wasn't too worried about her in the grand scheme of things.

    "Fine, I'll come," he finally muttered, Marie grinning happily to herself at that. All she wanted was Olly to come around, and have a father figure to help shape him into adulthood, and in her mind, Brice was the perfect man for that, even if she was unaware of both her son's growing feelings, and her husband's. It wasn't even in her peripheral thoughts - it was something she would never really consider. "But honestly, Brice, I don't need you acting like a Dad. I don't need one, end of. You're just my Mom's toyboy or whatever."
  6. "Toy boy? Seriously? Hon is he allowed to call me that?" Whined the man, pointing at Olly with a pout. That's how Brice played around. He knew that Katrina loved to see him act like a big baby, so he often did it to gain a giggle or two from her.

    And as expected, Katrina did giggle, standing up to go to her room. "I'll go get ready!" She smiled, waving to them as she ran to here room, excited for the beach.

    Brice smiled watching her run off. He turned his attention to Oliver, before smiling. "I think we should at least be friends, right? I know I could never replace your father, and I'm not trying to. I just wanna be your friend Olly."
  7. "Well, I don't wanna be 'friends', Brice," he grunted gutturally in return, his deep voice only indicative of how hard he was trying to put space between him and Brice. The more space there was, the less likely his feelings were going to become known. It was hard being horrible to a man who tried so hard to make Olly happy, but it was a necessary step to keep the normality and peace in the home.

    A drastic, but necessary step.

    Marie frowned to herself as Olly stormed upstairs to get his stuff together, mostly just to get dressed, and to collect a towel and some swimming trunks. Reaching to grab her husband's hand, she moved to pull him close and pressed her head on his chest, not allowing him to see her crestfallen pout. "I... I am sorry about him, Brice. I thought he'd come around after two years, but..." She trailed off, those glittering eyes of hers daring a peek up at her lover. "I think it's because he's just struggling at school. His grades are lacklustre, and he doesn't get all my attention anymore... Hm... Just come help me pack together some stuff for the beach, toy boy~"
  8. Cackling at her tease, he wrapped his strong arms around her slim waist. "Okay, babe. And don't worry about him, he's just....He's just a brooding moody teen. 78% sure that he'll come around." Grinned the man, refusing to give up just yet. Kissing the top of her head, he pulled her to their room in order to pack clothes for themselves. An hour or so later was the family in the car, driving to the beach. Brice held his wife's hand, running a thumb over her knuckles as she drove. He wore a white tee shirt, his blue floral print trunks his wife bought him, and some blue and white flip flops.

    Katrina sat in the back with her brother, texting her best friend Tiffany, most likely talking about, 'how Jeff was being totally uncool today, and a jerk'. She wore her bathing suit under a green tank top and some jean shorts. Her brown hair was in a fishtail braid , as she chewed on the end of her hair. It was a bad habit she formed that their mom hated.
  9. "This is gonna suck," Olly mumbled from the back grumpily nudging his sister once the tapping of her phone became an annoyance. Glaring out of the open window, he moved to pull his sunglasses over his face - donning denim shorts and a tank top that did outline every defined muscle in his arms, he did look the epitome of cool... not that he would easily accept that compliment from anyone.

    Sighing heavily, a mixture of exhaustion and annoyance, he fanned his face with his hand tiredly, all while reaching for his phone with his spare hand to text his friend. If there was one thing that could make this day bearable, it was talking to his friend, the one he had had a fling with. They weren't romantically involved, really. It was just an experiment for both of them, and they did remained best friends nonetheless in spite of it... though they did often flirt wildly with each other all the same.

    Marie, however, had no idea who her son was texting, peering in the mirror back at him once seeing him smile widely and blush, and like any mother, automatically assumed he was texting a girl. "Ooh, have a girlfriend, do you? Is it that Louise girl? She's adorable, I've seen her in the town a few times. She's just a lovely young thing~"
  10. Hearing this, Brice arched a brow and looked in the rearview mirror, to look at him. "Girlfriend huh? Now look at whose the boytoy~" He smirked, winking at the other. The gesture was friendly, yet when he did it, it just seemed so damn flirty. Brice looked back at the road, his jaw flexing a bit as he chewed his gum. "So who is it? Is it that Amber chick? She kind of ho- lovely. She's a lovely girl, not in anyway hot." He grinned nervously, knowing he nearly slipped up around his wife. Even though he was gay, he still found girls hot. Just not hot enough to sleep with.

    Olly's friend, Brenden texted him, 'well I can't wait to kiss those sexy lips of yours;)'
  11. Marie snorted to herself, shooting her husband a glare. Playful it may seem, but it did hold underlying tension underneath it. She had seen her husband glance at girls in the past, and it was always a source of arguments, so hearing him openly nearly mess up was salt in the wound. Though only because her kids were in the car, she refused to bring it up and ruin the trip... though she did plan on bringing it up later on at home in private.

    Olly, meanwhile, felt his cheeks burn in embarrassment, having to squirm a little to grow more comfortable. The wink from his stepfather did seem playful and meaningless, though it sent Olly into blushes and a sudden inability to speak with stammering. Of course, Marie only thought this was because they had found out he had a 'girlfriend', though they were far off the truth. But if it helped get them off his back, he was willing to go along with it. "Amber, yeah. She's... she's a real nice gal. Cute and stuff," he babbled, eyes straying back to his phone to avoid anymore eye contact with his stepfather, hurriedly texting Brenden in desperation. 'You can tomorrow, promise. I'm just stuck on this dumb trip at the moment :( But tomorrow you can come over and we can hang out xx'
  12. 'Promise? We eat snacks and was Netflix until five in the morning like always right?'
    "Gal? Really Olly, what century is this?" Brice chuckled leaning over to kiss his wife's hand, knowing she was pissed right now. He tried to cheer her up, but who knew if it would work. Shortly they arrived to the beach, Katrina giggling in excitement.
  13. 'And we can try experimenting maybe...?' He awkwardly texted, absently biting on his plump lip as he trailed out of the car after his family, eyes glued to his phone rather than the beautiful scenery. In fact, he was so engrossed, he wasn't paying attention to his mother snatching her hand away from Brice, shooting him a glare that could kill and heading to place a blanket out on the sand to sunbathe.

    Only peering up once pocketing his phone to save the battery, and because the flirting was something he was still awkward with when it came to boys (and it being his best friend and all), he did notice how his mother sat without Brice at her side, the woman currently rubbing sun cream into Katrina's skin for her. "...Brice?" Olly murmured suddenly, arching a brow at his stepfather curiously. "What's going on? Did you tell Mom that red's not her colour? Or that she goes red like a lobster in the sun?-- I'm joking, relax. Seriously, what's... wrong?"
  14. Rubbing the back of his neck, he watched his wife with a grimace. "I'm an ass, that's what's wrong....Don't worry yourself kid, I'll work it out. That's what I do." He mumbled, shooting him his famous, "I'm so sexy" smiles, before taking of his shirt. He showed off his hot, cut body. He was definitely in shape. His muscles were glistening in the sun, his eight pack nice and toned. "Let's go get me ice cream for ladies, okay."
  15. "My Mom's just sensitive. She wants this to make it work, you know? After my Dad--" He paused, realising he was pretty close to talking about his father - a topic he refused to go into these days, especially with Brice. Before he could even really delve into his mother's desperation to make a marriage work, and for Katrina especially to have a father figure to help her grow up into adolescence, Brice did something Olly had absently been looking forward to, and dreading.

    He took his shirt off.

    For Olly, seeing his stepfather go topless like that was something of nightmares. It meant he began to blush red, grow hot under the collar in response, and despite starting with glances at the well toned body, it soon became full on stares. At the same time, though, this was pretty much all he had imagined for a few weeks now, and he made sure to glance enough to make sure the image was engrained in his mind before finally lifting his eyes. Now he just needed an excuse to explain his stares...

    "I didn't know you worked out. It's impressive," he said casually, putting his sunglasses back over his eyes, fanning his face as he pretended his red cheeks were a result of the hot weather, rather than from being turned on by the sight. "I mean, I work out, but... nah. I don't look like you, Brice. It's cool, really. Bet Mom likes you being in shape, I guess."
  16. "You didn't know I worked out? That's how I met you mom, I used to be her personal trainer once upon a time. She made me quit that job, since she didn't like the fact that I was training other women. Tsk, my glory days...." He joked, smiling a bit before walking along the beach to the ice cream stand. "Anyway, I'm sure your body looks close to mine, with all the boxing you do. You must kick some ass right?" He grinned, nudging him.
  17. "Like I said, my Mom just wants this to work," he said softly, always coming to his mother's defence automatically. He had seen and he remembered how she had been after his father's death - she was distraught. She had stopped eating, couldn't sleep, struggled to live and survive. So a little bit of control, to Olly, was understandable - she just wanted things to be perfect, surely?

    At the other's nudging, Olly did have to bite down once more on his plump lip, a blush spreading like wildfire once more across his cheeks, though focused on the list of various ice creams as form of distraction. "I do alright, I guess. I'm not like you, but I'm fit, I s'pose, and... I suppose Amber will like it..." He trailed off, hardly believing how blatantly and easily he was lying to his stepfather... but it was necessary, in his mind.
  18. "Yup, a girl really loves a nice body, especially your m-your girlfriend." He grinned, knowing the guy probably didn't want to hear about his mom liking another mans body. Picking out Marie's favorite ice cream, he smiled, and held it as he bought it. "Anyway, I want to make her happy to....but sometimes she....she wants too much from me. I'm not your dad, and he must have been seriously perfect, because she always compares us. She wants me to be just like him....and it hurts you hurts that I will never be enough....damn this is depressing, let's hurry back and go have some fun!" Brice grinned, eager to change the subject.
  19. Staring at his stepfather awkwardly, he never really saw this side to the man. To him, Brice had always been a happy person, free of worry and anxiousness, though here he was, openly admitting to his nervousness over trying to please Marie, which seemingly was a near impossible task.

    That being said, he didn't want to just skip over it either, reaching to take his ice cream and, after pondering the various situations, moved to shoot the man a frown. "I think you won't get anywhere if you don't take to my Mom about it, Brice. She's not a bad woman-- my Dad was practically perfect, and it hurt her when he passed, so... it's just still hard for her... you're her first boyfriend after him, so... you're married now, and all that..."
  20. "She doesn't like to bring it up, Olly. Any time I try to talk about it, she just....She just ignores it and changes the subject. So what am I suppose to do? I can't be like your dad....I'm honestly nothing like him. All I can do is be my silly, goofy self. That's what I know that can cheer her up." He answered with a grimace. He really hated talking about shit that depressed him. "Let's get back to your mom and Katrina. I'm sure they want this awesome ice cream." He grinned, tugging him by his arm. Though he made a mistake in touching that nice toned arm of his. Damn it felt good to touch him. Instantly he had a small fantasy of the other, though quickly shook his head free of the thought.
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