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  1. This thread is still under construction so expect some changes as I get more ideas for the rp to make it better.

    Rp Synopsis:
    Everyone once in their life plays a video game. Some people don't like them, others play them in their free time, and to others video games are everything to them. Some would even rather give up their life in the real world to live in the world of video games. What if they were given that chance? One day a group of people were approached by a person online only known as the game master. He was offering them a chance to win big if only they played his game and win. However if they lost their would be a major penalty game to play but what the penalty game was didn't say. Will they play the game masters game? or no? what's the penalty game? what is the prize that the Game mater offers to those who do play?

    Your character will be literally pulled into the video game world which will be controlled by the game master. Your character can have any kind of experience with video games from never playing one in their life to being a huge video game junkie. The Game master (me) has ultimate control over everything that goes on in that world and makes all the rules of the game. The game master will send the players into several different video games that vary in the type. From sports, to racing, to shooters, to death games. For example they can go from a video game like Super Mario to a game like Mortal kombat on the simple whim of the Game master. With each game they survive they will be one step closer to winning the ultimate prize at the end. more will be revealed within the rp.

    Important notice!
    Your characters are not immortal! there will be character deaths in this rp! as the game master I am reserving the right to kill of characters to make the rp more dramatic. Now that being said I won't kill anyone just because I feel like it or just on a whim. I will be taking several factors into account such as posting frequency, and character relations. If I plan to kill of your character I will let you know ahead of time to give you a fair warning. If your character does die you are more then welcome to create a new one to replace them.

    This rp will also be run in chapters. Each chapter will be a different video game that the characters will play through. The first chapter will focus on explaining the rules of the game and letting the characters get to know each other a bit better.

    Slots available: 5/10

    age: 16 to 21 please
    S.O: Straight, bi, etc.
    appearance: (anime only please)
    Video game experience: how much or how often do they play video games.
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  2. Name: unknown only given as the game master
    age: unkown.
    SO: unkown.
    appearance: His appearance if he decides to give one
    Show Spoiler

    Video game experience: He claims to know everything about them.
    Likes: Unknown
    dislikes: unkown
    personality: He does nothing but sit and watch and plot for his amusement for the game. That's all that matters to him.
    Bio: unkown.
  3. Held for CS.
  4. Got you
  5. Name: Donald "Donny" Durden (no relation to Tyler Durden)
    age: 20
    S.O: Straight
    Video game experience: Often... VERY often
    likes: Smoothies and fruit, dogs, and cookies. Enjoys fighter and rpg video games.
    dislikes: Dumb people, sports, and paying for things in person. Shooters, racing, and sports games, campers.
    Personality: Sarcastic, funny, a bit of a shut in but doesn't mind interacting with people he's just not good at it.
    Bio: Born into a normal middle class family in Seattle Washington, normal existence really. Two parents, a little sister (if anyone wants to play her as a second character I wouldn't mind though I won't be controlling her myself). He has a job and lives in a tiny apartment by himself. Independent except when laundry needs to be cleaned and then it's back to parents for their washer and dryer. Spends most of his free time playing games. Very experienced.

    (If there's anything I need to add or explain more do let me know. So glad you made an OOC)
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  6. I'll edit the cs more as I think of anything that may need to be added but otherwise he looks good accepted :)
  7. @Jamie64 I just realized I hadn't put it in the cs so I apologize for this but can you change your picture to an anime picture please? thank you
  8. I guess I'll roll my application in later.

    So, will some of us decide which vidya we get sucked into later?
  9. no all the characters will be pulled into the virtual world and between each game they will be in like..a waiting room area where they can rest and recover from any deaths that might have occurred during the last game. I as the game master will choose what games they are thrown into next although the game master may randomly have a player select the next game they are thrown into. Remember this is all for his amusement so he will do anything he wants to stay amused even if he has to cheat.
  10. Yeah... I'm not really familiar with the usual videogames that everyone and their mother plays. Kind of more into the slightly more obscure ones. Plus MMOs.

    It'd be interesting to see what you have in mind.
  11. I have a few different games in mind. Some examples will be Mortal Kombat, Skyrim, Mario and a few other things
  12. I think I'll be familiar with Mario. Maybe Pokemon, whatever we'll be doing there.
  13. [​IMG]
    "I guess we'll be working together, huh?"

    Ng Lifeng



    She is as depicted above - rabbit-themed pyjamas, blue bloomers and some home slippers. She does not wear anything underneath.
    She is a mere 1.4 metres tall and has an A cup.

    Video game experience:
    Lifeng is mostly limited to JRPGs. Mostly. She prefers the cuter-styled ones and even the little sexier ones as opposed to violent, gory, splattery ones. These games vary in genre, so she should be able to handle certain games she does not know of.
    She also plays anime-style MMOs, especially Korean or Japanese ones. In terms of classes, she is more skilled in magic-based ones or mechanic-based ones, and is not skilled in melee classes.

    Cute girls, cute things, sexy things, cute boys.
    Playing the magic-user or gunman.

    First-person shooters, Overly-violent games. In fact, she cannot handle heavy levels of spilt blood.
    She dislikes playing mostly-melee classes such as swordsman or berserker.

    Lifeng dislikes socialising, and people in general. She prefers working alone, and is not very fond of teamwork. She's an 'alone' person. She is confident about her skills, most of which require her brain.

    She was born in a regular family. If she isn't studying, she's playing videogames, surfing the internet, and all that. The time that could've been used to make friends was spent on watching anime and playing her pile of JRPGs. She found people bothersome, leading to her introverted attitude.
    It is not known who or what got her into gaming.

    She has more skill in non-combat games than combat games, such as Visual Novels, Idol Simulators, and such. However, this does not mean her combat skill is anywhere near low.​
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  14. just add a pic and she's accepted
  15. Alright, I'm all good.
  16. yeah you are if you don't want to add another picture can you tell in appearance what her hair color, style, and eye color is? Because that hood is going to fall off eventually
  17. I kind of want to reveal and describe it during the RP as a form of revelation. Much like someone unveiling his sunglasses.

    Is that OK?
  18. Yeah that's fine
  19. Name: Alisha June
    age: 18
    S.O: Straight
    Video game experience: Alisha has dedicated her life to gaming. She play Xbox, PS4, PC and DS it almost everyday. It doesn't matter what game, as long as she is playing it, she doesn't care.
    likes: Video games, strawberries and the moon.
    dislikes: People taking away her remote, pink and daylight.
    Personality: Alisha is a serious gamer who sometimes acts like a vampire. She hates the sunlight, and pretty much only works at night. She is socially awkward and doesn't like to be around organic life-forms. She is a tomboy and hates anything girly.
    Bio: Alisha was born in New York. Ever since she was 10, she loved gaming. Her first ever gaming device was a DS, and her first game on that was Super Mario Bros. Ever since the first time she played it, she has been addicted to video games. She never had many friends because she was always looking at a screen and clicking buttons. She had no great loses in her childhood and had quite a happy life.

    Is this ok?
  20. Damn, Alisha really seems like the opposite of Lifeng.
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