Life Is Always Changing

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  1. Life Is Always Changing
    [ScarletNova and Wizardess of Nightscape]

    Cadence heard the sound of her alarm go off, signaling her to get up. It was earlier in the morning that she should have gotten up, but she had someone else to wake up and take care of other than herself. She got into the shower and after getting cleaned off, she got herself dressed into her school uniform. She left her room and went to another room, where she opened up the door to see her sleeping little sister named Daisy.

    “Daisy, it’s time to wake up.” Cadence replied, waking the previous sleeping child.

    “Okay, I’ll get ready.” The little girl said in a sleepy tone as she slowly got herself out of her little bed and made her way to get dressed. Cadence walked off, letting the girl do it all on her own, heading for the kitchen to start breakfast and pack a lunch for Daisy since she had preschool to get to and a lunch for Cadence considering she was a high school student.

    When the girls were finally done eating and were ready, they headed out of the house, locking it up behind them. Cadence first took Daisy to her preschool, then when the little girl was dropped off Cadence went on her way to school. Once she was at school, the quiet girl casually went into her class room and sat her things down at her seat by the window. She pulled out her chair, and then took her seat in it, pulling out her items for class.

    She talked to no one; she never really had much time to make many friends. Of course, she had a few of them but they never knew about her situation at home. Cadence felt like if people learned, they would either think she was someone who had a child at a young age or would learn of her parents and pity her. That was not something she wanted. So, she kept it a secret and she was doing very well so far. But, that meant she never really spent time with the people she occasionally talked to. But, that was okay because she had Daisy. That’s all she needed or at least that’s all she thought she needed.
  2. Lazily getting up from his bed to quiet his alarm, Ezra started to get ready for his day. Throwing on his school uniform and doing up his hair nicely, he grabbed his bag and guitar and headed off to school. As he walked to school with the guitar in hand, he walked by a nearby preschool. He watched them as they played outside. Seeing them reminded him of his little sister who had recently been in a bad car accident and been killed. His parents were still in the hospital recovering. He had been kept late at school the day of the accident, but sometimes, he blamed himself for what happened to her. If he was there he could have protected her.

    He continued to school, pulling his guitar into his hands and gently strumming a lullaby that was his sisters particular favorite. He played it till he got to school grounds and then threw it back over his shoulder, heading off to class. The loud chattering of the students put his depression to rest for the moment. Taking his seat in class, he looked to the back of the classroom and spotted a dark haired beauty. He turned to his friends in front of him.

    "Who is that?" he asked, motioning to the girl he spotted earlier. His friend smirked.

    "That's Cadence. She is this class' mystery. No one knows anything about her. Why, you interested in her Ezra?"

    Ezra smirked.
    "Of course I am." he stated boldly, getting up and walking back to her.

    "Hello there! I am Ezra"
  3. It took Cadence a moment to realize that the voice that was saying hey and introducing itself to put a name to the voice was actually talking to her. Normally, that didn't happen. Not many people decided to talk to Cadence since she always looked so distance from everyone, like she didn't want to talk to them. She turned to face him, staring at him for a moment out of uncertainty of what to say or do about his introduction. It was just an introduction, say an introduction back.

    "I'm Cadence." She replied to him in a soft voice, she didn't speak up very loudly when it wasn't needed. Though, she didn't quite get why the boy was talking to her in the first place but she had seen him around occasionally around the school. She could hear the chatter in the background, actually having someone talk to Cadence was a bit of a surprise for everyone. "It's nice to meet you Ezra."

    Those two lines were all she said back to him. What else was she supposed to say? She brought her hand up to her face, brushing away a strain of her hair of out her face. Then, she sat the hand back down on the table to grab her pencil so she would be ready when the teacher decided to show up and begin class. Though, was this guy going to continue to try and talk to her? Why?
  4. Ezra smiled when she introduced herself to him. At least she wasn't completely blowing him off which was a start in and of itself. He spoke up.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I don't know why everyone, especially the guys, don't talk to you. You are really quite beautiful and id very much like to be your friend if you are ok with that. Please let me know what you think about that at this number a bit later since class is starting, ok? It was great to meet you Cadence." he said matter of factly. He thought she was beautiful. Why deny it? He wrote his email and phone number on a scratch paper he had in his pocket and set it on her desk, smiling and waving as he headed back to his seat.

    Not his best introduction ever, but he didn't care. He took a seat as the teacher filed in. The students stood and bowed and soon they were learning about history. He didn't much like history, but the rest of the classes he excelled in. However, academics were far from his mend as he remembered Cadence. He smiled as he continued to take notes, curious as to know what her answer would be.
  5. After her reply, Ezra went on to compliment her, ask to be her friend and give his contact information to her. It was sudden and the surprise of it all, and his compliments actually brought a light pink blush to her cheeks as he walked away back to his seat. She looked down at the piece of paper, then looked away from it when they had to stand for the teacher's arrival.

    While the class continued, Cadence's eyes drifted towards the paper that was still sitting on her desk where Ezra had placed it. She had never heard anyone say those things to her before, especially from a guy. It seemed a bit strange to her, was it a joke? But, even if it wasn't, did Cadence really have time to become someone's friend? Her thoughts lingered throughout class though still successfully taking good notes because she knew she needed to do well in school. When the class finally came to an end, Cadence began to pack up her things and on a whim, she took hold of the piece of paper and placed it in her things as well. She didn't know why, but she did.

    She got up out of her seat, picking up her bag by it's straps and beginning to head for the door. It was lunchtime now and Cadence usually went to a specific spot to eat. It was outside, under a large tree that she always liked going to. She headed outside, then found the tree and took a seat down onto the ground. She pulled out her lunch that she had made for herself. She was actually a great cook after all the practice she had. She then began to eat, alone.
  6. Ezra grabbed his lunch box and guitar and as soon as lunch got out, he made a mad dash to the best patch of grass he could find. As he took a seat and started eating, he saw cadence sitting under the resident tree not to far away. He picked up his lunch and moved over to where she was, sitting not completely next to her, but on the other side of the tree. He ate his lunch in silence as his thoughts again moved to his sister and his parents. Just then, his phone went off. Picking it up quickly, he smiled at who was on the other end. It was the hospital. They were calling to inform him that his father, who had been out cold ever since the crash, had finally opened his eyes. A tear slid down his cheek.
    "Thank you. I will come over immediately after school" he hung up the phone. He then took his guitar and started to play one of his dads favorite country songs, totally forgetting that cadence could hear everything.
  7. Cadence could sense someone on the other side of the tree, hearing the sound of him sitting down. She didn't know who it was at first as she continued to eat in silence until the sound of the phone went off and the person began to speak. She could still remember his voice from this morning, it was that Ezra guy and he seemed to be getting a call about something. She didn't know what it was, but at the end he began to take out a guitar and then play it.

    She sat there, listening for a moment. He was pretty good. She continued to listen as she finished up her food. When she was done, she placed her lunch box away into her bag. "That's a pretty song." She eventually stated, still on the other side of tree. She may had been interrupting him but since she could hear it she thought she should tell him what she thought of the music. "You play pretty well, you must practice quite often."

    She paused for a few minutes, "By the way...I did take your information..." She wanted him to know that she didn't just blow him off, she was a kind and caring person after all despite what anyone may think about her in school.
  8. Ezra then was brought back to reality when his song ended and Cadence spoke up. He gathered his things up and slung the guitar back over his shoulder. He turned to her.
    "Thanks. Its my dads favorite song. I have been playing this guitar since the beginning of junior high. I wanted to learn to play cause my dad played and I enjoyed listening to him play. I try to practice as much as I can between homework, school and work. Although, that isn't a ton of time, I take every chance I get. I'm glad you took my number. I meant every word I said and I truly hope we can be friends Cadence..." he said as he started walking back to the classroom.
    He got back to class just before the bell rang, setting his lunch box and guitar to the side as the teacher walked in right on time with the bell.
  9. Cadence listened, giving him a nod just before he decided to walk away. Afterwards, she got up herself and started to make her way back to the classroom to finish up the rest of class. She didn't know if she would ever have time to be friends with Ezra, but she could try slightly though he would have to learn that she couldn't do much outside of school and she wasn't going to easily tell him why. High schooler's liked to spread rumors and either it was going to end up with Cadence being a kind of girl who would get herself pregnant since she had a child or something terrible about her parents, or pity her which was something she hated.

    She took her seat back down, looking over at Ezra for a moment then turned to face the teacher again when the classes started back up. When everything finally came to an end and school was over, Cadence officially packed everything up quickly. She had little time until the preschool closed up for the day and she had to pick up her little sister to take her home before that happened.

    The black-haired girl got up out of her seat with her bag and started to head for the door, straight out of the classroom, down the hallways and through the exit of the school. She headed down the street, and made her way to the preschool where she waited for only a few seconds for Daisy, her little sister, to come running out towards her in smiles.

    "Mama!" Daisy shouted. Cadence wasn't really the girl's mother but in the end it was better this way. The little girl deserved someone to be her mother even though their real one had disappeared one day. And, Cadence had officially adopted Daisy as her own child once the older girl had turned 18 which was a while ago by now. "We drew in class today."

    Cadence smiled, "That sounds like fun." She took hold of her sister's hand and they started to walk back towards home.
  10. Curious as to what Cadence did after school, Ezra decided to do a bit of friendly following. He too took off after class, silently following her as if he had to go the same way as well. She seemed to be in a hurry. He began to wonder what she was in a hurry for when he saw her stop at the preschool that he had stopped at this morning when he played his sister's lullaby. He silently watched in the background as a little girl came running to her shouting "mama". His eyes went wide. This girl was a mother already? This piqued his interest. As she took the girl's hand to walk home, she looked as if she was walking in the same direction that his house was in.

    He ran to catch up to Cadence and the little girl.

    "Cadence! Wait up! I saw that you are headed the same way as my house is. Would it be ok if I walked home with you?" he looked down to see the little girl staring up at him awkwardly. He waved at her.

    "Hey there. I'm Cadence's friend. I'm Ezra! What's your name?"
  11. Daisy was talking to Cadence about her day until the sound of another person cutting into the conversation stopped Cadence in her tracks. Daisy looked at Ezra a bit confused of who the person was, though Cadence had completely different thoughts on her mind. She froze, standing there listening as she found out that it was Ezra again. How could he have ended up there with her after all this time no one had ever found her picking up her sister. She turned to face Ezra. "I...suppose." She replied, a bit unsure of even what to do in this situation now that someone from school saw her with a little girl. Perhaps he didn't hear anything and they just looked like regular sisters and that nothing was wrong.

    "I'm Daisy." Daisy suddenly replied, a smile coming to the little girl's face. She held out her free little hand, holding it out for Ezra to take. With Cadence, Daisy was a very friendly little girl and would take any persons hand if they said they were a friend of Cadence. Once that was settled, they started walking again, heading for where their homes were. Cadence still pondered in her head what was going to happen, in one day, all of this happened already. How did he even end up where she was in the first place? What was she going to do about it?
  12. Ezra gladly took the little girl's hand and off they were again. He smiled down at the little girl. He could see Daisy look up at him and then to his Guitar which was slung over his back. He chuckled.

    "You want to hear me play?" he took the guitar off his back and started to strum the lullaby that his sister was fond of. Maybe Daisy would like it too. He smiled as he played this little song. It wasn't that hard to learn once he started picking up the guitar and his sister asked to hear it from him every night before she went to bed. His dad would sing the words and he would play along. This time, he knew the words and so he started to softly sing the words to the lullaby as he strummed the melody. He finished and was woken back out of his trance when he heard a cute little giggle.

    "Did you like that Daisy? You'll have to convince 'mommy' there to let me come over sometime so I can play you more songs! Oh and Cadence..." he let go of Daisy's hand as his turn to the hospital was coming up. He stopped in front of her.

    "Don't worry. I'm not the kind of guy that spreads rumors. That's way too low of anyone. I want to learn the whole truth about you and little Daisy, but I understand if you don't want to see me for a while after I found out this little tidbit of information. When your ready to talk, so am I. Later!" he waved as he took the opposite street up towards the hospital to see his dad.
  13. Cadence began to smile slightly at the fact that Daisy seemed to be enjoying the song. While she wasn't sure if this was a good idea, she was glad to see that her little sister was happy and enjoying someone else's company. Though after the song ended and Ezra decided to make his comment which added the word mommy into the conversation, Cadence froze up again. So, he had heard the mama. What was he thinking about it all?

    Though, he had told her that he wasn't going to say anything about it and that she could explain everything to him if she wanted to. She said nothing back, just watching him leave to head for the hospital. Why was he going to the hospital? "Come on Daisy, let's go home. We have homework to do." She finally stated, taking Daisy along with her back to their home.

    When they had arrived, Cadence began to usual routine of helping Daisy with any homework which was usually just fun little activities, then cooked dinner for the both of them. When it had gotten later in the day, she would give Daisy a bath and put her to bed when it was time. Once that was all done, Cadence had the chance to sit and do homework though it was always already pretty late. When she took out her books she found that the information from Ezra had fallen out with her things. She picked it up and stared at his cell phone number. She pulled hers out and began to punch the number in then began to text something to him.

    "It's Cadence. Thanks for today...with Daisy. I'll explain everything tomorrow at lunch, at the tree again." She texted then pressed send. After that she worked on getting her homework done.
  14. Ezra soon reached the hospital, hurrying to his father's room. He was awake indeed and talking to one of the nurses. Ezra softly knocked on the door. His father looked to the door.

    "Ezra! I'm so happy to see you. How was school son?"

    Ezra walked up to his dads bedside, taking a seat. He was still in casts. He was lucky that only his arm and leg had been broken.

    "Nevermind that dad. I am just so glad you are awake!"

    Here chatted with his dad, finding out that his mother had been taken into surgery to repair her hip that had been affected by the crash. Looks like he'd be taking care of his parents for a while. He then felt his phone buzz. Opening up the message, he smiled when he saw that it was from Cadence, telling him to meet her by the tree at school tomorrow so she could explain the situation to him.

    He waved goodbye to his dad and headed for home to finish his homework. Then, after that, it was off to bed.
  15. Cadence slipped off into a sleep for most of the night until her alarm again woke her up in the early morning the get herself and the little girl in the house ready for school. When her usual routine was done, Daisy and Cadence went on their way to the preschool. Dropping off the five year old girl, Cadence said her good byes, letting her know she would be there later to pick her back up. The high school girl then went off towards her own school where she arrived as others were as well.

    She headed into the class, getting everything ready just like she always did. Though, she questioned if Ezra was going to end up being in class again today. At this time, he had decided to introduce himself, so what was going to happen today. She was going to talk to him at lunch and she wondered what he was going to end up saying after she explained the truth of what was going on with her family. The thoughts stayed in her head, swirling around and distracted her from mostly everything else.
  16. Ezra woke to the sound of his alarm. He had managed to finish his homework before bed despite getting home late. Crawling out of bed he prepared himself for the day. On his way out the door, he grabbed his guitar and his school bag. As he walked by the preschool, he spotted Daisy. He smiled, seeing her running around and having fun. He continued towards school.

    When he arrived he saw Cadence in the corner, busy with unpacking her supplies for class. Walking by he spoke up enough for her to hear but no one else.

    "See you at the tree at lunch" he then walked to his seat, barely making it in time as the bell rang right as he sat down. He listened intently during class, taking good notes. Before he knew it, it was lunch time. He grabbed his lunch box and headed out to the tree where he was meeting Cadence.
  17. Cadence glanced over at Ezra when she heard what he whispered to her. It stayed in her mind as classes went on, thinking about when lunch was to come. When she heard the bell ring for lunch, she packed up her things and watched as Ezra walked out, no doubt heading for the large tree outside. Cadence got up with her things and started to head for the tree as well. Once she was outside, she went over towards the tree, seeing that Ezra was already waiting for her there.

    She stopped and took a seat down like she did the day before, beginning to take out her lunch that she always made. She looked over at Ezra, then her food, then back to Ezra again. "About yesterday." She began to say, "Daisy...she's actually my little sister, but I adopted her. Our parents left us when she was just a baby so she grew up at a young age thinking that I was her mother. In the end, I gave into that and officially adopted her after I had turned 18. So, now I'm technically her mother though didn't actually have her." She finally said it all to someone, she had never told anyone especially not in school. "No one else knows about this...and I don't want them to. So, please, keep it a secret between us Ezra. She's the most important thing to me."
  18. Ezra glanced back as Cadence finished her story about her and Daisy.

    "I kinda had a feeling that you weren't her mother. It didn't feel like mother and daughter yesterday. It felt more like big sister and little sister. Your little sister has got to be the cutest though. She's very sweet. Not to mention she likes to hear me play. Not many children will sit and listen to me play. They will only do that If I engage them in the song somehow. Your sister reminds me of mine..." he smiled as a tear rolled down his cheek. He noticed it soon after it appeared and wiped it away. He grabbed his lunch and guitar and moved right next to Cadence. He finished what he had left and then proceeded to play the same lullaby he played for Daisy yesterday. He couldn't help but feel tears run down his cheeks as he played. He didn't like showing weakness in front of women, however, he just couldn't stop the tears from flowing as he played the lullaby. When he finished, he wiped away the tears that stained his face and turned to Cadence, smiling.

    "Sorry about that, I get emotional whenever I talk about my little sister or any of my family for that matter...They mean the world to me. I would tell you the story, but what I'm looking for is not pity, just a listening ear. However, I won't say a word if your already bored of my company..."
  19. "Something bad happened, didn't it?" Cadence replied, knowing what it was like to feel upset about something. "I don't give pity to anyone because I don't want pity either. So, you can tell me if you want without that possibility. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that you went to the hospital yesterday after you left Daisy and me."

    Cadence knew what it was like to have something happen to family. She could remember when she first found out her parents were missing. They never came home, day after day and in the end they were considered missing. There was a search for them but there was never any kind of evidence at all, it was like they just disappeared off the face of the earth. She remembered crying for days, unsure whether to believe that her parents were dead, out there still or that they just decided to leave her. Everyone tried to help her feel better but it never helped. She wanted to be left alone, without anyone pitying her.
  20. Ezra moved the guitar and leaned it against the tree. He looked down at the blanket. After he had regained his composure, he smiled his usual smile at Cadence as he related the story about his sister and his parents. Though it only happened a few weeks ago, it still ran clearly in his head.

    "A few weeks ago, I was kept at school till late finishing up an assignment I had been given that day and handing it in just before the teacher left. However, i got a call on my way home from the hospital I went to yesterday. They called me stating that my parents and my little sister had been in a terrible car accident. Apparently the driver of a big truck was drunk and ran into the opposing lane of traffic, hitting my parents car head on. My little sister died upon impact and my parents are broken and bruised everywhere. I'm surprised they aren't dead...My mom is suffering from a broken hip, multiple broken ribs and a concussion. My dad's legs were snapped right in half and one of his arms, the one he used to protect my mom, also snapped in half. They won't be able to walk for months. And even if they do, they will never be the same. I will have to end up taking care of them for about a year or so before they can get back on their own feet. My parents were knocked out in the crash and my dad only just woke up yesterday. My mom, however, still hasn't woken up and they had to go in and repair her broken hip. Due to this, my sister's funeral was only attended to by me and my mom and dad's relatives in their place. My dad was ok with this because he knew we couldn't postpone the funeral any longer...It was so hard...seeing my 5 year old sister in a casket....It hurt so much...if I had gone home on time that day, I could have prevented all of this from happening..."

    He clenched his fists and slammed the ground, tears once again running down his face.
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