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  1. Vangelis woke up in a pool of his own sweat, having a nightmare of what had happened on his last tour as a rookie, now this tour he was a sergeant and would have control, soon after abruptly awaking, the sound of the bugle began sounding through the entire base, he quickly tore his sheets off himself and made his bed of his room before going into the bunks and checking on the new rookies on their first tour after basic training. He chuckled to himself watching some of the struggle and how straggly some of them looked, long hair, not shaven. He defiantly had a group that needed to be whipped into shape. "Alright men, line up" he shouted with almost no effort, and all the men scrambled to find themselves in line. He looked them up and down, glaring at the ones that caught his focus. He checked their beds, and they were close enough so he let the men grab breakfast before he would start them on training again. Instead of joining his new crew at the breakfast table he grabbed his to go, and headed down to the recreation room where the letter exchange program list was to be posted this morning, as it started today.
    Van joined a new letter exchange program the army started for their soldiers who didn't previously have anyone to write to, and in Van's case didn't really have any remaining family to write to either.Van had lost his father to war back in Greece, which is the reason he joined the army, his mother committed suicide after his father passed. He was an only child and never really knew any of his other family. He took a bite of his breakfast sandwich and looked for his letter buddy and took the envelope with his name on it and sat at one of the many tables in the room and opened it, taking a deep breath he looked down to the information. Alexandra Mortelle, the name had a very pretty ring to it. Vangelis heard the alarm sounding through the camp to get out onto the fields. He tucked her name, and mailing information into his uniform gathered his men and made their way out to their first training station of the day. He worked the men through the training, and to his surprise a lot of them actually knew what they were doing "Okay early lunch men" he shouted and got out of the mud with them, and headed into the tent for lunch. This would be his only chance of the day to write his first letter to Alexandra. He grabbed his lunch and some stationary and sat at the staff table, and began eating while he thought of what to write.

    Hello Alexandra, Thank you for joining the letter exchange program, and giving me someone to write to, not a lot of family left, nor did I make many friends before joining the army. I am a Greek-American solider in my second tour out, this time hoping it just training the new guys no real combat, but you never know whats gonna happen out here. Not really sure how to start this off, well a bit about me. My name is Vangelis Mercy, Van for short. I am 27 years old, I was born in Greece, and raised in America. I joined the army because my father gave his life fighting for our Country so I am doing the same. I enjoy music, art, cooking, playing board, and card games, and lots of other stuff. So I am hoping we can really get to know each other, over these letters. Give me some basics on you, why did you join the letter exchange?

    Also I have attached a picture, hope you enjoy, hear from you soon.

    Vangelis finished his lunch and snuck to his room to grab a picture, and put the letter and picture into an envelope and addressed it to Alexandra and put it in the mail bin to be mailed out that day. He headed back into the kitchen, and got his men back into the fields until the sun went down. He showered and laid in his bed, wondering what Alexandra would write back, and what she would be like.
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  2. The day was rainy and cold. Alex sat in her house drinking her coffee as she watched the news. Her best friend was in the Military, so was her brother. So she watched the military station a lot. She also seemed to watch out her window to the house, She worked as a planner. She had her own business. However today she had off, she had planning to do, but with the rain she just wanted to curl up. When the mail came. Alex stepped out covering her hair and ran to the mail box. She covered the paper and ran in. She laughed as she shook off the water. Her Mail had come in. She smiled when she saw a letter with her name scrawled out. She had gotten it a day after it was sent. Alex had decided to join the pen pal service for lonely soldiers. Maybe she thought it help someone. She knew it helped her friend and brother. She wrote them once to twice a week.

    Her eye's skimmed the letter as she opened it. Alex lit up and grabbed her blue stationary. Her hand started to scrawl across the page as the words slowly flowed from her mind to the paper.

    Hello Vangelis,
    I am glad you have received your letter. I very much enjoyed reading it. Wow are sure that's you in the photo, you look amazing. Sorry had to joke their. The reason I signed up for the writing is because I do it for my brother and my best friend. When both are away on tour. It keeps me off edge and well I like to write. I am a 25 year old woman, who likes to plan weddings. I make good money and my buisness has gotten big. Today it is raining here and I am just staring out at the gloomy world and yet I feel so bright writing this letter to you. As you know my name I Alexandra Mortelle, I am a Irish American. My whole family is military, but me. I like music, reading, writing, jokes, eating healthy, seeing my family home safe and Like playing pool, card games, and sports. I am allergic to fish and almonds only. I have also attached a photo of myself. I hope to hear from you again soon. Be safe and Write soon.

    P.S. To lighten up your day
    Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?
    Of course, a house doesn’t jump at all. ;)

    Alexandra folded the paper and went slip a picture of her in it. She sealed the envelope and wrote to where she was to send it. Alex grabbed her purse and walked to her car. She drove to the mail box office and dropped off 3 letters to be over nighted. She had wrote to him and her brother and friends.

    Alex went home to go work and work out. She would wait anxiously for his next letter.
  3. Vangelis daily checked the mail, but knew the mail situation sucked from them at times, things would go out fast but take forever coming in. He went by the mail room first thing after lunch one day, nothing. He went on with training for the rest of the evening, had his dinner and chilled in the recreation room with a few of the guys watching whatever had come on the TV. Soon he got up and went to the shower rooms, and cleaned himself and soon found himself in bed. The next morning came incredibly early for Van as his sleep schedule sucked, the bugle rang through the camps, everyone jumped out of their beds made them and scrambled to get dressed to start the day. "Alright men, today part of you are in the infantry with me, the other half is in techs with Millard" he shouted and told one half to go and the other half to stay with him.
    During that mornings training he would help all the new men, to make sure they knew all their guns, how to use them and most of all to introduce them to military weaponry that most people don't know exists. Everyone seemed so fascinated by what he was showing them, they picked it up all rather quickly Van then took the group of men over to the shooting range where they would practice. He showed them what to do just using his simple pistol. After each guy had gotten in about two practice rounds the camp filled with sirens which signaled lunch. He told his men to go inside and get lunch, he also did the same but not without going past the mail room first, sure enough there was a letter waiting for him. He read it while he ate and decided he would reply right after, afternoon training.
    He ate his lunch, and took the other half of the men he didn't have earlier and went through the exact same things with them, this group seeming less interested in the weapons than the last group. He took them out to the shooting range despite their lack of interest and they were all very good and skilled shooters, before he knew it the final alarm was sounding and was time for dinner. He once again read the letter and began a reply back, while looking at the photo she attatched she was beautiful.

    Dear Alexandra,
    Im glad you recieved my letter and enjoyed reading it, as did I with yours. I look forward to getting to know you. First off yes that is me in the picture, I must say your beautiful by the way and thanks for the picture. Who is your brother and his friend I may know them this is my second tour, I find it sweet your willing to write for them and now me. Im very glad you show such passion towards things at such a young thing, its a rare quality to find in someone now a days. A wedding planner that sounds so cool, maybe one day you can plan my wedding, though I dont know who it would be to. Do you plan things other than weddings? Also loved youe joke and that you have a sense of humor I can always use that out here its gets gloomy and lonely out here at times. I suck at pool but maybe you can teach me, and hey good pairing Im not allergic but I hate fish! Random question time! Whats your favorite colour, and flower? If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? And one more if you could have any pet what would it be?
    Anyway sadly I have to cut this letter short as I have to be up and at it early running the noobies through a course than teaching a tech course in the afternoon. I hope your week is well and I look forward to hearing from you again.
    From Vangelis

    He signed off the letter finished his supper and put the letter in the mail bin before heading to the shower than found himself in bed, not looking forward to the next day.
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  4. The week went by when she did not here from him or her brother and friend. She started to worry slightly. She always worried till she got a message from them in the mail. She went about planning the wedding. She focused on it especially since it was raining outside. She normally went to go horse back riding to help her out with her mind and keep her mind off of it. When her week was over she checked the mail and looked through it. She had taken care of place settings and color swatches on Monday, she checked the mail The rest of the week, she got busy with plates and table cloths. She talked to the bride often and just checked her Mail when got home. She pet the dog she owned and smiled when she came home on Friday. She saw the letter in her Mail box well 3 of them.

    Alex smiled upon seeing the 3 letters, she had written back to her friend and brother first and saved Vans for last. She looked over it gently and smiled as she read it Her lips gently parted as she smiled reading it. She took out the blue paper that she kept only for him it made things brighter she thought it would brighten his day. She smiled and grabbed her pen. Alex smiled as she started to write to him.

    Dear Van,
    Your letter has made me smile it as been a very long week and when I saw the letters in the mail today I smiled for once this week that wasn't forced. I saved your letter for last to read. I have already replied to my brother and friend. You I saved for last in reading and writing. Also I enjoy your photo. I have it with your other letter on top. My brother is General Mortelle and my friend Sergeant Hail. Also thank you for the compliment you are very good looking yourself. Maybe I could I am sure you will find a woman, when you do. I will plan it for you no charge. Do you think you will go for a third tour?

    Also yes I do more then wedding planning, parties Christmas, Thanksgiving, home comings, baby showers, and few others. It is fun, just a lot of work keeps me very busy. Glad you loved my joke. I like to make things light and help. Also pool is easy to learn I can teach you. Well good thing you hate fish then. Won't blow up like a balloon.
    Random question time it is.Color Blue is my favorite. My favorite flower is a white Rose. I love them a lot. They smell good actually included a small vile of a small Rose scent and lavender, help you relax at night. Travel any where in the world I would go to a beach in Australia or Barbados. Where would you love to be anywhere in the world if you could leave right now? What do you enjoy food wise? I enjoy chinese Favorite Color? I told you mine Favorite Genre of movie? I like Horror and action musicals, And what is your taste in music? I tend to enjoy musicals and alternative.
    Well it was good to hear from you. I hope all is well. a Joke to keep you going again Q: What's the difference between a guitar and a fish? A: You can't tuna fish. Sorry their silly, but they are always fun. Hear from you soon good luck with your training.
    From Alexandra

    Alexandra folded it up and put it in the envelope along with a plastic vile she had promised. She got up and went to send it off again along with her brothers and friends. She would have to wait a while again as she went back to do her work.

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