Let's take a walk "Under the Red Moon"

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After reading this Ad, how willing are you to give the RP a chance?

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  1. Very. Sign me up!

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  2. Kind of. Still need some more information/Still have some reserves.

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  3. Not really. It was a good attempt but it's not quite there for me.

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  4. Not at all. Even with all the explanations in the world, this just wouldn't work for me.

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  1. Welcome ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between! Halloween is just around the corner, so that means darkly themed RPs are cropping up all over the place. "Under the Red Moon" is a group RP I am Co-GMing for, and under the directive of the lovely GM, @Lost_Midgardian, I am here in search of some members to join us.


    Saint Blaire's Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in the United States. It houses students from kindergarten all the way to university. It offers a multitude of extra-curricular activities for everyone. The children of the Great Seven rule the school. They are the offspring of the Seven Founders who keep the school in it's immaculate form. To keep peace with the outside world, a protection program was started by Isobel Mercer. Each Seven Founders put their children into a random list and are assigned to have up to four Protections. Some vampiric children choose not to have a Protection bu must have at least one in order to have a spot in their family's inheritance. It's a cruel thing but it is the way the children are raised.


    This story centers around ten main characters: four humans and six vampires. Claire (played by Lost_Midgardian) is a seventeen year old human girl attending Saint Blaire's Academy along with her friends Sage and Laurel (played by @Cybermoon). Her name is entered into a process where if she is selected, she will receive protection from a fellow vampire student looking to earn a place in their own family's inheritance. This would have been a great idea had her name not been entered twice and selected for the vampire twins, Adam and Caleb.

    Polar opposites, Adam is the sadistic bad boy with a following whereas his twin brother is the quiet boy-next-door type. Seems like Claire's choice is an obvious one... or is it? This is a school where everyone has their own agenda, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. It's your job to steer Claire in the direction you think she should go: Do you want to see her with Adam? How about Caleb? Or are you one of the group that wishes to see her dead?

    Note to interested players: This is an RP with predetermined roles, but that doesn't mean you can't make them yours. Below is a list of currently available characters and their roles in the story. How you a fill these roles will be entirely up to you. Twists are fun and help make a predetermined course more enjoyable. ^.^

    Characters: (Currently Available)
    Caleb Carlisle: (Vampire; 18) Caleb is the sweet twin brother, complimenting his brother's "evil" personality. He wants to protect Claire because he genuinely cares, unlike his brother who is in it for the family status. But no matter how good this vampire may seem, he too holds a dark secret. The identity and reason behind Claire's predicament.

    Makenna Lovell: (Vampire; 18) Saint Blaire's "queen". Considered the most beautiful (at least by the human student base) this girl is loved by those who cannot see past her charming smile. However, anyone who pays attention can see how rotten this fruit truly is. Obsessed with Adam, she uses her employment under his father as a way to get close to him and absolutely hates Claire for "stealing" his attention away.

    Sage Kinsley: (Human; 17) A bit of a chatterbox, once Sage has started talking it's difficult to get her to stop. Luckily she has a love for video games, noted by the constant presence of her GameBoy. Her biggest pet peeve is people messing with her friends, especially Claire, who seems to have gathered more attention than intended. She hates Adam but maintains a crush on his sweeter twin, Caleb.

    Katholyn Dallas: (Human; 18) Not your average human student at Saint Blaire's... But then again, are any of the students average? Katholyn's name to fame is her family, one in a long line of witches. While maintaining a much quieter persona, Katholyn is no pushover. She keeps tabs on all the workings of the schools, and has one hell of a memory... Unlucky for Adam, considering she harbors grudges from their time together in elementary school years.

    Isobel Mercer: (Vampire; Unknown) The sweet "young" Headmistress of Blaire's Academy. Not much is known about this mysterious woman's past, but it would seem that not much phases her anymore. Plenty of trouble arises in a school filled with humans and vampires, but she handles them all with calm grace and wisdom. ~Co-GM Note: I wouldn't chose this character if you are looking for a more active role~ (Reserved)

    Gage Callum: (Vampire; 18) Laurel's boyfriend of three years now, desperately wants to marry her after high school but faces many obstacles when it comes to their feuding families. "Forbidden Lovers" you might say. This being said, Gage isn't your regular vampire. Most who attend the school wish to flaunt their wealth and power, Gage would rather stay home than deal with such ridiculous snobs. Still he attends school to spend time with Laurel.

    Christian Dallas: (Vampire; 17) A bit of a black sheep, Christian is the younger cousin of Kat the witch. Being the only hybrid in the school, Christian has earned the attention of Adam Carlisle, and not in a good way. Tormented by Adam and his band of thugs, Christian has come to hate the Academy and spends much of his time locked away where the bullies can't find him... Too bad he still has to attend classes.
    If you are interested in this RP, please stop by our thread and let us know. We are a very inclusive group, so if you're worried about not fitting in for any reason, don't be. Especially if you need practice honing your writing skills, we are here to help. All we ask is that you follow Iwaku's simple guidelines, and our very few rules. Hope to RP with you guys soon. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.
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  2. Are you interested by any chance?
  3. Just a heads up, we have changed a few things. I'll be updating this thread later today but in short: The characters themselves have been done away with. The roles remain the same, but you can create your own character to fill "to be listed" roles. ^.^
  4. I'm very interested
  5. it won't let me see the page
  6. Quick question- Is Caleb or Sage available?​
  7. ..... That's because I'm stupid. It's currently in the libertine section, but I'll get back to you on that. I don't think that has to stay there but I'm still familiarizing myself with the site rules. Sorry about this mix up, I'll get to work fixing this.

    I believe they are both available. Interested?

  8. Yes, I am. Both roles seem pretty tempting but I think I'm leaning more towards Caleb right now. ​
  9. ill take sage if thats ok
  10. That'd be soo great!! We need more people, so welcome!
  11. I still new a link to the thread though. If you have time could you please post me a link thank you
  12. It still says I can't veiw it
  13. I think the problem might be the fact Daniel is still a teen user, since I can view the page without any problems.
    It's under Libertine from what I've seen on the page. ​
  14. You're correct, I have to sit down and have a discussion with the GM about it but I didn't have time today. Sorry for the hold up.
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  15. Please tell me if I can or can't when you have time thank you @WeepingLiberty
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  16. This sounds really interesting. I'd love to sign up.
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