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  1. Good evening everyone! I'm back and looking for new partners.

    Some things about me:
    • I prefer quality over quantity. It doesn't matter how much you post; as long as I can respond to it.
    • If I am not on for a day or two, don't be alarmed. My mother has some severe health issues and I often need to help her with some things. I also have to babysit every once in a while as well.
    • I do try to get out of the house on the weekends so I might not be on sometimes during that time period.
    • Despite everything I listed, I do respond to Pms as quickly as I possibly can.
    • I also play ONLY FEMALE characters but I CAN compromise. I'm just more comfortable with female characters.
    My favorite genres:
    • Fantasy - My most favorite
    • Romance
    • Drama. Not in the love triangle kind of way. That's the kind of drama I hate.
    • Historical
    • Comedy
    • Horror. Not the scary kind of horror but more like crime and such.
    • Adventure
    List of RPs

    Open, Closed, In Progress but interested in having more than one, In Progress, No longer interested. Bold means I want that character if possible, Italics means I'm interested in playing that RP a lot.


    Werewolf x Human
    Shifter x Human
    God or Goddes of Death x Human or another God or Goddess
    Demigod x Human
    Dragon or Half Dragon x Human or another supernatural being
    Phoenix shifter x Human man
    Demon x Human


    Mentally Ill person x Doctor or Someone normal
    Mafia Leader x Captive
    Student x Profeesor
    Mafia Leader x Long time friend
    Mafia Leader x Supernatural being
    Childhod Friends
    Arranged Marriage
    Returning soldier x Best friend's wife
    Soldier on deployment x Commoner
    Injured Veteran x Nurse or Doctor


    Native American x Colonist
    Princess x Servant
    King x Servant or Maid
    Soldier x Native American
    Arranged Marriage


    An Italian princess from the 18th or 19th century has a beautiful mirror in her room. It's made of cherry oak and there's something odd about it. One night, after she got ready to retire for the night, she seen something odd in the mirror. It was a different room so unlike her own.

    A man from the modern era bought the mirror from an antique store. He didn't see anything wrong with it and it was in perfect condition. Like the princess, he felt that there's one thing special about it. The same night he brought it home, the same thing happened to him that happened to the princess. An odd room appeared but blocking his view of the room was the princess herself.

    She could barely speak English but she was shy and confused at first when she met him. Over the next few months, the two slowly but surely started to gain feelings for each other. Both knew it'd be impossible to be together until she fell through the mirror one night and ended up in his world. Now, they either need to find a way for her to get home or find a way to get her adjusted to modern society.


    October, 1930

    Two teenagers, between 18-19 of age, are in a tight spot and could possibly be in some serious trouble with their families. A pampered rich girl ended up pregnant and her boyfriend is a wild young man that doesn't have a job and poses as the "bad" boy at the school. With their relationship being a secret, both know that if they were to stay around and tell their parents, they would be disowned and thrown into the streets. The two come up with a plan to run and find somewhere else to live. She stole checks from her father's study and he stole a car from her parents' property. With very little possessions with them, they head off to start a new life with a child on the way. What happens on the way to their new life has yet to be seen...

    (I will list more later!)
  2. Hello, decided to give you a hoot! Mostly because your title wording was nearly identical to mine, or a title I almost used. Heh. I'm quite interested, and you seem like the sort whose writing I'd appreciate!
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  3. Shall we move this to PM to discuss what you'd like to work on? :)
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