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Are you making a female or a male? Appearance-wise, of course.


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  2. Watashi wa kawaii idoru shoujo desuuuuuuuu

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  1. A civil war is being waged on a galactic scale, as the aptly-named Galactic Empire is split between two powerful sides: those who serve Prince Arei-Qua, and those who fight alongside the commoner, Berri Merxs. The trophy for the victor of this interstellar conflict? Rule of all one hundred and forty-four main solar systems under the Galactic Empire, but more importantly, the hand of Princess Kalri-Qua in marriage.

    As worlds collide, fleets clash, and space is torn apart for the ambitions and ideals of two men, in the far side of the universeno one really gives a shit.


    Isolated from pretty much every other big, ongoing, manly, hotblooded, melodramatic conflict in the universe, the Malstraza Solar System lies in a tentative peace. Terraformed and colonized 53 years ago, the twelve planets of Malstraza share relatively the same orbit around the sun that serve as their epicenter, and were originally set up to mine an ore that scientists back in the capital planet of the Galactic Empire were interested in. Dubbed ‘Ley’, this particular ore radiated a particularly interesting energy that caused the rapid development of supernatural powers to humans that were exposed to it. While it merited scientific interest for a few years, after a while, those white-coated scientists realized that there was no point in developing super powers, when powersuits were already strong enough to make children into super heroes.

    Needless to say, it was considered a failure on their part, and the Galactic Empire was quick to withdraw their influence from the Malstraza Solar System, forsaking the pioneers. Fortunately or unfortunately, the civil war popped up soon after, and pretty much everybody in the Empire forgot about the Malstraza Solar System once the romantic war story got under way.


    As years passed without any sign of help, the Malstrazan pioneers eventually got off their self-pitying asses, brushed the dirt off their buttocks, and got to work trying to live once more. Inadequate knowledge and resources led to the regression of technology, while the difficulty of maintaining interplanetary communications meant that every planet eventually ended up setting up their own system of government. Well, outside of the few planets that went full anarchy or full dictatorship mode.

    Needless to say, after fifty years of being on their own, with no news from the outside world and a bunch of defunct warp gates chilling in outer space, technology had rebounded in a few interesting ways. While many structures still resembled that of ancient 32nd century architecture, holographic displays and satellite television were becoming more and more popular. Manufacturing facilities were becoming increasingly effective, and soon, even authentic Italian pizza could be mass-produced.


    The most significant event, though, was the creation of the first mechs, spawned from the mind of some nerdy genius with too much time and money in his hands. Standing at a maximum of 50 feet, with both armor plating and shielding systems, these mechs are the pinnacle of badass. They can fly like a supersonic housefly, and they pack the same amount of punch as whatever weapon they currently use, which be anything from their metal fists to a mountain-busting railgun. Even better is the fact that every mech comes along with a supercomputer that serves to not only assist with piloting and combat, but also with the usage of whatever psionic power the pilot may possess. Brought up to scale, these enhanced powers can cause just as much havoc as the giant robots that manifest them. Thankfully, only 30% of the population actually possess useful powers, as the rest only have silly things such as ‘bending spoons with their mind’ or ‘warming up drinks’.

    Of course, the best thing about these mechs are that they come pre-installed with all 504 episodes of the galactically famous anime series ‘Mathematical Girl Logical Manoha’.

    There’s also extra stuff, such as jetpacks to allow mechs to reach space, or turbines for them to go underwater, but who cares? It’s the free in-flight entertainment that matters!


    While there are many stable jobs available to young ones in the Malstraza Solar System, the one that catches the fancy of many of the new generation is that of becoming a freelancer, travelling from planet to planet on one’s mech in order to do a variety of odd jobs. It’s a dangerous life, but for those who hate the restrictions of a 9-to-5 job pushing buttons like an educated monkey, it’s a very rewarding life. Joining up with fellow freelancers usually provides much more protection from space pirates and other dangerous outer space things, as well the added bonus of probably being able to pool enough money together to buy a space carrier to symmetrically dock your mechs in.

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    • [tab=Character]
    Name: Make it flashy and kewl.
    Type: Refer to Index
    Size: Anything you want, though should relate to Type.
    Weight: No need to go into numerical details. Just use adjectives.
    Appearance: You can either use a picture, or describe it. I’d prefer pictures though, because robots are really hard to visualize without a picture.

    Weaponry: What are they equipped with? Note that kinetic weapons have an ammo limit, while energy weapons draw directly from the mecha’s energy resources.

    Special Features: Does it transform into a truck? Does it have a cute AI system? Can it expand its shield to protect more than just itself? Stuff like that.


    Stats (Describe as High, Medium, or Low)
    Armor Strength: Effective against melee and kinetic weaponry.
    Shielding Strength: Effective against energy weaponry.
    Horizontal Speed: How fast can they move backwards, forwards, left, and right?
    Vertical Speed: How fast can they ascend and descend?
    Energy Efficiency: Should correlate with weight, shielding strength, and speed.

    Intelligence: How much does the mecha help with power enhancement and piloting?
Hours in the Day:
Basic Description of Environment: Natural resources? Types of fauna/flora? Prevalent climate? Amount of moons? Stuff like that.

Basic Description of Civilization: Level of technology? Population? Lifestyle? Stuff like that.

Style of Government: Dictatorship? Democracy? Communism? Idol worship?

Dominant Race: What types of humans are most common here? The eight foot tall ones? The big-headed ones? The kawaii uguu animu ones?
  • Name: Of the race, obviously.
    Appearance: Anything that makes them different from the standard Earthling-style human?

    Culture: Any cultural things that are common amongst them?

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  • Awwwww yiss.
  • Finished the Mecha Types. Pretty simple, really. I did retcon the sizes of those things though, so keep an eye out on that. If you have any particular character ideas, go talk to meh.

    Tomorrow, I'll probably get started on dem delicious power suits and badass cloaks.
  • Character (open)

    Character Quote: "In order to find your enemy, you need to find yourself as if you were the enemy."

    Name: Darvik Narjin (The "j" is silent)

    Gender: Male

    A human is a human is a human, no matter how horribly "altered" they are, so human.

    Appearance: Unfortunately, this one will take some slight research, and I do not claim any credit of whoever drew it, I'm simply using the image.

    Seeing as how if I were to use an image, I would have particulars of which I would like to change up, but are unable, as such I would wonder if it were alright for me to give examples? First of all, I would want the general body build of Kazuma of Kaze no stigma, a great anime by the way. Secondly, replace his hair with straight, black hair that is short trimmed. Lastly, the eyes would be interestingly different, as such will be explained in the planet bio, should I be allowed.

    First off, Each morning he tends to wake up, go to the bathroom to defecate and empty his bladder. Then, he tends to get clothes around to get a shower and then actually proceeds to shower. Next, finishing drying off and getting dressed, he then would go cook and eat breakfast, but seeing as how he is not a picky eater, it usually is whatever happens to be on hand at the moment. Finishing his meal, he would wait around for about five minutes to let it settle, then he would go and work out by either lifting weights or going outside and running. The rest of the day would depend on what he has set up for that day, as he does live his life as he goes, making sure not to schedule more then he can handle.

    Being an only child of a middle class family, he grew up with a decent mother and father, but that changed when he became four. His parents died when they were sent outside the protective dome, thus turning them into goo. Having witnessed the incident, the four year old carved that person's face into his memory to this day. Anyhow, since he had no parents, the government stepped in and gave him shelter and the normal necessities for children, and when he became a teenager he was given an ultimatum: either join the military, or be kicked out of the place they raised you in. Being a kid, the twelve year old did not want to leave, so he accepted to joining the military. Now, twelve years later, he is still looking for the person who murdered his parents, and wants to end the war for good.

    Job: Military career mainly focusing on combat and programming. Secondary focuses are piloting and engineering.

    Skills: Swimming, Climbing, Piloting ships, Piloting mechs, Driving, Shooting guns, Hacking, Programming, Martial arts (Muay Thai), Reading, Writing, Anti-interrogation skills, Explosives usage, and how to tie knots.

    Talents: Being human was seen as weak in the military, as such they conducted experiments with his body once it fully matured to biologically make him faster, stronger, and smarter. They did this by focusing on the neural network in the brain and the chemicals it used to create thought. They found these chemicals and designed a chemical to enhance growth of these, which resulted in a faster thought process. They focused on the nervous system next by insulating the nerves with a very small non-rusting conductor, causing the signals from the brain to the arm to be almost instant. Next they looked at strength, and for this they turned to what made people strong in the first place, muscles. Muscles of ants are not that large, but being that their muscles are wider then their bodies's width, they can carry much more then their bodies normally will allow. understanding this, they designed an exo-suite for the man to use from then on, which is black and non glossy in appearance. All of this was painful for the man to go through, but he did agree to join the military, and thus had no right to disapprove.

    Abilities: He is able to sense energy.

    Equipment: Exo-suite, Movement detector, Gas propelled needle rifle, Sonic hand gun (sound), flash drive, extra clip of needles (for gun), Ion sword.

    Theme song: Warrior - Disturbed

    Mech (open)

    Name: Death

    Type: Zero

    Size: 30' tall

    Weight: 30 tonnes

    Image: http://themodernmage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Mecha_in_blue_by_LordHannu-660x350.jpg
    Random image I found on the internet that I think would work the best so far.

    Armaments: A large Ion sword, and a rail gun. The Ion sword is powered by the internal core, which is regulated by gyros and heat syncs. The rail gun shoots rail pumpkin balls made of a magnetic substance, probably platinum coated copper rounds. The gun has about twelve shots when fully loaded.

    Notes: This model is meant for its speed and maneuverability. Being faster and slimmer then the normal mecha on the ground, it easily can dodge incoming fire, or in the case of tracking rounds, run until the fuel runs out, then continue on. This mecha runs on a biological-fission energy source, meaning inside it's core would be about 5 tonnes of plant life and other things alone.


    Armor: Low.
    Shield: Low.
    Running speed: High.
    Jumping speed: High.
    Energy Efficiency: Medium. Operation time, Indefinite, so long as allowed time to cool off.
    AI: no auto pilot, but lets the person know if it is being locked on by an incoming projectile, and which way it is coming from by constantly scanning in 360 at a rapid pace with thermal scans during a fight. Other then this, it adds nothing to the user, so Medium.

    Planet (open)

    Name: Kroil

    Hours in a day: 24, much like Earth

    Overgrown and very natural on the surface, this planet has a slightly acidic atmosphere which caused the inhabitants to live underground. Studying the strange surface creatures allowed for amazing advances in biology and chemistry. One thing that marked this as interesting they found, was the flora and fauna both were omnivores. The climates tend to be tropical with a lot of acid rain, but the plants have evolved to filter the rain, as did the animals. There are three moons, of which one acts as a space port since the planet is the way it is. The resident star is a blue dwarf.

    This planet has prospered due to the efforts of biologists and miners, as such most residents here are of those occupations. Having your city underground has benefits of easy to access heat via thermal taps which access the planet's heat for power. Also, mining is much easier on miners, since you do not have to go back to the surface to go home, but the place does have a ventilation system for if toxic gasses do happen to be opened. Farmers tend to make a staple of mushrooms, and other easy to grow foods and livestock. The animals on the surface are edible, they just do not taste good by themselves. So far, being only roughly thirty years old, this planet only has fifteen million inhabitants. The eyes of the population have been altered by the scientists so that they can see in the dark a lot easier. This is done by finding the strand of DNA that is responsible for the eye's development and replicating a specific part of it, namely the rods and cones. The people from here are able to change the amount of rods and cones they have in their body due to the aid of the study of a frog's eyes from the surface.

    Government: Dictatorship

    Race: All kinds, again, a human is a human is a human. So long as 50% of your DNA is still human, you are considered human.

    Race (open)

    Name of race: Human, obviously

    Appearance: Depends on the human you ask, but anything goes.

    Culture: (Normal culture insert here) But honestly, there would not be much different just because they live underground. They still celebrate what they want to, and how they want to, they just do it differently.

    PHEW, doing that all in one go was tiring, but that might be because it is almost five o'clock in the morning here. Any questions, concerns, or dislikes, please let me know.
  • Will make one, but I do have a question.
    Do we make up some planet's name or not?


  • What's animu? .__.
  • I think it's anime ._.
  • It is anime, fantasy, and science fiction, although I am working on mostly the science fiction aspect.
  • If you read the first post, you should know that there are 12 planets in the solar system.

    If you read the second post, you should have seen that there was a template for planets.

    So yeah, if you want, you can make your own planet for your own character, or you can have them live in a planet that's already made. Of course, considering how the only planet that's been made so far is a dictatorship, yeah, you're probably better off making your own.
  • In regards to your CS, Krnon...

    For appearance, if you're going to describe it, just do it properly then. No need to make references to anime characters if you aren't going to use a pic. It'll make it easier for me to find a reference picture anyways, if I just have raw physical details. In regards to the eyes, I'd prefer if you wrote down what makes it 'special' in the appearance. Keeps everything nice and organized, imo.

    In regards to habits, I was referring to less of his daily routine, and more of...'he has a habit of chewing on his fingernails when he's bored' or something along those lines.

    Personality....that looks like History to me. XD But can you talk a bit about the war? Just give me details such as how long it's been going on and such.

    For Skills, I would say, to balance things out...he's not exceptionally good at any of these things. He just knows how to do them, and can do them without embarrassing himself.

    For Talents...in regards to strength, what's the difference between the Exo-suite and something like power armor? Everything else is fine, but I'll throw in the added benefit of him having extremely acute senses, alright? Gotta give him a weakness for all his strengths, after all.

    For Abilities, what sorts of energies does he detect? Cause there's a lot of them, everywhere. Unless that's your way of saying that his ability is functionally useless and has no point. XD

    He has a ton of weapons. Does he carry them with him everywhere?

    What's an Ion Sword? I'm thinking of it as a lightsaber, but eh.........

    For weight, just use adjectives such as 'heavy' or what not. It'll make it easier on me, because I don't want to think about the realistic effect of having a 30 ton mech land after a mile-high drop. XD

    For future reference, railguns are costly and overpowered. They take a long time to charge up, and every shot generally damages the internals of the railgun itself. So I would say that...for every 12 shots, he'd have to replace the barrel. In return, yeah, he gets the overpowered weapon that melts through pretty much any type of armor plating.

    In regards to its biogical-fission energy source, that means that it doesn't really need to fuel up and what-not, right? At least, it doesn't depend on having to look for gas stations and electric outlets to charge itself up? And Death can't fly, right?

    For the AI, note that its alert function only works if they're attacked by something that has been registered to its database. So completely foreign weaponry would slip right past its alerting.

    For the planet, can you go into detail about what sort of Dictatorship it is? Is it ruled by a royal family? The military? Is it oppressive? Or what?

    Everything else is fine though. If you were going to make them pretty much 'standard' humans, you don't need to fill out a Race template. That's reserved for the not-so-standard humans.
  • Sorry, here you go. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net...04_full.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20101108145155
    Just imagine him with black, straight hair and that should be what he looks like normally.

    Like you have said, no one gives a shit in the fringe colonies.

    I agree, he can do them, but is not an expert.

    Oh, sorry. In that case, "He has a habit of not communicating to others before doing things.". Does this count?

    He carries his sonic pistol and his Ion sword almost religiously.
    An ion sword is much like a lightsaber, but instead of using the force to fuel it, it uses Ions. Simple, right?

    I am used to actually making spec sheets for mechs in GURPS, as such I tend to use real numbers, but is you prefer, I would say it is light.

    Right, and Death cannot fly, but it can however jump.

    Note, the projectile would be registered upon impact and analyzed based on the sound it emitted, force of impact, and estimated speed.

    It is ruled by the military, and only oppressive when you don't do what you are told or break the laws.

    I never said I was not using "not standard humans" on this planet, but I digress and agree with you.
  • The exo suite attaches to his neural network, and moves as he thinks he wants to move. That is the difference.
  • If you're referring to the civil war, though, the peeps in the Solar System aren't even aware that it's happening. They pretty much lost all contact with the Galactic Empire after getting abandoned, so yeah...that's why I was asking about what sort of war it was, because he can't really stop a war that he doesn't even know exist, right?

    Yeah, that habit works.

    So basically...it's a sword that melts rather than cuts? K. Just note that he's not really going to be able to bounce back laser beams with it. XD

    Sure, you can have the whole analysing thing. Just to note, though, that the auto-analysing will lose its efficiency the more damage the mech takes, or the more simultaneous hits lands on it. Shouldn't be too much of an issue, really, considering Death's made out of paper anyways.

    In regards to the exo-suite, that's how most power suits and mechas work the first place, outside of using weapons and such. More specifically, that's how Powers are enhanced: by linking ze brain to the supercomputers stuck within the mechas.
  • I know this.

    Right, that would make me question what you mean by what kind of war, since that was the only one I was aware of, but what civilization has no standing army?

    Death is made for maneuverability, control, and tactical approaches, not a frontal charge.

    Yes, though the power suite can be cumbersome, thus an exo-suite is a light-wight version, sacrificing armor and shields for movement.
  • Well, you were the one that stated in the CS that...

    So what I was wondering was...what war is he referring to in this sentence? It can't be the civil war of the Galactic Empire, because they aren't even aware of it. Is there a war going on in Kroil against another planet in the same solar system? Are they having their own little civil war within the planet? What war is Darvik wanting to end here?

    Alternatively, is this a war against random space pirates or other rouge elements within space?
  • His sonic pistol has a bio-kinetically charged battery, meaning the more he moves, the more charge it gets. The function of this gun is to get a noise, copy the frequencies, then amplify it in a direction. The gun has three modes:
    1. Tight beam - This is the most damaging, but that depends on the sound taken to shoot and amplify. The sound is sent to an internal computer, then amplified up to twenty times, then focused into a beam. This works on the fact that sounds and energy both use a frequency and pitch.
    2. Wide beam - This does the same thing as before, but sacrificing range and damage, it will at most knock you back or on your bum.
    3. Self detonation - This mode turns the gun into a grenade, giving the user five seconds to throw before it explodes with no more force then the standard dynamite.
  • Most likely this, since he has a vendetta against murderers. Piracy is a constant war, but I was referring to the war of him and his conscious.
  • What's the maximum amount of damage the sonic gun can do with the Tight Beam? I assume that it's strictly anti-personnel, with minimal effect against armored units?

    And basically, then, he has an internal conflict or whatnot going on?
  • Third degree burns or worse depending on how long it is held to a single point. It can be used on mechs but with severely low damage.

    He does not want to murder, but his occupation calls for it. I'm sure this calls for conflict.
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