Legacy: Epilogue

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  1. Okay, let's see if Legacy can survive through another server crash...

    We'll end it here in one IC thread, cutting forward to the point where the Torment and the Legacy crash onto Iwaku. Then we can all crawl from the wreckage and have our final fights as we try to make it to the Gateway.

    Don't bother with character sheets - we all know each other by now. Anyone who's inactive will be considered killed in the crash.

    I'll open the IC with a post describing the final battleground. Then we can all bring our character arcs to an end and finally meet up with the Promise.
  2. Come now.

    Did you really think Grumpy and I wouldn't come lurk like gargoylish trolls in your Clan discussion.
  3. Also, yeah, Murder Clan > Murder Group.
  4. I just got finished reading though everything that happened last night. lol.
  5. Maine​
    Maine said nothing after Otto explained everything, the only thought through his mind was I hate that guy. "You and me both." Nyx added. However, when they approached the building, both their jaws dropped. The change from the nearly empty desert to the giant mansion like structure was sudden and surprising to Maine. The last time he was in the Middle East, he was on a pretty crappy forward operating base, but this was going to be a nice change of pace for him. While he was lost in though, Nyx quickly rose from the shadows and moved along with the group.

    As Otto toured the house, Maine stood in silence, taking in everything. Nyx on the other hand was already raiding the entertainment center. "Holy Shit! They have Star Wars! And the original ones too!!" When jobs were assigned, Maine was in no way disappointed that he was stuck. He guessed Otto didn't want him screwing stuff up so he was placed on house arrest. "Well at least I can finally get a shower. I'm pretty sure I still have blood on my chest...." he muttered moving upstairs to get a shower.

    The Star Wars opening fanfare blared as Nyx plopped on a seat. Looking over at Alkura she proposed "Hey. Movie just started wanna join?"
  6. Civil War is testing us
  7. As for Aimi..! I dunno. I'll figure something out.
  8. Traveling between multiverses is not possible... or, well it is, but it's not something any character should be doing unless special circumstances are absolutely needed.

    IC-wise, that can be done through certain means, but the Coalition/UN would strictly forbid it. Obviously someone could do it without them knowing, but as of right now, the only two individuals capable of hopping multiverses in Ludger and Julius, and they would adhere to the Coalition's wishes.

    However, that doesn't mean one can't travel to the past of their universe. However, this would technically not be time travel. They would be traveling to an alternate dimension where everything is the same except it's at an earlier point in time. The Coalition would never directly advocate time travel and instead would work around it using this method if required. So yeah, that means technically their home universe is going on without them, but ehhh....

    Traveling between universes is totally whatever required someone has the means, such as Junko. However, Junko also travels to different points in time... essentially, there's two different kinds of time travel. An individual can travel to the past where time isn't affected so to say, or time travel where the universe itself is moved backward while the individual is technically unmoved. Think Max from Life is Strange (This is also the time travel I explained above with Rant).

    This sounds complicated but essentially, Junko isn't resetting time for anyone. She is only accessing different points. Essentially, if she travels into the future first, then goes back into the past... while she was in the future, her time in the past would have already happened.

    I'm not sure what you mean, precisely. I assume Jack could head to his world, be back relatively where he left it, kill Aku, and no one else's time would be affected by this. Unless I got that wrong and he needs to travel through time a bunch...

    Assuming Jack and Zinnia stay out of the Coalition's affairs and assuming Jack can freely time travel (I'm not sure the details), Jack could head to his world, travel through time, kill Aku, then if he had the means to travel to another universe, could head on over to Zinnia's world where barely any time passed. How much time did pass could be whatever as time is relative within the multiverse, but essentially jack could time travel millions of years in his world in an hour, but only the same amount of time would have passed in Zinnia's world if he were to have just sat around for that hour in his world.
  9. Where's Raife now? I think I can sneak in something with regards to Paorou and MPLM at the end of the story.
  10. He's on the ruined Torment Bridge, waiting for Daryl to get all up in his grill.

    If he stays there any longer, the Boss Music on the loudspeakers will drive him insane. -__-
  11. How about Paorou (since he's fused with Raife and stuff) holds him back for an opening for Chaos to kill him.

    And he'd remind Raife that "... at about this time, the villain dies, lol."
  12. Oh, but my dearest Paorou, you have no idea of the epic Star Trek moral dilemma I am about to pull. For verily, it shall change the very course of your mortal thinking...

    Either that or it won't change a thing and everyone will be like "Whut? Can we kill him now plx?"

    Wait and see.... wait and see....

    *nurses his two-year-planned scene*
  13. With whatever you're pulling (taking star trek moral dilemma as a clue) I can easily pull a bokurano-esque conclusion.

    A mind shattering solution for an epic moral dilemma.
  14. ...really? Going there huh? Okay
  15. when shiki sees the cats

  16. Great kill, Alex. Another rocking post.

    We're almost there, people.
  17. Think it's possible for Grant to save Jack before Atrian/Asmodeus does a Highlander on him?
  18. Still not ready for Civil War!
  19. When my druid takes a level in rogue

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