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  1. Okay, let's see if Legacy can survive through another server crash...

    We'll end it here in one IC thread, cutting forward to the point where the Torment and the Legacy crash onto Iwaku. Then we can all crawl from the wreckage and have our final fights as we try to make it to the Gateway.

    Don't bother with character sheets - we all know each other by now. Anyone who's inactive will be considered killed in the crash.

    I'll open the IC with a post describing the final battleground. Then we can all bring our character arcs to an end and finally meet up with the Promise.
  2. Woo... x___x
  3. Okay, the ball is rolling. Let's end this before the fucking server crashes again.

    I think my first post has mentioned all the remaining active players.

    Ryker, I've left Joi alive in case you wanted a last scene with her.

    Palonis, you're all set to save me from the nasty predator.

    Porg, don't let Atrian get away, else the whole universe will be fucked.

  4. Maine​
    Maine said nothing after Otto explained everything, the only thought through his mind was I hate that guy. "You and me both." Nyx added. However, when they approached the building, both their jaws dropped. The change from the nearly empty desert to the giant mansion like structure was sudden and surprising to Maine. The last time he was in the Middle East, he was on a pretty crappy forward operating base, but this was going to be a nice change of pace for him. While he was lost in though, Nyx quickly rose from the shadows and moved along with the group.

    As Otto toured the house, Maine stood in silence, taking in everything. Nyx on the other hand was already raiding the entertainment center. "Holy Shit! They have Star Wars! And the original ones too!!" When jobs were assigned, Maine was in no way disappointed that he was stuck. He guessed Otto didn't want him screwing stuff up so he was placed on house arrest. "Well at least I can finally get a shower. I'm pretty sure I still have blood on my chest...." he muttered moving upstairs to get a shower.

    The Star Wars opening fanfare blared as Nyx plopped on a seat. Looking over at Alkura she proposed "Hey. Movie just started wanna join?"
  5. I don't check the clan that thoroughly that I would know about that fact. :P x'D
  6. That sounds suitably ominous, Mac.

    I'll have Grant crawl his ass out of the wreckage shortly.
  7. As for Aimi..! I dunno. I'll figure something out.
  8. *basks in the enthusiasm*
  9. Where's Raife now? I think I can sneak in something with regards to Paorou and MPLM at the end of the story.
  10. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    Deliberations went on for about another hour. Ferrara was a brick wall of reluctance concerning Landel's initiative. Engel had her own reservations about it, as well. After all, she saw firsthand what Landel's prospective initiates could do. Quite frankly, the thought of some of these superpowered individuals running out on the field frightened her. She spent hours upon hours treating injured agents hobbling back from missions against such beings. Not all of them made it. And she, in particular, was intimately familiar with at least one agent and the scars he earned from such conflicts.

    But then Crossfire, who had remained silent throughout the debate thus far, ended all further arguments with four words.

    "It's a good idea."

    He said it quietly, waiting until everyone else had said their piece, before voicing his opinion. The others, both for and against the initiative, chewed on that. Crossfire was one of - if not the - best agent in Hushcobb with enough successful assignments and confirmed kills to his name to instantly command respect. If anyone knew the extent of a freak's abilities, it was him. And yet, here he was, vouching for the initiative - with full knowledge of the implications and consequences.

    Engel's head whipped toward him in surprise. He returned her gaze, unwavering and resolved.

    Ferrara finally said into the silence, "I'll take your considerations, arguments, and opinions - all of them," he added, looking at Crossfire, " - and come to a conclusion by tomorrow morning. Dismissed."

    With that, everyone silently trickled out, with Landel giving Crossfire a thankful look before sneaking away with Ruth Borwell. On the way out, Engel grabbed Crossfire's arm and pulled him to the side of a secluded hallway.

    "What the hell, Taka? You're for this crazy idea?" she hissed. "Wyatt and Zeroth, sure. They're pretty harmless. But Erika? I don't know. Even if Eliza's right about her, that's such a huge risk!"

    Crossfire looked down at the ground. For once, he looked...vulnerable. Quietly, he said, "...It's what Hayato would've done."

    Engel stopped and for a moment, all she could hear was her heartbeat in her ears...and the ghost of a friendly voice in her ear, whispering oh-so-familiar sweet nothings, just for her. "That's not fair," she grunted.

    "You know he would've supported it. Giving people a second chance. Fighting for something bigger."

    "He did have a bit of a hero complex," Engel allowed. She shook her head. "This is a crazy idea, Taka," she repeated. "But you're right. It'd be just like him to back something like this up." She looked at Crossfire sharply. "And if it blows up in our faces?"

    Without a word, the master marksman drew a clip of special pistol rounds - these designed to take down Fae - from the recesses of his immaculate suit. He just as wordlessly slipped them away.

    Engel had the ghost of a smile on her lips. "Well. Nice to know you're still the pragmatic brother."


    JUNE 20, 2011


    "Stop being such a baby. Its just stitches."

    "But it hurts!"

    Engel's tone grew exasperated. "Hayato, you're a ninja. You fight monsters on a daily basis."


    Now, Engel started growing more condescending, as if talking to a child. "Come on, you big baby. You took the cut, you can take the stitch."

    Suddenly, Hayato gave her a leer and a smirk. He inquired, "Well, maybe you can kiss it and make it better?"

    The surgeon rolled her eyes, realizing that he was pulling her leg again. She anchored the suture with a final knot and dressed it. Then she tucked her chin into his shoulder from behind and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "There. You're such a little kid, I swear." Hayato then reached over, turned her chin toward his face, and kissed her on the mouth. He made it last and made her moan into it. When they parted, Engel admitted breathlessly, "All right, that's a bit more adult."

    He smiled and raised his patched-up arm. "Thanks for this, Angel." Ever since their first night together, he'd taken to calling her that. A private term of endearment, just for her. She'd had boyfriends who did something similar, but it never made her feel this special before. The only other person who knew about it was Taka, of course. There wasn't anything the brothers didn't share with one another. The fact that the stony and private Taka Tennou let Engel into his life, accepted her virtually as a sister, only added to how special Hayato made her feel.


    JULY 4, 2011

    It turned out that Hayato was not only a divine chef sent down to Earth by the gods of cooking, Martha Stewart, and Emeril, but he was also a grillmaster extraordinaire.

    Director Ferrara was hardly the most forthcoming or generally pleasant of people, but he seemed to actually be enjoying himself this holiday. It was readily evident that it was Hayato's masterful grilling skills that took the edge of the director's normally grim countenance. The director was happily digging into an absolutely perfect steak.

    "All right, Tennou," Crippling said, "I want mine rare and Eliza is going for a medium-well. You got five minutes." He raised a stopwatch. "And...go!"

    The next thing anyone knew, Hayato produced two different plates bearing the requested meat off the same grill. When Crippling and Landel dug in, they were pleasantly astonished to find perfection. "What the hell, man?" Crippling declared. "How is that even possible?"

    Hayato thew them his patented smirk and announced, "A ninja never shares his secrets!"

    "How haven't you turned into a fat old maid eating his food?" Landel joked to Engel.

    The surgeon, who had earlier requested a veggie burger - also made to perfection - smiled contentedly. "He makes healthy meals, too, Eliza."

    Landel made a mocking gesture of astonishment. "No way! Better marry that man, Annabelle. He's a keeper!" Engel blushed to the roots of her golden hair. Hayato noticed and threw her a special smirk, just for her, and added a wink on top. She reddened further.

    "If she does, then they really will be a 'flock,'" Crippling added around a mouthful of steak. It was a running gag at this point. Between Hayato and Taka - which everyone had learned generally meant 'falcon' and 'hawk' in Japanese respectively - and Annabelle Engel, who's own surname meant 'angel' in German, the three inseparable friends had enough winged metaphors in their names to to constitute any number of bird-related puns. Engel briefly amused herself by keeping track. Thus far, they'd been called 'the Birds of Prey,' 'a murder of crows,' 'a nest,' and now 'a flock.'

    She also noticed that while their coworkers were more than happy to pun in her and Hayato's presence, they dialed it back whenever Taka showed up.


    Engel's attention went back to her boyfriend after someone in the let out a burst of surprise. Hayato was handing Bob the bus driver a plate with a very difficult and special order. Rather than just one steak, the young ninja split it in half to make two thinner slices and stuffed them with Gorgonzola and herbs. Most importantly, he sealed the cheese within the slices such that it almost seemed like they had never been cut at all. Bob, among others, were making sounds of surprise and praise at this difficult technique.

    "He's been waiting to show that one off ever since I told him about it," Engel admitted to Landel. "We went to a nice restaurant a few weeks ago that had that dish. Hayato took it as a challenge."

    Landel gave her a beaming grin. "Oh, definitely a keeper."


    AUGUST 28, 2011

    It was Engel's first time overseas and most certainly her first time in Japan. Unfortunately, it wasn't for pleasure.

    One of Hushcobb's agents had gone rogue, taking with him a USB with sensitive information about the organization with the intent to ransom it off. The renegade thought he could escape by fleeing to the other side of the world. He was going to try disappearing in Thailand. Too bad his connecting flight took him right into the heart of the Tennou brothers' home turf.

    Though they hadn't been to Japan in years, they lost none of their home-field advantage. Engel struggled to keep up with the brothers as they seemed to fly across the rooftops of Tokyo in pursuit of the renegade agent.

    "Goddammit, you two! Slow down! Not all of us are ninjas, damn it!"

    Engel generally considered herself an athletic person and regularly met Hushcobb's physical standards whenever she had to pass a fitness exam. But she was rapidly losing ground and could only watch in dumbfounded awe as Hayato and Taka vaulted over, past, and through obstacles in their way as if they were leaves on the wind. She swore then and there to devote more time to her cardio. Those two made it look so damn easy!

    Seeing them in action like this, moving in perfect synchronization, flying for all intents and purposes like hunting birds on the wing...she could finally appreciate why they were named after birds of prey.

    Hayato leaped into the air, easily making himself a target...which was the point. The renegade, seeing no other recourse but to fight, turned and discharged his weapon at Engel's boyfriend. Hayato smiled eagerly as his sword flashed like lightning and deflected the bullets with fluid ease. "Go for it, Aniki!" he shouted as he landed.

    Taka, perched atop an air conditioning unit, took the opening and fired a pair of shots that broke each of the renegade's legs. Their target dropped with a pained wail.

    Engel finally caught up to the brothers as they converged on the rogue agent. She panted, "God, you two are such - "

    "Later," Taka said grimly. Hayato had the tip of his sword on the renegade's neck while Taka searched the man for the USB, ultimately retrieving it. Then Taka leveled a pistol at the man's head as well.

    "No, wait, please," the rogue pleaded through the pain. Something in his voice made the three pause. The man continued, "Those files...they're my last hope."

    "You were going to ransom them," Taka said coldly. "Be grateful we don't kill you here and now."

    The rogue shook his head. "I need the money. I was never going to actually release the files. I need those files."

    Engel raised a curious eyebrow. "What are they?"

    "They...they're everything Hushcobb knows about vampire physiology. My daughter...my daughter's half-vampire."

    "What the - wait, you somehow had a kid with a vampire?" Hayato asked in astonishment. This wasn't what they were expecting when they were sent out on this mission. "How...how does that even work?"

    "Not the way Twilight makes it out to be," Engel replied dryly. She then looked to the rogue. "A half-vampire has an unstable physiology. Undead and life mixed together. She must be in agony."

    The rogue looked away. It was all the answer she needed. Hayato caught on as well. He sheathed his sword.

    "Hayato, what are you doing?" Taka demanded. "We're taking this man in."

    "No, Aniki, we're not." It was the first time Engel ever heard her lover take that stern a tone with his brother. It was the first time she'd ever heard him with anything less than a chipper verve. "He's only trying to help his family. He walks." Hayato then sheepishly looked to the rogue's legs and then back to his brother. "Well...maybe not walks...but...well...you know what I mean!"

    There was the Hayato Engel knew and loved.

    Taka, however, was far from amused. "We are taking this man in," the older Tennou reiterated sharply, stubbornly. "That's an order."

    "Let it go, Aniki," Hayato pleaded. "Just this once, let it go. You already did something similar. For me."

    That got Engel's attention. What was he talking about?

    Hayato continued, switching to Japanese, "Onegai, Aniue. Konkai dake wa shite kudasai."

    Taka's gaze became flinty, as sharp as the hawk he was named after. Engel watched the undercurrent, the byplay, between the brothers in rapt fascination...and then the moment of tension ended as suddenly as it began. Taka moved his hand away from the rogue's head and holstered his weapon. "Your bleeding heart will eventually run out of blood, Hayato," he warned with a touch of sadness in his voice. Then he turned to Anna. "I'll leave the renegade's wounds to you, Anna."

    As Taka walked off, Hayato let out a breath and smiled at his brother. Engel watched her boyfriend bow at Taka's retreating back. "Arigatou, Aniki." He then knelt with Engel at the rogue's side, excitedly rendering assistance. "Come on, Angel, let's get this guy back to his kid...."
  11. (Original Poster: Quiet One)

    Taka sprinted towards the hut previously occupied by the dead. He lugged the generator behind him, which cut down on his sprinting. But he would need it. He thought he knew how to get the Arancol's attention for certain, and keep him away from his brother and his bedmate. The grim marksman wasn't expecting to come running back to find a zombie puppet show in progress. On a reflex he pulled out his gun and fired. He paid no attention to how near the zombies were to Hayato or Annabelle; he didn't need to since he never missed. One was an inch from grabbing the doctor's neck and he shot the wrist apart without pause. Another he shot from around Hayato's head, so close his hair moved in the breeze of his bullet.

    The poor souls whose bodies the Arancol was controlling couldn't keep standing for much longer. There was simply too much damage done by the three. So the demon Fae changed tactics. The next time Hayato stabbed into one of the walking dead the bodies went limp, but the black shroud did not return. Then all of a sudden Hayato swung and nearly took Annabelle's head off. He gripped his katana with both hands, but it dragged him and forced him to swing and stab.

    "What the - he's possessing my sword!" he shouted as the blade swept down to take out his own legs. He hopped back, jumped, then spun, keeping his brother back from trying to help him, even adding an attempted stab for good measure. "Aniki, a little help here! How do I get this thing out?!"

    "He has to inhabit something else," Taka replied. "Hit something hard enough and you might get him out."

    Hayato took the handle in a double grip, wrestled the struggling katana over his head like a wriggling boa, and pierced it into the earth. Cracks tore through the soil and sand swept back as it began to gather again. It formed into a mannish shape, with many mouths roaring and spikes of compressed sand appearing and disappearing in waves.


    The construct turned to Taka and hissed, "The Arancol, mortal."

    "Time to come out of the Dark Ages." He turned on the generator. It sputtered and coughed and finally came to life. There were no intact lightbulbs, but every time the current jumped to a broken bulb it snapped and produced a pop of light.

    The Arancol followed the popping light show, spinning around to watch and shrieking with rage. As it turned it dropped some of its mass and rose up, turning into a long spindly visage. It looked down at Taka and snarled.


    "I do." Taka pulled out his phone and shined the flashlight setting on the shadowy monster, his right hand still holding his gun. "What are you going to do about it?"

    The Arancol exploded and rushed him. Crossfire leapt out of the way of a blast of sand and ran out of the village. He kept turning back and shooting, to get him to stay on him. However, he was sure what really had the Dark Fae chasing him was his defiance against his blackout policy. He kept running out into the desert, sinister cackling and growls right on his coattails. He jumped off a dune and slid down it. His gun was empty, so he tossed it away. The Arancol was bearing down on him. He stuck out his hand, his cross scar the first thing to meet the onslaught of shadow.

    The mist shrieked and blew past him, trying to claw him, grabbing hold of his clothes briefly, but always letting go. The tiny bulb in his phone blew and the screen cracked. Taka shuddered where he stood as the nightmares flooded into his brain. They were all focused on his worst fear: failing to protect Hayato, not saving him when he had the chance. The images of him gored, flattened, or just lying still kept coming. But he held firm. As much as the thoughts made him shake he held firm. Because he knew one thing the Arancol did not. He knew he could stop it from coming true.

    It was morning when Taka opened his eyes. That didn't seem right. How could it have been the dead of night one minute, and now it was dawn? He turned away from the sunrise to see a dark shadow drift off into the horizon. He stood up and brushed the sand off his suit. He didn't seem any worse for wear. He looked down at his hand. It burned a little, and seemed to pulse a bit.

    When he got back to the village the place was in an uproar. He may have a hard time understanding Arabic, but it was clear from the village elder's body language that they were no longer welcome. Annabelle was trying to calm him down, plead their case. Hayato just looked lost until Taka came into the thick circle. The shouting died down into murmuring. The chief went silent. Hayato beamed and clasped a hand over his brother's shoulders, pulling him into a one-armed hug.

    "Aniki!" Taka could feel the joy in his brother's voice and he was glad his sunglasses shielded his eyes from looking misty. "Where the hell have you been?"

    "Just outside the village," he said. "I don't...I don't know how it's morning." He took a deep breath and nodded to his brother. "We know what we're dealing with now. We need a game plan."
  12. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    It was telling how crushed Hayato was, if Annabelle could actually drag him away from the sight of his brother as the Arancol's shadows descended upon the older twin.


    Barely a whisper. Annabelle closed her eyes to rid herself of her own tears; her lover sounded so...broken.

    "Come on, Hayato," she said softly, still gently tugging on his arm. "We need to leave. Taka's bought us some time, but we've got to go - now!"

    Already, the Arancol's hungry shadows started inching toward them. Suddenly, Hayato became as rooted as an ancient tree.

    "Hayato," Annabelle said, instantly recognizing what that meant. "Please, we've got to go!"

    The young ninja looked at her with deadened eyes. "I...can't, Angel."

    "Don't do it," she pleaded. "He sacrificed himself for us. You've got to run."

    "I have to try and save him."

    "Damn it, Hayato! I loved him, too! But he sacrificed everything so we can survive and get out of this hell hole!" She gave another futile yank. But Hayato was as immovable as mountain. "Please, don't do this...."

    Hands gently pushed hers away. Steel hissed out of its scabbard. Hayato stepped away from her, slowly. "I'm sorry, Angel. I love you, but I have to try."

    As he began to walk back into battle, Anna's hands gripped his. "Hayato, please," she begged, "I don't want to lose both of you...."

    Hayato almost stopped then and there. But he gently freed his hand from hers. "I'll come back, Angel. I promise."

    He charged into the shadowy morass.
  13. With whatever you're pulling (taking star trek moral dilemma as a clue) I can easily pull a bokurano-esque conclusion.

    A mind shattering solution for an epic moral dilemma.
  14. Posted for Grant. Let's fucking do this.
  15. Yes, you're probably all sick of Atrian's ranting by now, but that's precisely the point. He's the irritating and arrogant version of future Asmodeus.

    Anyway, hopefully Shadey will post soon, otherwise Jack's gonna get his 'ead chopped off and Lamord's gonna be paying homage to Arnie till the end of time.


    And someone remind me who called dibs on Terrie?

    I kinda want him to die now, but I can see someone getting pissed off.
  16. Great kill, Alex. Another rocking post.

    We're almost there, people.
  17. Think it's possible for Grant to save Jack before Atrian/Asmodeus does a Highlander on him?
  18. Well, it's meant to be Void who saves him.

    *prods Shadey*

    I might need you to take out Ithryx or Teagen though, since Palonis and Kimmy have flatlined.

    I think that's all the bosses...

    I've got Semyaza to deal with, and the ISAF's gonna tussle with the Apocritakan Queen. Uriel's got Balthasaar and Daryl's got Raife. Alex has dealt with Terrie.
  19. Can't remember which one Teagen is, so I'll go with Ithryx, unless someone feels like refreshing my memory. :)
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