Legacy: Epilogue

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Okay, let's see if Legacy can survive through another server crash...

We'll end it here in one IC thread, cutting forward to the point where the Torment and the Legacy crash onto Iwaku. Then we can all crawl from the wreckage and have our final fights as we try to make it to the Gateway.

Don't bother with character sheets - we all know each other by now. Anyone who's inactive will be considered killed in the crash.

I'll open the IC with a post describing the final battleground. Then we can all bring our character arcs to an end and finally meet up with the Promise.
Okay, the ball is rolling. Let's end this before the fucking server crashes again.

I think my first post has mentioned all the remaining active players.

Ryker, I've left Joi alive in case you wanted a last scene with her.

Palonis, you're all set to save me from the nasty predator.

Porg, don't let Atrian get away, else the whole universe will be fucked.

I'd rather have Jonas' consent for what I have in mind.
That sounds suitably ominous, Mac.

I'll have Grant crawl his ass out of the wreckage shortly.
*basks in the enthusiasm*
Where's Raife now? I think I can sneak in something with regards to Paorou and MPLM at the end of the story.
He's on the ruined Torment Bridge, waiting for Daryl to get all up in his grill.

If he stays there any longer, the Boss Music on the loudspeakers will drive him insane. -__-
How about Paorou (since he's fused with Raife and stuff) holds him back for an opening for Chaos to kill him.

And he'd remind Raife that "... at about this time, the villain dies, lol."
Oh, but my dearest Paorou, you have no idea of the epic Star Trek moral dilemma I am about to pull. For verily, it shall change the very course of your mortal thinking...

Either that or it won't change a thing and everyone will be like "Whut? Can we kill him now plx?"

Wait and see.... wait and see....

*nurses his two-year-planned scene*
With whatever you're pulling (taking star trek moral dilemma as a clue) I can easily pull a bokurano-esque conclusion.

A mind shattering solution for an epic moral dilemma.
Yes, you're probably all sick of Atrian's ranting by now, but that's precisely the point. He's the irritating and arrogant version of future Asmodeus.

Anyway, hopefully Shadey will post soon, otherwise Jack's gonna get his 'ead chopped off and Lamord's gonna be paying homage to Arnie till the end of time.


And someone remind me who called dibs on Terrie?

I kinda want him to die now, but I can see someone getting pissed off.
Great kill, Alex. Another rocking post.

We're almost there, people.
Think it's possible for Grant to save Jack before Atrian/Asmodeus does a Highlander on him?
Well, it's meant to be Void who saves him.

*prods Shadey*

I might need you to take out Ithryx or Teagen though, since Palonis and Kimmy have flatlined.

I think that's all the bosses...

I've got Semyaza to deal with, and the ISAF's gonna tussle with the Apocritakan Queen. Uriel's got Balthasaar and Daryl's got Raife. Alex has dealt with Terrie.
Can't remember which one Teagen is, so I'll go with Ithryx, unless someone feels like refreshing my memory. :)
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