League of the Undead

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  1. The League of the Undead~

    They are the best assassins the world has ever seen. They seem to have no soul, killing whoever they're paid to kill without feeling any guilt. They're also seen as undead because... No one has the slightest idea of who they are or why they kill. They come, they kill, they disappear.

    One day, they're killing tyranical government leaders, the next they're killed a mail-man.

    Of course, their motto is "whoever pays is the client, and we must meet the client's demands."

    However, as you can guess, FBI and other government branches are hunting these people down. Waiting for one to slip.


    ((You can be a civillian, an assassin, or in the government))


    Lonnie stared long and hard at the crowd of people. To the naked eye, all you could see was a normal young woman with black hair and blue eyes. She seemed as though she was waiting for someone, standing with her arms crossed and her foot tapping impatiently. In a way, she was waiting for someone.

    Then she saw him. Middle aged, blonde-ish hair, brown eyes. Her mind instantly clicked into place that this was the man she was looking for.

    Lonnie turned around and walked briskly away, heading to a large building. She was the perfect actress, making it seem as though someone was late and she was tired of waiting.

    She walked into the building and ran up the stairs, not even glancing at the elevator. She ran until she was on the top floor, which had a nice balcony looking over the entire city. Lonnie leaned over the rail, taking out her cellphone and turning on the camera. Little did anyone know that this was a hi-tech gadget, not a cellphone at all in fact.

    She zoomed in on her target. An invisible ray shout out of the camera, pointing directly at the temple of the man. This ray was similar to ones used for x-rays. But this ray heated up more, literally melting the brain of her target.

    Lonnie smiled, satisfied, when the man dropped to the ground. Dead.
  2. The barrel of Alec's sniper poked through a small whole in the window if the 6th floor apartment, watching the horizon and waiting for his moment. He saw the roofless Jeep rise over the hill and pulled his trigger. One and a half seconds later, the front seat passenger was dead. Hastily he packed up his equipment and wiped the place clean of prints, even though he wore gloves.

    The Russian sauntered nonchalantly down the stairwell, sipping vodka from his gold flask and avoiding eye contact with the hotel patrons. As he entered the lobby, he put on his dark sunglasses, both to shade his eyes from the bright glare off the concrete outside and to stop his magnificent emerald eyes from being recognized be the cameras. After leaving, he sat himself in the drivers seat of the Mercedes parked outside. Flicking his long pony tale out of the way of the door he closed it and started the engine, getting that continuously satisfying pur of the German machinery.

    "The target has eliminated." he said in his mono tonal radio voice making it easier for HQ to understand his accent. "I'm on my way to the next location."
  3. The telephone rang, it was always bad knews when that happened. Jillian heard how one of her working partners answered it, it didn't sound good this time eighter. As fast as he was done talking he turned to Jillian with a bad-news expression on his face. He told her how more people had gotten assasinated.

    Jillian sighted and turned back to her papers, they had searched everywhere after those assasins but everytime they were finnished with a job they seemed to just disappeard. If they didn't take those assasins while they were doing their job then they would probably never be caught. But there were no clues so far to who the assasins would have as the next target, it seemed so random. Sometimes it was an important person and sometimes it was someone no one would even notice. It was clear that they didn't care who they killed as long as they got money, so it all depended on who the client were. But they probably had so many clients so it would be impossible to figure out which one who would give them jobs were.

    The only thing she could think of to do in this situation would be to find one client and make him or her call one of those assasins and then they could take him or her when the person is trying to do the job. That was probably the most dangerous way to do it but what other choice did they have? But first they needed to find one of the clients and that was easier said than done. This had become the hardest case for FBI ever, they and a lot of other organisations had tried to get to those assasins for so long but still not made it. But they couldn't give up, they had to take down those murderers.

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  4. She sat in her red Mustang. Lonnie's head was leaned back and a cigarette stuck out from the side of her mouth. She enjoyed a nice smoke after every job, before she had to go back to HQ or to the next. They didn't allow smoking. Lonnie checked her watch and exhaled a slow cloud of smoke.

    Lonnie grabbed the radio, which usually sat in a small hidden compartment in the passenger seat. "I'm done," she said casually, "Any more jobs, or should I head back?"

    "Come back, we have nothing for you right now," the operator for HQ said.

    That didn't mean she could rest. Lonnie started the car and began driving, knowing that it only meant more training. She hardly got time to rest, clients seemed to call 24/7. Anytime she wasn't killing, she was training to kill.

    Lonnie got back to HQ and sauntered in, past some training rooms and past operator rooms, where they take all the calls from clients. There was another operator room, where operators waited for confirmation of a successful assassination. Unsuccessful assassinations, like someone crossing the path of a bullet, were deadly for the assassin and the original target. Unsuccessful meant that that assassin was losing his/her touch and was no longer useful. And yet they call it in, knowing what their fate is. But of course, why hide it? Everyone would find out, especially if the client complains.

    That's why Lonnie took extra special care while on the job. She had had to kill one of her colleagues once and would not like to be killed in the same way.
  5. Nova lay on the floor of the firing range, her eye just shy of the scope. *phff* A hole, barely bigger then a pencil point, appeared in the head of the target. Shifting slightly, she drove rounds into two more targets in the space of less then a second.


    The familiar tone of 'HOLD' broke her from her stasis. How long had she been there? She glaced back to the Overwatch, and the range timer.


    A better part of the day. She stood and streched, feeling unused joints pop.
  6. Lonnie walked into the tech-lab. That was where their scientists and engineers came up with cool new gadgets, other ways to kill people.

    She sat next to one of them, who was working on some sort of watch, and set the "cellphone" in front of him. "How was it? Any complaints?" he asked, turning to her.

    She shook her head, "It works fine, perfect actually. Mind if I keep it?"

    The man smiled, "Sorry Lonnie. You were just testing it. We still need to fix up a few things, then you can have one."

    Lonnie nodded, smiling, and left. She headed toward the shooting range.
  7. Nova hissed as the flesh around the 'self-inflicted' wound from her last 'hunt' pulled against the stitches. Though it was unusual and risky, placing herself into the bullet path had removed any possible connection to the assassination. Getting rid of the blood evidence was easy...Shame that the tech had to die...she had been really cute.

    Collecting the spent casings and magazines, she walked to the gun rack and mulled over her next weapon of choice. There were quite a few to practice with...
  8. Lonnie entered the shooting range and nodded to Nova in greeting. "Hey, practicing?" she asked, grabbing a gun. "I'm here because I haven't used a gun in ages," Lonnie explained, "I've been testing new weapons from the tech lab."

    She looked over the silver pistol in her hands. Non-surprisingly, it was a Smith&Wesson pistol. Lonnie always liked Smith&Wesson guns more than any others. She didn't know why, maybe it was the name, most guns functioned pretty much the same. Aim, pull trigger. It wasn't exactly rocket-science, but Lonnie felt that S&Ws were easier to aim.

    Lonnie fired at a couple of targets, hitting each one in the head and the heart. "Which do you prefer?" she asked Nova. "Do you like going for the head or the heart?"
  9. Nova looked at Lonnie. "Really? What new toys are they giving out?" She pulled an M 4 modded for sniping and loaded a fresh magazine. Setting herself back on the line, she chose a far target and fired. As she adjusted the scope, she answered without looking.

    "Head. Heart. Neck. Chest. Doesn't matter. Just so long as they drop."

    She fired again. 'Up and just to the Right'
  10. "Techs just had me test a cellphone that shoots rays. Pretty sure the guy had brain-goo coming from his ears when I was done," Lonnie replied, firing off more shots. She smiled a little, "Wish I had been closer." Lonnie loaded another magazine and fired off more shots.

    "Personally, I prefer the heart. I feel like... It has some sort of symbolism... Know what I mean?" Lonnie said quietly. She wasn't sure if Nova heard her, but that was alright. Sometimes, when she said things like that, she felt crazy. She may have to see a psychologist soon. "So, any new jobs for you?"

    A few more rounds were fired, an entire target became nothing more than a few shards of paper. "The guy I just took out. He was a corrupt cop, trafficking women and drugs, made his men help out. I didn't even think twice about this one, then again, when have I ever thought twice?"

    Suddenly, Lonnie stopped. She laughed a little and turned to her colleague. "I'm sorry, I haven't stopped talking since I came in. You must be tired of me, huh?" Lonnie laughed again. Yeah, she'd have to go to a psychologist, she was blabbering on and on about things they all did every day.
  11. Nova shook her head at her associate's admission. While it was nice to get close for the hit, it wasn't always the best.

    After reloading, she shook her head once more. "Nothing yet. But I'm not holding my breath for one either."

    Just as she lined up on her next target...


    "Sonovabitch!" Nova spat as her shot went wide.
  12. Lonnie flinched when Nova shouted out, her shot going out. She sighed with relief, for a second she thought it was going to hit her. Lonnie turned to Nova. "Are you alright? What happened?" she asked, becoming a little worried.
  13. Nova's face was anything but pleasant. "No. I'm not alright. Just got called." She really wanted to rip out her earpiece and smash it...but resisted. Packing up, she wondered who she'd be sent after and the conditions for the kill. Before she left, she turned to Lonnie.

    "It's Nothing Personal" She said, quoting the first part of League's Creed.
  14. Lonnie gave Nova a small salute, putting two fingers to her forehead and lifting them away. (So hard to describe that xD)

    She smiled. "Nothing personal," she repeated quietly as Nova left.

    Lonnie turned back to the targets, she lifted the gun again and tilted it sideways. The sound of gun-shots went off non-stop for a while. Finally, Lonnie was surrounded by empty magazines and bullet-shells. She yawned and stretched, leaving the firing range. "Might as well relax before my next job," she said to herself.

    She headed to her room in the living quarters of the HQ. Actually, the living quarters were more like apartments for each of the assassins. Each had at least three to four rooms, not including the kitchen or bathroom. A living room, a bedroom, a dining room, and sometimes an extra room. It depended on whether you needed an extra room or not, some of them preferred training in private.

    Lonnie opened her door and locked it behind her. She undressed as she headed to the bathroom, throwing all of her clothes to the ground. She started a warm shower and slipped in, letting the water calm her. "I need to go to a spa," Lonnie said out-loud, stretching her back muscles.

    ´╝┤en minutes later, Lonnie lay on her couch in a tank-top and black slacks. She was sprawled on the couch, looking completely relaxed.

    She let out a groan when her phone rang. "Hello?" she answered, sounding annoyed.

    "We've got a job for you. Snoopy FBI agent, they're getting on the bosses nerves."

    "So this is personal?" Lonnie asked.

    The operator laughed a little, "Yeah I guess."
  15. Just as Alec pulled up in front of the head quarters, a call came in over his radio. "We have a job for you" the voice crackled, "Ex military is about to join the FBI and you need to take him out. Make sure you send a message!"

    "Get someone else to do it" he growled back at the voice.

    "No" the voice came back, "Your the best at letting people know that we're serious about our shit"

    "Fine, I'll do it when I'm ready though" he said tearing the receiver out of his beloved Mercedes dashboard. Restarting the engine he pulled out of the car park and turned towards the cities main center. Alec loved the city, you could do almost anything and get away with it, especially when you know how not to get caught. Finally he came across his favorite hotel and pulled up at the door. He stepped out and threw his keys to the one other man who he trusted with his baby, "Make sure you take care of her" he said winking at his as he walked in to the lobby and got his room for the afternoon.
  16. Lonnie walked out to her car, heading towards the location of the FBI agent. She would be hitting him while he was at home and hoped he wasn't a family man. She hated killing men in front of their families. Of course, Lonnie had done it many times before. It always pulled at her heart strings though.

    She arrived at the place. It was a large, fancy apartment building. She knew exactly which floor to look in. Fortunately, there was a hotel across the street. It would be a quick and easy assassination.

    Lonnie parked the car in the hotel parking lot. She went around and opened the trunk, grabbing a suit-case. Inside were the parts of a sniper-rifle, ready for quick assembly.

    She signed in and went up to her room, directly one floor above the FBI agent's. Lonnie put together the sniper and sat beside the window. "People should close their curtains," she said, being able to look directly into the agent's home. "This is a bad day for you my friend," she said. The operator told her that the agent was on vacation, but had continued an investigation of his own.

    Lonnie waited for a couple of hours before the perfect moment came. "Now you close them?" she wondered out loud, seeing the agent starting to close the curtains.

    In less than five seconds, she had aimed her rifle and fired. A small stream of blood came from the man's forehead and he fell back.

    She sighed and leaned back. From the angle she had shot from, she knew it would be easy for them to find out which room she had been in. The problem she had left them was figuring out her identity. She had left the name of an old assassin, one who had been killed a few months ago, making it impossible for them to track her. And besides, she would have a hacker get into the hotel's system and sign her out without her having to go back to the front desk.

    All she had to do was slip out of the building through a window and her job would be done.
  17. Scarlett-Johansson-Black-Widow-Yay-Nay.jpg Black Widow scarlett-johansson-9563761-1280-800 (1).jpg

    Natasha was a secret agent from the secret organization S.H.I.L.D., she is one of the best the organization had trained. Even the government doesn't know about S.H.I.L.D., the organization trains people in martial art, highly skilled gymnastics and using weapons. Natasha was one of the best she wasn know for her excellent fighting skills and agile body, she didn't use weapons that often cuz she didn't need to use one in battle she simply takes out her target with fighting face to face.

    Natasha had a clue that an assassin was about to kill a FBI agent, he was on a vacation and he was about to get assassinated. The assassin was a woman named Lonnie, Natasha observe Lonnie when she had to kill somebody but never caught her in the right place now was the time. Natasha was to late to save the FBI agent but she could take Lonnie out.

    Natasha was wearing her battle suit (the suit from the picture) she was on the roof of the hotel that the assassin was in she was going to take the assassin out of the game and was preparing for that. Natasha attached a rope that looked like a black thick string to her belt and then she attached it to the roof. Natasha jumped from the roof with the rope holding her not to fall on the ground she was slowly falling down when she reached where the assassin was, she saw that Lonnie was still on the window. Natasha quickly jumped in the room through the window that Lonnie was kicking her in the face, Natasha landed on the ground and took off the rope from her belt.
  18. Lonnie fell to the ground, her nose bleeding. "Fuck," she muttered, looking up at the woman. "Who do you think you are?" Lonnie hissed.

    She hated getting hit, especially by surprise. She hadn't trained in hand to hand combat for sometime. However, her training was extensive enough for her to buy time, enough time to escape.

    Lonnie kicked the other woman's legs from underneath her, knocking her to the ground. She jumped to her feet and took off running. Lonnie knew she couldn't go back to her car, as much as she'd miss it, but she also couldn't go back to HQ. She'd been found, she couldn't go back anymore. Even if she killed that other woman, she had to be part of an organization. That organization knew about Lonnie too.

    Lonnie made it out of the hotel, ran through traffic, and into an alley across the street. "Damn," she said out-loud.

    Lonnie knew what happened now. She'd be hunted down by one of her own. There was no chance for her now, she'd be killed. Maybe she should just let that woman... Arrest her? Kill her? What DID that woman want?
  19. Natasha rolled when Lonnie kicked her leg she quickly stood up and saw that Lonnie started running, Natasha started chasing her she was good with a weapon too and had a gun on her hip but she couldn't use it now Lonnie was surrounded by peoples and Natasha couldn't risk to shot, she could shot some innocent person.

    Natasha knew Lonnie very well she was observing her actions for months, Lonnie was an expert with a weapon and Natasha knew if Lonnie had the chance to use her weapon she will kill her, but Lonnie wasn't very good at hand to hand combat and Natasha knew that she can beat her down, If Natasha has to kill Lonnie she will, but she wants her alive, her mission is to capture Lonnie alive.

    Natasha followed her out the hotel, she lost sight of Lonnie for a sec in the crowd but then she saw her again, Lonnie was going in an alley across the street, Natasha thought this was a very stupid move of hers, Natasha can take her out easily now. Natasha started running entering the alley, before Lonnie could react Natasha jumped in the air and wrapped her legs around Lonnie's neck, locking her they both fell on the ground with her legs around Lonnie's neck, and her hand holding Lonnie's wrist very hard preventing her movement. Natasha was pressing with her legs very hard on her neck trying to get Lonnie unconscious.
  20. *BEEPTEEP*

    Nova cursed as she tapped her earpiece. Better be a damned good reason. Had a perfect shot there. "Starlight."

    "Code Black"

    Those two words shut down her thoughts on her now previous mission.

    "Understood. Agent Status. Blue."

    She smiled. Now the real hunt began. She had been assigned a Black mission only three times. This was going to be her fourth. Wonder who fucked up this time? Came the thought as she withdrew.