POSTING GAME Last One To Post Wins Volume 21: Spring and Summer Edition

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no, not you! me!
I better set an alarm for Saturday
Do what you gotta do but I’m still going to win ✊🏼
No I wanna win!
Fight me for it!!!!!
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We shall see who wins. I'm usually good where I don't let myself have the last post since I can lock it.
I'm so good, it's bad.
I never asked for this.
I'll probably forget honestly lol
I will 100% forget XD
then I'll win :)
Anyone can win.
Anyone whose name starts with 'Lyri' and ends with 'kai', I hope :)
OMG! I would absolutely hate this rule!

/nods/ Yeah, I definitely hated it. I kid you not one time I spent at least an hour just waiting to be checked out because I kept having to let everybody else in front of me. Eventually, the cashiers felt sorry for me and finally allowed me to get checked out and all I had was one measly item. I would have gotten out of line long ago, but I really wanted the item and it was the last one we had. I was trying to act like I didn't realize there were people behind me with the hopes of being checked out sooner, but the cashiers for some reason really wanted to obey the rule, so they refused to check me out until everybody else got checked out first. So annoying!

Thankfully, my new job does not have this stupid rule.
That’s nuts. I wouldn’t be able to do it myself
-squints at this thread's post count-

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