POSTING GAME Last One To Post Wins Volume 21: Spring and Summer Edition

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While, I normally would have let it stayed locked if it was tomorrow... it's not and it's way too early to make the fall edition since Fall is in two das. Plus, there's a song I wanted to post in here tomorrow.
I hope it's a cool song!
bring on the cool songs.
Cool song! Cool song! Cool song! *chants*
You all got to wait until tomorrow morning. :). It is from a musical though.
Oh god the only musical that came to my head was Grease!
I would recommend Chess the musical.
There's a musical called Chess? Is it... Is it about chess? I do love a good game of chess
Yes. :)
From the wiki "The story involves a politically driven, Cold War-era chess tournament between two grandmasters, one American and the other Soviet, and their fight over a woman who manages one and falls in love with the other."

It also has the famous song "One Night in Bangkok"
Oh noo it actually sounds good and now I need to look it up!
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Nope, it’s this song.

What do you do when it comes to the last day of summer?
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Oh my god there is a Percy Jackson musical?!!?
That's amazing... and catchy!
Farewell Summer! I am anxiously awaiting fall!
bring on Halloween.
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