Last One To Post Wins Volume 21: Spring and Summer Edition

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I knew we could do it! Just another 998 more posts by the 30th!
This will be difficult XD
We need some riveting conversations....
How does everyone feel about...
The number one?
Such a simple number.
It's a good number in that it will be mine!
I will be number 1!
I will win this thread!
Yes!!! (Maybe)
Thwarting the plan, now.
You make me cry
Hello everyone!!! I'm back! Just got out of the hospital! I'm glad that this thread is still here ^^
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I'm glad you're doing okay now :)
im ready for fall, this thread can be gone now >:((((
I'm ready for this heat to be gone
Oof saaame. We've had a nice couple overcast, rainy days that brought the temps down and I hope it stays for a while!
I live in Florida so its always hot here. But I am looking forward to less humidity at least.
Come to Michigan and take my eventual snow XD
They're predicting a bad winter this year
I mean- I could do it to the 30th… but I kind of felt that would be cheating. Fall starts on September 23rd actually so we have until then
I live in Texas and I am so done with this damn summer heat. The heat dome that we're stuck in has been majorly brutal. I kid you not it's been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day for the past few months. I cannot wait for it to cool off. I'm really hoping for some rain.
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