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  1. (It might sound weird at first just try it out. Cues I though about it for a story, and at first it seems dumb. I like the idea I just don't want to make it a joke like story cues I want to be taken seriously as a writer. So am just looking for ways to make the world am building something that isn't a dumb idea)

    Kyran is the nation of music. Many years ago the nation of Kyran was taken over by the Rap empire. They sent all the people from the Rock village (Rocksters) to an abandoned cabin called black star. Some rocksters were able to escape being sent here, and formed a resistance in the woods. There are armed guards guarding every perimeter from the outside, and a helicopter watching from below 24/7. All the doors and windows are barricaded the only door they ever open is the big door in the back of what once was a kitchen, once a month to bring in food, and supplies.

    But that's not all they made they created a thing called a priority list were the ones on the top get the most food and supplies. Every once a month the rap empire collects food products, produced by each factory, then "shares" the amount of each food between the nation. Here is their priority list.

    Rap. 64%
    Techno. 15%
    Hip hop. 10%
    Pop. 5%
    Classical. 3%
    Indie. 2%
    Rock. 1%

    They have made the rule that the classics (people from the classical village), and indiecurrents (people from the indie village) are not allowed to play their music outside their villages. Once a year the rappers (people from the rap empire) holds a celebration called "gift of music celebration" where they invites the Hip Hopsesrs (people from the hip hop city), and they Techs (people from the techno city), to enjoy food, music, dance. The poplets (people from the pop town) are allowed to play their music wherever they want they just don't get the privileges the top ones do cues they are in the middle.

    Thing may be bad now, but that is why there is a resistance, and food workers have went on strikes, throughout the nation. Will things remain unchanged?


    Appearance: (picture or description)
    Is he/she with the resistance:
    Occupation: (optional)
    Song: (also optional has to be a song of the same genre your character is of)
  2. Name: Miranda
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Genre: Rock
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Is he/she with the resistance: yes
    Occupation: junior soldier
    Personality: tough, sarcastic, smart, and a bad ass
    Bio: at age of 12 she learned how to shoot, drive, sing, and play guitar. Her mother was pregnant when she escaped getting captured. When she was 13 her mother was executed by the rap empire. So she became a junior soldier.
    Song: YouTube
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  3. Where is the metal?
  4. Metal is classified as a sub genre of rock.
  5. I don't believe that's what I asked.

    Where's the metal.
  6. What that's why metal is rock there for metal therefore rock implies to ALL types of rock.
  7. Alright but does Hip Hop apply to all types of rap? Because if there's a separation there then why isn't there a separation for Metal and Rock?
  8. Cues I didn't know Rap as a sudgenre f hip hop till now
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