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  1. Somewhere, somewhen, a seemingly innocous door appears where there wasn't one before. It declares in calm lettering to be the door to Kylen's, a bar of some type. Walking in is a bit jarring, not ony from the small static jolt you may recieve, but also from the fact that the furniture is retro and futuristic at the same time. It looks fantastical yet tech sensible. It's like the place was assembled from many worlds and times at once. Besides the almost schizoid look, which somehow still doesn't look out of place, one would notice plety of beings meandering around. Some may look like they would be at home in your own dimension, others not, but all seem at home here.

    At the bar stood a single canine anthro, cleaning the glasses almost habitually. "Opening nights are always fun." He said, as if he had done this at least once or twice before. A sign near the door states there to be harrassment here, and if there is any issues that cannot be settled with a simple bar room brawl or less, the bartender reserves the right to huck you somewhere unpleasant.

    (See pic for an idea of the patrons here, but none may be used. Make your own you lazy bums. Avatar is the bartender. Thanks go to SanchaySquirrel on deviantArt and a long time friend for permission to use it.)

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  2. The door opens to reveal a young man with blue pigmented skin. The sword sheathed at his hip along with the scar that crosses his face suggest that the man is a warrior of some kind.
    His eyes scan the room slowly making sure no trouble would occur. Once he was sure the bar was safe he stepped in. Seeing how the room was mostly empty the man made his way to bar and placed himself on a barstool. "Some whiskey sir." he said as he placed some gold coins on the countertop. The blue man let out a long sigh as he tried to release the stress of the day. Being captain of the royal guard back on his planet took a lot out of him.
  3. The door swings open, and a tall, pale figure enters. His white suit would suggest a man not unused to the big city, yet the nature of the man might suggest something else, especially the six tentacles coming out of the back of his suit. His face is almost featureless, and almost without color, except for the line of gray hair going down the middle of his head, ending a ponytail.

    He walks up to the bar, glancing around, before taking a seat, letting his tentacles slowly sway behind him. "What is the strongest drink you have, mortal?"
  4. "Mortal? That's funny." No one was behind the bar. Suddenly, from a shadow on the ground, a man appeared. He was dressed fully in black, with armored shoulder plates and large, star shaped mask. It had a crescent moon on top. Its voice was raspy yet booming, and it sounded like it was echoing. "I don't know, are you human or not?"

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  5. Nodding to the first customer, which he assumed to be male, he pulled out a tumbler and a bottle, wbich he may recognize...or maybe not. "How man fingers, and ice or no?" he asked, keeping most of his attention on the blue skinned man as he turned a little to address the second new comer. "A better question would be what do you think is the strongest. I serve multiple realities and stock from them as well. Something strong enough for you could be considered a girly drink to someone else. Frame of reference can be important. I so ask you stay out from behind the bar, unless you were hired." he stated, the last part in reference to the third.
  6. The blue skinned man looked at the bartender. "Straight will be fine." He said implying that neither is necessary. He just wanted some liquor in him. It was a rough day. As he looked at the other two patrons he sighed slightly. The man was really hoping for some peace and quiet, but that seemed unlikely.
  7. Kylen nodded, pouring him a good amount ofthe whiskey, and passed it over to him. "Rough day?" he asked, trying to make a little conversation, but keeping the question open to simple answers. No point in pushin customers after all.
  8. "Fine, something for an Infernal then. Something that would burn a mortal's insides, yet put a smile on my face." He told the wolf-man, before turning to the darkly dressed man, looking at him with eyes of pure black.
    "No, I am no mere human. I am an extension of His will."
  9. The tender nodded, pulling something off a shelf. The bottle looked like it contained magma, but was clearly cool to the touch. "How about this? Sinner's Lake rum. Brewed by this pit fiend I know, been kept in a onyx barrel for two millennium while drizzled slowly with the blood of a tax evader before finally bottled to keep it as strong as it gets. " he offered.
  10. "Well then..." The infernal started, as a smile crept onto his face, seemingly making some lines appear on his face, starting at his mouth. "It seems I've found a bar away from home that serves good drinks! I'll have a big one, please."
  11. "Always one to steal my thunder, eh, Kylen?" T.B. flipped him off before going to wash cups and tend to people on the other side of the bar.
  12. Cattania waltzed into the bar, plunked herself down on a stool and brazenly ordered a brandy. While waiting on her drink, she swiveled around in her chair, stretched her tanned body luxuriously, and looked across the nearly empty bar. She brushed her lavender hair out of her face as her feline ears twitched, catching all the noise in the room.

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  13. T.B. came back with Cattania's brandy. "My, my, look what we have here? A Beastkin, and a very beautiful one to boot. May I know your name?"
  14. Smiling at the infernal, he poured a decent amount of the drink for him, which looked like it was simmering in the glass. Passing it ovr, he sighed at T.B. "And I still say I haven't hired you, but I guess if you can keep the theatrics down and keep it in your pants."
  15. The infernal took the glass, lifted it to his nose, to take in the aroma, then a long, tendril-like tongue slipped down into it. "I don't know what fiend you got this from, but it is one I would love to meet!" He chuckled, before taking a sip of the drink. As the shimmering liquid entered his mouth, his tentacles started twitching a bit, almost swatting anyone nearby.
  16. "You're just jealous I can get more ass than you." White teeth glinted underneath the mask as he grinned. He did a little jig behind the bar, making a few people near him laugh. "Ya want me to dress like a tool and take off the mask too? I personally think the theatrics add some life to this place." He said with a laugh. He turned his attention to the infernal. "You're gonna tell me to keep it in my pants, and he gets to have tentacles flying all over the place? Kylen, I didn't know you liked that stuff. That's pretty lewd." He patted Kylen on the back, enjoying taking the piss out of his friend. "Ya know you cant hate me."
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  17. The blue skinned man watched silently as the others in the bar became increasingly louder. "I guess it can't be helped." he mumbled quietly to himself. The man started to wonder if he should be returning back to his planet. What good is it just to drink one's sorrows away. His eyes drifted towards the woman who just entered the bar. She was quite appealing to look at. However what interested him the most was her outfit. It appeared she was a warrior of some kind. He continued to stare at her while he pondered her skills.
  18. "...Did you just compare my tentacles to what you got in your pants?" He asked, with a almost disgusted look on his face. "You might want to get that checked out. And possibly chopped off, to be replaced with something... Well, something not possessed by a demon, for a start." He chuckled, before he took another sip of his drink, getting his tentacles a bit more under control this time.
  19. Kezia opened the door to Kylen's and slipped in quietly. She seated herself at the bar and requested a Black Velvet and Coke as her violet eyes took in the other patrons. A small smile graced her lips as she waited for her drink.
  20. ( No issues either way. Feel free to put this sort of question in the ooc next time please. )

    Kylen was about to remark when the demon did, smirking and trying not to laugh. "He has a point though. Besides, all face tentacles are usually used for is holding food, or fashion depending on the species."

    Turning to the blue man, he smirked. "If you want there is a booth that has sound dampening just behind you." he advised, pouring the drink for the newest customer and slipping it to her.

    "Anything else m'dear?"
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