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  1. Hello and thank you for your interest! KIB holds a very deep and special place in my heart. I first started it on Keenspot's Mayhem (Then EGS Mayhem) sub board. I didn't think it would take off, but it sooned proved to be on of the most popular threads there, running for a litle over two years if I remember right. So it goes without saying I am really excited to try and share it with you all.

    General Don't Be A Dick rules apply. Godmodders get dropped off in the center of the multiverse to be pulled to ribbons, or dropped off on a lifeless word.

    I hope we can all have fun!
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  2. // Are there any problems with ponies on four hooves or do they need to be anthro? \\
  3. (Osiris... I am not. Should I be? Are they good?)
  4. (Really good band. One of their albums is titled "Kezia", which is why I was asking.)
  5. (Ahh. Funny coincidence. Interesting world we live in.)
  6. (Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.)
  7. Well, I feel awkward for having to leave now.
  8. Why so? And you are always welomed back
  9. Nono, it's fine. I just meant we were in the middle of conversation at the time, and then I had to go xD
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  10. So, interdimensional bar. I'm assuming the whiskey choices are to be vast, then?

  11. There can be, yes.
  12. I was part of a thread very similar to this one on a different forum. The bar doubled as an inn, and could travel between dimensions. It was pretty fun.
  13. is it an open world thing? I used to do something like this on Roleplayer Guild and it got 60 pages of post before it died down. Interested.
  14. ^ Same forum that I was talking about.
  15. Whelp, looks like I'm in. Reminds me of something I came across once, the GESB (Galaxy's Edge Space Bar).
  16. // Just a thought, you guys outta be more specific about who you're talking to or moving to or whatever because often it's a guessing game for everyone else but you. \\
  17. ( :P B-But poni-chan, it's funner that way..... ;n;)
  18. Hi guys! Just reminding you all that you have this OOC thread for Out of Character conversations and that purely OOC posts are not allowed in the In Character areas of the forum. Your posts have been moved here. Have fun playing!
  19. ((Cyrus did not enter through that door. He used a different door.))
  20. (I thought I should clarify this, since it's come up quite a bit through characters. Plus, I just thought of it. And I can't think of any way to work this into an IC post. For people wondering about me not doin obvious shit, like how Maulnar mentioned, it's me working my un-god mode shit into a character. The intelligence of a Demon is too much for T.B., so it's blocked off mostly to Lamashtu, the actual demon that is residing in his subconscious, can give it to him over time. Who is also a woman, giving him his duality. He's extreme and calm, into hard music and soft....into women and men as well. It's a key aspect of him. He knows a lot, but even with the partial knowledge of a Greater Duke, wisdom over magic and demonkind.....he's still the same, 15 year old boy who was killed by a Nazi scientist. His body was aged so he wouldn't be limited to the laws and such of a child, but he hasn't truly grown up. He's still a 15 year old kid. One with a bad mouth, a penchant for food and candy, alcohol and weed, sex and violence, but a kid nonetheless. Plus, he's got the WORST temper problem, wrath that surpasses even Satan, the penchant demon for all things Wrath.)
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