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  1. Hello, everyone. My name is Yzmael, but you guys can call me Yz for short.

    The RP I have in mind is something extremely similar to an anime called "Kokoro Connect", which I decided to just quote out here for the general premise. The plot is simple and the real point of the RP will be mostly the drama created between the characters as the phenomena occur around them. Some of these phenomena include but are not limited to: Body Switching(as shown above), Desire Unleashing, Thought Transmission and some other things I might create myself as the RP goes on.

    Mostly, what I want, is a group of characters who have known each other for a long time at least. When they enter the phase of high-school, the group forms a club and starts to live life around that club, with them always meeting after classes. The group would be composed similarly to Kokoro Connect, with 3 males and 3 females. There's no need for them to be on the same grade, but they preferably need to be at least in high-school grades. Additionally, I'd even regret to have all of them in the same grade so diversity is encouraged.

    The plot begins when exquisite phenomena start happening to the group and just specifically to the group. They later on learn that this is all because of a bored creature who toys with them by using his powers that allow him to alter reality to extensive distances. These powers allow him to cause chaos among the group, mostly as he attempts everything to make them separate.

    The story's focus, as I said before, will be the drama around the characters who are afflicted by such phenomena and have to face them to grow. Some phenomena might even be specifically aimed at a character in an attempt to reveal their weaknesses and most scrupulous or embarrassing facts. As the RP progresses, the group will either unify further more or will grow to be estranged.​

    Characters Required:
    1. Female - Reserved(@EmperorsChosen)
    2. Male - Reserved(@Akashi)
    3. Female - Reserved(@Makomin)
    4. Male - Reserved(Me)
    5. Female - Reserved(Alexstrasza)
    6. Male - Reserved(@un coin de soleil)
    7. Heartseed - Reserved(@RedArmyShogun)
    Creativity with the character creation is advised. You don't need to have your characters identical to the ones from the series, but it is encouraged to have them at least be normal, without much darkness to their pasts. An additional aspect will be the need for characters to actually have some stories with one another, so there will be a "relationship" section of the character creation which will serve to write this out, as characters will need to have detailed information regarding their thoughts of one another.

    The setting will be majorly the same, in a fictional city of Japan and mostly surrounding the Yamaboshi Academy, a high school.​
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  2. Can I reserve a male? :)
  3. Hello there! I'd like to reserve a female character, if that's alright.
  4. Dance for me, puppets.

    I mean what.
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  5. Role reserved. =P

    Role reserved.

    The OOC'll be up about a day or less, if I have less work to do. There's a lot to write, though.
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  6. Hmm so we need one more female. If we don't get someone sooner or later, I'll take that spot on. Not like Heartseed hangs out all day.
  7. Hello! :) Can I take the last spot if it is available?
  8. Before I go reserve the role, can I ask about how post expectation will be? How frequent do you expect, how long do you expect and all that
  9. Yes, we're still in need of one more!

    Spot reserved! =D
  10. Well, I'm expecting at least Intermediary. Like, a couple of paragraphs of 4-8 lines should be okay. Maybe less, I'd understand. And one post a week. I have other RPs I want to focus so I'll be flexible regarding this. Even so, posts kind of have to advance the story in one way or another so... I might push the plot forward from time to time. Either way RAS might also help as Heartseed and the general environment.
  11. YAY! :D Okay cool.. .I can't wait hehehe
  12. Please note one post a week is the minimum. I would like to expect more of others myself. :/
  13. Ah, I can manage with that post expectations. But it seems I was a little late to reserve the last role.
  14. I could fit in another character. What do you want? =D
  15. Ah, awesome! I'd like a male character please. :D
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  16. Hmm I'll take on an extra female spot to keep things even.
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  17. Ah, crepes. I'm always late for the good stuff. #ICriInside

    Have fun with your dramatic, traumatic, disastric high school lives!
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  18. I'm sure we'll keep you in mind if there are any droppers. If you would like?
  19. Onegaishimasu.

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