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    Whether its your first time here or your coming back,
    we would like to welcome you!
    This is Kirin Art High School!

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    Nothing past kissing please.
    When speaking in English, use italics.

    ~Important IC notes~
    Skinship is common and normal, don't freak out.
    Wearing make up is not aloud in school.
    Technically, colored hair isn't aloud, but it isn't in forced.

    - Mrs. Choi

    -Monday Morning, 8:05 am-
    Mrs. Choi stepped upon the slightly heightened platform and looked among the gathered teenagers. She smiled sweetly and cleared her throat before speaking. "Good morning, students." She began then looked down at her notes and papers that lay on the podium in front of her. "If you will look at the pamphlet and papers your teachers have given you when entering, you will find your class schedule and a list of extra curricular subjects and completions you may take during this year. I-" *student sneezes in back of the room and everyone starts laughing.* she chuckled slightly, unsure if she should go ahead and speak or wait for the laughter to die down. Soon the room hushed and turned their attention back to the little, nervous looking lady. "I also made a list of the school rules and the class cleaning times, so you won't be late." Having high hopes for the children's responsibility, Mrs. choi thought such things were a wonderful idea and would help this year's school ratings to go up. "Well, that's all." Mrs. Choi said. "Have a wonderful first day of school everybody! And be nice to one another!" She finished, continuing to smile happily, truly believing she made a difference in these young minds. After her came a few other teachers, speaking on the history of the school and the importance of their grade ranking. As the final speaker stepped down, the students sprung from their seats and began exiting the conference room, anxious to leave.
    -8:31 am-

    - Monday, 7:25 am-
    Taehyun stepped onto the noisy bus and looked down the isle of seats. There were already many students seated, some from his school and some from other schools, however, one specific seat in the middle was held open by one of his 'buddies'. Passing by a couple of boys from his school, Taehyun shot them a sinister grin, reminding them of the dreadful 'first day of school' initiation. Now taking his seat, Taehyun stretched out across the isle, taking up the two seats parallel them and looked at his friend. "First day of school! I think this is the first year I'm going to enjoy high school!" Taehyun stated.
    Chunji, Taehyun's closest friend scoffed. "What makes you dream so big?" He asked dryly while staring at his own phone.
    Taehyun frowned and forcefully laid across Chunji, swiping the phone from him. "I dunno know. I just have a feeling." He said, exploring Chunji's SNS.
    -7:45 am-
    The bus came to a stop in front of the busy Kirin Art school and 14 students unloaded, joining the many just entering the school gates. At that time, most of Taehyun's friends had gathered together and made a group total of 6 rambunctious, teenage boys. They walked as though they owned the world and acted like everyone thought they were idols. Of course, many girls did find this certain group of boys incredibly handsome, however, most of them knew they were playboys and couldn't be trusted. Taehyun lead the group with a cocky smirk and his hands in his pockets, noting any new faces. Few of the boys in his school looked at him, none in the eye, yet he often caught the attention of silly high school girls due to his 'bad boy' demeanor.
    -8:15 am-
    Taehyun and his friends sat in the back, far from paying attention to any of the speakers. They had ripped the pamphlet and papers into a mess and were tossing the pieces to see who could make it fly the furthest. A very intriguing game.

    -Monday, 6:35 am-
    Chaelin opened her eyes as her cell phone alarm went off. "6:35, first day of school." She stated robotically, as if she had been awake for hours. She had been waiting for this day for weeks! Making herself anxious, excited, nervous, and scared throughout the weeks. Jumping to her feet, Chaelin grabbed the neatly lain clothes and ran to take a shower and get ready. 'Today is going to be a wonderful day!' She kept thinking. In and out of the shower, dressed, and toothbrush in her mouth, Chaelin exited her bedroom and was greeted by a hearty 'Good morning, Chaelin!' From her fellow fallen angel and guardian, Minhyuk.
    "Good morning, Oppa!" She greeted happily. "What's for breakfast?" She asked, walking across the room to the kitchen.
    "Boiled eggs. You'll need to eat on the way or you'll be late." Minhyuk said casually as he watched TV and munched on some chips.
    Chaelin immediately began to pout. "You couldn't make anything special for my first day of school?" She asked, pulling her toothbrush out and giving him a unhappy look.
    Minhyuk looked at her with a surprised expression. "I did! They're done extra long." He said giving her a cheesey grin at the awkward use of english.
    Chaelin gasped, almost choking on her toothpaste. "You expect me to eat over cooked eggs on the bus?!" She complained with a sigh. "I just won't eat breakfast this morning. I can't have egg yoke in my teeth at school." She decided, dashing to the bathroom to finish up.
    -8:13 am-
    Chaelin sat tightly squeezed in in the conference room, straining to listen to the speakers. At the mentioning of the pamphlets and papers Chaelin looked down and began reading through them. Well this would be easy! 'I knew all that high school drama was just in the movies. There aren't any over dramatized mean guys or snobby rich girls! Everyone is as normal as I am!' She thought, not knowing the lethalness of her words. Everyone around her was about is normal as she, a fallen angel, was. When The last speaker left the podium, Chaelin felt a wave of relief come over her. High school would be easy! Now, to find a part time job!​
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  2. ~5:00 a.m~

    A quiet humming could be heard through out the small house of the Shin family. The four males in the household (in order of oldest to youngest), SeungTae, SiHyun, JaeWon, and SaeRyun, were all fast asleep. All of them were well over 20 and didn't start work or college until later in the day. Meanwhile, the source of the humming, SooYoung, was up in the kitchen and preparing breakfast for them. It was a bit odd for her to be up when she had to leave early, especially on her first day, but she enjoyed cooking. On top of that, her brothers most likely couldn't hear her well enough to be taken in by her ability.

    ~7:30 a.m~

    After leaving the made breakfast on the table, SooYoung left the house in a hurry to catch the bus. Luckily, she made it just in time and boarded the vehicle. Her eyes were gazing down at her phone, looking at nothing in particular. Hopefully the school or the other students wouldn't force her to sing or hum. If it did, she'd have to drop out of the school that she's dreamed of going to and ultimately, waste her brothers money. The bus soon reached the school minutes later around the same time a group of rowdy boys formed. They were a bit nice on the eyes, but SooYoung could tell that they were a seemingly arrogant bunch, especially the white haired boy who appeared to be the leader. She let out a huff and continued walking to the conference room.

    ~8:15 a.m~

    In the conference room, SooYoung paid attention fairly well, but the disturbance from the back of the room causing her to lose focus every once in a while. She took a peek over her shoulders to see who was causing it, only to see the same group of boys from before, the 'leader' immediately catching her eye. However, she didn't look at him in a flirty or good way, but instead flashed him a glare before turning forward.
  3. 4:30 am​
    Faerydae was woken up by a banging of pots and pans. "Get up, lazy. It's time for school. I want you out of this house and at the bus stop by 6:30." Her mother then left the room, taking the kitchenware with her. Groaning slightly, Faerydae got up and went to shower. She was annoyed that her mom was being mean even today, but it was normal for her to be this way. She hadn't asked for a freak daughter.​
    5:30 am​
    After her shower, she got dressed, carefully hiding her ears under her hair and a cap, and her tail tucked tightly around her waist. She then brushed her teeth and entered the kitchen. There, she found a plate with bacon, eggs, and sliced apples. Next to it was a note. Carefully reading it, Faerydae sighed. The breakfast was for her mom, and she wasn't to touch it. Faerydae went and got her cat food. Since foxes sometimes ate cat food, that was Faerydae's main meal at home.​
    6:00 am​
    After once again brushing her teeth to get the awful taste and smell out, she looked herself over in the mirror. This uniform was close fitting, and she looked a bit chubby because of her tail. It couldn't be helped, though. Not wanting to stay any longer, she went ahead to the bus stop, and surprisingly, others were already there. The bus rounded the corner, and Faerydae realized that her mother had made a mistake. The bus arrived at 6:15, not 6:45. As she rode the bus to school, she tried to make herself unnoticeable, though it wasn't easy. Her hair made her stand out, though she had braided it tightly.​
    8:13 am​
    Sitting in a room where most were supposed to be like her, Faerydae wasn't so sure. Everyone seemed normal, so perhaps it was just another school. She couldn't pay attention, for in front of her were some annoying boys, though there was a girl she overheard, stating that these people were normal, like her. Perhaps here she was normal, but it would take some time to be sure.​
  4. | Monday Morning | 5:00 A.M. |

    Daiyu awoke, her alarm blaring into her headphones. A soft sigh escaped her lips, wishing she could sleep for just a little bit longer. Moments later, she finally turned her Alarm off and took out her Headphones. Cold feet hit the floor, carrying the weight of a teenage human as they tattered against the wood, walking over to a large closet and pulling out the needed uniform for the school. She slipped out of her Pajama shirt and pants, quickly changing into the uniform. She didn't need to take a shower, having done so last night before she went to bed. It didn't take long before her lazy movements reached the bathroom, opening the door and stepping inside. Her eyes opened to slits, staring at her messy hair and body. A groan escaped her mouth before grabbing a brush, running it through her tangled blonde hair, it didn't straighten, just became very wavy. Due to it being so early, she wasn't going to straighten her hair, she just put it up in a messy bun before brushing her teeth and doing all of the other necessities for the day. Her piercings shined softly with the dim light in her bathroom as she got ready, almost blinding her very tired and glossy eyes.

    | 6:00 A.M. |

    She made it down the stairs and into the kitchen, opening up a cabinet and grabbing a bowl. Daiyu then reached for a box of Captain Crunch, pouring it into the bowl and quickly eating the food. Midnight blue eyes searched around the kitchen before grabbing her bag and walking over to the living room. She sat down and turned on the TV, watching news. Nothing very interesting was on, but she still watched it so it could pass the time. Jeez, next time she should wake up at Seven and just get ready then.

    | 7:30 A.M. |

    The bus finally came, Daiyu grabbed her shoes and rushed outside, just barely making it as her feet reached the steps. She walked through the aisle before finally deciding to sit next to a young female with short black hair, fairly skinny with black eyes. She grabbed her earphones before beginning to listen to her music again, awaiting for the school to come into eyesight. It didn't take too long before she had to get up and walk out of the bus, standing up straight and stretching slowly. It was time for the welcome ceremony, so she quickly walked to the room in which it was being held. Tons of people were already there, and she didn't talk to a single one of them, she just stood there and waiting for the announcer to come. A young, frail woman came up and berg an to talk. Everything seemed to stop when the person next to her sneezed, causing everyone to laugh and for the older woman to stop talking and softly chuckle.

    | 8:15 A.M. |

    That took a long time before everyone was let out, Daiyu's gaze looking around as they began to walk to their classes. No one seemed to be different, they all looked normal. There were girls with different colored hair, but they all had brown eyes. She let out another sigh before beginning to bite one of her cheek piercings, feeling the slightest of nervousness. Hmph, maybe she would be a loner once again, as she was last year. People had tried talking to her, tried to be friends. But they were all too evil on the inside, and she wouldn't trust them. "Ah.. Jesus." She spoke aloud as she began to walk towards her class, a piece of paper crumpled in her hand. It was her schedule, having already looked and memorized it, she didn't need to use it anymore. Her gaze, as she walked, fell on a man with white hair. Daiyu's eyebrows raised just a bit, only just a wee curious about the other male.​
  5. Chaelin left the conference room behind the flood of people, not wanting to get caught up and accidentally risk running into someone. She hoped to make many new friends this year to prove that she was ready to blend into the human society! Looking back just briefly to see who had brushed past her Chaelin hadn't stopped walking and ran into Daiyu, stepping on her feet. Chaelin jerked around and gasped. "Oh I'm so sorry!" She apologized, stepping back quickly. "Are you okay?" She asked hesitantly. This girl was stranger looking that any she had seen, like the exotic looking people in the dramas she always watched.

    Taehyun's group were one of the first to escape the crowded conference room and immediately got to work annoying people. Class was supposed to start soon and his buddies were ordered, by Teahyun, to save the best seat for him and he had something to do first. There had been a girl that flashed him a glare earlier and he was interested in knowing who she was. She was obviously new. Pushing through the crowds Taehyun caught sight of her blue tinted black hair and came up behind her, grabbing her arm. He pulled to the side of the group instantly and looked down at her with a fake smile. "You new here?" He asked, not letting go of her arm.
  6. Daiyu, having been herself, hadn't been paying attention to the surrounding humanity as she got lost within her own world. Her midnight blue eyes stared straight, only a few more steps until she reached her class. Seconds, Minutes, almost seemed like hours before she realized that someone had stepped on her feet. Pain racked up her bones, sending signals to her brain. She jumped and let out a small gasp, her right eye twitching for just a moment. "Oh.. Um, yeah I'm totally fine. Next time though, watch where you're going." Her sarcastic rude tone spat out, although her mouth formed into millions of emotions, her eyes told a different story. It didn't really bother her, things happened. But this was just who Daiyu was, she came out as the very rude, sassy rebel who hated everyone and everything. Her dark eyes showed absolutely nothing, just dark orbs that seemed a bit uncaring and almost lifeless. A small twinkle showed, allowing some life to take form.

    After a minute of just staring at the unknown female, she shrugged her shoulders before walking away, finally reaching her class. Daiyu stepped inside, walking over to a random seat up in the back, plopping her bag onto the floor. She sat down and yawned, already bored even though hardly anyone else had shown up quite yet.

    It didn't take very long before people began to start popping in like gun-fire, their loud voices hitting her ears like wildfire. Daiyu wasn't prepared, but luckily no one had decided to sit right by her, so as of right now she was alone. Something that was basically praised in her life, although having some friends would be nice. Only if they could maintain her ignorance and arrogance, then they would obviously become her best friend(s). Keyword of that sentence. friend(s). It was deemed uncertain, only able to track and record time. The future isn't something she could foretell, she was told only how much time it would take for something to happen.

    Tracking, recording, seeing. Being what she was, it wasn't easy. Although, when she was only two, was when she first learned what she was and how to use it to a certain advantage or become knowledgeable in her life or others. Although, others lives don't.. Count, right now. Unless they gain her trust and respect, she could care less if they died or not.
  7. As Faerydae traveled through the hallway, she was careful to stay out of everyone's way. Trying to be unnoticeable, she couldn't help but wince at the sounds. Everyone was so loud. Why couldn't they be more silent, like her? They laughed loud, practically yelled at each other, and stomped everywhere they went. In this land of whirling sounds, she had trouble getting to her next class. She barely squeezed in before the bell, and it was so loud that she jumped at it, then relaxed. Looking around the room, she noticed a girl sitting alone. Rather than join her, she went over to the nearest empty seat.

    This seat was by the window, and it looked out on the parking lot, so not very scenic. It was on the left of the room, third row from the front, so almost at the back. As the teacher took role, she answered when her name was called. Glancing at the others, she began memorizing them, putting the faces with the names. Then, she watched a small insect land on the outside of the window. The light caught its wings, and many colors appeared. This was more interesting than the actual class.
  8. After the speech ended, SooYoung made her way out of the room, but didn't make it far before being pulled aside by someone. She tried to resist, but since the person was a man, and one taller than her at that, it was pointless. When she finally got a good look at him, she saw that it was the white haired, loud, boy from earlier. She let out a sigh immediately and turned to look him directly back into his eyes. Though she usually made it a habit to be polite, this person's rude behavior was what made her like this. To top it off, his obviously fake smile only angered her. "I am, but I don't see why it matters to you. But since you pulled me aside, do you have some business with me?" she said, trying her best not to sound full of herself.
  9. JiTae had been playing with his lightly colored hair the whole speech, tossing his bangs around to fix it, though it was already seemingly perfect. He stood up immediately after it ended and exited the room. The loud noises in the hallways, that ranged from music to yelling, didn't seem to bother the blue-haired man as he made a beeline to his next classroom. Upon entering the class, he sat in the back near a girl who sat by a window. She seemed to stand out among the rest, well her and another girl, but he didn't feel like pursuing anyone. He twisted his hair between his fingers as he listened silently to the roll call.
  10. Chaelin bit her lip and looked like a scolded puppy when Daiyu reacted unpleasantly. "Okay. I won't do it again." She said slowly. Soon the girl walked away leaving Chaelin amongst the busy kids. "Would this be so easy?" She thought , starting to walk again to class. The last bell rang, giving Chaelin a start and she began to run to class. Late on her first day? No way! Rushing into the filling class, Chaelin took one of the free seats in the front. She looked around at everyone else. "Oh, that's the girl from earlier!" She thought, noticing the obvious blonde hair. And speaking of hair...Chaelin stared at Jitae confused. "He looks like cotton candy!" She thought, a smile crossing her face at her own joke. Chaelin waved slightly to Daiyu before the teacher entering caused her to turn and sit correctly in her seat and fold her hands in her lap.
  11. Taehyun smirked. "Business? Nah, I was just wanting to welcome you to Kirin." He said letting go of her and crossing his arms. "You'll have blast. Except, there's one thing I'm going to tell you, and I'm only going to tell you once. If you slip up once more, I'm going to make it hell for you." He warned her. He hated all the newbies, they always thought they were better than people at this school. By this time the second bell had rang and the halls were completely empty except them. "Better hurry on, don't want to be late for your first day. " He said, giving her a crooked grin. On the other hand, Taehyun had no interest in his first class, experiencing it enough times to know he wouldn't be missed, and turned to walk out of the school to the courtyard.
  12. Daiyu looked up, her gaze reaching a boy with blue hair. 'Wow, that's attractive.' She thought to herself amusingly, just as the teacher walked in and began to call roll. They called her name, she just raised her hand before plopping her head down onto the desk. God, could this be even more boring than it is now? Hopefully not. Her headphones were hidden, but she had the buds in her ears. This made school only a bit more.. Tolerable, she guessed. "Okay, so today we're going to be learning about-" She read the teachers lips, but only after that had she zoned out. The male with the bright blue hair, she'd most likely get to know him. He'd seemed interesting, but maybe they wouldn't get along too well. Who knew? Obviously she didn't, nor would she ever know until she tried.

    Blue eyes stared out the window, looking at the passing students as they rushed to get to their classes or they're sneaking out. Daiyu knew a lot of those students, having been here since ninth grade, unlike some students. She wasn't new, but she always seemed to disappear during winter break and never came back, so every year.. Maybe they'd count her as new? If others didn't know her or recognize her at least.

    She disappeared because since her parents were away all the time, Daiyu always left China to go other places. It was her calling, and job to do it.
  13. As Faerydae watched the people, she smiled at the Blue hair, then covered it quickly. Smiling brought attention. However, these people were supposed to be unique like herself. Perhaps it would be different at this school. Besides, what good would it do to remain hidden forever. She could always move if things didn't work out.

    "Okay class, today we will be learning-" The teacher stood at the front of the room, but focusing wasn't easy. Usually, she would be attentive, but with the promise of others like her, it was too hard. She breathed deeply, smelling the people. Under the scent of human, she could smell something musty, something sweet, and other things that were just... different. she listened carefully, trying to hear heartbeat and breathing patterns, but there was too much to tell them apart. As she did this, she didn't notice the tips of her ears poking slightly up from her hair.
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  14. At his words, SooYoung bit her lip out of anger. She didn't like him at all and his attitude was overbearing. Noticing that class was already starting, she found no point in showing up at all if she was late, especially because of him. Instead, she decided to skip class, which the boy appeared to be doing. SooYoung stepped out of the school building and into the courtyard, choosing a place to sit far from any one else. If she was skipping and everyone else was in class, she could sing freely without much worry. Once she sat down, she closed her eyes and slowly began to hum a soothing and relaxed tone, which soon developed into words about love.


    JiTae could pretty much feel the others eyes on him, mostly because of his light hair that he took pride in. But, as always, he ignored it and just went on with playing with his hair. He ignored the teacher entirely as he gazed around the room, looking to see if there was someone interesting to hang with after class. His eyes came across a few female faces, but none that immediately urged him to meet them.
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  15. As He sat down, Faerydae watched him. So interesting, that someone would want to stand out like that. Unless it was natural, like her own fiery locks. Sensing his discomfort in his movements as he toyed with his hair, she felt drawn to him. She wanted to pass a note to him, but was too nervous. Instead, she twisted in her seat, looking back out the window. There seemed to be a girl out there who appeared to be singing. It was odd to Faerydae. Why would someone skip class to sing, when there was a choir. However, she wasn't a tattler, so she kept it to herself. Instead, she strained to listen, though the glass was too thick. As she did this, her ears poked up more, so she now had two clearly defined lumps emerging from her hair.
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  16. Once the teacher began talking, silence came over the room, though not many of the students looked like they were truly paying attention. Most the students in this school hadn't come for an actual teaching, but instead a way to become popular Kpop idols or maybe score a good Entertainment like SM or YG. In this class learning stuff was just a waste of time, yet it was required. The first teacher was a simple, quiet lady that basically repeated everything from the video that she showed before speaking, the second was a middle aged man teahinh both mathematics and history (an odd combination) yet his speech and style was more for collage students, and the third was a young man that hardly spoke above a whisper. Who knows what he taught! In the end, the students were left to the typical hour of self study before lunch break and PE. But who really got a lot of study done then?

    Chaelin was focusing really well on what each teacher said, yet in the end of the first subject the room was disturbed by the entrance of Taehyun. She gave him an odd look when he entered but was quickly pulled back to attention by the teachers light tapping of her pointer stick on her podium. Being distracted easily, Chaelin had already put away the thought of Taehyun entering and looked down at her notes to remind herself of the teaching. The other two teachers came in and out in a flash, most of their teachings were copied down in her note book for later. When it came to self study Chaelin was determined to get all her homework and things done so she could go home and relax. The class however, had other ideas. Girls were chatting and putting what looked like lotion on their faces and exchanging the 'Newest facial brands'. "How rude!" Chaelin thought when some boys on the window side of the room started making fun of the funny looking blue haired guy. She frowned slightly . " What had he done to them?" She thought, but learned to stay out of other peoples business back when she saved that kid. It did no good to help others, they would only take revenge back on their enemies.

    Taehyun was between two buildings with Chunji, both boys smoking and chatting. It was common for them to be here smoking, this being the only place the teachers didn't look when searching for people that skip class. Hearing a door shut in the building to the left of them both boys froze. The footsteps were headed their way and by the sound of the quick steps it was Mr. Lee, the PE teacher. He was one of the few people in this school that either boys feared, not being able to over power him. Chunji tossed his cigaret to the side, Taehyun following, and in a typical cowards move, pushed Tqehyun to the ground. "See you at lunch!" He shouted with a grin as he darted out of the alley and passed Mr. Lee to escape being taken back to class. Taehyun, who had been pushed to the ground rushed to get to his feet when Mr. Lee grabbed his arm.
    "Skipping class and smoking at school?" He began, "I needed the gym cleaned anyway. Be at the gym with your fellow criminal after school, I expect it spotless as usual." He said as he took an unhappy Taehyun back to class. By that time, the first teacher was just finishing up and Taehyun entered with an irritated look. He plopped down in his chair, not trying to be quiet, and closed his eyes to sleep. He did in fact fall asleep, and quite quickly at that, but as the last teacher began to pack up his things one of Taehyun buddies woke him up. Taehyun watched intently as the quite man left, as did everyone else in class and the room urupted in noise as the door closed. Taehyun immediately went to making trouble when he saw most the kids in his class were new. "What happened to your hair? Did it get caught in a cotton candy machine?" He muttered to Jitae, laying his legs across his own desk.
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  17. That boy with the blue hair was so interesting. Finally, not being able to stand it, Faerydae passed him a note written in black cursive on an otherwise blank sheet of Notebook paper. It read 'Is your hair color natural?'

    As the note made its way to him, she was nervous. What if it was dyed, and she looked stupid? What if someone else read it, or someone tattled? What if it somehow offended him, and she lost her one chance for a friend? Whatever happened, Faerydae refused to spend another year lonely. This place was supposed to be perfect, and nothing was going to ruin it.
  18. Having lost track of the time, SooYoung ended up skipping a few classes unintentionally. When she noticed the time, she immediately stopped singing and ran inside only to see the last teacher leave. She let out a long sigh and entered the class room anyways. As soon as she entered, she saw the white haired boy from before, much to her displeasure, and bit her lip noticeably. Her anger from before still lingered. Why did such a arrogant person have to go to this school? SooYoung hesitantly took her seat, which was relatively close to his, and let out a huff of air.


    Though JiTae usually didn't pay any mind to any comments made towards him, the fact that the person was making fun of his hair, which he loved so much, infuriated him. "And did you age 100 years, grandpa?" he said back to him, making fun of his white hair. Just as he finished saying that, he was passed a note, asking about his hair. Obviously it was dyed. What he couldn't figure out was who had written the note itself. He let out a soft exhale and wrote back in neat, simple letters 'No, it was dyed.' It was a fairly simple answer, but he couldn't exactly elaborate more on it. JiTae handed the note back to the person who gave it to him, telling the person to pass it back.
  19. Chaelin sighed, knowing she would get nothing done in such a noisy environment and decided to take this time to make a friend or two. Getting to her feet, Chaelin passed by a couple of people and stopped beside Daiyu's desk. "Hey again." She said with a bright smile. "I didn't get your name name is Chaelin" She said, hoping for a good reaction. This girl seemed like she needed a friend, and since Chaelin needed one too this would be a perfect match!

    Taehyun was all smiles and jokes until Jaeti retorted about his own hair. Once that was spoken Taehyun went serious. "
    What'd you just say?" He asked rhetorically. "Are you looking for a fight?" Taehyun was still sitting, but his position suggested the slightest insult would send him to his feet and attack the 'disrespectful' new guy. No one in the room seemed to care about their current state, or in other words, it was obvious no one wanted to risk caring.
  20. Ticks could be heard from her pencil continuously hitting the desk, everyone in the class seemed to be off task. In the front, were two men, one who seemed to be ready to punch the other. And the others, honestly, were just messing around and goofing off. A young female, the one whom had stepped on her toes before had decided to come up and say hello. She couldn't resist the small sigh of annoyance before looking up, her midnight blue eyes staring intently at the other. "Uh, hi. I'm Daiyu. Do you need something?" She asked curiously, her teeth began to softly bite on one of her Cheek piercings. Old habits die hard, like they'd always say.

    Daiyu finally stood up and held up a 'Hold on' finger before walking over to the two males. "Please, can the two of you not get into a fight. If you'd like to behave like children, go back to elementary school where they're allowed. Or if you two really want to fight, go somewhere else. I bet no one in the classroom wants to see two almost grown men fight like babies and get blood everywhere." She spoke calmly, her hands on her hips as she stared down at the two of them. Of course, no trace of fear or remorse could be seen on her face. Just pure annoyance. She watches fights all the time, and honestly she doesn't care. But it was certain that others didn't want to have to deal with it, and she might as well save them both from going to the Hospital.

    After a few seconds of just staring at the two, she finally made her way back towards... Chaelin? Yeah, that's her name. A small huff of air left her body as she plopped back down onto her seat. "Sorry about that, Chaelin. So, did you need something?" She spoke, honestly now curious. It seemed like she'd slightly opened up to the other, but only just a tad bit.

    Maybe Chaeling and her could be friends, but that's just a maybe. She needed to observe the other girl before coming to conclusions.
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