Kingdom of thieves

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  1. It's a dark and stormy night, the path is slick with mud, the moon lighting up the forest. The village is only four days away, until you get there you have to stay strong. A low growl emits from the bushes to your left.
  2. Leon tied his horse to a post and walked inside a small tavern. His hood pulled over his head covering the top half of his face. There were many people inside all drinking, talking, and going on about things that Leon had absolutely no interest in listening. He had more important things to worry about. In four days he would be at the royal castle
  3. Shadow watched those entering and leaving the tavern. One seemed more interesting than the others. She walks in shaking the water off the tips of her ears. Looking around she spots him, walking over to the bar she nods to the bartender, letting him know to give her the usual.
  4. Leon could hear a waitress set down a glass infront of him. "Looks like you need one of those" said the waitress giving him a smile before walking off. The truth was, he needed a drink, maybe even two. He kept his hood over his face but lifted the glass to his lips and felt the cool liquid send a burning sensation down his chest.
  5. She got her drink and looked over at the hooded figure. She downed her drink and went over to where he was sitting. "Your new around here aren't you." She said looking over at him.
  6. Leon looked up at her and removed his hood. "Yeah, I'm just passing through." He said looking her over
  7. "So where are you headed then? Don't worry, you can trust me." She smiles, taking in Leon's features.
  8. "I'm headed to visit someone, an old friend of mine" he didn't exactly trust her or anyone else enough to tell her the truth. The moment he told someone about his plans to see the king, word would be sent and his mission would go from hard to impossible. That's something he truly didn't need
  9. "Hmm..." She spaces out for a second, staring across the table at his drink, completely zoned out. 'I do believe he is lying, but he must have a very good reason for doing so...' She thinks to herself. "Where does your friend live?"
  10. "Further up north, about a four days trip from here. I'm just looking for a place to stay tonight then I'll be on my way in the morning"
  11. "If I'm correct the inn just across from here has a few empty rooms. Say you don't mind if I tag along, do you? I've always wanted to see what it looked like up north around this time of year."
  12. "I don't know, we might have to part ways at one point and I wouldn't want to just leave you so far from home." He thought about letting her spend the night with him and tagging for a little bit but he was strongly debating it. She couldn't know of his true intentions
  13. She tilts her head slightly. "I have no home truthfully, the forest is my home." She smiles at you, her eyes softening slightly. Her tail curling around her leg loosely. Maybe I can sweet talk his true intentions out of him.
  14. Leon looked into her eyes, she was a nice looking girl but he knew he wouldn't jeopardize his mission because of it. She could stay but not once he got to the castles area. "Fine, you can tag along for a bit and I'll take you to see the north."
  15. Shadow looks up at him into his eyes, smiling. "That's sounds great, thank you." She unfurls her tail from her leg and brushes it up against his. "I'm Shadow by the way."
  16. "No problem" he stiffened slightly feeling her tail brushing his leg. "Can I offer you a drink?" He asked looking from then to the bar on the other side
  17. She bits her bottom lip. "That would be nice, thanks" She leans back propping her feet up on the table. Looking into Leon's eyes, admiring their color.
  18. "I'll be back" he said giving shadow a small grin. He walked over to the bar and ordered shadow a drink. She didn't look like much of a drinker so he didn't get her anything to strong. He returned to her shortly setting the drink infront of her "enjoy"
  19. She puts her feet down and picks up the drink taking a sip. "Mmm this is good, I should get it more often." She sets the glass down. "So what's your name stranger." She states teasingly
  20. "Leon" he said smiling slightly looking at her. "May I ask why you're so willing to travel with someone you have met only a few minutes earlier?"
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