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  1. Blair

    She felt the back of her neck prickle. She felt like she was being watched. She turned to see if anyone was there and kept walking until she spotted another window. There were still people near it so she bolted for the other side of the building, fearing someone might spot her. She didn't want to get trapped here with no one knowing where she went
  2. Ai Yukino silently padded past the opening doors of the train, following other students that were slowly trickling in. Her light colored hair shined in the artificial lights and her eyes gleamed almost unnaturally as she seemed to gracefully glide past others on her way up, but while walking to an area that she could find solace in, she tripped five times, earning a few bumps and bruises. She dragged a duffel bag behind her as she went. As she finally stopped, her phone began to wail out loudly, and she couldn't even tell if it was a call, or some kind of alarm. She let go of her bag gently before taking out her phone, looking at the screen and randomly pressing buttons, unsure of what to do. She must have found the speaker button, because it only got louder.

    Now other people were staring and Ai was even more determined to stop the phone's incessant screaming. She pressed four keys at once, maybe that would help! No, apparently now she was calling someone. She clicked more buttons before accidentally dropping the cell. It clattered to the floor, the back coming off and the battery sliding across the floor as Ai whimpered. She finally managed to grab the battery and backing, trying to put it back together. The battery wouldn't fit back in the cell no matter which way Ai put it, and the backing didn't help much. At least the ringing stopped. But she knew exactly what she had to look like right now, and it probably wasn't all that pretty of a picture. She was hungry and her stomach grumbled loudly as she kept trying to put the battery back into the back of the phone.

    She was frustrated, hungry and upset, and like a child, she started crying, but unlike a child, as the emotions began to overcome her and tears trickled down her cheeks, a flash of white fur appeared on either side of her head and flicked between her legs (like a submissive dog, almost), but it was only for all of two seconds, and they disappeared within a moment, no one noticed because the color was pretty close to her hair color anyways, and surely no one was looking down at her skirt. Ai finally got the phone back together and stood back up, clinging to a rail beside her for balance as the train began to move, it didn't stop her from falling again as more people stared. She whimpered and got back to her feet and grab onto the rail again.

    Ai almost cried with relief as the train finally stopped and she dragged the bag off of the train, only to trip AGAIN, and this time, she was beyond embarrassed because when she looked up, she saw a boy her age in a blue polo and jeans, carrying a sign that she noticed, horrified, was her class. She pulled herself up and dusted herself off, grabbed her bag in one hand, mustered up a smile, then looked the boy in the eye and chirped "Hello!" before extending her hand for a handshake. She was determined to show that she knew proper behavior. Then she froze in her head, not knowing if she should bow. Was that the right thing to do? Would he be offended if she didn't.... she was silent and waited for his response.
  3. Hunter

    Dylan: "You're girlfriend just called the police on you, dude."

    Ray groaned, "Of course she did. I knew I should have sent out the emp." He said under his breath. He finished getting what he needed from the scientists. He knocked each of them out then heard sirens. "Dang it Blair." He thought. He activated his stealth mode and got away.
  4. Amelia's azure eyes looked out the window. The dawn's passionate light illuminated the fog that surrounded the area as the train went along. Her strawberry hair was up as usual, some of it braided into place and the rest falling down just below her eyebrows. Looking out the window, she couldn't help but just stare at the clouds. That one looks like an elephant, Amelia thought to herself as her mind began to drift off. I wonder . . .? Amelia thought to herself as she pictured an elephant remeniscent of Dumbo, flying through the sky with large ears as wings. The thought made Amelia hold back a chuckle as her light eyes drifted to another cloud.

    She looked at one cloud and saw a bird. When looking at another one, she saw a cat. If it were up to her, she would be perfectly content, just staring at the pretty sky, and picturing all of the cloud animals as if they were real, marching along in a parade in the sky. Amelia was smiling, something that happened not too often in public. However, as her grip loosened on one of her bags, she regripped it, snapping back into reality. And so the smile dissappeared from her face as quickly as it had appeared.

    Suddenly perking up, she remembered something as she reached for her tote bag slung on her right shoulder. She grabbed a note and opened it, looking at the writing. After processing the text for a few seconds, she concluded that the note stated that she would be running errands after she attended the welcoming ceremony at the High School campus. She placed the note bag in the tote bag filled with notebooks and a few pencil boxes. She braced herself as the train came to a stop.

    She would have been perfectly calm, but then an older girl tripped outside as people began boarding off. Feeling sorry for the clumsy girl, Amelia got off of the train, her now cold eyes set on an emotionless setting that she often used in public and in class to avoid conversation. Out with the short girl came a large tote bag slung around her right shoulder and a suitcase with a floral pattern which she tugged around as it lazily followed along using its wheels. If I do good for the school, Mommy will be happy, right? Amelia reasoned with herself as she attempted to try and not look so out of place among the youths towering over her petite self. Luckily, though, the clumsy girl from earlier was already standing out from the others, making her want to sigh with relief, but hold the sigh back as the young lady with almost white hair greeted the young man that seemed to be in charge of the Welcoming ceremony.
  5. Ray

    He heard Dylan chuckle. "What's up?"

    Dylan: "Cryo-signatures spiked at her house a few times. I thinks she's barricading. She's scared dude."

    Ray: "I'll console her when I get there later."

    Dylan: "Oh yea?"

    Ray: "Get your mind out of the gutter."
  6. Ray

    He was almost surprised of her honesty, but was glad about it because he hated dishonesty. "Blair, you shouldn't be doing that. You could have gotten seriously hurt."
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    How is everyone going!
  8. A young man with snow white hair and icy blue eyes walked onto the train with a rolling suitcase and silently took a seat. What would likely make him stick out the most though would be his rather unique white trench coat which drew attention to the otherwise normal combination of a black longsleeve shirt and jeans. His suitcase really seemed more like a bookbag type rolling one than an actual suitcase. Only a minor amount of clothes were inside since Yuki planned on using today to decide if he would keep his place outside of the dorms or live among all the other students. Just how mysterious did he want to remain for the first semester attending Kazeyama? It would probably come down to a matter of privacy rather than coming off as mysterious at the end of the day.

    The ride on the train was a rather interesting one though, since one girl who had hopped onto the train suddenly changed her hair and eyes right before his own eyes. Not many people could do that these days. For just a while his attention was focused on her since she was the only inhuman type person he had encountered so far. A clumsy girl on the train actually managed to gain his attention next while she battled an evil cellphone which refused to shut up. Until the battery died/fell out anyway. More than a few times he considered helping her but eventually declined mentally since his particular talent would not help out in putting an end to the technology torment. Plus it was kind of cute to watch her mess with it in a weird way.

    During the remainder of the trip he amused himself by fiddling with the temperature around him without moving a muscle. It was just enough to chill a room temperature drink. Looking outside he took in the weather for a few minutes. A cloudy could let him get away with all sorts of weather climate mischief.

    When they arrived, he got off the train with a smile and looked for where he needed to go find information on where to go. Yet again the poor clumsy girl got his attention and he almost helped her again, especially when the fox started harassing the poor girl. Something about her ungraceful nature was endearing in an clutzy way. But when the owner arrived he decided it wasn't his problem anymore for now.
  9. Lyra put Melody on the bed with the apples and kinda just stare at each other.
  10. Like an phantom, Darius nearly appeared from nowhere behind the small clumsy girl. His towering form scratched at the sky it seemed. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a solid black shirt with the words "Colma" written in white, a pair of solid black Vans shoes, and a grey beanie on his head, he seemed like a skater thug or worse. Adding in the tattoos that could be seen along his neck, and down his muscled forearms, he certainly didn't seem like the friendly type.

    "Guess you're Kenta." He said in a matter of fact tone without another word, and adjusted his grip on the large US Army rucksack he had thrown over his shoulder. He'd gotten quite a few looks from his appearance, but the boy had grown used to it. His free hand then moved to his neck where he lightly rubbed a large bruise that had formed a few days ago.

    Darius then glanced over at Avian, and looked him up and down once before turning his dark green eyes back onto Kenta. Obviously a blunt, and silent person, Darius seemed.
  11. Yuki actuallymoved toward Kenta when he had spoken through the megaphone in Japanese, silently proving at least he understood the language of his native country. It seemed a little unfair to him that someone had not warned this guy about whether or not the students showing up could speak Japanese in the first place. His steps almost made it appear as though he were skating along the ground with their fluid motion even with the rolling suitcase in tow. He drew closer to the only one here who seemed to be in charge of anything. A smile soft as freshly fallen powder was on his face, stopping about five feet away from Kenta. Patiently the Ice Demon waited for the guy to finish helping Ai before finally speaking to Yukihiro in Japanese with a very smooth voice.

    "Hello! I'm Yuki. I think Class 3-S is mine."

    Truthfully he didn't remember which class was actually his and didn't care since it would get straightened out at some point.

    Arikado noticed the trouble he was having with English along with the chuckles from other class representatives. He could have given them all a cold groin if he wanted to. . . he was certainly mischevious enough. But the towering form of Darius intimidated him from flexing his abilities so freely for some reason. Looking over at the guy, it definitely looked like Darius was probably a lot stronger than him physically for sure. Regardless of this Yuki looked back over at Kenta without his facial expression seemingly frozen in that cool, relaxed look that never granted a glimpse into his unhappy thoughts.

    "Do you. . . need some help? I can speak pretty decent English. I've spent a lot of winter vacations in America."
  12. Ai felt the hairs on the back of her neck bristle up when that Kenta kid had told her that he knew, instinctual fear. Anger. More fear. She was glad that he had helped her up, but.... what if it didn't end there? He told her he knew.... He knew.... was he going to threaten her? If she didn't do something for him, would he tell? She moved to go after him, but froze instantly as she smelled someone behind her that certainly wasn't there a second ago. Literally frozen in place for a moment, she whimpered slightly, instantly knowing that the person behind her wasn't the happy type. He didn't smell that way.... but he.... did seem incredibly warm. Normally, canine species are warmer than humans, their temperatures usually around 101 degrees, compared to humans at 98.6. This guy seemed much warmer than that. And his current emotional state was vague and hard to put, even though she was normally good at putting a finger on someone's emotional state.

    She wanted to move, her body was already screaming in the way that humans do. FIGHT OR FLIGHT?! Hell, she didn't even know, she felt like a deer in headlights. Immediately, she turned around to face the person behind her, already taken back by his height. He seemed pissed. Within moments, ears and tail appeared. The white ears were pressed down to her skull, and her tail was curled between her legs. Fear. She was afraid. Ai wanted to run, but was afraid to take her eyes off of the man. A shudder ran through her body and she backpedaled slightly. He hadn't even done anything and she was afraid. Hell, she thought if he moved his pinkie, she'd faint.

    "H-h-h-h-hiiiiii....." Ai stuttered out, frozen in place.
  13. Darius lifted an eyebrow as he saw the girl begin to transform, and remained silent. He smelled something familiar... 'Kitsune?' he mouthed quietly to the girl. It was apparent that he knew something, but could he actually be right? His arms tensed slightly at that, but relaxed after a moment.

    "Hi there... you alright?" Darius asked lightly as he continued to watch the girl tremble. She certainly looked like she would be running the other direction while screaming at the top of her lungs had she not been so completely terrified. "You're the girl who dropped her phone... a minute ago. You drop it again, you'll probably break the thing next time."

    His tone wasn't rough or soft. It was at a nice middle ground. He was certain that the girl would probably avoid him in fear for the rest of the year... hell probably the rest of her life, but that was to be expected.
  14. And like that, it was over.

    She felt stupid. Really stupid and confused.

    "I... I think I really broke it this time." She confused, voice shaking a little, but it was a little better since it had been revealed that.... maybe he wasn't as bad as she thought. She'd have to have her twin check him out. This was just way too weird. There had to be a reason why she was so scared of him as second ago. The ears and tail slunk back away from view and she tried to look him in the eyes.

    Don't run away, act normal. Don't run away, act like a normal human. Try to talk to him.

    Something was amiss, but she just couldn't tell what. She nodded slightly in response to his first word to her, since he probably saw her ears and tail. No use denying it.

    "S-so... Uhhhhhh..... n-n-nice tattoos...." Ai blurted out.

    Smart, Ai. REALLY SMART. She mentally kicked herself and then mouthed out "You're really hot".

    Then kicked herself mentally again, just now noticing that what she just said might be taken the wrong way, not that it wasn't true, but she didn't want to say THAT. Sheesh.

    She then mouthed out. "Temperature-wise".
  15. Gin stepped off the bus, a pack strapped on his back and a suitcase hanging at his side, there was no need to rush right now, as he was sure the orientation would most likely drag on to the point of agonizing boredom. He scanned the sea of faces, taking in the wide variety of differences among them all. The Cell phone girl, who had apparently was still trying to get it together, was talking to a boy with a fox. Another boy, this one wearing a long white trench coat, was close by. Something seemed different about him, as if he had a cold presence about him. Just then yet another person appeared, and not just walked up, but actually Appeared right where Gin was looking. He was a big guy who looked more or less unfriendly. Another girl, this one appearing to be a bit younger, was also there. Gin Noticed that she had a pair of the Bluest eyes he thought he'd ever seen in his life.

    After completing his inspection, which was actually only a matter of seconds, Gin stepped down off the bus and found an unoccupied area just to the left of, Kenta Yukihiro, the class representative, just as he was putting a Mega-phone to his mouth.

    "WILL ALL CLASS 3-S STUDENTS PLEASE COME HERE? RIGHT NOW?" It was in Japanese. Gin understood enough of the language to understand what he was saying, but he saw Kenta struggling with the notion that not everyone there might. Gin paid little to no mind and stood awaiting whatever directions he was to follow. In the mean time he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of Camel filters. He flipped open the pack and drew a single cigarette out in between his lips. Next he did something that few people could do, he placed the businesses end of the Cigarette between his pointer finger and thumb and in an instant it was lit and smoking. He took a deep drag and let it out in a slow steady stream. The effect of the tabacco felt good after the log train ride, but as always he had a slight pain in his skull. Every time Gin used his pyrokinesis it hurt.

    As he smoked he decided to stay more or less out of the way of the others that were also in Class 3-S, he was sure he would meet them all sooner or later. Making an effort to meet new people was not one of Gins strong points, he wasn't shy, he just did not care.
  16. As Allie opened her eyes and looked out the window, she noticed that she seemed to be the only one left on the train. Her eyes widened as she slowly looked over to a stout attendant lady that had greeted her earlier when she had gotten on. This time, though, the look she was giving her was not all that friendly. Laughing nervously, Allie quickly got up from her seat, grabbed her bag and suitcase, and raced towards the exit, jumping out the door and skidding to a halt facing the crowd.


    Though she really didn’t catch most of what was said, Allie figured it was where she needed to be. “That must be him!” She mumbled to herself before adjusting the strap of her bag and making her way over to the group, waving happily as her eyes changed to a bright neon green.

    “Hi! 3-S, that’s me! Allie Logan, at your service!”
  17. Aisha was running late, and on the first day of class too, She was hoping that setting up the class wouldn't take so long and running around looking for eggs hadn't been ideal either. This will not look good. She stoppped to catch her breath and looked in the mirror to fix her long blonde hair.

    She gently looked over her delicately formed feature, flawless skin, bright golden brown eyes, long silky blonde hair, and a forlorned look with a full sad mouth. It was another year of lies and decit. She quickly smiled.

    "But life is good, and I am young so nothing can stop me," She smiled wide and accepted her fate. 'i have ai and thats good enough for me' She became brighter at the thought. Soon she arrived upon Kenta. She bowed deeply to him. "I am so sorry for being late! I was baking and seting up the class for you! Still so sorry!" She smiled hugely. Was it her or the muffins either way it didn't really matter.

    She beamed. "Class 3-S Student would you please come over here!" This year would prove to be interesting, hopefully. She glanced around the students, mostly returning ones. She began to have a bad feeling. She began to wonder, where exactly was her twin Ai. Then again she realized she probably couldn't get her phone working properly and some boy was standing next to her so she was possibly freaking out. She continued to smile, enough to feel like an American Barbie though hers came off as excited and genuine.

    "So what's the plan, Kenta?" she questioned happily.
  18. Darius was a bit taken back buy the girl, and actually turned his head slightly to hide the brief blush that came and passed. "I... uh yeah... I tend to burn pretty hot. No. I mean... argh..." and with that he closed his eyes, and began scratching his head. ~She's just being a silly girl... pay her no mind. He then opened his eyes, and looked back down at her for a minute before turning his attention to Kenta again. His look had softened as it passed from Ai though... she'd managed to lighten his mood a little.

    ~Oh it's going to be an interesting life here isn't it? Already getting hit on, and I've only just gotten off the train.~ He thought to himself, and sighed softly. Hopefully things didn't get out of hand here like they had at the last school. Though knowing his history... things always got interesting between his work, and his social calendar.
  19. "It's all yours." Kenta sighed, retrieving the megaphone again and handing it to Yuki. He reached back into the pack and pulled out a clipboard with the dorm room listings and who would be in each room. He flipped a couple of pages, looking at the names, trying to match them to the faces. He cleared his throat and looked back to Yuki, at least someone who could translate. Hm, somewhat akin to Takashi.

    As Kenta looked up he realized that most of his classmates, at least the ones of interest had seemed to find their way over to him. One of them smoking next to him, he flipped through the pages, rolling his eyes at the cigarette. Kuzimato Gin He nodded and smiled, facing him. "You're in dorm 4A, with..." He turned to look back at the sheet, "Darius Ravata..." Hm, must be that big guy over there talking to Ai...

    "Hey Ravata-San, you're in room 4A with Kuzimato-San here. That is on the fourth floor on the west side. Please go unpack and meet us back here when you finish. He bowed to them and gestured to the building behind him. "Please hurry!" He nodded before turning back to his clip board. He chuckled, nodding to himself.

    "Yukino twins?" He looked to Ai, talking with Ravata-San. He turned to Aisha who was standing next to him, who had the same aura as her twin. "You are in room 4B, across the hall from Kuzimato-San and Ravata-San. Please unpack quickly." He bowed again before turning his gaze to the clipboard once again.

    "Next we have, Rogan-San, you are rooming with...looks like they're not here yet actually, so you can go ahead and head up to 4C and it's a pleasure to meet you as well. Please unpack quickly and return promptly." He bowed to her and looked back at the clipboard with a sigh. He scratched the back of his head with a pencil. He scratched out a couple of names and then turned to Yuki.

    "Arikado-San, you're rooming with me it appears. Room 4E, please go ahead and unpack quickly. I'm already unpacked and left your half ready for you to move in." He bowed to him before adding, "Please hurry back and if you could tell the others if they did not understand me very well." He gave a quick bow and nodded.

    As Kenta stood there, he noticed one of the unofficial Yakuza club members heading over to Ai, which Kenta knew could only end badly but he didn't think much of it, after all Ravata-San was right nearby and Kenta didn't think anyone would want to mess with him. With another tired sigh he looked to his clipboard once again.


    The Yakuza punk liked what he saw and he wasn't quite in the mood to take no as an answer, "Hey babe, what class are you in? You wanna come get cozy with me in the Yakuza shed out by the lake? I'm sure you'd love to see it, it's real quiet and we can get to know each other real well." He accentuated the "real" part of the sentence by moving in close to her, his face closer to hers. "So what do ya say babe? Wanna ditch the welcomers and go to a real party?" He chuckled, not paying any mind to his surroundings.
  20. "Right..." Turning, he watched as a kid swaggered up to the group, and started 'Macking' on AI. With a sigh, and a heavy roll of his eyes, Darius leaned down to look into the kids face, and stared directly into his face. "I'd suggest you get back to playing grabass with the rest of your boyfriends, and stop trying to be some kinda gangsta, you dig me dawg?" Darius stated with a light fire in his voice. He hated anyone who tried to be that smooth. It was just such a douche bag move.

    His bag then dropped with a heavy thud to the ground... as if it was filled with lead weights, and he kept looking at the boy with an unmoving stare. Deep down inside, he hoped the kid tried to pull some shit like the others usually did. Darius had been in a good mood, but he didn't particularlly like people pretying, and from what he'd seen... Ai wasn't exactly the fighting type.

    "Run along little one..."