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    The school was massive, is was as if they were at a university. The school was surrounded by mountains on every side , and the school only had one road leading to it through this never ending mountains. The building looked old, very old. Student Orientation was starting here at Oni kirā Academy, and everybody was doing their thing. Tons of different spirits/beings/races flooded the halls, people were running around, trying to get to the Gymnasium for Orientation.

    It was the beginning of the school year and a whole new flock of new students had come in. In this school it only take 2 years to graduate, so a lot of thee students are from the previous year. Orientation was about to start with a speech made by the headmaster of the school, a scary looking Minotaur. He was huge and muscular, with two black horns that curled around twice. "Hello everyone and welcome to Oni kirā Academy! I am your headmaster, Mr. Oxford, and I will have the pleasure of shaping your minds into wonderful warriors during your time here. At this school you will make Friends, Love, and Enemies. Through out today, you will be wandering the school, seeing how you like. Starting tomorrow, you will be attending the classes here !!! Thank you all for your time, and I hope you have a fantastic 2 years!" The headmaster finished speeaking and everybody headed out.

    Akane rushed through the hallways as fast as she can, trying to make it to the beginning of orientation. She could hear the crowed clapping, and a faint voice echoing in from the Gym. "Oh no! I'm late! No wait.. I still got some time left!" Akane said as she ran. Akane pushed open the doors of the Gymnasium and heard Mr.Oxfords last words, "-Fantastic 2 years!" Akane sighed with relief. "It hadn't started yet....Hadn't started yet." Akane said while panting and waiting for everyone to leave the Gym and wander around.

    This is what the school is surrounded by (open)
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  2. Caroline had fell asleep at the orientation, waking up in surprise when she heard clapping "Oh!...It ended..." She mumbled, The young demon had not been able to sleep because of Kiku the red panda and Ryu the small panda. Now that she thought about it....Where were the two little guys. "Oh no..." Caroline had immediately raced out once the orientation was over and passed Akane as she did so. She started searching for the two, knowing that without her supervision, they would cause major chaos. 'I should have never slept...But it's not really my fault is it...No it's...curse those too!!'
  3. Rikako sat through a major portion of the orientation for show -- however, it didn't take her too long to get bored, tired of hearing the droning voice of the obnoxiously sized Minotaur addressing everyone. She slipped out early with a silent teleport, reappearing in the halls and heading along to get a good look around. She figured it would be better to know the layout of the building in detail before she did much else, since that would help with quick navigation later down the line.
  4. Rei got up and waled to the door. "Lame speech. Wasn't even long." She said. Rei Kusuna, age 15. She wasn't usually cold or rude but today she was. She had fallen down three times, humiliating herself. She ran into a guy on her way into the gym, making her blush, and then the speech was short! She rushed around to get to the gym for something that small! She growled a little then sighed and walked down the halls.
  5. Akane watched as people started to move past her, unaware that the headmaster said this was a day off to wander the school grounds. She watched as some of the people flew away, and some of the people walk. Akane's eyes landed on a young cute looking neko girl with a long dark hair and a hoodie on. Her race was obvious due to her catlike ears and tail. Akane jogged to catch up with her, tucking her wings inward to prevent them from hitting people who were moving to slow, "Hey! could you tell me what's going on? Are we moving the orientation or something?" Akane asked seconds after poking her shoulder lightly. Akane obviously was confused and hadn't paid any attention to orientation.
  6. Rei stopped walking and used her hand to flick her hair back. She turned to the angel as her hair flew, making her look cooler. The Orientation is over. And it was pretty freaking short." She growled a little then sighed. "Sorry, I'm having a bad day. My names Rei. You?" She asked the girl.
  7. Caroline searched all over the school, eventually getting lost. "Hm...where am i?" She sighed and slid her palm down her face. "I should continue to look for them..." She mumbled as she searched, unaware that the two pandas had been in the gymnasium the whole time, but just far from her. "[Rainbow]Merry Chirstmas,Merry Chirstmas!!.[/Rainbow] we've seemed to lost Caroline" The pandas said energetically. Chanting merry chirstmas even though it was the event.
  8. "It ended already? Then where is everyone going?" She asked with a confused tone. Before Akane gave Rei time to answer she blurted out, "Oh, My names Akane!" She said cheerfully and quickly.
  9. Mr Bones aimlessly wandered the hallways, unsure on what to do. He had been sent here by his litch so that he could take his place but so far he was unsure on what he should do. He continued to the gym seeing a few people, he decided he would stay here for now, maybe try to make some friends here
  10. Zack yawned as he left through the gymnasium doors. He ears twitched, itching.
    He looked around, scratching them with his right hand.

    "I seem to be the last one out..."
    He said to himself quietly as he looked at the almost empty hallway. There was still a couple of people. Like those two girls talking.

    It was Zackary's first year here at Oni Kirã Academy.
    And he needed to make some allies.
  11. "Class I'm going to guess. Or to the dorms to unpack." Rei answered. She saw a looking at her and Akane and sighed then looked back at the Angel. "Are you new?" She asked, pitting her hands in her pockets.
  12. A tall guy with short brown hair and hazel eyes leaned against a wall, surrounded by girls who wanted him to play the guitar he had around his body. He sighed, finally giving in since they wouldn't leave until he did so. He got in playing position then played it. The sound rang through the halls and into camp rooms as he played. The girls squealed and jumped up and down.
  13. "So, these are the dorms..." Rikako stopped before the room she'd be using during her time at the school, stepping in to drop off her meager belongings and get a little rest in. She sat for just a few minutes before finally deciding to get up and drift the campus, eventually coming coming to a stop outdoors to stare up at the surrounding mountains. "Real fancy stuff they have going on here."
  14. Akane replied with a smile and a light giggle, "heh, was it that obvious?" Akane looked at the Rei, she had sort of a bored look on her face. Akane copied Rei and stuff her hands in her pocket. Akane could see Rei glance behind her, out of curiosity, Akane turned around. She saw a rather cute boy just leaving the Gymnasium. Akane turned back to Rei with one hell of a smile. "Are all the boys that cute?" Akane whispered as she inconspicuously referred to the boy.
  15. "Don't know. Look at that one on the guitar." She nodded her head to the guy playing. She looked at the guy and had to admit he was cool, but she didn't like him.

    Tadashi ended with a loud note and a few girls fainted while others squealed. He sighed and walked by the other girls
    He saw Rei and waved to her. They had been friends and even played together.
  16. Akane nudged Rei with her elbow, a suggestive look plastered on her face, "Oooooh! I see how you roll." Akane teased the neko girl beside her. A smile stretched across Akane's face as she removed her hands from her pockets, and placed them on her cheeks, "You're such a cutie Rei!" Akane added with a very girly tone behind her words. They had just met, but already does Akane like this Rei girl.
  17. "What?! No!" She removed Akane's hands. "We're just friends!" She said, waving her hands in front of her face. She was blushing in embarrassment now and things just got worse.

    Tadashi placed a hand on Rei's head. "I always thought we had a little more." He said with a smile.

    Rei turned red and turned to face him. "Liar!" She said and pointed a finger at him. "Don't go telling people stuff that's not true!"

    He put an arm around her. "Hey everybody! Rei is mine and only mine!" He yelled loudly.

    Rei turned completely red. "Akane, help me!" She said, flailing her arms.
  18. Caroline had found her way back to where she had started and smiled "Yay~" She cheered softly. before quickly heading into the Gymnasium now that it was sorta empty. She was then tackled by the two pandas and fell to the ground, groaning. She had then giggled. "I found you guys!" She hugged them tightly and sat up "[Rainbow]Merry Chirstmas,[/Rainbow] Yay we found Caroline!" They cheered happily.
  19. Akane couldn't help but laugh at Rei, her discomfort was quite hilarious. through Her laughter, Akane could hear voices behind her towards the gymnasium. Akane started to walk in that direction,"I'll be right back." She mumbled as she stepped foot back in the Gym. She saw a young blond looking girl talking with two pandas? I guess nothings strange at this school... "Hey!" Akane yelled, interrupting her own thoughts,"Why you talking to...pandas. They're animals, they don't talk back." Akane said with a silly smile on her face.
  20. Zack wore a blank expression as he looked around him.
    Pandas were tackling girls, awkward situations were going on with the two girls he had noticed before.

    "This place will be interesting, huh?" Zack sighed, blankly smiling.

    He was still standing in the doorway of the gymnasium.
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