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      Mae Renea

      Being in a band can be hard, even if you all happen to be best friends, but what can be harder? When you're all growing up so the band is on a verge of a wake up call. It may not last forever. Once out of high school you start families, college, and work. Some of you may even be leaving.
    • Played by: Mae Renea
      Biographies and deeper personalities will be in Roleplay.

      ||Rayven Marie Lawson||Bass Player||Twenty-three
      ||Main Character||
      Nickname: Ray, Rae
      Date of Birth: October 13th
      Place of Birth: New York City
      Gender: Female
      FC: Brante Flores
      Basic Personality: Comes off as a strong individual with a big heart that refuses to come off weak.

      ||Brianna Alley Davis||Lead Singer||Twenty-two
      Nickname: Bri
      Date of Birth: May 5th
      Place of Birth: Alabama
      Gender: Female
      FC: Makayla Marie
      Basic Personality: Complete flirt, may actually come off a bit 'whoreish' but she just tries really hard to find love. She really haven't been with many people.

      ||Britney Alice Davis||Band Manager||Twenty-two
      Nickname: Brit
      Date of Birth: May 5th
      Place of Birth: Alabama
      Gender: Female
      FC: Becca Dudley
      Basic Personality: Comes off rather innocent and easy to hurt. She seems to be the 'glass doll' of the group.


      Played by: Jageroux

      ||Tristan Sebastian Miller||Electric Guitar||Twenty-one
      Nickname: Tris, Baz
      Date of Birth: July 205th
      Place of Birth: Louisiana
      Gender: Male
      FC: Dylan O’Brien
      Basic Personality: Youthful to the point some may call him innocent. He spends half his time with his head in the clouds and the other trying to make people laugh. Loves memes.

      ||Colin Edward Rivers||Drummer||Twenty-four
      Nickname: Riv
      Date of Birth: October 95th
      Place of Birth: California
      Gender: Male
      FC: Luke Mitchell
      Basic Personality: Brash and not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He values his friends and any relationships he makes, but refuses to change himself and the way he is for others.

    Jageroux and Mae Renea
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  1. Tristan
    Sharpe Café.
    6:00 A.M.
    Cloudy Weather.

    “Two hours.” Tristan muttered to himself grimly, his eyes affixed on the time his phone showed him. Stowed away in the corner of a small café, he was nearly invisible to the rest of the world. Tapping his foot on the floor, he chewed his nails anxiously, unable to look away from the phone. He knew watching the time slowly tick down would do him no good, but he couldn’t shake the worry that had taken hold of him.

    ‘Why can’t they all just get along, dammit?’ He questioned to himself mentally, blinking painfully when the minute changed and he knew, sooner or later, he’d have to leave his little spot in the café and walk across the street to where the band frequently practiced.

    Originally, he had assumed they had lucked out – being able to rent out a place to practice right across from a café? At the time, he couldn’t imagine how that couldn’t be good. But now, as he by himself, at the table where he and his bandmates usually grouped at in the morning, he knew for a fact things had… changed.

    Putting his phone down, he resorted to drumming his fingers on the table, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly as he fought to gain his composure. He couldn’t help but wonder what changed. Surely everyone was still friends, right? Even friends act like ticking time bombs around each other, right?

    “Hah.” He let out a dry laugh, the expression hollow and lacking any inkling of amusement or joy. Leaning back in his seat, he stared at the ceiling and groaned. Everyone would chill out, in time. After all, everyone argues – hell, even married couples argue.

    “Everything will be fine, Tristan. Everything will be fine.” He spoke softly, so only his own ears would hear his reassurances.
    The Band Studio.
    6:00 A.M.
    Cloudy Weather.

    Making his way into the band’s studio, he pushed open the door slowly, a familiar creak filling the silence. They never did get that door fixed, did they? Though, he assumed the studio wouldn’t be the same without the obnoxious noise anyone dared to open the door. Stepping inside, he did a quick take of the room and concluded he was the first one to make it to practice.

    As usual.

    Shutting the door behind him, he quickly removed his jacket and hung it on the rack beside the door. Rubbing his hands to warm them, he looked around the slightly spacious studio the band called their own. While he was only in the den, the space of the room itself betrayed the impression one may get looking at the building from the outside.

    Sitting down on one of the two couches, he slowly sunk back into it. Running a hand through his hair, he closed his eyes and hummed to himself, his foot tapping against the floor in rhythm to a beat he had steadily been forming in his own mind.
  2. Rayven
    Ray looked at the time, 6:03, she was running late. Brianna was fighting with Colin over who knows what, so naturally, after she complained to her twin sister she had to complain to Ray. She was just down the street from the coffee shop.

    "Oh, Tristan, please don't be mad at me." She whispered to herself as she ran down the street.

    She slid into the coffee shop and looked around until she spotted him. She gave a small smile as she walked over to sit in front of him. She quickly told the nurse what kind of tea she wanted.

    "Sorry, Bri was bitching and Brit kept asking me questions about the next gig. I was trying to finish my term paper. I know its only been three minutes but still." She sighed. Brit got her to the point where she hated to be late. Everything was timed for her. When something was off her whole schedule usually ended up that way.

    "I'm not even done with my term paper yet."

    Brianna and Britney
    Brianna and Britney where twins, often always together but never the same. Bri got along with people better, Brit was smarter, Bri was the pretty one boys wanted, and Brit was the one that kept everyone on their toes.

    Currently, Bri was mad at Colin and Brit didn't even think she remembered why. Though, like everyone there would always be fights. The twins where walking into the band building, waving over to the coffee shop not even sure if their friends spotted.

    Britney stepped in first, walking to the desk to fill out things they needed for the next gig. "Hey, Col." She smiled sweetly. Her sister was still by the door but on the phone with the new boy toy. Brit usually chose to ignore, "Double checking, this or next weekend your off?" She had to ask Tristan too.

    Britney left the singing to Brianna, she was just fine being the manager.
  3. Tristan

    “Bri needs more baguettes in her life.” Tristan said with a smile, having listened quietly to Rayven. “Alright, since you mentioned baguettes, I guess I can go ahead and tell you about this idea I had. Before you get worried, I don’t think I’ll almost burn the studio down via microwave… Again.” He let out a nervous chuckle before clearing his throat.

    “So, the other night, I came across these… Nerds. And, like, they were grouped up in this alley with fake lightsabers and like… Fighting. As cringe-worthy as it was, with their fake sound effects and whatnot, it gave me an idea. Every Friday night we gather up a bunch of high school students and have them fight each other on the roof of the studio with baguettes.” He said, barely able to keep himself from laughing himself to death. “Like, I talked to Colin about it and he agrees it’d be a great idea. I mean, after I told him about it, he hung the phone up in my face… but he never said no. And, based on the look on your face, I can tell you’re all for it to. It’s not like I spent my last paycheck on buying a bulk of baguettes straight from France or anything like that.” He rambled out, glad he was able to distract himself from band practice.


    Opening his eyes when he heard the door open, he blinked a few times before looking over to see Britney.

    “Hey, Brit.” He said, returning her smile with one of his own. “I got this weekend and next weekend off for once.” Standing up, he stretched and made his way over to the mini-refrigerator they kept in a corner. Getting a bottle of water, he casually ignored Bri before returning to his seat.

    “Say, Brit, did Tris call you? Like… He called me at two in the morning rambling about baguettes.” He said with a hint of worry, unable to actually remember what the guitarist had said. “I’m honestly only bringing this up because of the pizza thing.” Colin brought to remembrance the time Tristan almost burned down the studio with a pizza and microwave.
  4. Rayven
    Ray blinked, listening to his ideas. He was a man of many ideas. Some she loved others she didn't, "To be fair, I was one of those nerds in Middle School." She reminded, though she doubted he remembered. She was two years older. Her and Colin where closer to age.

    She tried her best to take in her friends rambling, this was why he wanted to see that morning? "Here I thought we were on a date," she teased before taking the tea the barista sat down in front of her.

    "Okay, as much as this sounds like a fun and crazy idea... What in the hell is 'baguettes'?"

    Britney and Brianna
    Brit nodded, "Yeah, actually. I told him we couldn't afford it with the band money." She flipped over her notebook to look at the money they did have. "Which, the next three gigs' money has to go in the band's savings or we'll be out in three point two months."

    She turned around and leaned against the table as she watched her sister giggle on the phone with some boy. Brit never had conversations like that and she was okay with it.

    "You and Bri still fighting?" She asked. (You can choose why.)
  5. Tristan
    Choking, Tristan coughed into his fist and attempted to laugh off her tease casually.

    “Ahem.” He cleared his throat, drumming his fingers on the table idly. “Basically, a baguette is this really long piece of French bread. It tastes pretty good, but the taste isn’t the important part. The important part is that it’s great for sword-fighting. And besides, it’s a baguette. Just saying the word is fun.” He smiled, leaning back into his seat and he glanced at the clock above the door of the café.

    ‘Still have a decent amount of time.’
    He thought to himself, deciding he was going to wait until the very last possible second to leave the café and head to the studio. Until then, he had every intention of enjoying the tranquility of the establishment.

    “Also, what’s your term paper about?” He inquired curiously. Even if he hadn’t gotten accepted into any colleges, he still enjoyed listening to Rae her occasional rants.
    “Good.” Colin said, happy he wouldn’t have to worry about the studio being burned down just yet. Taking a drink of his water, he listened as Brit explained the band’s current financial standings and whistled.

    “Y’know, maybe it’d be easier for us to make money and generally be a better act if our songs weren’t based around the vanities of one particular bitc…” He bit his lip, holding his fist against his lips as he attempted to try and avoid getting irritated. “I think if we had more song diversity, we’d appeal to a larger crowd. But, I’m just a drummer – not the lead singer nor songwriter, so what do I know?” He shrugged, taking another drink as he massaged his forehead.

    “Also, I wouldn’t say it’s fighting if it’s just her refusing to accept being the lead singer doesn’t make everything about her and only her.”
  6. Rayven
    Ray chuckled, "Kids fighting with bread?" She rose a brow and sighed, "It sounds like a bust idea. Why not use that idea for the fundraiser gig we got coming up." Which they needed more songs that where more friendly for viewers of other ages.

    "As for my term paper its about the people around me and how personalities clash. Like, how two opposites can get along with one couple but can't in another."

    Britney and Brianna
    Britney wasn't a song writer but she dabbled in poetry often. She bit her bottom lip, "I'm know writing isn't my job but I did dabble in something that's more of a duet." Brianna was working on newer songs and she usually pushed aside anyone's ideas. Brianna had to have her music often fixed by Rayven.

    Brianna finally got off the phone and gave a half-smile. "Hey Colin." She gave a half wave walking to start the coffee maker. "We need more coffee," she said throwing the can of Coffee Beans away.

    "Drink tea, its better for your voice anyways." Britney said with a shrug as her sister made the rest of the coffee.
  7. Tristan

    “So, basically, what you’re saying is at the fundraiser we take the baguettes and get a moderate-sized room. Then, we charge like 3-5 dollars for entry as a ‘playpin’ for kids, then we film the kids beating the shit out of each other with baguettes and upload the video to the internet. Then, we take the money from the ad revenue and the entry fee and put it in the band account!” He said in excitement, standing as he slammed his hands on the table, a smile on his face. “You’re a freaking genius!” He exclaimed before sitting back down when he got a few strange stares from other patrons.

    “But, yeah, that’s a great idea. Hey… How much chloroform do you think we’d need to get Colin into a baguette suit? Like, if we go down to some costume store, I’m pretty sure we could find one. Then, we just shove Colin in it and have him dance on a corner with maracas. I can’t imagine how that wouldn’t make us extra money.”


    “Anything you write would probably be better than anything we currently have.” He said simply, absent-mindedly swirling the water within the bottle. Blinking, he gave Brianna a half-glance and grunted in response to her greeting.

    “Morning.” His words came out forced, yet he made the attempt to be civil. “Anyway, Brit, where’s our next gig supposed to be at? The way I see it, if our next one is something a bit casual and not the fundraiser, we’d still have some time maybe make a few new songs.” He suggested, as he took another drink of water.
  8. Rayven
    Ray sighed, "No, that isn't a fundraiser. We make sure they have patting and charge no more than three dollars and all proceeds go to the Fundraiser, Tristan." He had a big idea but got too excited. "The fundraiser we're doing for free."

    She sighed, "Tristan," she was really stressing out about not knowing what to do for her term paper. "We're not putting Col in a bread suit. You had too much coffee."

    Britney and Brianna
    "Fundraiser is at the end of the month, we have time." Britney looked to her sister, "I think we can look at the songs we never done before and fix them to the way we need them." In other words except for three or four of them they where everyone else's. Brianna did agree with some of them that wasn't hers. They turned to be big.

    "Um, yeah. Sure." Brianna said with a shrug, pulling a folder out of the desk they practically used for Britney's space. "Some of them needs words tweaked."
  9. Tristan

    Slowly piping down, Tristan groaned and nodded.

    “Can’t deny the image is pretty funny though. But, I guess the only option we have is to do our best at our next gig. “ Rubbing his face, he placed an elbow on the table before propping his chin on his open palm. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, lately, and I’m worried. About the band. It honestly feels like Col and Bri can’t get along, and if they can’t get along and people start picking sides… What would happen to the band?” He asked, not sure if he was actually asking Ray or just speaking aloud, his gaze fixed on the window where he had a perfect view of the band’s studio.


    “Baz and I have been working on a new sound lately, compared to what we normally do. More drum and bass with electric riffs.” Colin said with a slight hopeful tone, hoping they’d finally be able to stray away from their somewhat generic sound.

    “With the right lyrics, we could probably create something a bit more… Energetic.” He continued. Originally, he wasn’t fond of Tristan’s idea, but he couldn’t deny that it sounded nice… and different, which was definitely something he felt the band needed.
  10. Rayven
    She sighed, "Brianna likes attention, she's mad Colin never gives her any. She is use to guys looking at her and he gets along with Britney more." She shrugs, "She isn't use to being the second best twin and I think it's about time."

    She reached over and took his hand. "We'll be fine, Tristan. Just relax." She smiled before looking at the time. "So, when does your fangirls bug you before work?" Even being a local band they all had fans.

    Britney and Brianna
    Brianna nodded, "It sounds like a good idea." Her sister gave her a look. "I'm completely dead with ideas. Ray said she won't help me anymore." Ray was never afraid to call her out on being selfish.

    Britney smiled, glad her sister got the memo. "Tristan does get good ideas sometimes. I'm excited to bring some of your work back, Colin."
  11. Tristan

    Smiling back, Tristan held her hand as his mind wandered, his eyes focused on her. Blinking when he realized she was still speaking, he awkwardly let her hand go and shifted in his seat.
    “Oh please, you know I don’t have fangirls.” He joked, scratching the back of his head. He couldn’t help but feel awkward at the prospect of having ‘fangirls’ as someone that managed to go twenty-one years without even having a girlfriend.

    “And, in the case of work, my brother plans on having me work on a car that's being imported from the UK. Apparently it's some sort of show-car and it was sent here to have decals and shit put on it. And, I may very well get the full commission for it if it's up to standard, so that's pretty cool." He said, trailing his finger across the surface of the table as he thought up various designs.

    Raising his bottle of water in a half-hearted salute, he gave Brit a smile as he pulled his phone out to check the time.

    “Rae and Baz should be getting here soon.” He said through a yawn. “You know, I think we’re going to have to get new-ish equipment sooner or later. On a technical side, everything is up to date. But, equipment-wise, things aren’t so great. Baz has been having trouble keeping his guitar tuned and my drums are starting to break down. Is that being factored into the band costs, or is it just another problem rearing its ugly head?”
  12. Rayven
    Ray chuckled, "I meant to say 'before school'. Most of your fangirls are in school, but, that is great." She looked at the time again.

    "Baz, we better head across." She went to get her tea in a to go cup before walking to the door. "You coming?"

    Britney and Brianna
    Britney sighed and nodded, "I'm working in that now which is why we're so low. My cousin is helping us get some cheap equipment that's new and designed. If I wasn't getting them from him we would be screwed."

    Brianna sipped her coffee, listening to them talk quietly she really didn't like how for once someone liked her sister more but she was spoiled that way was all.
  13. Tristan

    “Y’see, that’s kind of creepy. I don’t want to attract schoolgirls.” Tristan joked as he stood up and stretched, laughing at her inquiry. “You speak as though I actually have a choice. Who knows, if we’re lucky, we may even make it after the fighting and general discomfort is done.” He commented as he pulled his jacket on and picked his phone up off the table, burying it deep within his pocket.

    Pushing the door open, he motioned for her to go first.

    “After you, Madame Baguette.” He said in the worst French accent imaginable.


    “Well, Baz’ll be happy to hear he won’t have to spend another hour trying to properly tune his guitar. Then again, I have this feeling you could tell him anything and he’d be happy.” He chuckled as he stood and tossed the water bottle in the trash can. “Now, let’s just hope we can get through practice without him setting anything on fire.”

    Walking into the next section of the studio, a slightly smaller room with the band’s instruments and other equipment. Pausing, he frowned and peaked out of the doorway, focusing on Brit.

    “Uh… Did that agency… guy… lady… whoever get back to you about any of the recordings we sent in?”
  14. Rayven
    Rayven chuckled, following him out as she pushed her dark hair out of her face. "I called Bri out too," she said looking both ways before heading across the street. "I just hope she takes in what I said."

    Rayven pulled the door open and shrugged out of her jacket before putting her phone on the desk. "Hello lovelies," she smiled and waved to Colin. "Sorry, Riv, some idea about baguettes had us talking." They cut the time really close.

    Britney shook her head, "Not yet, I'll make some calls though." She promised before seeing Rayven and Tristan come in. "We can't afford baguettes." She reminded.

    Her phone went off and she answered, the call didn't last long. She usually had business calls more than social calls. "Colin, can you help me get the equipment tonight?"

    Brianna was looking over the music as she sipped her coffee when Ray and Tristan came in. She was picking through the songs to see which ones they where able to tweak.

    Some of the music was actually really good, though she wouldn't admit it. She placed her phone on the desk with Rayven's and sighed.

    She looked over at the schedule. "Hey, I can't make next practice. I got an exam that afternoon."

    Britney was taking Business and Law.
    Rayven was taking Psychology and music.
    Brianna was just in college so her parents would be happy and had no idea what she wanted to do.
  15. Tristan

    “Y’see, I think she acknowledges what people say about her, like criticism and whatnot… But I don’t think she actually cares.” Tristan commented as he followed Rayven across the street, whistling to himself as they entered the studio. Stepping inside after his fellow guitarist, he was surprised to find Colin and Brianna weren’t at each other’s’ throats.

    What a promising start.

    Before he could even open his mouth, Britney instantly shot him and his baguette scheme down, again, and he could only groan as he flopped down on the sofa.

    “We can totally afford baguettes.” He argued weakly, sliding down the sofa until only his back was on the seat. "Oh, hey Bri." He greeted, raising a hand in a half-wave.


    “How about… No.” Colin said, leveling a calm stare at Tristan. “I don’t remember anything you said about it, but whenever you get an idea that doesn’t involve music, something winds up broken or on fire.” He stated and Tristan rolled his eyes, grumbling something about it not being his fault.

    Turning to Britney, he nodded.

    “Yeah, I can probably swing around with my truck and pick everything up.” He said while Tristan snickered quietly.

    “I’m sure that’s not the only thing you intend on pickin’ up…” Tristan mumbled under his breath with a sly smile.
  16. Rayven and Britney
    Rayven chuckled, immediately flicking Tristan's ear, "Nooo." She looked to Colin, "As much as I love you," she put her hand on her chest for affect, "You can't date our innocent little Britney. She isn't allowed to be corrupted. Do you want another Brianna?" It was a joke they messed with Brianna on, just teasing her for how many people she gets with for her 'quest for love'. Being a college adult it was expected no one would be an innocent little girl, except somehow Britney maintained it.
    The twins shot Rayven a look, making her chuckle before she continued, "Besides, if you hurt her I would hate to hurt you back." It was no secret Rayven took the big sister role nor was it really a secret Britney was the fragile one.

    Britney rolled her eyes, "I'm not a doll. I can take care of myself." She stated in her defense as she tried to busy herself to hide her bright pink cheeks from the teasing. She pushed back her blonde locks and sat down running over some numbers of gigs and practices. She looked to her quiet sister for a second before going over the rest of it. "Anyways, since Bri can't make next practice we can still run some ideas, for our new songs."

    Brianna heard the teasing on both her and her sister and tried not to take it personally, considering Rayven pointed out she was the reason they where having such a hard time in the first place. She glanced sideways at her sister looking embarassed due to Tristan and Rayven, "Oh, I'm sure Brit isn't as innocent as she let us believe." She teased, in her normal almost-snooty-but-not-better-than-you tone. "As for the idea thing, I really am out of ideas. If we revamp one of the reject songs we might be able to do it."

    She said with a shrug before looking to Colin, "Also, if Brit doesn't give you a run I sure can." She winked and that time Rayven flicked her "Ow!"
    "That isn't as funny as you think," she just found it rude because Brianna did that to eighty precent of the guys Britney liked.

    [Tomorrow I will be out of Wi-Fi until I move at the end of the month.]​
  17. Tristan and Colin

    Barely able to keep himself from laughing obnoxiously, Tristan settled for stifled giggles as he listened to Rayven mess with Colin and Britney.

    “This is great. I should be filming this.” Tristan said through broken chuckles, trying to not out and out laugh.

    Still standing in the doorway, Colin bit his lower lip as he retained his cool on the outside, though on the inside he was a mixture of flustered and annoyed. He knew better than to ramble to Tristan while half-asleep, but he still did. And he knew that Tristan knew that he had taken a liking to Britney, even though he had just passed it off as him merely preferring her to Brianna.

    But Tristan wasn’t that stupid – no, he saw right through the drummer’s slip of the tongue and subsequent half-assed explanation.

    “Ha. Ha. Ha.” Colin laughed out dryly, rolling his eyes with a scoff. “Very funny. And Brianna, I’d much rather become a eunuch than ever ‘give you a run’.” He added as he returned to setting up the equipment and Tristan whistled.

    “Y’know, one of these days we’re all gonna come here and Brit is gonna be all goth’d out and ready to rock and roll. I can just see her looking like a member of some heavy metal rock band. That’d be so dope.” Tristan commented idly, propping his feet up on the edge of a table as he shifted in his seat. “As for the songs, I guess we could try to maybe make them more… I ‘unno… Upbeat? They’re usually kind of… ‘soft’, but I wouldn’t call them upbeat, y’know?”
  18. Rayven
    Ray watched Colin and instantly felt bad, she didn't know Colin was actually into Brittney. She nudged Tristan a bit, her eyes wide with an expression that asked why he didn't tell her. She knew he was trying to keep cool but it shown in his eyes, which made her feel so much worse.
    "I," she started but didn't know how to finish. It wasn't like she could just out-him like that. That would be like someone pointing out her attraction to Tristan, which she felt odd about in the first place. He is the only younger boy that she has ever liked. That alone was awkward. At least he was of age, at least.
    She looked over at Tristan as he spoke about Brittney going goth, "Actually, when we were in school she was the goth girl.. Or, what did we call it? Scene. All three of us went through that stage. I blame Blood on the Dance Floor." She chuckled.
    Brittney was blushing, she couldn't believe her sister and Ray. Yes, they both knew she liked Colin. Though, Brittney was always too nervous to even talk to him about anything that wasn't band related or something that has to do with anyone but herself. She already knew Brianna had a hard spot because Colin seemed to be the only male not interested in her at one point in time. He was friendly with her but she never tried to get in his pants in the first place.
    She stayed quiet, not wanting to say anything to embarass herself. She even tried not to look at Colin until Rayven brought up their High School years. Bri and Britt moved to the same school as Ray in tenth grade and automatically became friends.
    "I'm not musically talented, just keep giving me the numbers." She joked before sitting in her desk chair to look over things. "Also, that 'scene' thing didn't last too long. I missed my blonde too much. I regret dying it blue after it went green at the pool."
    Brianna's eyes narrowed as she looked to Colin for his statement. "I think you are just jealous, I'm a girl and have more guts than you. I point out what I want, while I know three of you can't even admit what you want. One of you being ashamed, the other shy, and I don't know your excuse Rivers." She placed her hand on her hip. She had no clue if Tristan liked anyone so she really had nothing to be a bitch to him about.
    "If you like someone, grow a vagina," she had no clue why people would say 'grow balls' because a vagina can take much more pain, "and point it out. If you just want to fuck them do that too." Bri didn't excatly know if she liked Colin or just wanted him because he rejected her.
    She turned to the area where they actually played the music, "Lets get this over with." She called over shoulder.

  19. Colin

    “What a horrible time it was to be alive.” Colin said, remember when he had died his hair all black and straightened it out to the point it would droop over half of his face. Cringing at the memory, he could only question his dumb, teenage choices.

    ‘Never again.’ He stated resolutely in his mind. Such a dark time of his life…

    His facial expression became one of annoyance as Brianna began to speak. Gritting his teeth, he let out a heavy sigh as he listened to the lead singer speak.

    “You’re not a girl that ‘has more guts’ than me, Brianna. You’re a girl that lives like a revolving door – people go in and leave right back out. Y’know why that is, Bri? You are literally one of the worst people I have ever met.” He said, eyes narrowed into a glare. “What do you even get out of being a bitch? Some insane sort of satisfaction? News flash, Bri-Bri – looking pretty and knowing how to spread your legs is only going to get you so far.” He spoke, practically seething.

    There was no way she and Brit were really twins, right? In his eyes, the difference between the two was night and day.


    Sitting quietly, the guitarist bit his bottom lip as things slowly began to go to hell. Though, he couldn’t deny that Brianna’s words left him thinking.

    ‘One of you being ashamed?’ He wondered to himself. He had nothing to be ashamed of, and he didn’t know anyone else that had any reason to be ashamed of anything. Besides, they were all, for the most part, friends. With the exception of Brianna and Colin, of course. He didn’t know why, but it was as if it was impossible for those two to get along. Someone always said something or hinted towards something and then everything went to hell.

    Sitting as his two friends began to go at it, he help but wish he could disappear and not be there. He hated the fighting – it made him uncomfortable. It him remember things he hated and wished he could forget.
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