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    "Alllleexxx, when can we goooo?" Moaned Akon in annoyance.
    "Shut it, Akon! We have to wait until there's a clear path." Alex replied aggressively.
    "But I'm booorrreeed.." Akon groaned again.
    The triplets were hiding in the forest-like area, waiting for a group of guardians to pass so they can enter the village. Akon started to play with the tree bark in front of him, Alex reached out and snagged his hand. "I said stop damn it! Do you want them to catch us?!"
    Adrian cut in, his usual mellow voice a strange break from the high-pitched one of Akon and the angerfull one of Alex. "Alex, you know he doesn't respond well to anger. Look, the area is clear now." He stood and sprinted ahead. Akon stuck out his tongue before following, just to annoy his brother, before Alex followed too.
  2. Aurora trotted down an ally between two village homes, staying close to the walls. Flies landed on her ears and zipped by her face but she didn't care. She liked the chaos of them, flying every which way, only stopping to be a pest. At the moment she was in the form of a tabby cat, just roaming along. She found this form far less conspicuous than a black cat, or her most human looking form. Her grey fur and stripes drew very little attention to her and let her travel around undisturbed.
    She made her way to a more open area, a small market where people bustled about buying and selling mainly food. She strung through the crowd of feet, careful to not be stepped on. Aurora approached a girl, and rubbed against her leg. The girl smiled down at her, stroking her fur for a moment before returning her attention to the people around her. Aurora did not hesitate to deeply scratch her ankle before moving on toward a grouping of trees.
  3. Gazardiel was not the most patient of men, and that was why he was currently standing outside a lavvatory, tapping his foot as he continued to fidget, constantly on the look out for dangers. His dark brown eyes never stopped moving, and his hand remained always just tucked in, ready to go for a weapon should anything warrant that movement.

    Seconds later, a young woman of an entirely different disposition appeared from said building, "Gaz, you need to stop worrying. I'm not going to disappear on you." The bright young redhead smiled, placing a pale hand on his tanned one, gently guiding it to relax at his side.

    "That's what you think. Claire, you need to be more vigilant. Please. You forgot this." He held out a small curved blade, a weapon he had been trying to get her to carry, ever since they had met three years ago. She had never held it for more than a day, and always 'forgot' it. They were both as stubborn as eachother, and so on the debacle went.

    Despite their obvious differences, the two were extremely close, and so they did not feel the need to fill in the silence with mindless conversation, instead just heading out towards the outskirts of the town. They were moving on today, as they did so often. Gazardiel didn't like to stay in one place too long, and so they were always on the move. It was a lonely existence, and took its toll on Claire in particular, but she trusted her guardian implicitly, and wanted to ensure his happiness too, an so she went along with his plans most of the time.
  4. "Akon, turn cat. We need someone to scout ahead." Adrian glanced at his brother, trying to change his tone so it didn't sound as much as an order.
    Akon smiled brightly. "Sure!" He quickly changed into a black cat and ran ahead.
    A smirk creeped across Adrian's face with a snicker to match. "Told you."
    "Oh shut up!" Growled Alex.

    Akon went far ahead, keeping a lookout for anything with his jaw set to scream out to his brothers if he saw anything. He made it through the bundle of trees without seeing anything then stuck out his chest in pride of completing his task. He glanced over to see another cat coming and cocked his head. should I hide? I'm still not good at speaking their language.. he wondered.
  5. Aurora ventured on. What she at first thought was just the sound of leaves under her own paws, she was surprised to find out was another feline. It appeared from the trees, walking with its mouth open. When it saw her, it cocked its head. She stopped herself, and wondered for a moment what she might do. She wasn't one for talking to true cats, for they were almost more stubborn than she, and often wanted something in return for any sort of information a cat might know.
    But with nothing better to do at the moment, she proceeded, slowly approaching it with precaution. As she got closer she saw the cat was male, and that made her slow more. Male true cats were tricky. Aurora made her way right up to him, rubbing her body on his, and flicking him in the face with her tale. She then let out a simple meow, of little meaning, just a general greeting or acknowledgment.
  6. They walked for over an hour before they found themselves out in the open - or at least, ot of the town. They moved out of the settlement, and straight into the trees, keeping to their cover, though why Gazardiel really thought this necessary, it was impossible to tell. Perhaps he just liked the challenge, as Claire so often put to him. Of course, he always denied this, though the girl continued to pry into his feelings, still unable to fathom just why the guardian thought the world was going to crumble around them at any moment.

    Today, there was no inane questioning, only a sudden gasp of delight as Claire spotted two seemingly innocent moggies. She slowed her pace, getting within a few feet of them and crouching down, holding her hand out, "Here kitties. Come on, aren't you pretty?" She cooed, much to Gazardiel's dismay.

    "Claire..." He muttered, standing nearby, ready for the attack of the killer kitty. He'd once killed a dog that had jumped on the girl, having mistake its excitement for aggression. Since then, he had treated animals with caution, not wanting to upset his charge any further. So he stood on the sidelines, waiting for this animal lover of a woman to have her fill of petting the stray cats.
  7. Akon was about to mew something when the girl came over. He hid it from the girl, but the other feline could see his smirk. He let out a strange purr, one that would sound cute to a human, but for demons easily was an alert. Alert of a human. It was loud, so it echoed across the trees and rang all the way back to Aiden and Alex.

    Alex was ranting on before his moving mouth was cuffed by Aiden's hand. "..do you hear that?"
    Alex listened then smiled deviously. "He's found one!" He grabbed Aiden by the wrist.
    "w-wait up!" He yelped quietly as Alex raced him to the edge of the trees.
    Akon glanced back seeing Alex's quick flash of eyes and turned his eyes up to the girl, so she could see one fiery red one. Within an instant he turned into leopard just as Alex zoomed out and caught her by the arms and Aiden had a white ball in his hand, standing in front of her. She was trapped.
  8. Aurora was surprised by the girl, since her focus had been on the male cat. She sat, and looked at her wide eyed, letting the girl touch her. The main reason why she ever touched anyone as a cat was to mark them with her sent so she could find them later on. She looked over to the other feline as he purred. She knew that purr. It wasn't one true cats used. This cat was one of her own kind. She stepped back, and tried to fade in the background as the spectacle happened before her. The transformation into leopard. Two other demons, both similar looking attacking the girl. It was all quite amateur, to attack someone out in the open. In the day light. It made her wonder how long they'd been around, when they came to be or awoke. She continued to wait for things to play out, in case of danger. If things went well for those three, and their plan was to eat the girl, she would switch forms and perhaps ask for a bit.
  9. It had all happened so fast. Claire was not the most observant of women, which was perhaps why it was so necssary for her to have someone as uptight as Gazardiel looking out for her. He had fallen into action almost as soon as the cat had meowed. He was no expert in demon communication, for in truth he was a relatively young man himself, and until finding himself attached to Claire, he had not seen much battle. Still, this did not negate his talent with a bow.

    He immediately fired two shots in quick succession, the tips of the arrows coated in angry red flames. He aimed first for the last demon, with the ranged weapon. His attention was then turned onto the leopard. Last of all he swept his hand to the side, creating a magnificent wall of vibrant flames that danced just inches away from Claire and her captor. If he could seperate them, then at least he would be able to pick them off one by one. He loosed yet another arrow, wanting only to injure them enough to get his human the hell out of there.
  10. Akon cried out as the arrow struck his tail. Aiden had easily blocked it with a green translucent light. A smile crossed his face "wrong move." Akon quickly turned, his eyes those of a psychopath. He leaped forward and slashed out at the guardian's face with such force it almost slammed him to the floor.
    Aiden called out "Alex, reh htiw nur!" It was a rarer form of demon language, but Alex seemed to understand clearly. What the guardian didn't know, he had a resistance to fire since he controlled it. "Hold on, little girl." Alex muttered darkly then sped through the flames, seemingly unharmed.
    Akon continued to fight the guardian until he finally got him in the floor. Aiden pointed his staff at him. "One guardian, two powerful demons. Are you sure you want to try this?"
  11. Still watching, Aurora switched into her most human form. The only give away is the teeth sharper than the others on the top and the bottom. The cat fangs. But she was fully used to talking in a way that her lips covered them mostly. She stood behind a tree to shield herself from the arrows, and the fire and violence. She saw as the girl was left, standing alone, scared. Aurora took this as an opportunity. She called out to her, in a some what scared tone, "Girl! Get out of danger come here!" She did her best to copy the general accent of the local villagers. "Come on! Don't be stupid!" She called out again. She wasn't quite sure what she'd do with the girl. Probably spare her, only to form a false sense of comfort when she would harm her later. Or maybe she'd help to herself to the blood she could hear flowing in her veins.
  12. It was quite clear that the guardian wasn't at his best, having been caught out by not three, but four demons. He was kicking himself for his lapse in concentration. It had been almost six months since the last altercation, and that had been nothing more than an execution, in all honesty. Maybe Claire's carefree attitude was rubbing off on him. That was not good.

    Gazardiel would not give up on his ward, and also good friend so easily. He was a man always prepared, and thanks to this, he had a hand already on the perfect weapon to get the two off him. Without hesitation, he pulled the serrated knife from his belt, along with a second that he had so foolishly allowed Claire to slip back into its sheath as they had walked today. She was totally unarmed, the silly thing. Still, it gave him the opportunity to cross the blades, aiding him in forcing the staff away from his face.

    He knew he would not best these two in battle, and so simply chose to force them off, opefully doing damage as he did so, and then sprinting off after the two more that had taken the most interest in Claire.

    The girl herself, was powerless, as she always had been, and as such she did not run to the bright demon who attempted to persuade her, although she did thrash against the one that held her. It was only unfortunate that in this mindless movement, she managed to knock herself out, slamming her head into a thick branch hard enough to cause her to fall into unconsciousness. Claire wasn't a fighter, that was blindingly obvious.

    (And with that, goodnight.)
  13. Aurora rolled her eyes at the over all stupidity of the whole situation. Feed at night. Attack at night. Check for guardians. Those were just rules. She was even ashamed at her own attempts, that she'd been driven to do out of greed and hunger. Letting things be, she turned back into a cat, this time grey, and distanced herself. If those three demons had the sense to just leave to guardian be, perhaps she would talk to them. She was particularly intrigued by the one with the ability similar to hers. Either way, night would come soon enough, and she could reek havoc free of disruption and good.
  14. Aiden was pushed back, slightly in surprise. Immediately he got ready to fight back though, taking a glance back at Alex and the girl. stupid bastard! There's another demon, why can't be ever listen?! Seeing the girl unconscious he smiled. He quickly looked back at the guardian. "Akon, get Alex." "What?!" Akon yelled, still pissed. Aiden reached down and tugged out the arrow from his tail, the leopard seeming to calm down instantly. "I said get Alex." His eyes lifted to the guardian's, flashing with defiance. "We can always get prey at its weakest." Akon looked up at his brother then nodded. Turning 'human' he ran and grabbed Alex by the sleeve before going after Aiden as he ran off.
  15. Seeing the three other demons, who now appeared to be triplets, run off, Aurora pursued them. They looked like if they knew what they were doing and how to work with each other in equal parts they could useful. And she was still so drawn to the one like her. Maybe it was instincts but she would not be able to rest until they actually spoke. Despite being rather reserved, cat curiosity drove her to call out for them, "Hey knuckle heads! Hold up!"
  16. Alex stopped short, almost flipping Akon on to his side. "What did you call me?!" He spun around, and just as Aiden was about to grab him and drag him off he saw the girl. He saw her before, with the human. "Shut up," "but-!!" "I said be quiet." He stood side by side with his brothers until she finally caught up.
    "Whatcha want?" Aiden asked in his forever calm voice.
    Akon peered at her. "Aren't you-?"
  17. Aurora smiled, her lips curling up deviously higher in the right corner. She ran her tongue over her cat-fang like teeth and nodded, "You bet I am." She paused a moment, looking the three of them up and down. All blonde. Fit. Similar builds. But you could see the difference in their personalities in their faces and the way they held their shoulders. Before speaking, she motioned for them to follow her into a circle of trees, so they were more concealed. Less likely to be found by any angry guardians for example.
    With one hand on her hip, the other pointed a finger at her chest, "I'm Aurora. I'm not a triplet. I'm not an idiot. But I am one of you."
  18. Alex was already starting to growl.
    "I got him." Akon held back Alex by his shoulders, though it probably wouldn't work on a demon with super strength and anger issues.
    Adrian (I just noticed I was spelling his name wrong) turned back to the girl. "Look, you have no right to call us idiots. Also, we already know your a demon. One thing we don't know, why are you bothering us?"
  19. Aurora continued to smile, "I have a right to call you idiots because you attacked a girl in the middle of the day, and everyone knows that pretty girls like that always have someone watching them, guardian or not." Swinging her feet out she took slow, swaying steps. "Why I'm bothering you?"She ran her hand over the collar bones of the growler, then back across the shoulders of Akon. Completing her circle she put her arm over the shoulders of the one confronting her, "I think we could befit from each other. That's all. Don't be so cold...we're kin!" She shrugged, "In a sense."
  20. "Hm." Adrian said thoughtfully.
    "Wha?! You're not actually thinking about this are you?!" Alex broke free, looking Adrian straight in the face.
    "She's right, though. We were doing it out of hunger and it was stupid." He glanced at her. "Though she has a rude way of putting it, she is right." Adrian then looked Alex in the face pointedly. "And we do need some more brains around here. I can't be the only one. He barely talks, and you don't know when to stop."
    "I-I talk sometimes." Akon quickly broke in. "I'm just a bit shy is all."
    "you-but-fine..." Alex gave up with trying to argue.
    Adrian turned to her. "You have a deal."