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    I am hosting voice auditions for the narrator of iwaku's game! You will each get to voice act your own branch, but the narrator will be the one who guides the character into the game or transitions from one thing to the next! It's a very very important role! If you're looking for what you should read and record or read to me over Skype or something to see if you qualify, please reply here or contact me somehow!

    Hello guys! So i'm wanting to start a project. I'm trying to see if anyone is interested. (I know I know I know what you're thinking. Another one of Lewi's projects, WHEN WILL IT END!?) This project will be a bit different than some of my projects in the past. I'm going to make a game. About what hasn't been decided yet, but here's the thing. I want it to be a game collaboratively made by the community of Iwaku for the community of Iwaku! Those who are interested anyway. :) This wouldn't be the first game I have created so I do have some experience under my belt and I would be needing a few things from you guys though. I will have a bulleted list of things that I would need and I will be making a group for this project. First thing is first though, I need some people to help me find a good game engine that is free to use with decent tools. I don't know the first thing about coding, and I don't have the money to drop on some software right now. I am also pretty fluent in rpg maker but i'm not sure I want this to be an rpg game. Also, if you get rpg maker, you're limited on how big you can make it, and it swipes the software needed to share your game. So here's what I need from you guys:

    1. I need some people who are willing to help me out with game ideas
    2. I need some suggestions for a good game developing software that is FREE mainly and preferably I don't need to know code because I have no idea about it. I know this sounds like an impossible task, but it's possible! I'm debating unity engine because it's free to use, but i've never used it before.
    3. Possibly depending on what I wind up using a good coder
    4. Some people who are willing once the time comes to test the game and look for bugs
    5. Some people who are willing to spread the word about Iwaku about this lovely game to get new minds involved for creating, plot making, mechanic designing, etc.
    6. And some people to keep me sane lol Because if this goes anything like my last game while I was immensely happy with the output, I wanted to pull my hair out during the process.
    Does this sound like a good idea or something that some of you guys are willing in jumping in on?
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  2. First off I can help with ideas.
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  3. UDK would be free o.o, so would "game maker" I guess, though, inevitably, especially with free game engines, it's a neccesity to know some form of coding language... Heck, I'm learning the basics of C++ in class right now, but, some engines work better with say, Lua, or Javascript to name a few. As for the game itself o.o I could help you spread the word, bug test, and all that, but, I may be busy every now and then (since I've got a game project of my own I'm working on for school x.x)
  4. Thanks york! If you could pass on some knowledge about coding once and awhile too it would be appreciated.
  5. I'll try my best I guess o-o depending on the mechanics, it could take a while to "translate" what you want into something that may or may not be functional :P, I guess play around with game maker or UDK (if you'd prefer a 3D engine) a little, and, see which one would suit you more xS. (Also... How much do you know about drawing?)
  6. So, what form of game style do you have in mind? Will it have an open world, slightly advanced weapons/fetching things here and there?
  7. I know nothing about drawing also UDK? And Arnold, I don't know yet. I was gonna open a poll about it when we got some more people involved.
  8. Unreal Development Kit, free thing that people have made various known games off of; namely mass effect, bioshock, unreal tournament, and a few others I can't remember :P
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  9. If you can learn a little about using it, Unity is an amazing free game production engine

    I'm sure if you had some lessons on how to use it, and spent some time working with it, you could make an amazing game
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  10. Dis ish groot
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  11. I could assist thee in ideas, testing and maybe a bit of coding since I've dabbled in a few C++ classes in the past.

    Truth be told I am learning coding right now to make my own RTS game. A lot to learn.
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  12. Okay, lemme know when you can start on it and ill give game ideas. Just need a base lol
  13. I'll see if I can like, vet peeps here
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  14. 1. I can help with that. Are you going for a roleplay focused game? Something more based on General Chat culture?
    4. I'm already an alpha tester for one game, might as well aid with another.
    5. Sure, if this gains some momentum I'll share it in my skype group and the OOC's I'm in.
    6. I can't say I'd keep you sane, but I can keep things fun and interesting. :)

    2 & 3. No coding experience, sorry. :/
    And the only program I can think of is RPG Maker.
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  15. I have a few ideas for projects of my own but I am not sure if I wanna share them or not, but we can talk about it, just add me on Skype? But even apart from that I think of myself as a creative mind when it comes to that.

    I myself am working with Unity(2D) and C#, I can only recommend it. I hold the opinion of if you don't have someone who can make you good 3D Models just stay at 2D. I don't talk FF13-tier, Borderlands has unique and good art for example, so does Eldritch and so on, but that shitty low-res "normal" 3D thing you see everywhere nowdays?

    Though I trolled around a bit with RPG Maker VX Ace too, mainly because I wanted some experience with the Ruby syntax. 10 years ago I was working with RPG Maker 2000 but abusing the GUI doesn't really count... Eh apart from that you could always do it all oldskool and go rogue-like mode from the get-go, did that in Java (and later ported it over to C# because of a school project *whistle*), there is also libtcod, the old site apparently moved to the link provided (which is currently offline right now).

    I would also be up to help with coding depending on the game.
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  16. I use RPG maker as well, so I'd be willing to assist.
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  17. @Skyswimsky im easier to reach here and I would love your help!
  18. Well I will not be much help with most of that. But, I can try to keep you calm and I would like to test your game out. =)
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  19. If we do work on a roguelike, and the game includes weapons, I can work out the code and add in weapons and armor, as long as the skeleton is done for me, I've got prior experience working on the game Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, so adding in new weapons and such won't be too hard for me, I did modding back then for fun, so doing a little coding here and there to add in new items wouldn't be out of the question for me
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  20. That means conversing through PMs, right? Urgh...but fine shot me a PM or something with what you have in mind or so?
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