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  1. IWAKU: Steampunk Millionaires

    Voyage to the Lost City of Moonwings


    <table align=center><tr><td width=220>League</td><td width=340>Shifters</td><td width=190>Underworld</td></tr><tr><td width=218>The Iwakuan Upper Class. Members of the League are aristocrats and entrepreneurs with access to the finest technology. They are often employed by Queen Diana to come up with inventions or investigate criminal activities. Many have steam-powered servants at their disposal. They live in lavish houses and are accustomed to the noble life.</td><td width=357>The Iwakuan Middle Class. Shifters get their name from their profession: the shifting of goods. They are merchants, pilots and guns for hire. Many come from the Old West and live for adventure. This class does not have the advanced technology of the League, but they are often able to salvage parts and piece together whatever kit they need. The Shifter Creed is adventure, resourcefulness and tidy profit.</td><td width=181>The Iwakuan Lower Class. The Underworld is the name for the seedy backstreets of Iwaku, where disreputable outcasts hide from authority. Many are cursed with afflictions that defy modern science. They have no technology, but make up for this with strange and inhuman abilities.</td></tr><tr><td width=218>Anyone in this faction may have access to advanced weapons, mechanical servants and magitech. All magitech will have an unfortunate side-effect. You may not have any magical powers, unless specifically explained by technology. You must be human.</td><td width=357>Anyone in this faction may have access to steam/Victorian technology, but neither in advanced form. Your equipment is salvaged or patched together and you have no magic. You must be an adventurer or mercenary of some sort, willing to take a leap for the chance of profit. You must be human.</td><td width=181>Anyone in this faction has only basic/cheap Victorian-era equipment. You are also cursed with a magical affliction and live a tortured life. You can be non-human, as long as it is explained as a dark curse or mutation.</td></tr></table>

    <table align=center><tr><td align=left>NAME: (Iwaku screen-name preferred)
    FACTION: (see above)
    APPEARANCE: (Picture preferred)
    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: (Including side-effects of magitech, if League faction)
    NOTABLE ABILITIES: (Including curse, if Underworld faction)
    MOTIVE: (Why are you joining the expedition? What do you seek in the Lost City?)


    1. The genre is Steampunk. The focus is on comedy, technology, adventure and spectacle.
    2. League Magitech and Underworld Abilities MUST have a downside. I will assign side-effects if required.
    3. Stowaways, loners and disruptive idiots are allowed within reason, but try to think of other people.
    4. No one may come from Moonwings
    5. I will hijack characters occasionally to keep the plot moving. I will study your character accurately before doing so.

  2. <table><tr><td><td>NAME: Captain Asmo

    FACTION: League
    The HMS Firefox (open)
    A state-of-the-art steam-powered ship capable of sea and air travel. It requires large quantities of water to power its engines, so can only fly for about a day before it has to set down in the water again. The vessel is equipped with modern luxuries and custom-built chambers to suit all manner of crewmates. It is also armed with conventional cannons and machine guns, along with smaller rowboats.

    NOTABLE ABILITIES: One of the finest sword-fighters and speakers the Empire has ever seen.
    MOTIVE: Asmo seeks the Lost City of Moonwings in order to reclaim his glory and show Iwaku that they were wrong to expel him from parliament.
    BACKGROUND: 18 years ago Asmo was Prime Minister during the reign of King Gabriel, when the Industrial Revolution transformed Iwaku into the most powerful nation in the world. However, when the King passed away Asmo made his own grab for power, proclaiming that a republic should be set up under his stewardship. However, his own party rebelled against him and due to a number of public scandals he was voted out of office, leaving Chancellor Rory to proclaim Lady Diana (a distant relative of Gabriel) as the new Queen of the Empire. Asmo resigned from a life of politics and became a reclusive explorer, traipsing around the northern seas in search of old relic. Only now has he found a treasure that promises to restore his reputation in the Empire.
  3. NAME: Mr. R. Theodore, CEO incognito of Mayhem Industries.

    FACTION: League

    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: In lieu of a retinue of Pinkerton Agents and other armed escorts, as the sole delegate from Mayhem Industries, Theodore is furnished with an armoured steam powered suit. Driven by a backpack pressure source, it is just barely able to overcome its own weight and provide the wearer with about a couple of times the abilities of a regular human for a few hours. Though lightly armoured, it is nevertheless able to shrug off slugs from a steam rifle and is all but impervious to blades. The suit does not have an internal boiler, and works by using the steam from an external source to highly compress the working fluid, Liquid M, stored in a large rectangular bin on the back.

    The suit is a one-off prototype, and its main weakness is the intricacy of the force-amplifying pistons and bundles of metal sinew that allow it to be so slim and form fitting. To save space and extra complexity the joints are lubricated by the same Liquid M that drives the pistons, and over weeks of continuous use the reservoir needs to be replenished.

    Show Spoiler

    NOTABLE ABILITIES: A shrewd businessman, Theodore knows when to talk, fight, or flight ...

    MOTIVE: Steam is not long for this world. Although the first batteries are crude contraptions, there is much greater potential to be had in harnessing the power of the strange phenomenon, electricity, for further industrialization of the world. Unfortunately Mayhem is heavily invested in the steam business, and it has recently opened a 'Black Works' division in the company to seek radically different ways to extend the life of its business.


    A new member of the League, Theodore rose to the upper echelons of society as the sole proprietor and chief engineer of Mayhem Industries, now a leading arms contractor for the military. Mayhem Industries is a vertical conglomerate that handles everything from metal processing and refining to machine assembly.

    Although young and being not of proper birthright, Theodore makes up for this with bluster and cheerful nature. His enthusiasm often leads to him being cryptic, but many chalk it up to him spending too much time in the chemical laboratories.
  4. Character inactive (open)

    Show Spoiler

    Miss Juliette Trance

    Faction: Shifters

    Notable equipment:
    Trance's Creation: Juliette is a doll maker- creating every little piece herself, though, its not enough to create these dolls- out of loneliness, she created a way to animate them, she can feed these dolls to a rather bulky machine that sits in a room of her humble home. [Are you bringing this with you? I can't say I like it, since it just seems to be a magical machine that can bring things to life. Not very steampunk.] Once transferred, the rest of the power in the house may go out as it works, and brings her creations to life in some form or way. Inanimate objects don't cause much of a fuss, but sometimes, bringing the toys to life causes fires. Usually it is locked into its own storage compartment. The only thing that she has successfully created, she keeps hidden- a small ball of white fluff, without eyes, but having ears and a nose far keener than any creature on the street. It's about half the size of a Pomeranian, and has small, black clawed feet, and it has a small tufted tail. She keeps it hidden in a small roomy pouch that she usually hides in her skirts, under her bed, or will have it sit on her shoulder, perfectly still, so it will blend in with her white hair. The reason she created these machines- especially the last one, was to bring the voices in her head to life- for right now, working on this seems to be relaxing to her, making her more manageable. She lives mostly in her head- too caught up in day dreams and thoughts- and figured that making these things would help her get out of her head, make her dreams a reality. She's not too social- afraid of other people for the most part. She wants to have friends, but she is afraid of the reaction they might have to her dolls and her creation. her single, sole creation might be enough, and she has contemplated whether or not she should just run away- perhaps finding a job creating dolls of the normal variety. She's child-like in nature and searches for a place where it's ok to be herself.

    Notable abilities: While frail in emotional control, Juliette is quick to sync up her emotions to another, either going along and riding on their emotions, or going about trying to fix it. She's a person who constantly seeks to keep the peace, she's more animalistic in her intuition and instinct- listening to her gut and her heart than to logic and reason. She's not adverse to going past the point of being called insane, to do what she thinks is right.

    Motive: Julliette is looking to prove her worth to her people, as a creator and as an asset. She seeks self-worth and a purpose. [That's a bit of a weak excuse for jumping on a ship and taking an expedition to the other side of the world. And it doesn't give me many plot hooks to work with.]

    Background: Juliette comes from a family of peaceful people- afraid of making waves or causing any arguments. Peaceful to a point that they looking down upon their daughter when it was found that she was a bit of an activist for those who have sordid backgrounds- from a young age, she wondered about the treatment of those that are seen as lowerclass and uneducated, or purely thought of as untouchable. She studied up on arguments and speeches from Rory, his tolerance and kindness bolstered her views. Finally, at some point, her family distanced themselves from her entirely. She's currently within a problem of her surname- her family wishes for her to drop the name "Trance" and find something else, something she can call her own.

    [So she's a reclusive doll-maker with voices in her head, but ALSO a political activist who studies speech-making? I feel like I'm reading two character sheets here.]
  5. Character inactive (open)
    NAME: Doxa

    FACTION: Shifters


    steampunk female.jpg


    steampunk goggles.jpg
    Goggles used to examined materials. It has a magnifying lens and another red one use in the daylight when objects seem to shine. The red lens keeps the shine out of objects and helps see them better without any problem.

    steampunk tool belt.jpg
    Tool belt used for carrying the necessary tinkering tools to create, destroy, and redo materials like metals and such.

    MOTIVE: Doxa has to motives for her journey. First, she wishes to see the famous yet legend city of Moonwings with her own two eyes. Last but not least, she wants to search for the riches the lands provides, that is, if the city is real and not a fairy tale.

    BACKGROUND: About 4 years ago when Doxa was 21, her parents sailed to the same city she was about to sail now. Only, that they never returned back when they were supposed to. They were merchants with high ambitions of a better and luxurious life, the life Raimy also wanted and needed. She was weary of seeking useless merchandise to sell. This was her opportunity to reach her goal and obtain a prosperous lifestyle.
  6. NAME: Melody Tenshi
    FACTION: Underworld
    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: She carries with her the hat in the picture and is known to always have it on her, even when in doors. She does have actual clothing, consisting of a black sleek dress, sleeveless and torn at the hems and ankle length booties. The very provocative attire in the picture is normally reserved for uh... Excursions into the bar or when she is strapped for cash. The cape is mostly for show and normally isn't used unless she is traveling on foot.
    NOTABLE ABILITIES: Aside from being able to run abnormally fast, and catch flies with chopsticks (hur hur), Melody's hands are claw like, while the rest of her arms are still human. When she is feeling vengeful or angry, if her hands make contact with bare flesh, she causes the person pain. The sensation can range from burning, intense cold, or even the infamous menstrual cramps.
    An unknown skin condition affects her right leg, growing steadily up the limb as the years progress and when the woman deals pain through her hands. Melody refuses to have this ailment diagnosed. Her skin sheds constantly where the ailment is, and no matter what Melody does there is always a dull ache. She knows that once this condition reaches up to one of her vital organs, she will die. Her blood is tainted, it is black instead of red.

    MOTIVE: A Cure for her condition.
    BACKGROUND: A nomad Melody has been traveling ever since she was little. She is responsible for her parents' death and will admit it. She claims she once befriended a demon, but her companion has since long departed. Upon hearing of the discovery of the iceburg that sank the Demeter, Melody has been actively trying to get into the expedition.
  7. Character inactive (open)
    NAME: Lulu R.S. (Lucian Ravenscar)
    FACTION: Shifter


    A pair of magnifying goggles, used when tinkering with or piecing together scrap materials.

    A shoulder strap pack used to carry his tinker's tools.

    NOTABLE ABILITIES: Has an uncanny ability to create intriguing, albeit almost entirely useless technology. Also, he has an eye for scouting parts that others may find broken, but could still serve purpose.

    MOTIVE: Moonwings, being the lost city, would have a wealth of tech. Maybe even some unknown tech, that he could tinker with and understand.

    BACKGROUND: Lulu has always had an interest in creation, ever since he was young. His family had set up shop in which they would repair machines for people in exchange for things that they needed. Usually more tech. While it was a life spent working, Lulu couldn't say that he was unhappy with it. Though, he was rather teased about the nick name that he was given. When the news of the discovery expedition to Moonwings was announced, he jumped at the chance to discover the unknown and learn its secrets.

  8. Name: Camilla del Bosque

    Faction: League

    Notable Equipment: Traveling laboratory. Camilla has a small strongbox that houses a self-contained miniaturized laboratory. The elements that are contained and introduced are pressurized into a concentrated form, allowing her to do the same work despite the smaller scale. When depressurized, the objects return to their original size. The contents can also be removed to be worked outside the lab, in the field. Unfortunately, the residual effects of the pressurization can cause the objects to vibrate excessively at an elemental level for several minutes. The results of such are, that they are transferred to the user and can cause hypersensitivity and hyperactivity to the point of fainting. Despite the fact that Camilla has built up some tolerance to the vibrations, she is still affected by extended periods of use.

    Motive: Camilla is after the famed technology of Moonwings, hoping to discover new compounds she can use in her experiments and research.

    History: Camilla del Bosque is a relative newcomer to Iwaku City. Her family's money, resources and charm helped them to quickly establish themselves among the aristocracy, endearing themselves to Lady Diana. Camilla hopes to make her own impression by developing fuel additives and other compounds to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of steam power. With super-heated steam and special sealants, boilers could be smaller, more powerful. Batteries and electricity so far are big, bulky, unreliable and notoriously inefficient. Steam was already proven, and only needed refining. Her family's coal mining and transport business supports her research, and also her explorations around the world to discover new materials and metals.

    She has been nicknamed 'Gatita del Bosque' (Kitten of the Forest) by her family, who equate her to the solitary jaguar. She prefers to be left to her work, but like a kitten, sometimes acts surprisingly playful and friendly. When she's in the mood of course. Camilla enjoys the balls and entertaining of her status, but mostly as a quiet observer. A wise gentleman could get her to open up with the right topic, though.

    Naturally left-handed, her governesses and tutors forced her to learn to write with her right hand. Her own stubbornness not to be outdone, however, she can now write simultaneously with both hands. If she really concentrates, she can write in separate languages with each hand.

    She also plays the glass harmonica.
  9. NAME: Elyn Vash (it's an anagram! =D)

    FACTION: League


    A typewriter in a box - this gift from her father opens up to be a wind-up typewriter with a screen (think laptop). Unfortunately, it takes a lot of winding to power it, and if it loses power, you lose all your data. And the only way to permanently save data permanently is to have it outputted on paper. She also has a pocket version. While it needs less winding, it still has the same problems, and it prints on small cards, so it's only useful for taking short notes. Also, she doesn't actually wear the goggles unless around her father's workshop.

    NOTABLE ABILITIES: Elyn has a nose for a story and adventure.

    MOTIVE: She knows there's a grand story to come of this. Even though she knows she'll be out of touch with what's happening on land, to her, it's worth it. This will be the story of a lifetime, and she's not about to miss out on it. Plus, it'll be an adventure. She wouldn't want to miss out on that!

    BACKGROUND: Elyn was born to an eccentric inventor and his wife. Her father was often sought to create awesome inventions, even by Queen Diana. Elyn, however, had a nose for adventure and was always getting herself scraped up. Her mother, however, were afraid that she would find her way into the shifter class, and set her up with a future in journalism, which while not the most respectable job, was at least up to her standards. The equipment Elyn has were gifts from her father to help her with her studies and professional life (and to encourage her not to rub elbows with the wrong sort). However, even after she became a professional, she still had a nose for adventure and found herself in the middle of the most interesting stories.
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  10. [size=+1]NAME: “Grumpy”, a nickname given to him by a street urchin
    FACTION: Underworld
    APPEARANCE: Standing at almost seven foot and heavily-built, Grumpy stands out from the crowd unless he hunches himself over to blend in better.
    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: The mask and longcoat worn to hide his figure from the world
    NOTABLE ABILITIES: Grumpy is a being beyond the norm; his body is capable of withstanding incredible abuse and strain, and he possesses unnatural strength that outmatches even a human being at the peak of their physical condition.

    There is, of course, a price to pay for this strength and toughness.

    Crafted from a menagerie of assorted body parts, Grumpy is a walking horror-show; all stitches and painful scar-tissue that would make a hardened surgeon balk. He lacks the experience most human beings have developed over a lifetime, forced to learn as much as he can about the hard nature of the Underworld in the short time since his escape.
    MOTIVE: Escaping those who would take him back to the place he was constructed. The chance to learn what he truly is, and what it truly means to be human.
    BACKGROUND: The being known as ‘Grumpy’ was not born.

    He was created.

    Forged from the body parts of condemned asylum inmates, through some strange eldritch process he was given life. What the intentions of his creator were he never stuck around long enough to find out; those who sought to keep him prisoner were unprepared for his unnatural strength and resistance, allowing him to break free into the Underworld.

    Living in the misty streets of the Underworld for a year has taught Grumpy many a hard lesson through the school of hard knocks; he is acutely aware that his form is hideous for ordinary people to behold, and so now covers himself to prevent them from rejecting him immediately. He is aware that he is somehow… different from the people he lives amongst.

    And he is aware that those who created him are willing to go to any lengths to get him back.

    He now seeks a means to escape his former captors and discover what he truly is.[/size]
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  11. NAME: XC

    FACTION: Underworld



    (Assume more ragged clothing.)

    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: A single swordcane, whose exterior is kept well-polished despite the remainder of his appearance. Otherwise XC carries different types of knives around, be they hooked or for gutting. One thing remains common, though; all of them are light enough and well-balanced enough to throw.

    NOTABLE ABILITIES: XC is immortal and in a way, unable to die via any normal means. His curse makes him straddle the line between life and death - He is an entity that is stuck in between. He is neither living nor dead, merely existing. He will not age as long as he fulfils the requirements of his curse, which is to kill - A woman, specifically. XC's good looks is also the result of this curse. It is possible to knock him out, drug him, or even 'disperse' him (when he is injured it appears that he is made out of some sort of gas) in order to keep him restrained. The last method has proven the most effective, as a complete dispersion (say an explosion) could keep him apart for months at time before he can reform completely and even then he is no longer completely whole. Random memories are lost. However, if XC does not kill at least once every fortnight his age catches up to him at an extremely fast rate, and he will be lost to bloodlust. Furthermore, the older he gets, the more physically frail he will be and the harder it will be for him to kill. At the very peak of his bloodlust he will be driven so mad that the madness transcends the realm of the physical and into the spiritual, where he will be trapped in Limbo in eternal pain and grief - A state that he does not want to be in, no matter how much he dislikes his curse.

    MOTIVE: The curse that XC has .. He no longer wishes to have anything to do with it. Having heard of the arcane wonders that may lie in the lost city, XC is driven by the hope that it is possible to find something that can cure him, or at least end his existence there.

    BACKGROUND: When XC was young, in the reign of King Gabriel XC was the son of a Shifter. Providence granted him an exceptional intelligence and wit that made him one of the best conmen around, but it also made him a hopeless romantic. He fell in love easily, and hard. In order to get the money he earned from conning others, women threw themselves at him and they broke his heart once they got their fill. Although he remained full of hope at first, he soon grew disillusioned and in the heat of anger and hatred XC signed a dark, dark pact with a being that had been forgotten from this world, yet not ready to relinquish its grasp on it yet.

    Provided with the power to lure women - With his good looks and newfound charm in exchange for much of his previous intelligence and the burden of the curse XC went on a murdering rampage. The first five women that ever broke his heart were the first five that sealed his signing of the pact. Then XC became what he was, today. An abomination of reality itself.

    Many years later, XC has grown disillusioned, cynical of what he is doing - What exactly is his purpose? The fire of vengeance had long ago grown cold .. And he no longer wishes to kill. He has found himself growing sluggish. Oh, so sluggish and lethargic. He has no longer any sense of urgency, just one life every fortnight - What is one life in the mass of the Underworld, where people were knifed for a single coin?

    XC wants an end to this .. And the journey to Moonwings seems to be an appropriate start.
  12. NAME: Aeris Squamosus (Latin for 'Copperscales')

    FACTION: Underworld

    APPEARANCE: Scales, copper in colour, cover most of Aeris's body from neck to toe- or rather, claw- Aeris's appearance is reptilian-like ,not just with scales, but yellow slitted eyes and a snake-like tongue too. Only his face is left clear with only a swirl of small scales running along the edge of his jaw. Because of his scales he is also completely hariless. Despite what some might describe as a hideous appearance, his scales are quite useful, serving as a skin of armour, tough and resistant to burning, but any missing scale reveals his raw tender flesh underneath.
    To hide his scales he wears heavy clothing, as well as gloves and overlarge boots.

    NOTABLE ABILITIES: His claws, curved and wickedly sharp, are excellent at gripping branches allowing him to move easily through treetops. He also has a great sense of smell, beacuse like a snake, he can taste the air with his tonhue to see if prey is nearby.

    MOTIVE: He seeks the old crone who cursed him. He has heard rumors from the other gypsy folk this is where she might be.

    BACKGROUND: When Aeris wasn't even yet conceived he became cursed, through fault of his mother. She was from a wealthy arrogant family, and one day passed by a fortune teller. The fortune teller described Aeris' mother's future as being a bleak one and angered, the mother ordered the fortune teller be arrested. THe fortune teller placed a curse on the mother, but the mother paid no heed and later when she married and gave birth to her not-so-beautiful son she realised the downside of ignoring curses. It was as though her son was a reptile in human form. Despite searching, it seemed the old crone of a frotune teller had disappeared completely. Repulsed and not wanting to face the shame, Aeris' mother abadoned him and it was only through sheer luck an outcast of society found and raised him but died when he was only nine. Ever since, Aeris has been an outcast, cursed.
  13. OK I think I covered the main stuff here.
    Now I just have to sit and wait for Asmo to give the veredict...

    NAME: Selenite
    FACTION: Underworld

    Like this....
    All her artist tools. Pencils, watercolors, oil paints, sketchpads, sketch diaries, special paper, inks, rags, some solvent, painbrushes, palettes, the occasional ruler, and a compass (the kind that traces circles). Probably more stuff like this.

    Some goggles. She keeps four pairs. A pair to see far away, a magnifying one, one for sunglare and another for general purposes.

    Note, however, that she also carries a short, yet sharp blade. She sharpens her pencils with this, among many other things.... She also keeps a whetstone to sharpen the blade itself. And a true compass, the kind that points north.

    And her drugs. Medicines, as the voices prefer calling them.

    All that, in her backpack and portfolios.

    Girl sure does know how to draw and paint. She can sketch a portrait in just seconds! She's accurate and creative with her work.

    First and foremost, her unstable psychological nature. Her personality splits and unifies randomly; her mood changes like that as well. Her emotions mix just as disorderedly...

    ...and then is the other curse. When she is enraged, or too depressed, or maniac for whatever the reason, she will shapeshift into a beastlike form. She can't control this too much; it's related to her unbalanced mind. For Selenite, the fine line that divides her unstable mood from her maniac psycho self is blurry, very blurry. If she stops taking her medicine, she may cross the blurry line. If she crosses it, she may transform. Into something like this:

    However there is no real reason to be worried about. She will always have her medicines around, right? And she will never forget to take it... well, unless she has another of those amnesia episodes again... or another of those fits... But she will take her medicines. The medicine is good. The voices tell her so.
    Well, most of the voices at least. Nothing is perfect.

    Selenite joined the expedition because she wanted to travel recording and drawing the findings and anything that they might come across during the journey. Part of her drive is her need to produce images; sketches and drawings that can be of use for others later on. But she's also moved by her personal need to succeed in something. She would love to become famous, or at least reknown, and once she saw the news about the trip, she knew that it was worth a shot. Returning with art based on the expedition would grab the people's attention, as the lost city was a legend on its own, and the whole trip already had done all the publicity she could ever need.

    Selenite was born in a poor family; she learned everything art-related on her own, being self-taught. Her main problem were her emotional/psychological sudden shifts; she would go crazy sometimes, turning really dangerous, attempting to end her own life and other's as well.

    Her family, worried, sought for a cure, as they didn't want her to become a threat to Iwaku. Unfortunately since they did not have many resources, the best they could do back then was to enlist her as a test subject for drugs under development. Yes, things changed.... she went through several phases; hallucinations, more depression, amnesia... and finally, order.

    Her family was so happy! Finally it looked like she was starting to behave like a normal human!

    Selenite was happy, too. She was not alone anymore. Now there were voices, voices in her mind...

    It was during this experimental drug phase that she developed her shapeshifting problem. Just when everything seemed to be going well... that. Of course, she kept it a secret. The voices told her to, actually. She knew she just needed to keep herself medicated to avoid becoming a beast... a beast she has no control over.
  14. NAME: Karsikan Alessandro of Clan Lasombra

    FACTION: Underworld



    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: a hip flask with an endless supply of blood, and a half cape that shields his body from the effects of sunlight.

    He's a natural adept at the Obtenebration Discipline of his clan, having mastered the fourth tier of it's powers, he shapes darkness the way a potter shapes clay.
    He's reached the second tier of the Dominate discipline, and can plant suggestions in the minds of others, as will as issue single word commands to the weak willed
    lastly his physical strength has nearly doubled since his embrace

    The drawback to all these powers? In addition to needing roughly a pint of blood a night [...which he gets from his infinite hipflask?](and he's very picky about the blood he consumes choosing only the blood of virgin maidens) he cannot be perceived through a mirror [That's not a weakness], nor through any recording device [That's not a weakness]. Paintings and sketches of him however still react the same [Yay?]. His shadow powers are also greatly weakened in open sunlight as well as being more vulnerable than the average vampire daylight [But he can control shadows and has a cape, so this weakness is nullified]. The final toll is that all plants in the same room (or similar distance if outside) wilt on his entering, and die should he ever touch them [That's not a weakness].

    What he seeks in the lost city is simple, artifacts of power, be they a weapon or an ancient engine that runs more efficiently than any known, though he'd honestly prefer the latter. [Why? Is he planning to take over the world? What's his endgame?]

    Growing up in the Iwaku Undercity was bad enough, disease killed half before they turned five. Throw in street gangs, opium, pestilence, and a lack of food, it would be fair to say that life there wasn't. Karsikan managed to get by, doing whatever he had to to survive and not really thinking on what that really was too deeply. Until SHE came into his life, at twenty he was embraced into the Alessandro Family of Clan Lasombra. His sire, a woman named Aeliana, tormented him in true Lasombra fashion before embracing him, this both proved his mettle to her, and destroyed any ties to his humanity that would have been left behind. He took to his unlife with a vigor he'd never known when his heart still beat, and over the course of the next fifty years, amassed both wealth, power and prestige.
  15. NAME: Doctor Jack Surgeon
    FACTION: League

    The suit- The Plague Doctor mask and suit are designed a self contained defensive and biohazard environment. It is a medical marvel that provides complete medical care and treatment to the one inside while allowing them to carry on their lives as if nothing were holding them back. This includes a treasure trove of built in devices tailored to the specific needs of the wearer. In this case, the suit is outfitted with the most advanced medical technology of the upper class. The suit is designed to withstand bullets up to a certain distance and caliber and provide a topical defense to most foreseen threats such as knives, swords, etc. None of these defenses is perfect, the suit is built to withstand punishment but not prolonged battle. The self repair function, like the power source, both need to be refilled as necessary.

    This is known to few, perhaps no one but the suit designers, but the suit requires Spinal Fluid and other biological fuel in order to repair itself in function. Known loosely as Biological Re-purposing, those who built it had another, grimmer name for the suit. The Cannibal Skin.

    The box: A steel cube roughly the size of a chair, loaded into the cargo of the ship. The purpose of this cube is unknown, but the Doctor is particular about keeping it safe and untouched.

    The boxes: Ten identical long boxes were loaded as well, sealed with bees wax and locked with chains. These, likewise, the Doctor has insisted on bringing as 'fuel' for his suit.

    NOTABLE ABILITIES: Doctor Surgeon is perhaps the most skilled medical practitioner the city can offer. He is trained to defend himself, unarmed or with his medical equipment.

    MOTIVE: Doctor Surgeon's interest was piqued when he was delivered a frozen woman and told to retrieve her from the ice. Successful at awakening her, he became seemingly fixated on her neurological development, insisting on joining the expedition to keep an eye on her, a decision very much contested by the government. If he has other reasons to embark on the ship, they are currently unknown. He has offered to be the chief medical officer on deck and lend help in any way he can throughout the expedition.

    BACKGROUND: Not much is known about Jack Surgeon. He seems to have simply appeared in the government employees ten years ago and has since been an elusive figure in the papers and public eye. He's the top employee (And suspected leader) of Apex, a division dedicated to the advancement of medical technology for the commonwealth, but perhaps better known for the research available to the upper class. Surgeon seems to be undertaking this job at his own leisure, but has yet to lose his status in the organization. Rumor has it that there is another reason Doctor Surgeon is going on this expedition, one funded by certain League parties...but if that's true, he doesn't speak of it.
  16. NAME: Torsty

    FACTION: League


    NOTABLE EQUIPMENTS: Torsty's Device: a device that he carries with him at all times. Consider it a mechanical equivalent to todays more advanced cellphones. In this he keeps all the information he gathers on people, places, plots, secrets etcetc.
    It's side-effects is that Torsty relies heavily on it to conduct his business. Without it, he looses his system of contacts and intel around the realm.

    Torsty is a noted tactician, politician and a man of trade. He is a known business man who likes to deal in power and influence. He has worked up years of experience with giving advice to social leaders and generals alike on issues dealing with war, personel, conflict-interests and politics in general.
    Torsty descends from a society known for priding itself on fighting and killing and is naturally therefore a skilled swordsman.

    He is known to shift alliances often and to be driven by selfish goals. Another flaw is his unstability on the emotional side. A side-effect passed on to him from his co-workers while during King Gabriel's days.
    His way of working things can be summed up as efficient, yet ruthless.

    MOTIVE: His main goal is to reach the city of Moonwings and put claim to start up businesses there. From this he hopes to gather more power than he has ever had before.

    Formerly worked for both King Gabriel's regime and the rule of Diana. Torsty worked his way up the ranks eventually leading him to become the chief executive of the now defunct Propaganda Department. While publicly his position was that of an advisor, in reality he took on many different roles that dealt mainly with the influence of power the government had over it's population. After having recently resigned from his position he now looks for work in the private sector.
    He signed on to the expedition even though he is currently struggling with a virus. As such, he is already aboard the ship in his private cabin. Torsty has brought along a handful of mercenaries and a nurse with him for the ride. His involvement with the expedition is rumoured to be sponsored by a number of different interest groups from Iwaku's more sketchy part of the financial world. Torsty has denied to comment on any questions from the press on his business with Asmodeus or the mentioned rumours.
  17. HERE.


    FACTION: League

    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: A medium sized black shoulder backpack containing a pair of white goggles, a diary, and little screws and bolts in a small container. A necklace with the crest of King Gabriel. A silver ray gun with gems studded along the handle. (magitech) For each usage, the gun requires about a couple of drops of blood, it has a sterilizing needle that functions only when the trigger is about to be pulled, flipping out of it's compartment to draw the blood. The amount is minimal, but overuse is dangerous.

    Trained and agile in physical combat, and also in the tinkering of mechanical objects. Considers herself rather lucky.

    MOTIVE: Aside from the thrill of adventure and being a witness to finding lost treasure, Sakura wishes to work alongside Captain Asmo, of whom she is greatly curious. She holds a great deal of awe for Asmo from the history she's read, the stories she's heard, and the memories of her childhood. The expedition is both a chance to discover something amazing and meet the man who she believes should have been Emperor.

    BACKGROUND: An orphan adopted by the royal crown of King Gabriel, Sakura was only a small child during the political strife that led to the coronation of Queen Diana. While she was quite taken with the beauty and kindness of the Queen, she chose to live under the guidance of Chancellor Rory instead. From him, she learned both the history of the empire and ways of eloquent diplomacy. Her studies in politics spurred an interest in knowing the people of the empire. When she finally came of age, Sakura left the comfort of the royal courts to pursue her curiousity. With the protection of the empire on her name, she works odd engineering and invention jobs wherever she can find them, excited by the prospects of learning new things. Occasionally, she sends letters back to the Chancellor, narrating her enthusiastic travels and the people she's met.

    Since it's Iwaku-themed, adding a Sakura-pic of Sakura, LOL :: The above pic is for the steampunk outfit only x)

  18. Me thinks I'll join...but as what I don't know yet....possibly underworld, the other two types I'll pass on. I'll post a character sheet soon.
  19. Where does the RP stand on Eastern World influence?
  20. I will be joining.... But I've a cello. I must go play the song of my people to the ensemble group. xD I will be posting my character tonight. Sorry for the delay! It will happen, I swear!
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