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Iwaku Movie Night?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vivian, Aug 14, 2016.


This sound fun?

  1. How sad are you fam

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  2. YE BOI

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  3. Necc on u smfh

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  1. Well, Rabbit is a growing website that allows video hosting, and screen sharing to an extent. I was wondering if any of you dorks would be interested in an Iwaku Movie Night? Of course, all Iwaku rules will be present. Additionally, we vote on the movie.
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  2. This sounds interesting. If it isn't limited to movies, I suggest watching Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls.

    ((Or something that Cyan isn't suggesting simply for jokes))
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  3. This isn't limited to just movies, but movies are something we can watch in one sitting. Stuff will be voted on before movie night though, to keep things fair.
  4. Yes. Yes, a thousand times yes.
  5. Sounds immensely fun to me!
  6. Oh man I remember when we used to try to do Skype Movie nights.



    But nah, that shit was fun, you should totally find a good group to do that shit with. It's how I found my Iwaku NAKAMA. No regrets!
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  7. Sounds cool
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  8. I'm not big on movies, but I can tell my friends to pop in here.
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  9. @Kitti for a possible movie night love!
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  10. So like if this idea were to take off I would have to have the movie approved by staff or something along those lines?
  11. I think me and the other content staff (@Staff - Content ) would gauge what the interest is like, and if its good, then we'd probably work with you to implement the movie-night. I don't know if specific films would need to be approved, or if we could just say PG-13 or less is fine. Probably the latter, so that we don't make work for ourselves. :P
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  12. oH MY GOD

    Shrek. I'm voting Shrek.
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  13. No

    I vote how to train your dragon
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    I also vote Shrek. All of the Shreks. Until we are all Shrek.
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  15. There's really no other option here but to watch Shrek, honestly.
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  16. Sorry but I am with Ice on this one guys ^^
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