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  1. If there was such a thing as an Iwaku Awards ceremony like the Grammys or the AMAs, what kinds of categories would you want to see, and/or who do you think would/should win them?

    I'd wanna see Most Active, to see the member who posted the most consistently through the year. It would be different from Most Posts because if they posted like, a lot in the summer but not at all during school years, they'd lose out to someone who posted a lot all year, even if their total post count was less. I'd like to see who's the biggest Iwaku Addict!

    Biggest Lurker: I wanna know who LOOKS at this site all the time, but never actually posts/rates/messages.

    Most Positive Ratings: In the last year, who got the most positive ratings? That'd be interesting, and again would differ from overall positive ratings because of the time frame

    Best Content: Who posted the most liked/useful/popular thing in the Content forums?
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  2. Most Ferret-related posts Longest lasting role play. Cuz' length is all the rage these days. That or successfully ended RP's on Iwaku. Idk.
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  3. Most PMs sent, to see who's secretly super active.

    Most name change requests, to see who's having the biggest identity crisis.

    Single post with the highest count for each individual rating, just because.
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  4. The one about most likes would go to someone in those Murder series groups. They circle jerked with that like button until it lost all meaning.

    I would want to see most RPs started and Most RPs failed/incomplete respectively.
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  5. I have a guide with thirty-six positive ratings. Is that pretty high, or not even close?

    I'm interested in some oddball categories.
    • Players who have completed the most roleplays without ever participating in one that died or dropping out of one.
    • Longest-lasting roleplay without a single dropout.
    • Roleplay with the most consistent posting schedule.
    • Roleplays completed in which none of the original players remain.
    • 1x1 roleplay with the most players.
    • GM who has kicked the most players.
    • Roleplay with the most consecutive posts by a single non-GM player.
    • User who has roleplayed with the most other users.
    • User who has posted in the most threads.
    • Debate with the most quote tags.
  6. Best roleplay characters. Those that are not Gary, Mary God moding sues but ones with flaws, substance, development.
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  8. If we're doing "of all time", the number to beat would probably be the whopping 80 positive ratings on Ozzie's "Ten Reasons Why Your Sex Scene is Terrible"
  9. oh, so not even close

    I think I'll just retire, then.
  10. Best lurker award

  11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Speaking of this clique, we did a little award show a while back so I could share a few of them here : 3

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  12. *clucks in and gives A rather majestic pig a free like to spread the murder games liking outside of its box* Feel the love. :) <3

    Hmm... for more awards I'd say...

    Most Frequent Blogger
    Top Profile Spammer
    Most Fantabulous Avatar

    Will post again if I think of more. :)
  13. I hope you realize just mentioning this made me curious enough to read the entire thing. I don't even do mature RPs and I was impressed.
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  14. guild queen

    yeahno I got nothing constructive. I only like forum awards for the drama. The aftermath is rarely worth it, though.
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  15. Most Grif.
  16. Biggest Badass
  17. Best headless avatar with a noose for a tie, and "Gonzo" written on it.
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  18. I think we all know who will win that award.
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  19. Diana? =D
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  20. Yes. My plan is working. Soon you'll all be my headless minions. Then I'll be the one to take over this site.

    Oh, and it'd still be me.
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