Isn't The End Of The World Fantastic?

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  1. "Hey this is Anna"

    "And this is her boyfriend James!"

    "Leave a message!"

    "After the beep!"

    It had been seven years...but today was the day, with a deep breath the young and beautiful brunette started to speak.
    "Anna, its me Jodi...your sister...I...Ive missed you so much and well...I was hoping that you could pick up so that we could talk, maybe get some coffee or something...please Anna, I miss you and you are loved..."
    With nothing else to say, the woman just sighed before hanging up, was there no exceptions on her 23rd birthday?

    Seven years ago, Anna, Jodis sister (who was two years younger than her) was getting engaged to a man after seeing him for only three months...and when she announced it nobody was happy about of course theyd try all types of means to try talking her out of it but nothing convinced her and then...withoug telling anyone one day she just up and left without telling anyone where she was going...which was very unlike her.
    The office that she was working at--unaware of her ordeal was working away; the daily sounds of keyboard clicking, shoes walking and voices filled the air...she was working as a secretary for one of her agents in the C.I.A and well, picking up coffee and bringing files to desks wasnt all what it was cracked up to fact she was getting sick of her job rather quickly but what elsd could you do?
    Suddenly a bag was placed down on the table next to her and with a glance she knew by the style of the bag itself who it was.

    "Guess whos here!"

    "Hello mommy..." Jodi spoke in an flat momotone, watching as the elderly woman was tip toeing excitedly with her arms still held out, waiting for her daughter to hug her in that awful pink dress of hers that looked like a moo moo.
    "Mother," the woman began "I said no knos how i dont--"

    "Shush up and open your present!" The woman spoke before Jodi rolled her eyes with a smile and started slowly tearing at the square shaped wrapping paper.

    "Mother are you insane!! Im not allowed to have this in the building!" The worker slid the box next to her revealing a Hooting Owl white wine bottle.

    "Oh hush now! Its your birthday!" The mother retorted and glanced at a group of police that started walking into the building.

    "Mom, get this out of here...or better yet i need this so I can build the courage up to try and get ahold of my sister again..." Jodi scoffed and glanced at the cops before looking back at her mother who looked absolutely discusted.
    "Are you seriously telling me that your STILL trying to contact her? Its been seven years...and shes made her choice!"

    "Mother!" Jodi stood up, taking a step away from her "what an awful thing to say! Shes your daughter!"

    "I know, but--"
    Suddenly one of the cops walked in, "are you Jodi Testla?"

    The woman walked up towards him, "yes, may I help you?"
    The cop suddenly grabbed her arm and twisted it to cuff her wrists; "you are under arrest for murder in the first degree..."

    "What! But i didnt do anything!!" Jodi began looking around, "please stop it!"

    "Oh goodness!" The elderly woman spoke, "was this for the wine bottle!?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.