Irrenanstalt Asylum (OOC and Sign-Ups)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Now that you're here, you can never leave...

    You awake inside the chamber with a sudden jolt. There you lay on the cold, metal operating table. Your struggling is useless; your limbs are strapped down firmly. A light shines over your face. It seems as though this is some awful nightmare. It would be nice if it was, but sadly, that is not the case. The light is blocked by a tall figure, wearing a bloody apron. His eyes are bloodshot. The twisted smile on his face is far from reassuring. He tightens the binds on your hands, further crippling any hope of escape. The man's bony hands inspect your body and hold down your head. Slowly, he moved to your ear, speaking calmly with a hoarse voice and sarcastic tone. "Try not to struggle. I'll be done in a moment." the man releases a deranged laugh. Only now can you confirm that this is no nightmare. Although the darkness shrouds the room, you can still view the man withdraw a rusty knife from his drawer. He grins as terror sets in.

    The blade slides over your abdomen, and the man drags back his lips, revealing his contorted teeth. "Don't worry. This will only hurt for a moment." the blade is thrust into your flesh, with all muscles tensing around its cold sharpness. The pain is immeasurable. The man lets out a blood-curdling roar of laughter, and only now is his unnatural form in full view. Blood seeps onto the operating table. You fall unconscious.

    Once you awaken, the only thing to greet you is your filthy prison cell. All that remains of the man's sinister act is a bizarre tattoo where the knife impaled you. Where you are is unknown. Why you are here is unknown. This is Irrenanstalt Asylum, and you can never leave.

    Hello there! I am your humble GM, Legens Legentis. No, this spoiler has nothing to do with the story at hand. Consider this a mildly informative author's note. This is heavily based on a dead RP called Eldritch Secrets from a website called NationStates. I greatly enjoyed the concept, and was greatly disappointed when it died prematurely. Hopefully it can enjoy a reboot here on Iwaku, and that it will be fun for all victi-- I mean players!

    Article: Important Notes-
    Magic: Indeed, there is magic within this dark asylum. But don't expect the magic from your favorite fairytales! Spells and incantations are both helpful and hurtful towards your endeavors. Magic deteriorates sanity, and it does so fairly quickly, but more on that later. Using magic can assist you in evading, or killing, enemies and fellow players/asylum patients. The amount of magic is limited, and can only be restored through finding plasma or incantation runes. Spells in general are comparatively weak, and should not be relied on often.

    Sanity: This is extremely critical if you are to escape the asylum or learn its secrets. Spells are powered through your sanity. Remaining sane allows a player to remain coherent and conscious long enough to find a way out. Replenishing your sanity after using a spell is done through solving Labyrinth Puzzles, which are mental obstacles that prevent moving on. Dead enemies and players are helpful in this regard. They can emit large portions of sanity from their corpses, while that mysterious tattoo allows it to be absorbed.

    Runes: These are powerful objects that reside at the end of every Labryinth Puzzle. Finding one can give the ability to equip more than one magic spell. Therefore, the more runes you find, the more spells you can use. Each character may only start with one spell. Runes can also give short bursts of sanity, though using one too often ultimately makes your spells weak and powerless (while sanity-consumption increases).

    Plasma: To inform you, there is absolutely no food or water within the asylum. The only way to find sustenance is by collecting plasma. It can be found in syringes that are quite abundant inside the asylum's food storage center. Plasma is applied to you through painful injection, and if used too often, it can become a source of addiction.

    Medical: Keeping healthy is difficult enough when you're not in an abandoned mental hospital full of death traps and mysterious forces. But don't mind that! Avoiding sleep drains sanity at the fastest possible rate, while avoiding plasma injections leads to starvation. As the asylum is not the cleanest place imaginable, wounds can become infected if left ignored. First-Aid kits are extremely sparse. You can either share these resources with others, or hoard them and hope no one decides to steal from you. Diseases can spread between players.

    Labyrinth Puzzles: Solving these are your only hope of escaping or reaching a new area. The puzzles can range from figuring out how to open a door, finding parts to a generator, etc. When you solve one of these puzzles, your sanity is restored as well. It is recommended to work together with others when solving a Labryinth Puzzle.

    Enemies: A basic concept, only with a special twist. Abominations of unspeakable horror populate the asylum. Fellow human patients are the majority of opponents you'll find, though later on things get interesting. Dark spirits, demons, and monsters are advanced enemy types. These creatures guard the Labryinth Puzzles and require more than simple weapons to defeat. Magic is your only hope of surviving an encounter with such wretched foes.

    Armor & Weapons: Killing players and enemies is extremely beneficial. Basic helmets, gas masks, shoulder pads, and other such forms of armor are the most common. Military-grade armor is simply not here. Weapons consist of melee variants, with knives, crowbars, and axes, which are both common and helpful. Guns are completely absent. Finding certain parts across the environment will let you craft new weapons if you can find a crafting table (and good luck with that).

    Relics: If you're curious as to why you've been trapped in a madhouse full of psychopaths and evil creatures, then the relics are the keys. Journals, medical records, and notes all qualify as relics. They contain information that gives insight into the nature of the place you are so horrifically contained in. But the real question is: Do you want to know what happened here?

    1. This might be a bit unexpected, but please use common sense. Finding a grenade launcher inside a prison cell is both nonsensical and not permitted. It will take time to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. It's okay to have characters who are intelligent, but it's not okay to have them solve puzzles immediately and discover all the asylum's secrets in one-go.

    2. At the very least, please write one paragraph per post. Anything beyond that is happily welcome, and anything less is looked down on.

    3. Mary Sue died in the asylum. Therefore, don't make characters like her, because everyone has flaws.

    4. God-modding is not allowed. Neither is OOC bullying, because those ruin everyone's time. So don't let your characters defeat 50 demons with their bare fists. It simply doesn't happen.

    5. Characters can die. Other players can kill you. Infections can kill you. The setting itself can kill you (such as falling)! If your character dies, feel free to create another one. This might be cruel, but I will not hesitate to eliminate players who use Deus Ex Machina's blessings poorly.

    6. Sending me ideas for scenarios, back-story, enemies, and puzzles is encouraged! Get creative!

    6-B. The year is 1939, but where the asylum is located shall remain a mystery. Or at least until you find a relic that reveals it.

    7. Have fun! Otherwise, you'll figure out what happened to Mary Sue.

    8. @Kirah is Co-GM. On a side note, please treat all players with respect. Both of us will be on the lookout for cheaters and bullies.
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  2. Name: Emillie Alice Roth

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Skills: When she is courages she seems stronger than when she's not. She has that same strength when she is anger or her balanced self. She seems to posses only two magical spells Yin-Yang Minipulation, and Create Illusions. Also confusion seems to be a great skill she posses for she can often confuse many when they try to understand what she is thinking or planning.

    Fears: Never being able to control her emotions again.

    Physical or Mental Disorder (if any): Personality Disorder​
    General Personality:
    Insane, can never stick with who she is.
    Her personality is hard for one to explain. One moment she can not have a care in the world and be the happiest girl around who loves jokes. She could be come sad and apologize for little thing she had maybe never done, she will seem also shy when she is sad. She can seem very angry and hard to get along with she is also more of a dare devil some might say. Intelligence is often a feature she uses through almost each emotion. Lust is mixed with love and no one has really meet this side of her more than a moment or two when she also seems very flirtatious but it's rare for those emotions seemed more locked up some how. Then there is one emotion they say is truly Emilie Roth and only her. She has a mix it seems of all emotions a balance when she has this balance it can be hard to maintain.
    Inner Personality:
    She can see multiple sides of herself when she mediates. Slowly each emotion has formed a name. She often also seems to be stuck within a dream. It is a tiny dream which began to think and trapped her into this state of being unbalanced. When she is balanced many can tell but it is never long.

    Bio: Emilie hardly remembers all that happened except for the pain and a strange man. Why she was brought to this asylum she never trully seems to understand she might one moment but not the next.

    [​IMG] She wears a black jeans. And a long sleeve shirt. The shirt sleeves are gray and black over the shirt is also cover in card symbols.​
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  3. I like your character, Raven. I'll be creating my own application momentarily. :)
  4. Character Applications:
    Name: Dr. Andrei Vasilev
    Gender: Male
    Age: 41
    Skills: Is well-trained for treating injuries, and knows the workings of Irrenanstalt Asylum very well.
    Fears: Intense phobia of defeat or failure. He will do anything to ensure victory, no matter how immoral.
    Physical or Mental Disorder (if any): Schizophrenia
    Personality: Andrei is paranoid and very hateful. His ultimate goal is to discover the secrets of life and immortality, and he will stop at nothing to achieve this. In his eyes, all human life is expendable. Being a former biologist in the Soviet Union, Andrei hears the voice of Joseph Stalin in his head, which further drives him to do horrible things. Other than that, he remains emotionless towards the countless people that died in his horrific experiments. Andrei's determination is as strong as Soviet steel.
    Bio: Andrei Vasilev was born in 1898, in what is now Stalingrad. His father was abusive, beating him into submission for the smallest mistakes. All compassion was driven out from Andrei's heart by his father and the harsh Russian winters. Despite such cruelty, he endured long enough to move to Moscow in 1916, where Andrei began to attend the Moscow State University. During this time he developed a passion for science. This passion became an obsessive craze, as research of physiology began to uncover the secrets of the human body. Andrei was disgusted with Russia's primitiveness and lack of scientific progress. This disfavor grew as his early experiments were too expensive to pursue. Seeing no other option, Andrei became a supporter of Vladimir Lenin and the Russian Revolution. After the Communists began to dominate the government, it was much easier to perform experiments with the lack of spending costs. Andrei's testing became increasingly inhumane as time went on. First he performed unsafe surgeries on rats and birds, moving onto cats and dogs. Once Joseph Stalin reigned over mother Russia, Andrei was permitted to begin testing on human subjects. Stalin was greatly appreciative of Andrei's work. This support from the Communist Party further expanded the possibilities. Andrei traveled over to the gulags in Siberia, as the number of prisoners there allowed easy access to test subjects. Hundreds died in the following years. Andrei gained a sick pleasure from extracting knowledge from the suffering of others. Years of testing passed until 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. The Russian government reassigned Andrei over to an asylum over in Germany. Despite the risk, both nations granted him total control over the asylum with full knowledge of what he would do. Patients became the victim of electroshock therapy, vivisection, and other methods of torture. Andrei hired other scientists, instead of caretakers and therapists. Once Irrenanstalt Asylum gained a reputation for death and misery, Andrei began to admit his own employees as patients to kill them. He secluded the institution and murdered those who spoke out. The asylum now resembled a fortress, and he ignored the rumors of spirits haunting the place. Patients drove themselves further down the course of madness. Noticing this, Andrei isolated himself in the asylum's main tower, while his fellow scientists were left in charge. However, he ensured that he could still control the radio connections and other communication methods. Deeming the asylum a failure, Andrei wishes to encourage saner attendants to eliminate his enemies.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  5. Am highly considering this(: will let you know soon.
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  6. For those currently viewing this post, I am currently accepting ideas for monsters and character classes to put in. All ideas are welcome and will be heard!
  7. I'm also interested, all of the Role-plays you make are always good. Let's see, so many options to choose. I'm going to make a rather twisted monster to be used as well as a character if that's all right.

    Character Applications:
    Name: Hugo Zeus Morris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Skills: Hugo at a young age was obsessed with puzzles, so naturally he is rather clever. With his cleverness he has tricked many people and gotten himself out of many situations.
    Fears: Hugo is extremely scared of the dark and gets rather edgy and paranoid when in the darkness of the asylum or anywhere in that matter.
    Physical or Mental Disorder (if any): Unknown
    Personality: Hugo is a kind fellow, though he tends to get carried away when it comes social interactions. He also has a tendency to stare in to space and zone out at times. Reason being that is past is a scary subject for him and remembering it or even talking about it can make him panic and get lose touch with reality for a moment. Hugo likes to have his skin completely covered with the exception to his face. No one really knows why. Hugo often appears sometimes childish as he is playful in none dangerous situation and can be shy to strangers.
    Bio: Born in France in 1924 some years after the destruction of World War 1 Hugo was cared for by his adoption parents in a wealthy neighbor of Orleans. In his early youth he was a strange boy (and still is), many kids in his school thought he was creepy and weird. Sadly because of this Hugo never had any friends for play with, so he would normally play with no one and oddly talk to himself. He would play with his puzzles at his manor as his parents refused to let him go to school becuase there reputation was being tarnished boy his actions. Hugo saddened to see his parents be ashamed of him he tried his best to stop, but old habits hard and he wasn't able to stop. As he was at the age 10 his parents were worried that he was not getting an education so hey sent him back to school to see that things only have gotten worse. Hugo can't remember much after that but he can remember that he was sent here to the asylum. The doctor and him on the table are just more memories that he has to deal with.
  8. Interesting application, @Neko_Green yet I cannot see the image.
  9. Definitely applying when I have a moment.

    *waves at Legens*
  10. *waves back* Salutations, Snowday!
  11. Very interested. I'll make up a CS if that is cool.
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  12. Name: Lee Grey

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Skills: Creativity, thinking outside the box. Before the "incident" she was going to be a writer and was attending a prestigious woman's college to do so.

    Fears: Drowning and Chlorophobia (fear of the color green)

    Physical or Mental Disorder (if any): Sever Retrograde Amnesia. If something triggers the memory of what caused it she goes mildly catatonic for about 3 minutes before returning with no memory of anything that has happened. She does have memory of the surgery.

    Personality: Naturally curious, which in a Lovecraft setting is tantamount to suicide.
    Lee likes to ask questions, some hard to answer ones. Her teachers were never fond of her.

    Bio: Lee comes from a family of academics. All of them curious. She never learned to shut that off, even after her uncle disappeared. Everyone says it was a lover's suicide or maybe a murder/suicide. Lee didn't believe that. She inherited her uncle's row house after her father died. What happened in that house is mostly unknown because Lee only barely survived the fire that she had set.

    After a short trial Lee was found incompetent to handle it and sent away to the asylum.


    Special: I do intend for her to work past the catatonic thing, to the point where she doesn't forget things anymore.
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  13. @Kirah Excellent application! Once an IC thread is made, you are more than welcome to play!

    @Neko_Green Still can't see the picture.
  14. @Legens Legentis Excellent I look forward to it. I also added fear of the color green.
  15. Before I start, would anyone like to assist me in choosing monsters and/or demons to introduce?
  16. I will. Doing end of day stuff at work and then I'll help tonight. I'm well versed in Lovecraft fiction.
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  17. Really I sent you a link?
  18. Is it still okay to apply? Can have a character sheet up in an hour or two when I get to a computer if that's alright.
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