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    The biggest cover-up in human history was not, as conspiracies imagined, a pursuit of power. There was no Illuminati plot, no New World Order, no tyrant growing fat on the ignorance of the masses.

    It was a thing instructed.

    By whom... we never knew.

    Till now.

    Here follows the truth about our world...

    Man never went to the Moon. Man never set foot beyond Earth's orbit. It was all a circus of the space age governments - a global consensus of rulers to pretend that we were not, in fact, trapped here. No probe has ever travelled beyond the Van Allen Belt. No camera has ever peered beyond the sheen. Images have been manipulated, science has been perverted, evidence has been fabricated.

    Truth... has been concealed.

    Here follows a glimpse of what is really out there...

    On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin returned from the first manned space voyage with a message. And though few believed the Russian government, that same message was carried back within a decade by the Apollo Mission. It was a transmission, relayed across the solar system, broadcast from structures on every moon and planet. A voice from the void. The word of aliens, or angels, echoing from the structures... which we came to call The Spires of God.

    And the message was simple.

    Do not seek beyond your world.

    Every man or machine that has ever defied this warning has perished in the radiation belt. For ninety years space travel has been... without a doubt... impossible.

    And now the truth is out.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In 2049 there was a solar flare, and the Spires fell silent. The message stopped broadcasting to our satellites. And the same flare caused a critical glitch in earth-bound systems. Firewalls collapsed, and a cyber-attack exposed the memos, passed between inner circles of government, which decoded the conspiracy. Within two months reporters on every continent had shattered the cover-up and as presidents and premiers fell from office full disclosure was made. What followed was neither anarchy nor apathy... for few knew how to truly feel. Was it a small thing, to know that we could never leave our planet's orbit... or was it a betrayal of the most profound dreams of the human spirit? Should we have felt nihilism or held the watching Spires to be the eyes of God?

    In short, the world was confused. Each soul on Earth took the revelation in their own way.

    And Matthias Green, CEO of Raquia Industries, had the most unique reaction of all.


    Raquia is the first private corporation to perfect Galahad Shielding, a protective layer of polymer constructed from meteor deposits. Matthias Green has invested his full stockpile into galvanising the hull of a space-capable vessel - an enterprise that will make or break his considerable family fortune.

    His intention... to lead the first manned space voyage beyond the Van Allen Belt and investigate the now silent Spires of God.


    The Irideus is set to launch. And Matthias is inviting a most unusual crew to ascend with him into the heavens.

    To find our creators... to know what lies beyond the veil... to learn that all great truths begins as blasphemies...

    Ship Summary (open)
    Short-Term Propulsion: Ion thrusters (very low thrust, but sustained over a long time v.s. chemical propellants).

    Long-Term Propulsion: The Shake and Bake. Using solar power focussed through silicon crystals, a series of lazers form a Warp Bubble in which space-time is expanded behind the ship and extended in front of it. Combined with a gravity slingshot around nearby celestial bodies, this generates enough energy to oscillate the bubble and achieve what would conventially take a power source the size of Jupiter to implement. Solar charging for the lazers takes roughly a week, so the warp jumps are few and far between.

    Shielding: Gallahad Shielding, a polymer developed from rare meteor deposits. This provides protection from solar heat equivalent to Mercury orbit, and also the Van Allen radiation belt.

    Anti-Gravity: The central section of the Irideus (known as the Cradle) rotates in order to produce centrifugal force. This generates gravity towards the outside hull. In effect, your feet are pointing towards space. The rotation is slow and powered by solar energy. The Cradle includes most communal areas and living quarters. There is a smaller rotating section in the rear vertical part of the ship (known as the Tower), where most components of the warp drive are held.

    Zero-G sections: The bridge, forward comms, ion chambers and landing hangars have no artificial gravity and movement is made through use of Metaklett boots and gloves. Metaklett functions like heavy duty velcro and can withstand considerable force.


    Crew Roles (open)
    Matthias Green: - The Face Man. Matthias Green compiles the main mission log and hosts any broadcasts that are sent to media or government bodies. He doubles as the mission accountant, technical archivist and quartermaster.

    Richard Jones: The Tech Genius. Richard is the genius when it comes to the warp drive. He has primary responsibilty for the lazer array, oscillators, solar conductors and structural integrity.

    Nikolai Sevlanka: The Doc. Nikolai is there to ensure the health of the crew. This involves not only trauma response but compiling the training regimes, dietary programmes and environmental protocols for the mission. He is also primary technician for any biomechanical accessories the crew possess.

    Melissa Ardent: The Pilot. Melissa Ardent is the flight and navigation expert, responsible for all non-warp manouevres, docking procedures, drone navigation and EVA. She is also the most well-known celebrity on the mission - the poster child.

    Clarke Duredan: The Co-Pilot. Clarke is a personal friend of Matthias and has trained unceasingly to earn his place upon the mission. He supports Melissa and rivals her in navigational knowledge, complimenting her skill in short-range manouevres with his long-haul expertise.

    Eli Stolarz: The Ground Leader. Eli Stolarz is the man in charge when it comes to disaster management and landing missions. He has been recruited specifically to solve problems. He is responsible for coordinating the hanger bays and managing all ship resources. He is outranked only by Matthias Green and Melissa Ardent.

    Rachaella Consuelo: The Witness. Rachel is the main archivist and media handler for the mission. Her duty is to document the voyage, compile Earth-bound reports, and act as a neutral 3rd party observer. Matthias is adamant that she give a true and unedited account of what happens out there.

    Ann Whittles: The Point of Contact. Ann Whittles is the foremost expert when it comes to the (limited) knowledge of the Spires, namely their construction and the nature of the message they were broadcasting up till a year ago. She is an expert in history, linguistics and archaeology, and will be there to ensure correct protocols upon investigating the Spires.

    Biloxi: The Cameraman. Biloxi is a veteran of both the navy and the mass media, and being the long-time assistant to Rachaella has earned him a place as supporting archivist on the mission.

    Cho Ionis The Editor. The third and final member of the film crew is the technical editor, Cho Ionis. Daughter of an influential politician, she talked her way onto the mission with the simple observation that one reporter alone would be hard-pressed to edit the story of a lifetime.

    Trinity Solara The Shrink. Originally recruited for being top in the psychiatric field and an expert in theoretical xenobiology, Trinity was scheduled to join the mission to ensure the mental well-being of the crew. Unfortunately, she resigned one day before the mission after her family received death threats from religious extremists.
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  2. Name: Matthias Green

    Role: CEO of Raquia Industries and Mission Leader.

    Mission Relevant Skills: None. He's funding the mission, but has no useful expertise besides a basic knowledge of the ship.

    Group Dynamic: A charismatic and sharp-talking idealogue. He believes in the wonder of this mission and tries to inspire that spirit in others. He has the manner of a gentelman explorer, somewhat naive, somewhat pampered, but a magnetic personality nontheless.

    Future Tech: Green's one piece of advanced equipment is a walking kit that allows him to move bipedally. This consists of a pair of robotic leg braces and a walking cane with built-in prosthetics for grabbing objects, elevating from a prone position, and communicating/recording information.

    Why were you invited?: Matthias Green organised the voyage. He choose to go along personally because he has to see with his own eyes the face of his creators.
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  3. Name: Clark Duredan

    Role: Astro-Scientist

    Mission Relevant Skills: He's something of a Renaissance man with regards to space travel and other planets, having some knowledge of astro-physics, geology, effects of space travel on humans, and so on. He also has a piloting license and a working knowledge of space flight.

    Group Dynamic: Clark has an infectious enthusiasm with regards to the mission, simply being in space is a dream come true to him. That enthusiasm covers a deep-seated anger though, learning for so long that the reason humanity hadn't left Earth was because of some unknown force shook him and enraged him, leaving a smoldering anger at his core.

    Future Tech: A portable computer, halfway between a laptop and a tablet, that holds all his reference materials and can also serve as a drawing tablet and projector.

    Why were you invited?: The love of space travel infected Clark as a young child when he was staying at this grandparent's house and they would let him watch their Star Trek collections. He grew up beliving in the Roddenberry ideal that space travel would solve mankind's problems. He put that love to work and became something of a minor celebrity online for his skill in sharing mathematical and scientific knowledge in a way that lay-people could understand with humorous jokes and illustrations. When he first heard of the Irideus he quickly got behind the project, helping to spread awareness and raise funding online, becoming a friend of Matthias in the process.
  4. I'm worse than Werefaulk.

    Name: Richard Jones

    Role: Chief operations engineer.

    Mission relevant skills: Overaching knowledge of the ship's propulsion, navigational, and life-support systems.

    Group dynamic: Richard is not impressed by starry-eyed, far thinking philosophy; it falls upon deaf ears and a non-comprehending mind. Terse and rough, he is the normalizing one in the group, always attempting to quench delusions before they run out of hand. His universe is the hum of a well tuned fusion reactor, the hiss and pop of electronics as they are hit by ionizing radiation.

    Future tech: A hand held combined x-ray electron backscatter imaging device. The device essentially allows him to peak into the innards of any machine, and gives a 3D internal view given enough scanning time. Quick scans afford high fidelity 2D slices of the inside. Is not suited for use on humans.

    Why were you invited? Richard was already an employee of Raquia Industries Rocketry division. Under the sometimes nebulous 'long term development' program, he gathered eminent minds to develop (and here he always says this with gritted teeth) a warp engine that allowed for sustained acceleration without having to carry massive amounts of chemical fuel. Although it is true that Richard is a shining star in his field, he is well aware that the accomplishments of his division are a collective effort. However, he is the only one with a surveyor's knowledge of the project scope, and with suitable technicians, is the best choice for keeping the systems running.
  5. Name: Nikolai Oleg Sevlanka

    Role: Chief Medical Officer/Trauma Surgeon

    Mission Relevant Skills: A renowned surgeon in his own right, Nikolai found himself employed by an independent contracting firm shortly following his graduation from medical school. Looking to hone his skills abroad, the aspiring surgeon volunteered for service along the Syrian border providing aid for wounded refugees following the political uprising of 2012. During this time, Sevlanka had the opportunity to work on several cases involving the major damage of limbs and joint tissue. Through his work, the Doctor managed to publish several ambitious documents on Total knee arthroplasty using tantalum trabecular metals. While not alone, these journals were major keystones to revolutionizing unicompartmental knee replacement. After spending six years along the Syrian border, the Doctor made his way to the States to pursue his publication and the advancement of reconstructive surgical procedures. Since then Nikolai has collaborated with a number of major names in the fields of Prosthetics and Plastic Surgery to provide groundbreaking possibilities to limb replacement. While still in development stages, several prototype models of skin grafts using artificial tissue have been put forward which support tactile feel to the user. There's even some talk of a future using the same artificial tissue design for constructed organ transplants, but the prospects are strictly theoretical.

    While the Doctor still specializes in trauma and emergency medicine, his collaborative work with other medical professionals over the years has greatly expanded his scope of expertise.

    Group Dynamic: A stoic, take no nonsense realist. Nikolai signed on with the company on the same dreams of practicing medicine abroad that lead him to Syria in 2014. Sevlanka hates few things more than having his research interrupted by crew members with (in his opinion) inconsequential paper cuts. The Doctor keeps a handheld Dremel Saw on his desk to ward of potential malingerers, a joke only he seems to find amusing. Rumors circulate of a patient that came to him once with an ingrown toenail, leading to the removal (growth, nail and all) with a pair of vice grips. Nikolai claims these rumors are strictly that and hold no realistic basis. While his English is good, he does carry a bit of Russian to his accent and occasionally has trouble with certain colloquialisms.

    Future Tech: Qualcomm personal medical assistant. A handheld device used to access the status of the patient through noninvasive procedures. The device supports a number of attachments that can inspect vitals, temperature, blood sugar, heart rate and respiration as well as certain bacterial and viral infections using saliva samples. He also has an automated surgical table in the medical bay.

    Why were you invited?: Nikolai is jokingly referred to as a sort of Medical MacGyver throughout the medical community from his time spent in Syria. He finds the title annoying, but the fact he was able to publish the work he did considering the lack of resources and the overall chaos in the region was unprecedented. The doctor has significant experience operating a clinic when limited resources and stressful environmental considerations are an ever present issue. That added to sporting fifteen years in the medical field covering a wide range of practice makes him a well-rounded candidate.
  6. <IMG src= align="right" width="250" style="padding:10px;">
    Melissa Ardent

    Role: Former astronaut and mission commander

    Mission Relevant Skills: Experience with mission command, experience with low orbital work, has logged aircraft flight and low orbit space flight time.

    Group Dynamic: Adventurous, loud, and self assured, Melissa is the sort whose curiosity and honesty lead her into trouble. However, she doesn’t go anywhere unprepared. She desperately wants to explore, and feels this is her big chance.

    Future Tech: A bionic right eye that can, upon her activating it, increase visual accuracy. This is a leftover from her NASA days.

    Why Were You Invited?:
    After she refused to cover up what conspiracies she learned of, she was cashiered and went public. Once viewed as an insane conspiracy theorist, now that her stories have been revealed to be true, she’s become somewhat of a folk hero to the people... at least to the conspiracy theorists. This and her skillset makes her the perfect poster child for the mission.

  7. Name:
    Lt. Eli Stolarz

    Senior Situational Response Officer

    Mission Relevant Skills:
    Eli has had a long standing career in the emergency services. As part of his compulsory service, he trained as a fire fighter for the IDF. After attending the Haifa Police Academy he joined he was spent three years with the Boder security division before being transferred to the national security division of Yasam. As a supervising officer he distinguished himself as having a talent for developing and implementing security plans in response to terrorist attacks. His background in law enforcement has given him the experience necessary effectively coordinate emergency services in response to unique scenarios ranging everywhere from mass casualty situations to quelling civil unrest.

    Group Dynamic:
    Like many member’s of the Israeli police, Eli’s was trained to cultivate an imposing image and presence as a means of deterring unruly behavior. This tendency has caused some on board who view the Lieutenant as just another thick headed goon. However when approached, he has shown himself to be a very kind and caring man who values the simple things in life, such as small talk and food. As a Jewish man, he values his relationships with friends and family above all else and willing to do whatever is necessary to protect them.

    Future Tech:

    Why Were You Invited?: I
    t was important for the purposes of this mission that emergency services be culminated into one team with members capable of responding to health emergencies, disasters and violent situations. Lt. Stolarz’s experience with all three services in disaster response equipped him with the proper expertise to take on the role of overseeing emergency operations and ensuring the safety of all crew members.

    Eli also has personal reasons for taking on this mission. A year and a half prior to applying for this mission his wife and daughter were killed by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem. With no family to return home to, Eli had but one instinct; to get as far away from his family home as possible.

  8. Name: Rachaella Consuelo (Rachel)


    Role: Narrator/Interviewer, Documentary Screen Writer/Director

    Mission relevant skills:
    Documenting - via audio/video, personal accounts of the crew and staff, and collective data cleared for use - of the Irideus' voyage; from its conception in thoughts by Mr. Green, to its future success in going beyond the Van Allen Belt - and perhaps, further still. She was the documentary screen writer for SpaceX, one of Raquia Industries competitors, in their unprecedented attempt to do the same. She's witnessed all four of their missions end poorly, the last - SpaceX Dragon - being their first three-man-operated voyage beyond the Van Allen Belt, successfully killed its crew. It's not too uncharacteristic to say that Rachaella is a bit skeptical that Raquia's quest will be successful, but since she's sitting on the bird she might as well start believing in possibilities - or miracles.

    Group dynamic:
    Photographic memory with a sharp little set of ears, Rachaella doesn't miss a thing, and will quickly drown assumptions with a series of questions or digging deeper into what she'd heard through more research, more probing, and otherwise digging her nose into whoever's business in order to get to the truth.

    This attention, almost obsessive, attitude to collecting her information for the documentary has others concern about her allegiance; wondering if she is also sneaking information to SpaceX about Raquia's successful formula for galvanization. This, of course, is not her goal. Rachaella is deeply interested in Astrophysics, falling into her hobbies of Astrology and the compositions that make up the Universe as they know it. Her opportunities to assist as a science correspondent for BBC and Science Daily, and her Documentary work with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics only fueled this side-interest further. She tends to hid her geek-ness from her employers because, to them, her position is only meant to 'decorate' an otherwise flat and factual documentary.

    Even though she fears that this project will fall into the same fate as SpaceX's many attempts, Rachaella feels compelled to venture further with Raquia Industries. Call it her obsessive curiosity to witness for herself what's actually out there. Perhaps it's her attempts to be the first Documentarian to capture such a history-making event; one that will grant her the respect she deserves in the field. She's not sure why she decided to leave her home, her fiancee, and her earthly pursuits to follow this suicidal dream of hers, but she's there to record it all as it happens and make the ultimate scientific documentary.
    Future tech:
    Head-held, high definition audio/video beta camcorder/bluetooth networked to bracelet computer with holographic projection, and air mouse.


    Why were you invited?
    Her crew, Drugan Productions/MPH Entertainment, is the scientific documentary company hired to record the discoveries of this expedition and the lives of its crew during its voyage. After successfully recording the conception and construction of the Irideus for Mr. Green, he then invited a smaller crew to tag along for its christening into deep space.

  9. Name: Ann Whittles

    Role: Former White House Linguist now working for Raquia Industries.

    Mission Relevant Skills: The ability to code and decode several messages of any sort, analyzing the broadcasts sent from the Spires or any other form of out-wordly anomaly. She holds knowledge of the withheld memos that caused the uncovering of the Spires.

    Group Dynamic: A conservative informant. She is settled well into the current day-to-day standings of Raquia as well as juggling with the White House's leaked information, making it a bit difficult for her to be lenient towards one side. Instead, her focus on messages and broadcasting has shaped her out to be a closed book, spending her time being more intuitive and constructive than outgoing on any matter. She is a headache to be around, border lining the 'workaholic' stage. She is somewhat of a busy body, sticking her nose into places it doesn't belong just out of sheer curiosity or boredom.

    Future Tech: A slim-line tablet, much like a very slim iPad of some sorts. It's portable, easy to carry around and made up of a very stable substance that is also used as part of the Irideus. This tablet has a very large quantity of data stored, some of which are protected by firewalls only she can access to.

    Why Were You Invited?: As an employee working under Matthias, it was sort of a given that she was invited. With all of the knowledge of the Spires' messaging and the potential to unlock more, the 5 years spent working under him and around Irideus is given her probable cause for contining to decode the voices of the Spires, especially since she was a small play in the uncovering of the government's hand in the matter. With betrayl and treachery looming over her shoulders, she has somewhat been known as a public figure, being the 'ears and voice' of the Spires, so to speak.
  10. Name: Trinity Solara


    Role: Lead Psychologist and Xeno-biology Theorist

    Mission Relevant Skills: Dr. Solara is an advisor for possible Ailen contact and she has studied several ways to commincate with them. She thinks of herself more of a Psychologist, so she feels that she is more vital to the crew’s mental health and safety.

    Group Dynamic: Dr. Solara is an amazing Psychologist, one of the most talented you can find. She is intelligent, warm-hearted and kind. Many had admitted that, “She’s just that kind of person that when you see her smile or hear her soft voice, you want to open up and tell her absolutely everything.” But she should never be underestimated. She will take no nonsense or violence amongst the crew and can mentally scar and terrify anyone who gets out of line, but that is extremely rare for her. She is less known for her Xeno-Biology work, as she is a lot less renowned for it. Granted she has surprising talent, but not at the same level as her Psychology. Trinity has used her research in human psychology and Xeno-Biology to make different theories about the mental system of extraterristral beings.

    Future Tech: A touch-screen, holographic tablet. She keeps all her data of all her patients in it and only she can open it, as it is fingerprint registered.

    Why were you invited?: Dr. Solara was always interested in space and the effects it had on the human mind and considered it a fantastic opportunity for more research. It was just her luck that they were looking for a Psychologist and she of course offered eagerly. Her talents had been heard of and she was welcomed along, much to her delight. Her knowledge of Ailens was also considered very useful, but she hopes to increase her knowledge as much as she can during the mission.

    Trinity resigned from the Irideus Mission before launch after her elderly parents received death threats. It is unknown how the persecutors found her family's address, but the menace was enough to cause the psychologist to back out from her commitment. She is now on extended sabbatical.

    *Grumbles but refuses to join based on principle*
  12. [​IMG]

    Appearance: 6’2", 157lbs, dark dreads that the team’s threatened to chop off on several occasions.<o:p></o:p>
    Jamaican American <o:p></o:p>

    Role: Secondary Crew Chief & Audio Director for Drugan Productions/MPH Entertainment

    Mission relevant skills: Rachella’s Secondary Crew Chief, tech support, bodyguard, and all around big brother. Ten years experience under Drugan Productions. He practically keeps Rachella in line – keeping all aspects of the documentary business in tip top shape so she can focus more on the management of the main production. He’s also been her support in learning to manage her personal life in the mist of her career. Even though, he can’t stand Augusto, Biloxi can only stand by and watch his Chief come to some decision with that issue. He’s also a little tinker. Give him some off-hand materials, and Biloxi will come up with something functional out of it.

    Has a Navy background – two years as a Surface Warfare Officer on the nuclear aircraft supercarrier USS Nimitz. He oversaw the day-to-day operations of the aircraft carrier, and mainly managed armament recreations – peace and war time. Was dishonorably discharged for something he cares not to discuss.

    Group dynamic: The spice in an otherwise flat and bland gumbo. Wild and loud, and somewhat unhinged; as true to his Jamaican background, music and weed is his anti-drug. Even though he’s been clean for some time, Biloxi always has that particular air about him; always seems to be high on – something; mostly life and the rush he gets for adventure and the extremes there in. Don’t think twice that he wouldn't attempt to free fall from the earth’s atmosphere just to get a natural buzz. Don’t be fooled by this act of his though – his mama didn't raise no fool.

    Even though he's strange and obnoxious at times, Rachella trust him with her life. Several times during filming in remote destinations or deadly situations, Biloxi made sure his Chief was safe and sound.

    Future tech: Same set up as Rachella’s, but he also has several mini camera and boom mike units that he’s able to mount anywhere to capture sound and video unnoticed by those being filmed – his own creation.


    Why were you invited? Part of Rachella’s documentary three-team crew.



    Tech Support, Assistant to Witness, Editor-in-Chief, Reporter

    Mission Relevant Skills
    As Rachaella Consuelo's assistant and Editor-in-Chief, Cho aids in documenting the event and sifts through useless footage to find the most compelling facts and organize them comprehensively. She can sort immense amounts of data in record time, and has a great mind for mathematics and astrophysics. With her reporter's savvy and an intuition for bullshit, Cho is a competent journalist.

    Group Dynamic
    While typically mild-mannered and quiet, Cho is a tough nut underneath a layer of civility and poise. She will go to enormous lengths to dig up the truth, having worked as a reporter for seven years before becoming Consuelo's assistant. She won't often speak, but when, rarely, others manage to engage her in conversation, they quickly feel like they are being scrutinized or interrogated. In her time writing for news she was a ruthless muckraker, especially dangerous due to her flawlessly polite and laid-back manner, which led to others frequently underestimating her: a result which she exploited fiercely. Highly logically intelligent, Cho is a tech whiz and was known in college as "Code-Cracker Cho". Her mother, Liu San, is a feng shui architect and personal trainer, and her father, Gideon Ionis, is a politician who has provided her with many useful connections and was also involved in uprooting the cover-up.

    Future Tech
    Cho's family hasn't exactly been lacking in affluence, but she saved up voraciously for this little gadget. The major star behind many of her sensational discoveries, it's a recording device of very high sound and image quality, astonishingly resilient structure, and miniscule size. It's her third eye in the form of a tiny black nugget that could easily be mistaken for a small glass bead. She has fastened this in various surreptitious ways to all kinds of surfaces throughout the years: earrings, jacket buttons, rings, hairpins, bags, flowery hairbands, watches, plastic-gem-studded sandals, cosmetic supplies and more. So far no one knows she's got it, and she intends to keep it that way.

    Why were you invited?
    Obviously documenting this expedition was a major project that, talented as Consuelo was known to be, she'd never be able to do all on her own. As Consuelo's assistant, it was only natural for Cho to be picked for the job, and her interest in astrophysics and paternal influence couldn't have hurt, either.

    @Phi Chysm, let me know if there's anything amiss, since this'll be your assistant if she should have another or a different job/s I'll change it at once :)
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