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    GM: @of Dirt CO-GM: @neptune

    We are Invisible Inc., an elite group of spies with the expressed purpose of ending global corporate dominion and we need your help.

    We've been hit hard and HQ has been lost. Many of our agents have either been killed or captured by the corps. Now we have one month to rebuild and launch a counterattack. We'll need all the help we can get.

    If you've been itching to take back your hometown, now's your chance.

    It’s 2074, and after decades of global warfare known as the Resource Wars, every government on the planet has been toppled and replaced by a corporation. Now that the corporations rule the world with the cold and ruthlessness that comes with the single goal of being the most powerful corporation on the planet, the world has become a depressing place to live. Invisible Incorporated, an agency formed in the middle of the Resource Wars, is the only entity left to challenge the dominance of the corporations and put the world back in the hands of governments for the people, by the people. Invisible’s agents are all master hackers and sharpshooters, and legends of espionage and stealth. With the help of their super A.I., Incognita, they’ve been slowly undoing the corporations’ hold on the world since the agency’s inception.

    Unfortunately, the corporations suddenly laid a devastating blow to Invisible’s HQ, killing and capturing many agents, and nearly destroying Incognita. Currently wired to the escape plane, Incognita has lost most of its advanced programs and is slowly dying. With what remains of the agency, they must infiltrate the top corporations to find out what they know and who orchestrated the attack, rescue captured agents, and above all, provide Incognita a new mainframe before it ceases to function.

    Incognita won’t last long, agent. You’re on the clock. It’s time to get moving.

    What we're looking for
    • Though there was certainly much fighting to be had on the ground during the Resource Wars, the most important battles were fought via cyber warfare. The founders of Invisible Inc. were hackers and the backbone of the agency continues to belong to them. Their knowledge of complicated and advanced programs, gadgets and technologies is unprecedented and the ease with which they turn their foes own weapons against them would make any corp CEO wet the bed.

    • Quick on their feet, the masters of stealth and agility remind their foes why Invisible Inc. is named as such. Their ability to boldly travel in front of unhacked cameras and still remain unseen makes them the perfect scouts and retrievers of high-value targets. When all's said and done, they leave without a trace, save for the dusty outline of the missing golden plaque that was hanging on the wall just a moment ago.

    • Cleaning up a dead body is messy, stinky, and above all, expensive, but there are times when there is no other choice but to send a guard to death’s door. Where the rest of the agents are generally only trained in firearms for non-lethal self-defense, sharpshooters go above and beyond. When a mission starts to go south, the accuracy and brutality of the sharpshooters are what’s needed to get the team back on track and to safety. If an agent is being used as a meat shield, you can bet a sharpshooter will still hit their mark, just keep your money in your pocket when you get drunk and challenge them to a game of darts at the bar.

    • Speaking of crossing the line, you’ve just crossed it! The idea of enhancing one’s self through particularly invasive cybernetic implants fascinated some people so much, that they’ve gotten one augment too many to be considered human anymore. Since every cyborg is different, their role in the agency is strictly dependent on their augments. Instead of one powerful primary augment, you have three lesser ones that complement each other. Choose wisely.

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  2. This is extremely interesting! I'm in. //heading over to the OOC right now
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  3. room for another ?
  4. Yes, we could use either another hacker or a sharpshooter
  5. GREAT!!!, i will begin working on a sharpshooter
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