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    545 N. E. Y. (New Eon Year)​

    In the luminous world of Anthera, there came twelve animals determined by the Zodiac. Each animal picked thirteen humans as disciples of the New Eon. With their new recognition, shards of the Oasis plunged into their hearts.

    The astounding physiology of the Chosen morphed to something beyond human comprehension. As their crystals activated, the so-called humans were now "Tamers of Shui", or "Anthe" Their Feng Shui determined the tamers' elements. Perhaps one of the most influential of the Council demanded, "LET IT RAIN! FOR GLORY IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER!" In spite of that glorious call, that fell to deaf ears.

    "Your energy is everlasting. Fight until the opponent dies, for Anthera shall perish within the dust. Shall you fight, may you be cherished with the blood of a coward." Unbeknownst to the new Tamers, they had to work under Lord Ryou Huang. Lord Huang arranged plans for cordial meetings, but he only pleased his own group of Zodiacs. The trusted ones had little understanding, but they yearned more power, even with the leader under their belt.

    His group, which was dubbed Othello, plunged the world into despair. They snatched money from the poor, killed the children, and ransacked their homes. In order to protect the Anthe Tamers, the Chosen must battle against the Othello to survive the battle of natural selection. While the world crumbles, it is up to the chosen to restore its regional sovereignty.

    First came the rat, then the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig. The cat watches and jumps in as the animals make their way. All of these animals are part of the Chinese Zodiac.

    Oasis Shards (open)

    For the year, act like it is 1850, which is the Year of the Dog. We will act like February 13 is a few days after the Chinese New Year, given the lack of official info.

    The year comparison will determine the Year of whatever animal it is. If it were the year of the Tiger, that character would have the most power. However, they must be prepared for bad luck. The Oasis Shard is more likely to crack under pressure, which can open the door for [additional] ailments.

    Think of your Oasis Shard as your birthstone inside of your heart. They are the size of an eraser tip, so it is harer to be impaled with the Oasis Shard. The shard reacts to the following: Stress, allergic reactions (hay fever, hives, etc), bad luck, negative emotion, boiling rage, excessive use of one's Feng-Shui, or other psychological consequences. Cracks of the Oasis Shard are referred to as reveries. Once the Oasis Shard cracks in half, it will automatically short-circuit the neurological pathways, inhibiting the Tamer's abilities to comprehend, judge, or even think.

    The process in which the Leader deliberately crushes the Oasis Shard is called selectional discord. Selectional discod can happen as a last-resort consequence when the beligerent Tamer cannot do as xey are told. As a result, by removing their pact (by sliding the fingers around the heart or head), it causes the Oasis Shard to self-destruct. If the Oasis Shard explodes or dissolves, because it is in the heart, so will the Tamer. Benevolent Tamers also have this ability. However, it is activated when it becomes their year.

    If you choose to be in the Othello, however, you get to be the leader of the Animals for one year. If you are a leader, however, you HAVE to wear red to ward off bad luck.

    The Real Age is for those in the Othello because of their immortality. Huang's powers made his army biologically immortal, so they cannot get sick unless if their Oasis Shard breaks. According to legends, Huang believed ingesting the shards meant pure immortality. Needless to say, that man was right - and took this out of hand.

    Q: How do I know the impact of my jewel shard?
    A: Oasis Shards work like HP in a RPG. In the case of a battle, an ailment or any of those negative effects, you will be PMed the impact. If you reach a breaking point, you may explode while having a meltdown. In the case this happens, I will let you know of their death.

    In response to your question, the Oasis Shard is inserted in the Tamer's HEART. As such, if another tamer were to strike at it with a weapon, the Tamer would die with their Shard. Based on the User's Chi, it would be determined by your birthday. For more clarification, click on the link. ... signs.html

    Anthera Map (open)

    Date Likeness (open)

    1850 is the year of the Dog (You can be a wolf, if you choose).

    In order of the Zodiac, I will write down the year of each animal. The number in parentheses is the corresponding age of the character at that time.
    *The cat jumps in and out of the grid; it's on the Japanese Zodiac. However, if you choose to be the cat, you will share a spot with the Tiger (in this world; it made things easier!)

    1840 (10), 1828 (22), 1816 (34)

    1841 (9), 1829 (21), 1817 (33)

    1842 (8), 1830 (20), 1818 (32)

    1843 (7), 1831 (19), 1819 (31)

    1844 (6), 1832 (18), 1820 (30)

    1845 (5), 1833 (17), 1821 (29)

    1846 (4), 1834 (16), 1822 (28)

    1847 (3), 1835 (15), 1823 (27)

    1848 (2), 1836 (14), 1824 (26)

    1849 (1), 1837 (13), 1825 (25)

    1850 (just born/present), 1838 (12), 1826 (24),

    1851, 1839 (11), 1827 (23),

    Species (open)
    * If you are playing a non human species, please replace "human" with "Humanoid" or "Normal" in its place. If you are a non-tamer, unless if you have a transformation of some sort, exclude the animal portion of your sheet. Nonhumans, however, will be judged harsher than humans.

    Avians (Birds only)
    Halflings (to an extent)
    Vampires (Only taking a few)

    Non-Shifters Only

    Non-Shifters Only
    Valkyrie (only a few!)
    Succubi & Incubi
    Faeries (Prime Oghan accepts these, too)

    Celestials (playable to Prime Oghan only)
    Lycanthropes (If they were tamers, they managed to survive many mental breakdowns. Because of that, Lycanthropes are mentally unstable creatures deprived of their courtship.)

    Rules For A Better World!
    General Rules
    General Rules
    1. If you know any aspect of life (work/school/etc) will become a long term burden and prevent you from consistently posting, please refrain from joining this game.

    2. No Mary Sue or Gary Stu characters will be accepted.

    3. No godmodding or power playing.

    4. Into the Orient is a realistic role play. Please do not use cartoons or anime for any of your characters. Only real life photographs, drawings, fantasy art, or paintings will be accepted.

    5. Character sheets must be completed within a week after they were started. Automatic rejection will occur otherwise. (If something urgent has come up in life or if you require an extension, please contact the GM.)

    6. If your character sheet is rejected, it was for a valid reason. Arguing will not grant you a second chance. Please make sure to thoroughly read all of the rules.

    7. Anthera is a planet that is not our own; as such, please do not include any Earthly references.

    8. Upon finishing your sheet, all applicants are required to post a writing sample. The RP sample must be at least 3 - 7 paragraphs with at least 5- 7 sentences each. If I were to grade your sheet, the sample accounts for 45% of your performance. You will be allotted up to three additional days to work on the Biography, the Personality, Appearance and Writing Sample. Give it your ALL!
    IC Rules
    Members of this role-play are required to consistently post throughout the entirety of the role-play’s lifetime.

    1. Let me know if yo need to be away. Vacation, bad grades, funerals... you name it, we got you covered! Focus on your life if you need to; role play comes after life!

    2. See General Rule 1.

    3. Posting is not a daily requirement; however, it is highly encouraged. That being said, a post should be expected at least every four days. This rule will be enforced, and inactivity will result in your character’s death or other consequences. Of course, extenuating circumstances can excuse you.

    Battle/Fight Posting: Plot based battles/fights in this game operate under a 72-hour rule. This means that if you fail to reply within 72 hours, your character is assumed to have been killed, and you will be written an awesome death scene as compensation. This rule is in place to prevent unrealistic expectations in a battle. Failure to post at regular intervals alludes that your character is running about... dancing, or whatever.
    Writing Style
    1. One liners are not accepted under any circumstances. Add definition to your posts! We expect it everywhere!

    2. Two paragraphs with 6-8 sentences are a base minimum for the majority of your posts. If not much is occurring at the time, going below two paragraphs is understandable on a rare occasion; however, generally two paragraphs is long enough to create an effective reply without becoming too much of a burden.

    3. Reading Comprehension is a must. If something does not make sense, simply ask the writer of that post for clarification. Do not assume. Miscommunication only leads to further issues, as proceeding posts, based off misleading information, creates extra work in the form of later corrections.

    4. Be capable of developing your character in a believable, realistic manner. Your character is not a doll without an existence for itself. As time passes in the role-play, the world of Anthera will change, and so should your character with it. Emotions will flare; happiness will be felt; tears will be shed.

    5. Be imaginative. Into the Orient is an open ended role-play that allows for a lot of leeway in terms of character interactions. Anything that stays within the bounds of the role play’s setting and can be portrayed in a believable manner, given your character’s position, is acceptable.

    6. Be independent. Interaction and plot will not be constantly thrown at your characters at all times. You must be capable of developing interaction for yourself and others around you. This allows for the world to feel much more natural and believable in nature.

    7. Please don't let this intimidating sheet scare you away. This is to increase your character development! As always, should questions arise, please let me know!


    There are six sides to choose from:
    Tamers (open)
    The Tamers of Anthe: Twelve Shifters of the Zodiac nominated by the Government. Although the Anthe are protected by a democracy, a mysterious councilwoman decided to take the reigns.
    Alignment: Good
    Max Slots: 13
    The Rat:
    The Ox/Cow:
    The Tiger:
    The Rabbit:
    The Dragon:
    The Snake:
    The Horse:
    The Sheep/Goat/Ram:
    The Monkey:
    The Rooster:
    the Dog:
    The Pig/Hog/Boar:
    The Cat: (Kitty's a special case!)

    Revolution (open)

    The Revolution: Royal leaders taking the sidelines. Some are able to morph into other animals. They can also use their Feng Shui to emulate elemental powers. They are all (or once were) rulers of a country
    Alignment: Neutral
    Max Slots: 6
    ~ (Leader of the Rebellion)
    ~ (second in command)
    ~ (Battle Coordinator)
    ~ (Scribe)

    Prism Ogham (open)

    Prism Ogham (Prime Oracles)
    After the Celtic Trees; they are nature guardians that control the good of the Oasis Gems. Most of them are responsible for creating Immortality dunes. Since they are technically celestials, these are probably as "godly" as you can get!
    Alignment: Many of them are good, but some are neutral; evil P.Os fall off the grid... forever. Evil POs are under Huang's possession. They become his prisoners and assistants... whether they like it or not.
    Max Slots: 12
    Birch ~ The Achiever :
    Rowan ~ The Thinker:
    Ash – The Enchanter:
    Alder – The Trailblazer:
    Willow – The Observer:
    Hawthorn – The Illusionist:
    Oak – The Stabilizer:
    Holly – The Ruler:
    Hazel – The Knower:
    Vine – The Equalizer:
    Ivy – The Superior:
    Reed – The Inquisitor:
    Elder – The Seeker:

    Non Shifters (open)
    Non Shifters: People who do not possess Oasis shards.
    If you have "No" added for the Tamer field, you would be a non-shifter.
    Alignment: Any
    Max Slots: 4-6

    Sacred Beholder (open)

    Sacred Beholders (PM GM about this role): Non Shifters trusted by the government (or Huang, on rare cases) to gain 1/2 of the Oasis Shard.
    Alignment: Any, depending on the character's circumstance
    Max Slots: 1-3 (One at the start)
    ~ (ask GM about this role!)

    The Othello (open)
    Huang: The Othello
    He, along with his minions, seek biological immortality, even after having been blessed for more than a century.
    Alignment: Evil
    Maximum Spots: 9; the rat, the rooster and the rabbit are (originally) dead/unworthy of the Oasis Shards.
    Permission is required to play any special spots.
    The Ox/Cow:
    The Tiger:
    The Dragon:
    The Snake:
    The Horse:
    The Sheep/Goat/Ram:
    The Monkey:
    the Dog:
    The Pig/Hog/Boar:

    I'm sorry! I know this sheet is exceptionally long; feel free to simplify it or add extra fields if necessary!
    Character Sheet! (open)
    Because this sheet will be LONG, I expect you to do what you can with it. I apologize! Hint: The sub-fields in Personality can be smashed into one, huge personality thing; appearance can be the same!
    Rough Draft: Due the first week
    Final: Due the Second Week

    (*= OPTIONAL)

    First Name:
    *Middle Name: (optional; can have more than one)
    Last Name:
    *Meaning of Name: (optional)
    *Nickname: (optional)

    Age: (7-50 for the Anthe; 21 and above for the Othello)
    Real Age: (Othello tamers, nonhumans, and Sacred Tamers only!)
    Birthday: (as of February 13, 1850 (A.D. equivalent)
    Blood type:
    Horoscope: (Virgo, Capricorn, etc.)
    Compatible Element: (Feng Shui; Fire, Water, Air, Earth, or Metal/Air [some versions allow air in place of metal; your choice, though])
    Occupation: (Medieval only!)

    Powers and abilities: (You can have more than one, so long as they agree with your element.)
    Ability: (add more if you would like; for ideas use this wiki to help)
    Element: (Your power must pertain to your chosen element)

    Gender: (Self explanatory; please do not include hermaphrodites or transsexuals, for there is no appropriate technology or treatments to accomodate for them.)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Ethnicity: (ethnicity likeness is okay; no "I'm an American" stuff will be allowed.)

    Affiliation: (described above; if you do not have an affiliation, please say so)
    Alignment: (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic Good/Neutral/Evil)
    Preferred Stance: (What would be your purpoe for this cause?)
    Occupation: (medieval)

    Animal Tamer?: (Yes or no? If no, please do not fill out the feral sections.)
    **Chosen Animal/Zodiac: (refer to for the year and animal; please be specific with the species of the animal so as to restrict complainers. If not a tamer, exclude)
    **Species of Animal: (Not as vague as the chosen animal; conduct research if needed)
    **Animal Name: (What you call your spirit animal; the name of your feral form; optional)
    **Feral Appearance: (detailed; The Othello should be ancient counterparts of the Chinese Zodiac Animals)
    **Feral Personality: (detailed; preferably not the same as your human personality; should relate to your Zodiac and or horoscope)

    Personality type: (ex. ENFP, etc.)
    Personality description: (please enter at least two paragraphs)
    Outlook on Life:

    *Inventory (some parts can be left out)
    Casual outfits:
    Formal outfits:
    Combat outfits:
    Most Prized Possession:
    Equipment: (reasonable; no high-tech gear!)

    Appearance (some parts can be left out)
    Body type:
    Handedness: (Hint: Those who are in the western regions are predominately right handed, while those in the East are predominantly lefthanded. Ambidextrousness is considered rare.)
    Face shape:
    Eye shape:
    Eye color:
    Nose shape: (refer to here!)
    Hair Color:
    Hair Length:
    Hair Type:
    Hair Style:
    Widow's Peak:

    History: (Give me at least three paragraphs; characters that have no memory of their past or "Will be revealed in IC" will not be permitted.)
    *Friends ~
    *Allies ~
    *Enemies ~
    *Acquaintances ~
    *Other Relationhips ~
    *Theme Song: (optional)
    *Anything Awesome?: Extra stuff worth noting!
    RP Sample: (Write here only if you have Extra stuff filled out. Please follow the rules.)

    Take your time! Don't worry!
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