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  1. The world, my friends, has gone to ruin. Fifty years ago, an organisation called Interlude started to buy struggling governments. They started with the developing world, and managed to repair their economies. World hunger slowly started to decrease, as did the levels of HIV and AIDS. Interlude refused to trade with the developed countries unless they received fair prices. Nobody knew where Interlude got the money to afford to be able to do this. At first, it was suspected that Interlude was not all that it seemed. However, it then came to light that Interlude held a substantial share in some of the world's most profitable companies, meaning that they earned a lot of money from these. And the more money they earned, the more they invested. Interlude slowly became one of the richest organisations in the world.

    It slowly bought out every government in the world. At first, it seemed to be a good thing. Interlude seemed to be better at running the countries than the governments ever had been. Then, twenty years ago, the Golden Age came to an end rather abruptly. Interlude brought in mandatory experimentation. You gave yourself up to be tested on, or you died. Children were exempt from testing until they were ten, and the elderly or dying were also exempt.

    Five years ago, things got even worse. The experiments got worse, altering the building blocks of humankind. The experiments lost far too much of their humanity. Some remained humanoid, but that was their only similarity to humans. They were monsters, wearing a human's skin.

    The failures were the ones that remained human. Most of them had enhanced speed, strength, senses and other abilities. Some developed abilities beyond the norm, able to manipulate things that humanity shouldn't be able to control. And Interlude declared that a failure.

    Earlier this year, everything fell apart. The monsters turned and started attacking their creators. Interlude couldn't control them- so they destroyed them. It started at first with shotguns, but there was just too many of them. Interlude was forced to resort to desperate measures. They moved out their "stable" experiments to a secure facility on the West Coast, near the place that used to be Vegas- and then bombed the rest.

    More and more of the successes turned on Interlude, though, and the bombings continued.The secure facility burned down. The only survivors were, ironically enough, the failures.

    But even they hadn't avoided the mutation. About half of the survivors were marked. A mark, similar to a tattoo of a simple black X in appearance, appeared on their bodies. All of those who were marked fell sick. The remains of what used to be Interlude brought them in for testing, and developed medications to treat the symptoms. However, unless a cure was developed, all of the Marked were going to die.

    Interlude told them that they did indeed have a cure, but it was located further north, in yet another secure location. Monsters roamed the roads between there and here. The only ones that would be able to deal with it were the survivors. Interlude gave them a van, a gun each, their medication, and enough money for fuel. If they made it there, whoever was still alive could take the cure.

    They are fighting a war not only against monsters, but against their own bodies.

    Important Information Regarding The Trip:

    Interlude estimated that the trip would take ten days to two weeks.
    They have enough medication to last three weeks, just in case.
    They have an Interlude card that allows them to get as much food and gas as they need.
    They also have emergency medication, in case one of them deteriorates rapidly and needs to be stabilised.

    No GM or PP.Violence and romance are both allowed and encouraged. Keep it clean, though. If clothes come off, fade to black or go to PM if that's your thing.
    Swearing is fine by me. Just don't go overboard.
    I'm asking for a decent level of literacy here. You don't have to be Shakespeare, but I ask for decent spelling and grammar, as well as decent length posts.
    Stick to the type of powers given in the plot.
    If you have an idea for something but aren't sure, ask me. I don't bite.
    Keep autohitting to a minimum, but I ask that both sides are reasonable. For example, if my character jumps yours, your character probably wouldn't have time to get out of the way.
    Make your characters interesting.
    Character Sheet:
    Age: (16-24)
    Marked: (Yes/No)

    (Delete this section if not marked)
    Time Left: (Obviously not going to be like 6 months. This is an estimate and doesn't have to be stuck to)
    Symptoms: (How the illness is currently affecting them- more can develop as time passes and they deteriorate)

    Abilities: (At least two, max of four. Can be enhanced senses/abilities or a manipulation. If you're unsure, just ask.)

    Appearance: (Pictures don't have to be real, as long as they're not anime)


    Any existing relations: (Character names don't have to be used- for example, if you want your character to be dating one of the marked, just say so, and we'll try and work it in)

    Name: Maika (Pronounced My-kah) Barnes
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marked: Yes

    Time Left: One week to ten days.
    Symptoms: Coughing, light-headedness sometimes resulting in passing out, nausea, lethargy

    Abilities: His speed and reflexes were enhanced. He also developed an ability to manipulate air. His stamina was also increased- however, due to the deterioration of his illness, that has been negated.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Maika's illness means he has lost much of the weight his healthy body used to hold. His ribs are too visible, as are his collarbones. He stands at just under six foot. His hair is somewhere between red, blonde and brown, and his eyes are a dark brown, appearing black in low light. His mark appeared on his left collarbone, a few inches above his heart.

    Personality: Despite his illness, Maika keeps in incredibly good spirits. He is all too aware that he's probably not going to live long enough to take the cure, and even if he does, he doubts his body's ability to fight it. He has accepted that, but isn't resigned to the fact that he's going to die. He allows himself to hope, but not foolishly so. He allows himself to be happy, to laugh. He's determined to make the most from his final days.

    However, Maika can be selfish and temperamental. The fact that he has accepted his forthcoming death doesn't mean he's happy about it. His body isn't as strong as it used to be, and that frustrates him. He can't do the things he used to be able to, and he hates being slowed down. He always dreamed of telling his grandchildren stories about when he was a teenager, but knows that's never going to happen.

    Any existing relations: He currently has a girlfriend who is also on the roadtrip.

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  2. Is this roleplay still open? It looks very interesting.
  3. Name: Susan Marks
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: straight
    Marked: yes
    Time Left: a month to two months
    Symptoms: she looses energy quickly and almost always has a fever. If she strains herself too much the fever can spike.

    Abilities: she has the ability of empathy, she can feel people's emotions like her own. She also has a weak ability to control water, but it takes a lot of energy and effort on her part.

    Appearance: red-head-curly-hair.jpg

    Personality: Susan is very reserved and quiet, and she tends to keep away from others as a rule. With the ability to feel their emotions, including pain, she can't stand to be around a lot of people. Sometimes it's to the point that she gets sick to her stomach.

    Any existing relations: nome at the moment.
  4. Cool! You're accepted! Hopefully we'll get a few more applicants- I submitted a banner ad a few days ago, so hopefully that'll be up soon.
  5. I'll try to recruit some of my friends, I'm looking forward to starting this one.
  6. Awesome! Thanks.
  7. This is really interesting, I will make a CS soon ^^
  8. Name: Ella Syndre
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: straight
    Marked: yes
    Time left: unsure..but maybe..a month tops?
    Symptoms: sudden panic attacks and agonizing migraines that randomly spring on her. They usually make her collapse and she fears that they're becoming more frequent and longer lasting. But other than that, she has her strength most of the time, and she uses all of it to help the others.

    Abilities: Telekinesis, the more massive the object, the more effort is needed to move it. And if she tries hard enough, she can even get intricate enough to move certain things inside the human body. For example, if she's well medicated and feeling good enough, she could potentially rip out your heart or crush it or...well you get the picture. But she only does that under extreme circumstances and would hate and despise herself for it afterward. She can also put up small force fields that can withstand any pressure or blow, but only last about a minute. She can use them to move someone out of the way or protect herself and or others

    Appearance: height: 5'0 and pretty skinny. She doesn't have a big appetite and would rather give her ration to someone who needs it more. Her eyes are always a warm chocolate color and her mark appeared on the inside of her wrist[​IMG]

    Personality: extremely altruistic, loyal, kind, soft spoken and honest to the point that she couldn't convincingly lie to save her life. She tends to be a bit shy, but tries to see the good in everyone. Once she cares about you, she will do anything to keep you safe and well.

    Relations: none yet but I might edit that once more characters are added
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  9. Name: Duncan Brunt
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marked: Yes
    Time Left: Around a Month

    Symptoms: He passes out at random times, no matter what is going on he will just pass out. He also gets the sudden urge to vomit. He also has coughing fits that shake his body violently and he can't control them, only let it run its course.

    Abilities: He has increased speed. He also has increased perception. He can also manipulate fire, only fire that is made from a lighter, match, etc.



    Personality: He is kind to his friends, but can be a real asshole to people that gets on his nerves. He thinks of others before himself, even if he is writhing in pain. He is easy to upset though. He tries to look at the best of things, despite what is going on.

    Relations: None at the moment, that could change.
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  10. I have a question, what are the limits for powers?
  11. [​IMG]
    Name- Lillian Monarch Green
    Age- Seventeen
    Sexuality- Straight
    Marked- Yes
    Time Left- Two weeks to three weeks
    Symptoms- Vivid Hallucinations, Panic Attacks, Coughing up blood, Body Aching (almost as of she had the flu), Tiredness, Constant Fever (at exact 100 degrees. Sometimes it goes higher), and Hives (red bumps that appear on her body; extremely itchy and can often bleed).

    Abilities- Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Sight, Enhanced Hearing, and Manipulation of the Weather (Changes with her mood. If she is angry, a severe thunderstorm is likely to happen. If she is happy, the skys will be clear.) She is also able to create thunderstorms, snow storms, mini tornadoes (that cause no damage because they are mini), rain clouds, and even rainbows.

    Appearance- Pale skin, curly red hair that is shoulder-length, hazel eyes, height is just over 5'2, weighs 111 pounds, freckles cover her body from head to toe. Her mark appeared on her collarbone. Due to her impending death, she is more prone to bruise than others. She is also losing weight very slowly. Her bones can be seen more easily than before all of this.

    Personality- Despite being tiny, she is a major hot-head. She gets easily angry and will be a bitch to the person who angered her. She will fight in what she believes in. Extremely stubborn and when she has her mind on one thing she will not back down from it. A fighter.
    But when she has her panic attacks its as if she is a completely different person. She will begin shiveringfrom head to toe and cry alot.
    To the ones she fairly likes, she is a talkative, sweet girl. She will do anything for her friends and is extremely protective over them.
    She knows that she could die soon and accepts it fully. She wishes to make the best of her short life.
    She is unsure if the cure is acrually where Interlude says it is. That is why she is so doubtful that she will live.

    Relations- No one yet.
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  12. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that there are three characters with random terrible migraines? Isn't the whole 'scream then collapse' bit gonna get old if they all have that same symptom? I put that down for Ella becuase her power has to do with her mind and I was trying to come up with unique symptoms or whatever but the story might have a bit too much of the same pity element if everyone after me is listing agonizing migraines... Right? Honestly I don't want to start tension on this thread already, but it bugs me when some characters have too much in common. Diversity helps!
    For example, no one wants to do heat flashes that make them dehydrated? (For Duncan maybe since he can manipulate existing fire)
    Or slowly worsening stomach aches that spread throughout the whole torso? Maybe hands shake uncontrollably? I dunno. I just think things are no fun if everyone has the same thing...

    PS...Emma and Ella sound so alike that I might just change my character's name

    Sorry if I offended anyone, I just had to get that off my I have a point? Maybe? Anybody wanna edit anything? No? Sorry?
  13. Edited mine...
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  14. I've done changed Emma's name. And the migrane thing. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I was only going with the flow -.-
  15. Its okay i'm neurotic or something. Thanks though!

    Oh! I love the name Lillian! That's so pretty! Plus, coughing up blood is a good one! Didn't think of that. Considering how powerful Lil is, I guess she would have more symptoms than most ^.^
  16. I had to balance it out, lol. I thought that would be enough symptoms unless I should do more. I thought the Hives and coughing up blood would be the major ones to deteriorate her.

    And thanks, I love the name Lillian too. X3
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  17. Wow I just noticed that Lillian has seven symptoms O.o. Now all I have to do is wait to be accepted.
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  18. Is it too late to get up in this?
  19. Hey guys! Wow, that was a lot of interest quite fast.

    @sour_kiki Nope, you can still join!

    You're all accepted! We've got some pretty interesting characters, I have to say. I'll set up the thread later.

    In the mean time, have a look at the other characters and consider relations. They don't have to be dating anybody, and it doesn't have to go into your character sheets, but just consider it for the sake of posting.
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