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  1. Musical group RP

    • Basis:
      Absurdity Records is a household name, and currently scouting new talent. Students from multiple performing arts schools (late high school-college) have been invited to audition along with other hopefuls. However, none of the candidates realize the company plans to mash the survivors into one group. Your character may have auditioned as a solo act, with a band (that they're being told to leave), or as an accompanist. I would prefer everyone’s characters be strangers once things begin.

    • Info:

      • I want RP members to post every other day (as a minimum). Post length, for the most part, does not matter. It doesn’t bother me when people write short pieces to move dialogue along. However, try to add description and tags.
      • The RP will start during auditions.
      • I’m looking for 4-8 members.
      • More information will be provided should anyone show interest! I don’t want to become invested in something that doesn’t catch attention.

    CS Template

    • [tab=General Information]

    • Bio: (includes history and personality details)
      Extra Information:

    • Education Level: (High school drop out, high school student, high school diploma, college student, etc.)
      Musical Education: (Private Lessons, parents, performing arts schools, etc.)
      Performance Experience: (bar gigs, school concerts, underground scenes, etc.)​

    How to use Tabs (open)
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  2. possibly interested. Do you have a certain amount of people to be musicians or are they all going to be singers as well?
  3. Definitely interested.
  4. I'll play
  5. Definitely interested.
  6. Super duper interested.
  7. You had my attention, you now have my interest.
  8. Hey guys, sorry for not responding sooner. My birthday passed recently, so between that and school things have been hectic!

    @Indabayou: Hmm, I've been thinking about this. Initially, I planned on creating a group out of vocalists but have loved the idea of forming a band these past few days. I'll leave it up to RP members.
  9. Happy belated birthday!

    I'm good with either, really. Though being in a band does sound fun.
  10. In that case, we'll form a band. Besides, members can sing and play instruments if they wish.
  11. Happy birthday btw! Kinda... sorry for not saying sooner T.T
  12. Happy belated B-day are you still looking?
  13. Belated happy birthday! I do hope you are still looking for members.. I'm definitely interested in this.
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  14. I'm still looking for members!
  15. Singer or guitar and vocalist
  16. @Wicked Witch: I don't mind there being multiple vocals. You can be a singer and guitarist.
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  17. @Wicked Witch: No problem! I'm glad you're interested.

    @Everyone: If you still want to join this RP, post the band position you desire.
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