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((setting will start in the city and progress from is a large city fyi))

She never had been a large city girl, always lived in the country. So when she first moved to the bustling world of city life, no more than 4 years ago, Alexandra had a serious culture shock. Where the country had its lazy evening roads upon which the lights would dim out and the stars stretch out for endless miles before you, the city was full of motion day and night with the lights blaring and giving off an eerie glow from dusk to dawn. The welcome arms of the simple country folk were replaced by the cold dog-eat-dog mannerisms of the city slickers. I felt like the black sheep in the herd of white sheep. Out of place and lost.

For the longest time she was just the flower on the wall that no one saw, but who everyone knew was there--somewhere--but you couldn't put your finger on where. Keeping her gaze lowered and never meeting anyone's eyes. She never spoke, some perhaps thinking she was a mute, and she was never noticed; not that she cared. However, despite that, she was a careful observer of the strange people of the city. It was as if she had stepped onto a whole other planet of sorts, where she was the alien to this world.

After about a year and a half Alexandra finally started to get used to the 'city life'. She still longed for the quiet, secluded, nature of the country, but she could at least survive. She managed to find a decent part time job working at a busy café on Main Street called The Moonlight Café. It was a semi-small café located at a corner and it was open from morning to dusk. She often worked the odd shifts, early morning or late night. Despite it being small, the people often tipped rather nicely. However, the people weren't always--the cleanest--that came in, especially later at night. That was the city though. She could remember, in particular, one man who once walked through the doors. She found it odd that she remembered almost every detail down to the exact outfit she was wearing that day, but life is odd like that...

...It was a Saturday, evening, and Alexandra was stuck working the semi-later shift again. She could have thought of a thousand other things to do, besides work, but that never mattered. Work was work, and work was money. Money was something she needed, so she just sucked it up and took the shift scheduled. It was her, Julia, and Sam. All day it had been storming on and off, and now that the sun was just setting, it's crimson rays shining an eerie light inside and casting shadows, the rain decided to come down in sheets; as a result, business was slightly slow. Sam was busy cleaning off tables and flirting with Julia while Alexandra sat behind the counter reading a book she happened to bring with her. No one was really expecting customers to be coming in, so Julia and Sam had 'disappeared' into the back room. It wasn't brain surgery to figure out what they were probably up to, but Alexandra didn't care. To each their own, and she would rather not have thought about that, so she didn't.

As she listened to the steady pitter patter of the rain, focusing on the romance novel she was reading, her thoughts were interrupted by the soft ring of a bell. Glancing up and a strange indiviual walked in, soaked to the bone with a glassy look in thier eyes. She didn't want to be rude, and so she put the book down and walked over as they took a seat in a corner booth, "hello, how can I help you?" she asked and waited for their reply with a kind smile on her face

[[Summary: just an introduction post. We find that Alexandra has only been in the city for about 4 years and then there is a sort of backward time skip that returns to a certain day she remembers. A rainy saturday that she recalls. A stranger enters the cafe where she works and her story beings]]
Alexander bent low over the photograph, magnifying glass in hand. He studied every detail and the small object in the corner the the picture. No, it was the wrong shape, the wrong shape...... He looked over to the digital copy on the laptop's screen. Applying the 'edge enhance' filter he examined it again. A thin line ran from the object upwards, another fake. Sighing he slipped the photo into a drawer and closed the image on the screen. He knew someone had to have seen them like he had. He couldn't be the only one. He stood and moved away from the desk where he spent the majority of his free time. Two years ago he had seen them, and he had been both hiding from them and seeking proof of their existence ever since, it seemed as if much more time had passed as if had been a lifetime ago.....

He lay down on his bed, clearing away a stack of sketches he had made of the aliens. His drawing had improved greatly, but each picture he drew seamed further from how he remembered them, and he was beginning to doubt his memories. His obsession now ruled his life. It had gotten him fired, caused him to drop out of university, and driven his family mad, he now paid for his small apartment by sketching tourists in the street and one of his pictures of the aliens that had visited him had been featured in a gallery much to Alex's horror, he was now sure he has searching for them...
The individual seemed distant and almost agitated. A haunting look was upon their face and they moved with an unsure air about them. Normally Alexandra would be worried about such behavior and even hesitant, but she had seen many strange people in this city and so she just shrugged it off, but part of her was becoming aware.

As the person slumped down into the seat, she figured they probably weren't going to reply after a moment of silence. Unsure what else to do, she took a step back "I'll just get you some coffee" she replied and turned away. With her back turned, she could feel their eyes just staring intently at her in an unnerving manner.

Going behind the counter Alexandra brewed a fresh pot of coffee, her glance returning to the person now and then. She wondered what their story was. In the year she had been in the city, she had become even more of a people watcher. This individual was different from other people she'd seen, and it drew her toward them.

There was a soft beeping noise as the coffee pot finished brewing. Turning it off, Alexandra poured a piping hot cup for the individual and took it over, "If you need anything else just call," she replied with a kind smile. Just then, the wind outside picked up and the door suddenly flew open.

Brushing a strand of hair from her face, she sighed and walked over putting her weight against the door. The wind was blowing so strongly that it took some effort for her to actually close the door, but she finally managed to, rainwater coming in and spattering her clothes. Sighing, Alexandra leaned against the door a moment and turned her head glancing outside. Such lovely city weather, not like out in the country, where things are calm. The individual still hadn't touched their cup of coffee, and she was starting to worry about them. Something about that look in their eyes was unsettling. Glancing up again the back door opened and Sam and Julia stepped out. Julia was giggling about something or the other and then suddenly stopped as she noticed the person. Clearing her throat she took a seat behind the counter as her and Sam spoke softly to each other. Per usual, Alexandra ignored them.

Sighing, she returned to her book, her own world. If only the day could all just be a bad dream.

[[Summary: nothign really just the day continuing on. She serves the stranger and her co-workers emerge from the back room after a love session, or so alexandra assumes. She simply immerses herself back into the book she brought.]]
pat. pat. pat.

It just kept pouring down. Endless drops of rain falling from the sky and landing on her upturned face. Her eyes were closed as she leaned against the wall of the building. Taking slow, steady breaths while her heart was beating so loudly she was sure people down the street could hear it. Pushing away from the wall, she started down the sidewalk again, only walking a few paces before she pushed through the first door.

Pausing for a moment, she glanced curiously at the room - a cafe - as if she had never actually seen one before. Black hair plastered to her head from the rain, a white tshirt under an open button up shirt that looked three sizes too big, she was probably looked like a drowned rat. The thought didn't seem to be crossing her mind, as she walked barefoot to the bar and slid in to one of the seats.

She fumbled in to her pockets before she pulled out a few crumbled up dollar bills and dropped them on the counter. Her hands then found a straw to twizzle between her fingers as she nervously glanced around the room again.
...The sweep of Julian's warm breath over her naked body sent chills down her spine. The moment was there. The moment was perfect. It was everything she'd ever imagined and wanted! "Oh Julian" she softly moaned. Julian continued to trail kisses along her body working from her lips down to her breasts and eventually to her inner thigh. Lingering along her thigh a moment he slowly kissed inward until his lips trailed across--

Her reading was interrupted as the door swung open again and a young girl with dark hair plastered to her face from the rain came inside. She was also barefoot which was usually a no-go but Alexandra couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor girl. Pouring a cup of hot coffee for her she took it over "this is on the house" she said with a kind smile, "what can I get for you, sweety?" she said as a bit of her country accent slipped out. She returned the coffee pot to the holder and waited for the girl to answer.

The girl seemed somehow nervous to her, and she could only imagine what her story might be from the way she looked and presented herself. In a sense Alexandra had moved from the country to the city to escape the craziness from there, but it seemed life was almost more crazy here in the big city. At the very least the people were much more...interesting than simple country bumpkins. Still, she couldn't help but miss that simple lifestyle, but this change had been made for the better, right?

Her eyes glanced up toward the window and for a moment she almost started as she thought she saw the image of a young girl standing there simply staring at her with deep haunting eyes. However it wasn't the eyes so much that startled her but the fact taht she thought she knew the girl. She glanced back at the girl before her and then back to the window when no reply came. However the girl, or image, was gone. "well..take your time sweety stay and dry off some while you're at it" she smiled and returned to her seat. She cast a quick glance to the strange individual who had come in but they hadn't seemed to move. Though there were a few bites taken from the pie she'd gotten them.

How long until my shift ends!! she thought to herself.

[[Summary: Alexandra is pulled from her book when a young girl, soaked to the bone, enters the cafe as well. She gets her a cup of coffee and asks what the girl wants, waiting for an answer. She also secretly wishes her shift would end soon.]]
"This is on the house. What can I get for you, sweety?"

She stared at the cup for a moment, with an expression that suggested she thought it might be poisonous. But finally her hands reached out and wrapped around the mug. It was warm, deliciously warm, yet when she lift it up to take a drink she made a face. Bitter. Frowning just a bit she snagged a few packets of sugar and tore them open to dump in to the cup.

Then she seemed to finally realize the waitress had spoken to her.

Get for me? She looked around the room again, her eyes falling on the stranger with the partially eaten pie. Her hand lift to point subtly over her shoulder. "...pie?" she said softly, uncertainly. "Pie, yes, I would like some pie." the girl said again, this time with more conviction. Pie sounded very good.
Careful planing, yes careful planning. That is what has gotten him through life up until now. The world was simply a place of despair and lost hope. Everything and everyone was out to get you. After all, we're only human. Like anything else we must and will eventually die. Interaction with things and people just makes that inevitable end come faster. And nothing anyone said or gave him would make him think otherwise.

The doctors had given him medication to help cope, so much medication but none of it helped! Nothing would help. He lived in constant fear and mistrust, hell it was amazing he could get through the day as he did. Yet, he did. With another facade. Though he was terrified every second of the day he could hide away and let another side come out. His less fearful side, yes, he could get by this on his own terms; yet the underlying panic was still there.

Today was forecast for rain. Rain. Rain. And more rain. The corporation meeting he was attending took forever and a day and he was ready to get out and get home. He'd sensed everyone's eyes upon him. Their beady stares of contempt and malice. They were out to get him, and he knew it! However he kept his calm for as long as he could stand, and at the breaking point that little voice in his head would coax him to politely excuse himself to the bathroom where he could gather his whits and formulate a new plan. Four times he'd excused himself. But finally it was all over. He stared back at everyone with matching cold and calculating eyes before leaving. He was the first one out per usual, and he relished in the freedom.

Once outside he paused under the overhand of the building as he listened to the rain. Grunting some he walked out not caring for an umbrella, he simply pulled his overcoat closer to him and popped the collar. So many people about in the city doing their own thing and never realizing he was watching them. They were all potential threats! Weaving his way carefully through the crowds, and soaked to the bone, he wandered. They're out to get me. I know it! I need to find a place to hide! I need to get out of here! Panic was setting in again and he plastered himself against the wall nearby "Out...I need out" he muttered quietly as a haunting shadow crossed his face. He began to numb himself as he tried to calm down with his mind racing. Without him realizing it he'd slunk inside the building he was leaning upon and entered a cafe where he was greeted and seated by a woman.

She brought him coffee and a piece of pie but this was all just a distant blur to him. Though his eyes were carefully calculating every movement and moment around him his mind seemed elsewhere. Something was wrong. Something wasn't right. He could feel it. Sense it. Knew it. His eyes moved slowly to stare at the female waitress a moment.


She was startled from her book again when the girl asked for some pie. Nodding she set the book down and went to grab a piece. She scanned all the pieces and choose a rather big one for her. Sliding it to her with a fork she nodded some "enjoy, ma'am. If you need anything else please let me know" she glanced around the mostly empty cafe a moment and her eyes locked suddenly with the strange individual's. His eyes were cold and calculating as if he didn't trust her or anyone. It sent a nasty chill down her spine as she sighed faintly. Standing straight she grabbed the coffee pot and meandered toward him "Such a fine day eh sir?...can I get you anything else?" Silence. "No? Alright how about a refill?" Silence. She refilled the cup some though it really didn't need it. What was with this guy?

There was a sudden jolt of lightening and a loud crash of thunder that startled her some. Crash! the coffee pot that had been in her hands now laid shattered on the floor and fresh coffee pooled in a puddle outward. Cursing some she went to get a towel to clean it up.

[[Summary: Second character is introduced. We learn that he may be slightly paranoid and possibly have another side to him. Also that he works for some large scale company. As his day of meetings ends he seeks an escape and absentmindedly finds himself in the cafe. Putting two and two together we realize this is the strange individual Alexandra was speaking about. Meanwhile Alexandra tries to coax some form of conversation from the guy only to receive the silent treatment. A crash of thunder and lightening occur to startle her as she drops and shatters the coffee pot in her hand.]]

Step, another step, don't step on a line... Elysie could feel the rain begin to slowly seep through the soft cloth of her hooded jacket, a few tendrils of her black hair clinging to her smooth face. From beneath the hood, she peered around the street, her dark eyes seeming to repel others. Fingering the coins in her pocket, Elysie ran her fingers along the buildings, just waiting for one to hit.

As her hand trailed along the side of a cafe, Elysie's eyes went momentarily vacant as shesaw what she could not see. A woman, brown hair, sweet smile, mid twenties at oldest. Another woman, dark hair, soaked in rain. Crashing, spilt coffee.... Blinking, Elysie drew her hand back and bit her lip.

Her visions had never made her popular. In school, she had cried to her mother about things that were, elsewhere, or things that would be. Eventually, weary, unsure of where she had gone wrong, Katrina Loup had sent her daughter to a mental ward. Never again, never again Elysie thought sharply as memories came flooding back. Shaking these too away, Elysie moved for the entrance to the cafe, her steady eyes finding the brown-haired woman from her vision. This was the place.

Slowly, Elysie lowered her hood, her black hair tumbling down in slightly damp waves, the dark chains at her ears with their familiar black feathers seemed out of place here. Hands still in her pockets, Elysie looked curiously around.

(Elysie enters the cafe after a "vision" of events within, recalling some events of her past as she does so.)
The pie looked back at her, daring her to eat it. thinking it was daring her to, brought a curious expression to her face. They didn't serve poisonous pie in places like this. ..and least not that she could remember. When was the last time she had been anywhere?

Slowly, she took a bite, savoring the sweetness. That was awesome. There was probably nothing this good in the universe.

Then there was a flash, a boom, and a crash!

Sidney jumped, taking her fork in reflex and hopping out of her seat as if she were ready for a fight. It was nothing. The waitress had dropped a pot of coffee. She hopped back in to her chair, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. Not crazy. Like a normal person eating pie. This is just a normal place and a normal day.
The familiar jingle of the bell caught her attention as she was in the back searching for a clean towel "Julie...Sam...Someone!!" she called but was replied only by fits of laughter. Honestly! Sighing, "Never mind I'll get it" she muttered as another rumble of thunder seemed to shake the walls of the building. Coming from the back she slung the towel over her shoulder "hello" she said politely to the new customer, another young woman with a pale complexion, wavy dark hair, and feathered earrings dangling from her ears. She seemed almost in a curious daze as she glanced around the small cafe.

"Please find a seat, but be careful of your step" she said grabbing the broken handle of the coffee pot to use for the larger shards of glass. What a mess. What a night. Sighing heavily she worked first to pick up what glass she could, careful not to cut herself. The spill looked oddly familiar to her as she grimaced some, the scent of strong coffee filling her nose and giving her a slight headache. Pitching the large pieces of glass she went over to the girl and handed her a menu "please take your time. I will be cleaning up the mess so please just holler when you are ready to order" she said politely.

Returning to her work she began to soak up the coffee with the towel she had slung over her shoulder. The rain continued to fall in the background but for some reason the noises began to quiet around her. Her mind seemed to focus in solely on the task she was performing, the common job of cleaning up her messes. It almost seemed to intrigue her how the coffee was slowly soaked up into the towel; each cloth fiber grasping for the liquid and taking it up as slowly the pool began to disappear. She didn't notice it yet, but her heart rate was starting to increase and her hand slightly began to shake. The scent of coffee was being replaced by an almost metallic smell she once knew so well. The remaining liquid wouldn't hold in the towel, but she still pushed the towel back and forth simply moving the spill back and forth, as if trying to remove some sort of stain. Every motion and every sound seemed almost painfully obvious to her as if things around her were slowing down to a stop. Her vision began to dim some and for a moment things seemed painfully quiet.

She was only faintly aware of a small voice behind her suddenly. "Miss…miss?" it was the voice of a little girl. Slowly she lifted her head and turned to look at the girl who stood in a blue frilled dress with matching blue ribbon through her brown hair, pale skin that reminded her of a porcelain doll almost, and little girl, glossy, black mary jane shoes with frilly white trim socks. It was almost a nostalgic feel that swept over Alexandra, who was now blissfully oblivious to the change in surroundings about her, "what is it dear?" she heard herself say but her voice sounded somehow different to her own ears. The girl leaned forward a moment as if to whisper in her ear "Do you hear them too? The voices? The stories?" she stood straight again "Listen." She pointed toward the sky as Alexandra glanced at her confused. "I'm sorry what are you talking about?" what was going on? Did no one else see this but her? Actually…where was everyone else? Where, was she? She glanced around and noticed not only was the place empty, but she wasn't even in the same place! She was in a small enclosed room of some sort with a single bulb hanging from a wire above. Cupboards along two sides and a fridge in the corner, it was a kitchen of some sort. What's happening?

The girl was dancing and twirling about giggling almost evilly. Twirling around she jumped and leaned forward again "They want to tell you things! Listen to them! Did they tell you to do this?" she said again in a more forceful tone pointing down at the ground. Frantic now, Alexandra was about to respond by asking what the girl meant. Instead her eyes moved down to the floor where she had been scrubbing. Only it wasn't coffee she was scrubbing up but a much thicker and metallic scented liquid. Crimson and it now dripped from her hands and the towel she was uselessly using to scrub it away. Her eyes widened in horror and shock as she opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. The girl only continued to laugh at her, "Listen to them! Do you hear them!" she said again. Suddenly, Alexandra did start to hear voices. Slowly they gathered and were growing in intensity to the point where they were just a roaring mass of any and every kind of voice she could think of. She couldn't understand them, but she felt smothered by their noise and presence. On the verge of a breakdown she shook her head some holding it, the stained towel still in her hand, "make…it stop!" she whispered quietly, but it only got worse. Finally she simply closed her eyes "Stop!" she shouted as loud as she could.

There was a shattering feeling and noise as if everything had collapsed upon itself. When she slowly opened her eyes she was back in the café with the customers about. She'd been clutching the dampened towel in both her hands as if it were the only thing saving her life. She didn't know if she'd actually screamed out the stop or not, but some of the eyes turned to peer at her curious behavior. She'd been simply cleaning the coffee stain when suddenly she seemed to zone out to the world around her. Julia suddenly stuck her head out from the back. "You okay?" she said confused. Noticing she'd pretty much wrung the coffee dampened towel all over herself in that moment of mindless panic, she slowly stood. Had that all just been some sort of terrible dream? Frowning, she slowly moved behind the counter to get a fresh towel. She must have looked shaken because Julia actually looked slightly concerned, "Hey, don't worry about that mess I'll clean it up. You sure you're okay? You zoned there for a good moment and then just shouted stop?" So she had shouted that last bit. Was the rest then just in her head? It had to be.
"I'm--fine. It's nothing really. Just a long day, you know? I just must have dozed off and…had a bad dream" she said attempting a meager smile. Tossing the towel into the nearby sink she sighed heavily and took a seat while Julia just shrugged and went to finish cleaning the mess. Glancing down, Alexandra noticed her hands were shaking badly. Dream. It was just a dream. She kept telling herself, and yet her hands still felt as if that sticky substance were covering her fingers. Reaching under the counter, she found a small bottle of pills and popped the lid. She didn't bother to see which one's she'd taken. She just popped two and swallowed them with a sigh. The customers would go unattended for a short moment.

[[Summary: Alexandra is busy cleaning her mess when she notices another customer come in. After settling them down she returns to her task. As she's cleaning her mess she starts to slowly tune out from the world, only to find herself lost in a dream or a memory perhaps? A small girl appears and seems to taunt her for a moment before all starts to go chaotic for her. In a last ditch effort, she seeks a comfort and simply closes her eyes tight wishing it all to stop. She opens her eyes to find herself back in the diner perplexed as to what just transpired and quite shaken. Leaving her task to Julia to finish she takes a seat behind the counter and pops a few pills. The customers are left to ponder he behavior and wait for their service.]]
Alexander couldn't sleep, the thought of his drawing going on display picked at his mind not allowing him any respite. Begrudgingly he got up and found a jacket and pulled it on along with a pair of hiking boots. Seeing his leather binder he used to keep his drawings in he grabbed that too and left the single-room apartment locking the door behind him.

Making his way down the stairwell he let the sound of the rain outside calm him down a little, all he had to do was walk into the gallery and demand the removal of his sketch from the display. He was the artist so they had to listen right? Pulling the hood over his head as he reached the street he began the three block walk to the gallery. He wondered how they had gotten it in the first place, he never sold any of those sketches, and he was always careful as to where he left the. It must have fallen out of his binder... He checked it over to see if it had split or if that was a possibility. And didn't even notice he had just walked passed his favorite diner.
Lara was use to tight deadlines but this one took the cake as the cab suddenly came to a halt in the middle of the street. Instantly horns were blaring and fingers were flying out the rain soaked windows.

"What the hell? Whats wrong with you? We are in the middle of the street..!" She was angry and now as going to be late for the final presentation. There was no way she could be late or the company might not seal the deal, hence she would loose her job and shortly their after loose the new condo she just got.

"Why arent we moving?? Lara eyed the drivers name plate and tried to make it out... ahh Ishublmuia Sjamickna. Lara knew damn well she just butchered the mans name but he simply sat their as the cars went around them yelling and honking.

"Out of gas." Was all he said with a sigh. He rubbed his eyes and looked into the rearview mirror. "29.87 miss.."

He looked at her with the expection of getting paid, but her eyes told another story.

"Look chump, Im not paying you a damn thing since you!! dont have enough sense to put enough gas in the cab! Okay.. now Im late, Im so late, they are gonna fire me and Im gonna lose my condo and all because you... whatever you name is, forgot to get GAS!!! You moron!"

Lara busted the the passneger door open and was almost killed by a passing truck, it honked and splashed her new Armani suit. "You Bastard!" she yelled toward the truck as she got holding her laptop case, white drawing tubes and her coat. She was so mad she forgot to put it on and in the rain she was almost instantly soaked. A quickly as she could she dodged two cars and one UPS van before she spotted the small cafe. With a grumble she went inside. Dripping from dead to toe she was less then graceful as her long white drawing tubes got stuck in the door.. she yanked on it and the cap popped off and the three neatly rolled drawings slid out.

"Oh thats just perfect.. perfect!' she cried as she dropped her other items and started to collect the mess before someone came in and stepped on them, that and to reduce the amount of water they touched.
((nice intro inky don't forget to get a quick character sheet up in the OOC though thanks! ^^))
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Alexander stopped, not only had he almost been bulldozed by a woman holding a bunch of tubes and a laptop bag but the weather was worsening. He shielded his has from the rain and checked his watch, good there was enough time to wait for the rain to pass before the gallery closed. Slick with rain he entered the diner after the woman and almost stepped on some large papers. He shut the door quickly and knelt next to her helping her pick up her things and putting them on a nearby table.

"Hi, I noticed you seem irked by something." it was his nature to talk to people who looked like they needed it, it came from not having that many to talk to that he knew. He gave her a friendly smile and pulled out a chair for her to sit. "You almost brought me in here with you when you came in, bad morning?"
((shit let me do thats))

Lara looked up and tried to smile. It wasnt often that people tried to help you and really mean it. Sometimes they help you out and when you not looking snag your purse or your coat, but this guys seemed to be on the up and up.

"Yeah, I think Im gonna lose my job, and condo today. Hows that for bad."

Letting out a sigh Lara tossed the last few things that were in her hand onto the table and plopped down into the well worn chairs. She never really came into places like this and it was a first for her.

"Look Im sorry. I dont mean to be snippy... Im just fucked thats all.."

Again she looked down and put her elbows on the table and slowly lowered her head into ther hands. Her fingers rubbed her temples and grazed her hair. She was tired and not sure if her life that she had worked so hard for was over in a flash and all because some asshole forgot to get gas. It made her stomach do a flip and instantly she felt like as she gonna be sick. A small burp and Lara had to look down and away.

As qucikly as she could she scanned the walls for a sign for the bathrooms.

"Excuse me.." she mubbled as she ran toward them and vanished inside.
Alexander's first impression has that she was overreacting, he tried to gauge her body language and decided she was genuinely stressed and could probably use some company to distract her at least temperately. It would allow her to view things is perspective afterwords.

He opened his mouth to speak but she excused herself and rushed off before he had the chance."Umm... I'll just get you some coffee shall I?" he called after her and put his binder on the table along with her things and sat down looking around, there where a few customers but it wasn't crowded, the girl behind the counter who usually served him seemed for stressed than usual so he might have to wait for service.

Smiling in her direction he noticed an odd looking man, it didn't bother him that much but he found himself taking out a piece of paper and quickly sketching his features in the corner, on the sheet were various other sketches of random people along with a few of the inside of the diner. It was something he did when he had something on him mind, he was never sure why he drew some people and not others but it helped relax him.
Lara finallly came back to the table and looked very tired and still pale. She sank into the seat next to the kind man that had helped her with her stuff. It was still raining and the soft pitter pat of the rain hitting the glass was almost calming.

"Im sorry about that.. Im just a huge ball of nerves... My name is Lara, whats yours?" she asked softly as she tried to sort out her mess of papers. Some had gotten a bit wet and she started to dry then with a few napkins from the sliver dispensor.
When Lara returned Alexander quickly slid the paper into the binder and did it the string that held it closed. "I am Alexander but my... um.. people call me Alex, which I don't really like but don't really mind either." he said finishing with a small grin. "Are you an artist or designer?" he asked before realizing the answer saw literally spread on the table before him. He looked away slightly embarrassed, he always did this around strangers.

He grabbed a few serviettes from the dispenser and helped her mop up some of the water, being careful not to smudge the ink "Lara.." he started "If I way ask, what is wrong, what single event could ruin your life?" he tried to make him voice sound reassuring, like she didn't have to answer if she didn't want to.
"gas" she said. It hung in the air as she kept to drying up the most important papers. Some where already beyond any help but she tried anyway. Blowing on some and waving them like a fan in the air she was nearing a slight panic as she worked a sheet with 5 napkins.

Soon enough the dispener was empty on both sides and she reached over into the oppossing table, snagging that sliver box as well. She was wrapped up with trying to dry the papers off. Her breath was increasing as she looked like she was near tears. Sure enough a few drops landed on a report. It splashed on the title, and name.

" its okay everything is okay... " she whispered more to herself than to him. As she worked on the report in her hand she didnt even notice that the dates were all old. Some of that papers were yellow from age but that didnt stop her. As Lara moved her hand jerked and a tube rolled on the table over toward Alex, tapping his hand. The date and all delivery information were all old, but protected by a patch if clear tape.

Attention: Lara Yates Urgent
Pospmark 2-24-08

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Felling a light contact on his hand Alexander looked down instinctively then back up at Lara. "Wha...?" he looked down again turning the roll so that the writing was right way up making sure he wasn't mistaken. Then he understood, or at least thought he did, I was an old project revived. Typical, you leave it for years then all of a sudden it had to be done this second. Lara was probibly under a lot of pressure.

"This project is over a year and a half old." he remarked. "If you've been on board that long surely they won't just can you for one mistake. Especially if you're important enough to be receiving urgent plans." He waved the roll with a finger indicating the date. "Now.." he said putting a hand on her shoulder in comfort.
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