Insanity is a Lifestyle, and I'm Living it {Open for Applicants! Asylum Roleplay}

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  1. Everyone is insane in their own way, right? Well, perhaps some are more insane - or troubled, as we like to call it here at Pine Rest Asylum - then most. Well, these are the people that reside at Pine Rest asylum.

    The Residents
    • Ages range from 16 to 21
    • Both males and females are accepted
    • Personality Disorders (Bipolar, Multiple Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, etc.) is common among patients
    • Unstable (self-harm, masochists, sadists, depressed, suicidal, etc.) patients are also welcome
    • Staff members (nurses, interns, psychiatrists/doctors, etc.) are always needed
    The Facility
    • Rooms are equipped with two beds, "cubby" type shelves for storing items, and bathrooms. They're checked often, and are devoid of any and all objects with which could be used to inflict pain or death upon patients.
    • The cafeteria can fit up to thirty people at a time. The food is average, better on some days than others. All patients are required to eat meals within the cafeteria; staff members may eat in the staff room.
    • The staff room has a television set, coffee maker, and is equipped for lounging. It's for the staff to use while on break or unneeded at the moment.
    • The patient lounge room is located between the female and male dorms, and has a television set, a Foosball table with no Foosball, couches, chairs, and small tables. Patients may interact and/or have snacks in this room.
    • A various set of instruments can be found in the music room. The music room is locked at night, and may only be used when a guard or other staff member is in the room with the patient.
    • The art room is well equipped with pencils, pens, paper, easels, paint, and other various art supplies. Like the music room, it's locked at night and only usable with a staff member in the room.
    • Classrooms are used for either one-on-one or group therapy sessions. There will usually be a psychiatrist or two, and possibly an intern in the room as well as between 1-7 patients.
    • Doctors offices are off limit to patients, unless a patient is summoned there to discuss their post-departure plan with a psychiatrist.
    • Low or medium risk patients are allowed in the gardens during the warmer months. There is always at least two guards in the garden, to ensure that all patients are kept safe.
    • The visiting area is the only room in which people who are neither patients nor staff are allowed. A guard is always in this room during visits, to ensure that both the visitors and the patients are kept safe.
    Patient Risks
    • Low risk - this is mainly for patients who are only a risk to themselves: suicidal or self-harming patients make up the majority of this group. Other patients that may fall into this group include those with non-hostile personality disorders such as anxiety disorders, sleeping disorders, or substance abuse (alcoholics, drug users, sex addicts).
    • Medium risk - these patients may have a history of violence, but are currently non-hostile and/or in recovery. Patients who have a high risk of becoming dangerous may also be included in this group, such as those with hostile cases of bipolarity, or multiple personalities which may become agitated and aggressive.
    • High risk - patients that have a history of harming people and/or are currently hostile will be placed in this group. They have less privileges than other patients, and will be accompanied by a guard wherever they go (except for the obvious places like the bathroom or shower)
    List of Disorders
    (Let me know if you can think of any others that should be on this list. If you don't know what any of these are, you should be able to look them up online, or you can message me and I'll try to explain it as best I can.)
    • ADD
    • Addictions (sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
    • Anorexia Nervosa
    • Antisocial Personality Disorder
    • Anxiety Disorder
    • Autism
    • Bipolarity
    • Borderline Personality Disorder
    • Delusional Disorder
    • Depression
    • Frotteurism
    • Homicidal
    • Hyperthymesia
    • Insomnia
    • Masochism
    • Mowgli Syndrome
    • Multiple Personality Disorder
    • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    • Nightmare Disorder
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    • Paranoia
    • Phobia (list which)
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Psychosis
    • Pyromania
    • Sadism
    • Schizophrenia
    • Selective Mutism
    • Self Injury
    • Separation Anxiety Disorder
    • Sexual Masochism and/or Sadism
    • Sleep Terror Disorder
    • Sociopathic Disorder
    • Suicidal
    • Katrina Hayes, played by Me
    • Jeremy Crawford, played by Fluffy
    • Raven Web, played by TheFoxMaiden
    • Joe Blaide, played by FlyingGekko
    • Sam Kane, played by Neko-tan
    • Samantha Chase, played by One Must Wonder
    • Dr. Nicolette Marchall, played by FlyingGekko
    • Nurse Carl Anderson, played by FlyingGekko
    Character Bio Sheet
    Alias: (nickname/s)
    Position: (Low risk, High risk, Nurse, etc.)
    Time at Pine Rest: 
    Appearance: (I know you have a picture, but I'd like a description as well. Plus, you can add any tattoos, piercings, height, etc. that aren't obvious in the picture)

    I'll be posting my character(s) in just a little while :)

  2. thumbnail.aspx?q=1337427952299&id=64422cafa4cfc8aa2e3904bbc36eea8e&url=http%u00253a%2f%2femo-fev.jpg

    Katrina Eleanor Hayes Alias: Katty, Kitkat, Trina
    Age: 18 Position: Low Risk Patient Time at Pine Rest: 3 Hours (new arrival)

    -Anxiety Disorder
    -Borderline Personality Disorder
    -Nightmare Disorder
    -Self Injury
    Appearance: While her hair is originally blonde, Katrina finds that "too boring" so she's constantly dying it. This month's color is blue, and it looks like she's not going to be able to dye it purple for next month like she had planned, now that she's here in the asylum. She's short, around 5'4, 5'5, and weighs around 115 lbs. She's skinny, but has curves, and a soft, womanly shape. She has snake bites (a piercing on each side of her lower lip) as well as her nose pierced and her left eyebrow. She has a tattoo behind her left ear of a musical note, and another one of a heart on her wrist. She tends to wear skinny jeans with studded belts, band or graphic tees, hoodies, and converse or Vans shoes. She accessorizes with a lot of "punk" jewelry, as well as dark, thick eyeliner around her bright blue eyes.
    Born to young parents, Katrina was the firstborn. Her younger sister was born almost three years after her, and her father died eight months after the birth of her sister. Growing up with only a mother was hard, and Katrina was bullied a lot at school since she didn't know how to defend herself. She quickly became depressed, and unwilling to blame anyone else for her problems, she blamed herself. She started hating herself; nothing she did was good enough to her. By the time she was in sixth grade, she had started digging her fingernails into her skin until she bled. By the time she hit high school, she was cutting nearly every day with razor blades she got from pencil sharpeners or the razors she shaved with. Her parents found out, and sent her to a "behavioral health" hospital for a week. When she got home, nothing was improved. If anything, she hated herself even more, and began delving even deeper into the depression. By tenth grade, she had attempted suicide three times, each time being sent to a different mental hospital. Finally, at the age of eighteen, she nearly succeeded in her attempt to kill herself by overdosing. Not knowing what else to do, her parents begged her to check into Pine Rest. She didn't want to hurt anymore, and she didn't want her parents hurting, either, so she agreed.
    Despite her problems, Katrina is kind, sweet, and caring. She's shy, but once you get her to trust you, she opens her heart to you. She's the type of loving, caring people that will stay up all night with a friend in need, or give her last dollar to a homeless person to help them eat. She's a helpless romantic, though, and is looking for love despite her several failed attempts.
    -Playing piano/guitar
    -Writing poems/songs/stories
    -Playing in the rain/snow
    -Being alone
    -Eating in front of people
    -The dark
    -Her nightmares

  3. Very interesting roleplay. I might join this...No guarantees though, sorry.

    Just a quick question: Is there any sort of plot you have in mind right now? Or are you just going to let people settle in first before letting the plot in place?
  4. Well, I'd like to see what other people have for ideas. The "main plot" is simply life at the asylum, unless someone comes up with a spectacular plot that's relatively easy to maintain :P
    I hope you do decide to join :)

  5. Name:
    Jeremy Crawford

    JC, Jiald the Warlord


    Medium Risk patient

    Time at Pine Rest:
    Little over a year

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    Jeremy is 5' 9", pale skinned and has green eyes. His hair is a sandy brown, with something like a surfer hair style that's messy. There's always a pair of glasses on his face because he cannot see very well without them and he feels insecure whenever they're taken off. His physique is nothing terribly impressive. He's lean, lanky and fairly lightweight for someone his size. Clothing varies. Either he's in a fantasy warrior costume or he's in a pair of loose fitting jeans and a collared shirt.

    He is a "nerd", for starters. Most of his life, he's only cared about tabletop and video games. The influences of these hobbies have been so great that they've changed and taken over his life. In his mind, he is an all powerful warlord on a quest to wipe out evil. That heroic, violent behaviour aside he is a nice guy. He's heavily shy around women, but that doesn't stop him from talking to them. When he isn't in "Jiald mode", he's actually pretty calm. Jeremy has his humourous moments, too. He loves to make people laugh.

    For as long as his parents can remember, JC has had an incredible imagination. Since he couldn't make friends too well in school, he'd spend his time pretending to be somebody else thanks to the inspiration of his fantasy novels, video games and tabletop RPGs. This troubled his parents as he aged, because nothing was changing. He wasn't maturing, didn't care about college and almost didn't graduate high school. There were too many distractions on his mind.

    When he picked up an enormous tree branch and clunked one of his classmates in the head with it, is when his parents realized that this fantasy world became reality for him. He shouted "In the name of the King!" and proceeded to beat this classmate with the branch. He would have killed him if a passing teacher didn't rush over and stop him, as that was Jeremy's goal all along. He was convinced that his Freshman was an enemy soldier.

    This became a bigger problem later on. Using nearby objects for swords, shields and bows and arrows, he'd hurt people constantly. As well, he'd begun to do so as a punishment for something being done incorrectly (by his standards). For example, when his sister walked into his room and approached him in an odd number of steps, he would make a 'battle cry', throw something at her and tell her she was a witch.

    Jeremy was nineteen when he was forced into Pine Rest. For the first few months, he was sure he was in a dungeon he'd have to fight through in order to taste freedom once again. Fortunately, the longer he's stayed, the more in touch he's been with reality. However, he is not yet recovered. His mind still slips into the personality of Jiald the Warlord and once that happens, he's a valiant warrior fighting for his right to roam.

    He has become much less harmful, but has had a few incidents where he's attacked a staff member. No one quite knows if or when he can be set free again because no one can predict when he'll go from the laid back, easily entertained Jeremy to the dangerous, defiant Jiald.

    Video games
    Fantasy novels
    Playing "pretend" with other patients
    Making shadow puppets
    Playing with Legos
    Making costumes

    The cold/being cold
    People with dwarfism (Little people remind him of fantasy Dwarves, which Jiald isn't friendly with)
    Spicy food
    His nightmares
    The colour red
  6. Ah, okay.
    I'll see if I can join or no If I can't, sorry!
  7. I'm tempted to join... I'll have to think on this first though.
  8. Fluffy - may I just say how much I love him?! He seems like a sweet guy, when Jiald's not taking charge. Accepted :)

    lovedove and Neko - alrighties...I'd love to have you join, but I understand if you don't. Let me know :)
  9. I'm still tempted!! But my headache is making it hard for me to think right now...
  10. (I'll make my character here...)
  11. Don't worry, Neko! Take all the time you need, there's no rush :)

  12. Name: Raven Webb
    Alias: The Jokerettes
    Age: 20
    Position: High Risk
    Time at Pine Rest: 5 months
    Disorders: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Sociopathic Disorder
    Delusional Disorder
    Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    Appearance: Lonely_Girl_by_little__ghost.jpg Raven is 5ft1 with dyed green hair and hazel eyes. She has a lip piercing on the right side of her bottom lip, and her facial features are rather striking. Spider web pantyhose will always be seen on her shapely legs. Her body is the shape of a hour glass, on her back a tattoo of a joker card in flames.
    Personality: Raven is a gothic type of girl, but with a obnoxious cocky side. The thought she is better than everyone always crosses her mind. She is the type of girl that will stare at her own reflection for hours, admiring her own beauty. Disregarding anyone elses health or feelings, in her mind she is the only one that matters. Self centered b****, is what most would think of her.
    History: Raven was born and raised in a small country town north of New York city. Her father and mother were addicts, and most of the time neglected. Most the time leaving her in strange places and with strange people. At the age of thirteen her parents left her with a man they called "Joker". All of the drugs he sold where placed in a little clear bag with a joker card printed on the front. She often carries one of those bags in her pocket. In a few weeks of living there "The Joker" eventually made sexual advances towards Raven. She did not refuse, and after awhile they became lovers. Until the day he left her holding the bag. After three years of jail time, Raven built up a delusion that she was the "Jockerettes." Becoming a mass murder, all her victims deaths were staged like the incidents in the movie The dark knight. After been arrested, and pronounced legally insane to a T. She was sent to this Asylum.
    Likes: Metal
    Psycho bunny
    Sharp objects
    Baby kittens (no she does not kill them she just likes cats :D)
    Dislikes: Boy bands
    country music
    old navy
    little old ladies

  13. I'm happy you approve. <3 I look forward to gettin' started.
  14. FoxMaiden - I kind of wanted the oldest age to be 21, then they're all within a close age range...if you wouldn't mind changing it, then she would be accepted :)

    Fluffy - as am I :) I just hope more people join :P
  15. oops thought i put 20 accidentally hit the wrong key D: sry
  16. Oh no problem :P She's accepted :)

    By the way, I'm slightly obsessed with the Joker from the Dark Knight, so I absolutely love her character <3
  17. I.AM.So.Joining.THIS!!! (If I may :) )
    Also, if you need an extra nurse/doctor then I'll make one...

    Name: Joe Blaide
    Alias: (nickname/s) Joe.
    Age: 19
    Position: (Low risk, High risk, Nurse, etc.) High risk
    Time at Pine Rest: Almost two years (if that's okay?)
    Disorders: </SPAN></SPAN>
    • Bipolarity (this is her main syndrome)</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Sadism</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Psychosis</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Borderline Personality Disorder</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Sociopathic Disorder </SPAN></SPAN>
    • Delusional Disorder</SPAN></SPAN>
    The rest listed below are actually just a side-effect of the above and only appear occasionally. I'm not trying to make her a "Mary Sue" of insanity or anything XD. </SPAN></SPAN>
    • Homicidal</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Hyperthymesia</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Insomnia</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Multiple Personality Disorder</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Nightmare Disorder</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Paranoia</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Phobia (bees)</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Schizophrenia</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Self Injury</SPAN></SPAN>
    • Sadism</SPAN></SPAN>
    Appearance: Tomboy type with short brown hair. She’s quite tall for a girl but otherwise average build. She has blue eyes which can “shade” to grey if she experiences any bad emotions. </SPAN></SPAN>
    Personality: The quiet type when she’s not having an episode or is under medication. She’ll keep to herself except with those she comes to trust but funny enough she displays quite a lot of curiosity to other people (aka she’ll STARE at you XD). She also has a tendency to lose touch with reality (Delusional Disorder) and think she’s a werewolf and suddenly sneak up and attack people – even bite them. True to her bipolarity, during an episode, she’ll get fits of excitement and be the friendliest person on earth, but this can easily trigger her sadistic disorder and she’ll “torture” (it’s not always physical) the person closest to her. ((This isn’t too much, is it? Please let me know))
    History: She lived on a farm until her family was killed due to an unknown ailment when she was 7 years old. After that she was adopted by a rich family but then she started displaying some mental disorders. When it got too bad (she’d get really violent) she was admitted to the asylum.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Likes: Drawing, staring out of windows, nature and water. She also likes her foster brother (he’s a year younger) and trusts him explicidly.
    Dislikes: Bees. BEES. Buzzing noises/lights that make that annoying “wheeeeeeemmmmm” noise. </SPAN></SPAN>
  18. Of course you may join! I like her, too :) She's accepted!

    And if you'd like to create either a doctor or a nurse, that would be HUGELY appreciated! I'm about to make more characters myself, in the next day or two, so I'll probably make a doctor, so we'll have at least 1-2 staff members :P
  19. Name: Sam Kane 46007_m.jpg
    Alias: (N/A)
    Age: 17
    Position: Medium Risk
    Time at Pine Rest: About 2 years now

    Androphobia (Fear of men)

    -Brontophobia (Fear of thunder and lightning)

    -Night Terror
    -Sadistic Personality Disorder

    Sam stands at about 5'8", and is around 120lbs. She looks boyish, and is always wearing baggy clothing. Sometimes she is put in a straitjacket for safety reasons.

    She is sadistic, taking pleasure in seeing and hearing the pain of others. She'll even lie just to see the pain it brings to someone else. She cannot handle being in a room with a male though. Her fear of men keeps her from wanting to get anywhere near them. If a male tries to come near her, she'll either run, or attack him. Sam also has a very hard time trusting anyone. She keeps anything personal to herself, and does her best to keep her phobias under control. Sam doesn't want to seem weak to anyone else because of her stupid phobias, as well as her night terrors. She isn't all that bad of a person. Sam is only sadistic to a few types of people, and some say that the way she reacts to men is cute. She has a big soft spot for cats, and her room is filled with stuffed cat toys. She makes sure none of the other patients go in her room to see that. Underneath the "mask" she puts on for others, there is a sensitive and sweet girl. Sam would become more passive and reserved in a few situations. An example would be a romantic situation, mainly with a female given her extreme fear of men.
    Sam has become a lot more tame during her two year stay at Pine Rest as well and her sadistic nature has dulled.

    Sam has been having night terrors ever since she was just a little girl. Her parents were worried for her at night. They were certain that it wasn't good for her to be having night terrors for so long. Her fear of men started at a young age when her father tried to sexually abuse her. He only did this when his wife was away on business. Sam always managed to get away from her father at these times, but he just never gave up. Thunder storms were usually going on during these days as well.

    Her fear of men got stronger as the years went by, only because her father was too stubborn to give up. One day, her mother died in a plan accident as she was coming home. Her father tried even harder to get to Sam now that he couldn't have his wife. He actually pinned her down for once, but Sam's phobia kicked in. She grabbed the nearest thing she could reach and swung it at her father's head. It was a toy wand. The toy pierced his left eye and brain, killing him instantly.

    Ever since then, Sam has been having violent hallucinations, which are worse in the dark. Her neighbors reported screams coming from the Kane house, and police found Sam huddled in a corner of the room where her father lied dead. She had one of her hallucination episodes before they came. She was dubbed mentally unstable and placed in Pine Rest. After or during one of her episodes, Sam will get a major headache. Even the quietest noise would irritate her when she has a headache. Staff would place her in her padded room when she is having an episode so she could get away from any noises that may hurt her head even more, and to also keep everyone safe. Sam can get really violent during her episodes.

    She has gotten a bit better over the past two years she has been there, although she has almost killed a few of the male staff. They simply got too close for her comfort and she freaked out on them. She still has night terrors, sometimes several nights in a row. Her screams were loud enough to wake up more than enough people. Sam has become a lot more tame during her two year stay at Pine Rest.

    -Seeing and hearing the pain of others

    -The dark
  20. That's so sad, that she was almost raped :(
    Accepted :)