Innocence of the Damned: Birth of Rebelion

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  1. Plot

    Brought from the surface to serve in slavery underground. Many unjustly incarcerated prisoners, forced to work in the mines and the refinery. Kept under the careful, watchful eyes of golems, the warden being the only truly sentient being in the prison that is not a prisoner. Some golems have sentience enough to give orders, or tell of updates, in rare cases even devepoing a bit of personality, but never anything beyond that.

    In the deepest depths, are those that are deemed the 'most dangerous', and often times, those that have the least against them as far as the law goes. The tyrany of their kingdom, however, prevents them from making any attempt to prove their innocence beyong screaming it to the heavens. The corrupt governing is wide-spread and tight-knit, never are people of power punished for their crimes short of assassination, while, more often than not, innocent people are tossed into the slammer for their so-called 'crimes'.

    The people grow tired of this treatment, but most on the outside are too scared to take any sort of action against the tyrany. In the underground prison, however, rebelion is abundant. Lives are sacrificed daily in an effort for freedom, to find ways to get rid of the golems. Weapons made under the table, and kept in secret stashes all over the mines. The prison is said to be inescapeable, mostly due to the fact that no one has ever truly tried, and its inhabitants are eager to prove otherwise.


    • No god-moding, power-playing.
    This one is a given, but I always feel the need to include it. If your characters ability/abilities require some minor power-playing, make it known under the 'Other' field of your character skeleton.​

    • No character limit.
    Yep, have as many pretties as you would like, just make sure you can manage all of them. In fact, I encourage you to have more than one character. I do intend to have characters killed off, so it's best to be prepared.​

    • Ask before killing.
    If you wish to kill a character, send a private message to the character's owner and ask for permission to do so. Even if they have posted somewhere in this thread that they are okay with their characters dying, you should still check with them about it. They may have a plan for their character at that point in time, you never know. Better safe than sorry.​

    • Literacy, past-tense, and third person
    I expect in character posts to be in paragraph form with proper grammar, as few typos and possible, and well thought out. As few one liners as possible, if I feel that too many one liner posts are being made by and particular person, I will talk to them about it via private message. Past-tense and third person writing is a requirement, you will be messaged if you fail to post in one, the other, or both.​

    • It is my job to make sure rules are upheld.
    All though I do appreciate the gesture, I would appreciate if you didn't call people out on rule-breaking. I will not be talking openly about someone's misconduct. Unless I end up having to leave for a period of time and leave you in charge of making sure that rules are followed, please refrain from mentioning any breaks.​

    • I reserve the right to reject your character if they do not live up to the standards of the rules.
    If not all the fields are filled out, fail to verify that you have read the rules, or is rife with typos and grammatical errors. If your character is rejected, do not remorse, it doesn't mean that that particular character can never get into the role-play. Just read over the rules again, read over your post, and see if you can find what is wrong and fix it.​

    • Quotation
    Post a quote by your character at the top of your character skeleton to prove that you have read and agree to the rules. You only have to do this once, but it would be neat if you did it for all of them, if you are making multiple characters. Witty quote are preferred. I like laughing.​

    • Races
    Well, there is not really that much of a restriction on what race you can play. Traditional fantasy races, or something of your own creation. If it's something you made, adding a bit of flavour text for your race would be wonderful, in case anyone else wants to use it!​

    • Use your imagination.
    This is a fantasy role-play. Play with any sort of ideas and concepts you can come up with, try for something unique, stray for the norm!​

    • Romance!
    By all means, should you find a soulmate for your character, go for it! Heterosexual or otherwise! Just keep the naughty bits to yourselves.​

    • Use the skeleton provided.
    I have made the character skeletons the way they are for a reason, so any alteration of them or using a skeleton of your own creation is not allowed. You may, however, edit the aesthetics of the skeleton however you like, as long as the fields are all there and filled out.​

    • Feel free to update your characters skeleton.
    In fact, I encourage it! As the game progresses, you may update your character sheet so that it better reflects their development. If your character contracts lycanthropy, add it in to their race. If your character gets some new scars, add that in to their appearance. Did your character get some fancy new toys that do fancy things(Or nothing at all)? Throw that in other. If your character goes through a life changing experience, add to their biography!​

    Character Skeleton

    • Name: (What is your character's name?)
    • Age: (How old is your character?)
    • Gender: (What is your character's gender?)
    • Race: (What race is your character?)
    • Talents and Abilities: (What is your character good at? What special things can your character do?)
    • Crime(s): (What did your character do to get thrown into the depths of the mines?)
    • Appearance: (What does your character look like? Try to include things like how tall they are, how well built they are, what colour their skin is. You may use artwork here, but only if it is art that you own the rights to. It's nothing against people who Google for pictures, just a pet peeve of mine and I would appreciate it if you would adhere to it.)
    • Personality: (What is your character like? Are they the sort the punch your face in for looking at them funny? Would they spend all day prancing around trying to find the end of the rainbow? Are they shy? Obnoxious? Sweet?)
    • Biography: (This field is important. It is where I shall be gauging your literary skill, so try to avoid being concise here. I don't want your character's whole life story, but a few important points, enough to make at least one nice paragraph. )
    • Other: (Anything you care to add?)

    My Characters

    "I would feed off of you, but that would probably just end in me keeping you."

    • Name: Daizha Eitona

    • Age: 142

    • Gender: Male

    • Race: Elven Nauve Vampire

    Nauve Vampires (open)

    Nauve Vampires are considered the "standard" strain of vampirism, as they are most common. Upon becoming a Nauve vampire, ones strengths are increased exponentially, however so are their weaknesses. They are also often granted abilities and weaknesses from their sire. They can gain further power by consuming the entirety of another vampires blood supply. This method of power acquisition may also cause them to contract other strains of vampirism.

    • Talents and Abilities:

    Life Draining: Instead of feeding off of blood, Daizha may simply touch a victim and drain their life force, giving him a large boost in power, however the effects wear off fairly quickly, and leave him much hungrier than he had been initially.

    Stunning Gaze: More often then not, looking into his eyes leaves one stupefied, and incoherent. Because of this, he avoids eye contact with most people. His sire was in the middle teaching him how to control this power when he was incarcerated.

    Unnatural Strength: He is a fair bit stronger than he appears to be.

    Natural Harmony: He is able to blend in well with nature, and is capable of befriending most animals. This is a common trait among Elves whom live deep in the forest, but not so much with the ones in the tundras, or desert regions.

    • Crimes: Murder, theft, evasion of the law, vampirism.

    • Appearance: His black hair is short, shaggy, and poorly cut. There is a thin, black line tattooed across his face, most likely to represent the coven he was sired into. His eyes are a deep grey, and reflect no light. His skin is pale from his time in the mines, his hands and feet covered in calluses. He is quite tall, at least 6', however he is forced to hunch over in most areas of the deep mines where he is stationed. When he came to the mine he was fairly thin as far as muscle was concerned, however the hard labour has put a fair bit of meat on his bones, despite his poor diet.

    • Personality: He is quick with sarcasm, and has very little sense of propriety. He is incredibly flirtatious with most people, this combined with his sarcastic tendencies leave most bewildered as far as his intentions go. He can be quite cruel with his remarks, though he usually does not intend to be. Anger is an emotion he seldom deals with, however when he does deal with it, he doesn't do a very good job, and this usually ends in someone being injured, or killed.

    For all his childish ways, he is very mature should the situation call for it. This is only because of the fact that his sire would punish him in cruel ways whenever he acted out of line. He is also surprisingly patient, having had to take care of many younger siblings for his mother, as she was usually off working at some brothel.

    • Biography: On the night he was sired, he had run away from his family, finally fed up with his mother dumping all of her mistakes on him, and beating him every day that she had had to deal with an abusive customer. He ended up picking a fight with the wrong person, and found half dead in an alleyway. His sire took pity on him, and saved his life that night. However, the rigorous training, and unforgiving punishment almost made him wish he had never run away from home, but not quite, as he knew everything his sire was doing was to make him stronger.

    As the years went on and he discover new tricks, and nifty things he could do, he also watched as the rich grew more corrupt, and the kings grew more greedy, and plunged many innocent people into the mines, where they would live out the rest of their days. Eventually he decided to be a part of it, and began to steal things from the nobles, though despite the fact that he was almost always seen in the act, he was never caught. Eventually he decided to have a snack during one of these ventures, and ended up killing a noblewoman because of this. This really caught the attention of the law, and a price was put on his head.

    He decided it would be best to hide for a while, let things cool down a bit, before returning to his master. He stayed with Dreag Nox, on of the humans in his home city that he fed off of to keep under the radar. He got to feed off of Draeg, and Draeg would get a vial of his blood, an incredible alluring intoxicant that was highly addictive. Draeg was not a consumer, but a supplier. Feeding off of someone whom had consumed vampire blood, especially his own, was incredibly dangerous.

    He managed to stay hidden for about a week, before the guards were tipped off that Draeg was supplying vampire blood to local addicts. During the raid the guards found what they were looking for, and more, and both were hauled off to the mines. They were both sent to the depths, unlikely to see daylight ever again, at least that is what the guards presumed. Being a vampire in and of itself was advantageous, as a lot of detainees ended up becoming addicts, but when a prison break was in the making, his strengths were more than desirable.

    • Other: Nothing to date of particular interest.

    "I'd give Daizha most of his desires, I owe my whole lively hood to him, and it's not like I don't have the coin to spare."

    • Name: Draeg Nox

    • Age: 32

    • Gender: Male

    • Race: Human

    • Talents and Abilities: Draeg is very good at appearing quite unremarkable, and very few know of anything beyond ordinary that he is capable of, as he does not particularly care for being the centre of attention of any reason. Because of this, he finds himself enjoying life in the mines, as no one ever really gives anyone else a second glance unless they are looking for a fight.

    • Crime: Sheltering a known felon, possession of Vampire Blood.

    • Appearance: Draeg is covered in scars, though one of particular note goes vertically through his right eye, and is quite deep. As expected his right eye is greyed out with blindness, while his left eye is green, and full of energy that the rest of him reflects rather poorly. His brown hair is quite long, going down to his mid-back, and is usually bound in a pony tail. He does have a few greys here and there. He's a rather stout man, and has the figure of a labourer, though is a bit scrawny due to the fact that he still supplies Daizha with some meals. His tanned skin grows paler every day due to the darkness he now lives in.

    • Personality: Draeg is a quiet man, only speaking if he feels he has something important to contribute, or if he is simply carrying an idle conversation to pass the time. He does, however, have a bit of a soft spot for bartering, and often times will go out of his way to barter other prisoners out of their meals for make-shift vials of vampire blood.

    • Biography: Draeg grew up in poverty, however around his 15th year, he ran into Daizha, and found a great, simple way to make money. It was a great trade-off, a bit of his own blood, and he got a vial of vampire blood, which he often times could sell for an entire months labour-worth of gold coins. Over the years he made a few mistakes, but it was never anything he could not weasel himself out of, and he eventually learned to keep under the radar.

    One day, Daizha came to him looking for a place to hide, and he figured it was the least he could do for all the money the vampire had brought him. He was not, however, counting on one of his customers to snitch on him a week later. He was glad that he still had a stash hidden away for when he managed to escape the mines, a stash in the forest where he kept most of the money he made, as well as some travelling supplies should he have needed to skip town.

    • Other: Nothing at the present.
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  2. "I don't take kindly to those to try to take my mask. Or my favorite rock. Don't touch my rock."
    • Name: Sevareth Ghrihaia
    • Age: 37, 7th Incarnation
    • Gender: Prefers male, but can shift back and forth if necessary.
    • Race:
    Caeleste (Sai-lest) (open)
    The caeleste (singular and plural) are a race of amorphous "elementals" that can change gender at will. Many look like a patch of starry space in the general shape of another creature, such as a humanoid, wolf, bird, etc., with no distinguishable features. There are only a handful that look like the same creature. Because of a lack of distinguishing features, they often wear masks to distinguish themselves from others, and to act as markers of what their face would look like for ease of communication with other races. Caeleste do not die, per se, but "reincarnate". When a caeleste reincarnates, their memories are erased, aside from basic things like walking, talking, and general other movement and communication. They are essentially a fresh being. They have a lifespan of 350-or-so years per incarnation. At that point, they auto-reset. On a side not, Caeleste are carnivores and eat all types of meat through their void-like mouths. ((if further information is needed, feel free to ask))

    • Talents and Abilities:
    Gendershift: Sevareth, like all caeleste, have the ability to change gender at will. The cannot, however, change the race-type they resemble.

    Humanoid: Sevareth can minutely alter his appearance to resemble the outline of any humanoid race.

    Master of Tongues: Sevareth, being able to look like all humanoid races, can also speak all their languages, though not entirely fluently.

    Muscle Memory: In his past incarnations, Sevareth learned how to wield daggers, swords, and bows. He can also fistfight, but rarely does. He does not know how he knows how to do these things, he just knows he does and goes with it.

    •Crime(s): Cannibalism, murder, poaching, trespassing on government property, treasonous activities/intentions
    •Appearance: As a Humanoid caeleste, Sevareth is usually 5'9', with average muscle build. Enough to work in the mines. He can become taller or shorter by about three inches. He has short, messy 'hair', which he can grow or shorten to any desired length. His void-like mouth is noticeable by an alignment of the 'stars' that fill the space he occupies lining together to look like jagged teeth, and an absence of the glowing points in between the rows. His mask is one of bone, something similar to a human skull, with elongated canines on both jaws. The lower jaw is also hinges, so it can open with Sevareth's own mouth. For convenience of those around him, the least amount of clothing he wears is strips of cloth loosely wrapped around his limbs and torso.
    • Personality: Sevareth is... difficult. He does not understand how the society that has imprisoned him, nor why they would imprison anyone in the first place. The notion of keeping someone locked away because they did something displeasing is absurd to him, and often he ponders how he could escape this hellish place. He covets a single possession even more highly than his mask: his Rock. Yes, he is surrounded by rocks in the mines, but this one is special. It is a fragment of the rock with which he made his first kill. To him, it is the most important thing he has, as it's the only thing aside from his mask that he managed to bring with him. It is a reminder that there is more to the world that the mines, than the golems, than the backbreaking labor for meager meals. There is life. And there is death. He does not allow anyone to touch his rock. At least, not without losing the hand they touched it with. His rock is the only thing keeping him hopeful of escape enough to not reset himself. And he will kill anyone who takes his hope.
    • Biography: Sevareth awoke one day to find he had no memory, other than basic skills. Looking down at himself through the eye-holes of his mask, he saw his form and remembered what he was. He had just reincarnated. He immediately knew what his mask looked like, without looking at it. Around him were dead bodies and a sword, the tip of which was covered in a black liquid. Upon tasting it, he discovered it was his own blood. That must be how he was slain- he fell in battle. He rose, and did what any freshly reincarnated celeste would do: found and devoured all the meat he could until he was satisfied. His first kill after re-incarnating was a human man he killed by bashing over the head with a rock. The rock shattered, and Sevareth kept the smallest piece as a souvenir. From there for the next fifteen years he used any and all means to sate his hunger when it arose, including trespassing on and poaching of government property. He was captured the day he made a fatal mistake: he did not recognize a member of the Court traveling along the roads and ambushed him, having not eaten for several days and hungering for fresh meat. It was a trap! guards emerged from the foliage and captured Sevareth, who was then "tried" and found guilty of several crimes, and condemned to work in the mines until he reincarnates. There he has remained since.
    • Other: nothing to add at this point.
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  3. It is finished.
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  5. Just give me a few hours to fill in my sheet. I have no time at the moment. I'm posting this so you know that I'm interested.
  6. All right, awesome, thanks :3
  7. "Ohm... nom... nom... I taste so good, how do you taste?"
    • Name: Poena Careor [Po-ena]
    • Age: The body is of a 27 year old but she was created 8 years ago
    • Gender: Female
    • Race:
    Mortui Dolor (open)
    An Mortui Dolor, also known as an undead hybrid or one who died unfortunatly, aren't beings that you would call a race. They are created by people who have power over the dead and their only purpose is to kill. They are created by using a dead human body and an animal. With the power of necromancy are they able to rise. The Mortui Dolor are made to do the dirty work of revenge or kept as pets if they are controlled well enough. They are animals in human bodies and for the most part uncontrollable. Only their creator can truly control them. Sometimes they are created wrongly and they will lash back at their creator resulting in dead, if they can't stab the creature in the heart fast enough. The creatures themself don't know what kind of animal is part of them. The memories from the past aren't there, as are the personalities from the bodies past owners.

    • Talents and Abilities:

    Hunters agility Poena can do this when her animal side is stronger than her human side. She will be able to move fast and silently, with quick reactions to everything. She is also more alert.

    Animal talk Poena is able to talk to animals no matter wich side of her is leading at that point. It also doesn't matter what kind of animal it is. It doesn't mean that she is friends with them.

    Growth Poena's body doesn't grow since she is already dead. Her hair, nails and skin do grow, quick at that. Her skin, for example, grows so quick that she can put severed limbs on again. As long as it is held in place for an hour. It will only be held by skin at that point but she can use the limb again, but nothing more than lifting it a bit.

    Emotion sensing Like an animal she can sense the emotions of others. But in a way that she can sense that she should flee, stay or taunt. She never exactly knows what kind of emotion it is.

    • Crime(s): Murder, poaching, theft, danger to society and being an illegal creature.
    • Appearance: Her red hair covers her entire back. At some places it is shorter than other places. The shorter ends are ragged, like it was chewed on, making it wild and unruly. Having a thin face with freckles and full lips she could be called pretty. If it wasn't for the pale skin with dead spots at some places (as in blue-grey, not decayed). Her animal side can be seen easily on her face. The eyes are always morphing between that of a yellow-eyed animal and a blue-eyed human. Making it something you can't stare at for a long period of time without being disgusted. Her mouth is also more like an animal than a human. Her canines are bigger like a cat, her molars are also that of a carnivore. Only her canines can be seen when she has her mouth closed. She is around 1.70m (around 5'6ft) and is thin with a lot of muscle in her legs and arms, making her a great hunter. Her arms, hands and legs are covered with bite marks, as many scars as fresh wounds. After a fit of boredom her nails would also be broken or be gone completely.
    • Personality: Poena's personality is everchanging, it all depends wich part of her is in control. When her animal part is in control she will lash out at anyone who comes to close. She doesn't like to be in tight spaces and is impatient. The only moment when she isn't impatiant is when she is hunting, you still can't get close to her. The reason being that she will see you as prey. She never talks when she is like an animal. Her human part is more calm and considers things thouroughly before she says anything. She actually likes to be near people and loves conversations, mainly to just listen. She can come up with witty comments but more often than not she will keep everything to herself. Most of the time her sides would clash making her a human with an animal mind, loose and wild. She is hard to control and quickly bored. She loves to taunt people and if her hands and mouth aren't busy than she will find something. She most often chews on her hands and arms, loving the tase and sometimes the sound, if she went to far.
    • Biography: The day Poena awoke was the day of her first murder. Her creator had created her wrongly and she had felt it inside. The conflict of her two sides was a symptom that something had gone wrong in the process. Her creator had only just given her a name, the name that he had heard in his head. It was a tool to control her. Her name meant penalty and lack, something that hinted that she was a failure. The moment he knew it was a failure was the moment he paid with his dead. She left the body behind and left the dungeon for the woods. Her creator had been a duke, so her murder had been a grave crime. Add that she was a tool for revenge, a uncontrollable one at that, and it didn't take long for her to be known and hunted for. She got used to her body and surroundings in the years she was being hunted. Her boredom lead her more often in a killing frenzy, killing people indiscriminately. Apart from killing, only stealing shiny things would relief her boredom for a moment. After all this, the only reason she got in the mine instead of being killed was the simple reason that an animal would suffer more being locked up than being killed.
    Other: (Anything you care to add?)

    Sorry for taking so long here it is. I don't know if the biography is good but more often than not I will write differently IC than when I'm filling in sheets. If you want I can give you a link to a post of how I normally write.
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  8. Tis fine, she is accepted :3

    I'm going to start working on my intro, since I know there will be one more soon, he's just working out his characters bio and such. I'll throw the link in my first post when it is up.
  9. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself but I just imagine Poena being annoying like hell, as she loves to taunt. For example; she loves touching Sevareth's stone just to annoy or anger him. In exchange of losing a limb very often. Or that Daizha is the only one who can truly reprimand her because of his affinity with animals. If you never want me to use these ideas than tell me now. Because if you don't then I will definitely use them >:3
  10. xD I see no problem with that, really.
  11. *Sevareth glares at Poena through the eyes of his mask.* "Don't. Touch. My. Rock." -___-
  12. Soooooo... that's a no? She will always try tough, if you don't mind that? I think, as I see your reaction, that she would flee everytime she tried.
  13. Oh, no, she can try. If she doesn't mind losing a limb or two. XD
  14. Great that is than decided. She is going to make their hellish live even more like a hell. >:3 Watch out! A tornado of unruliness is coming through.
    (I'm just to excited for it to start. I love this kind of roleplay. ^^)
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  16. Just a quick note. I'm someone who edits a lot, mostly just because I see errors. But sometimes I change big parts. I will never do this when somebody after me has already posted. Just saying this for if someone gets confused after reading my part and saw it change. btw I changed it because I made Poena meet some of the others already. But in the end I just thought it was too early for her to bother anyone yet.
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